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Common Texture. Thats Lovely Dear. Neve Designs. MyRewards also gives customers one reward point for every dollar spent. These reward points can be cashed in for future discounts. You can save before you even rack up enough rewards for free vaping equipment. Social media sites tend to contain a lot of fluff in terms of posts. Vapor DNA wants customers to do more than enjoy a photo or two. The company works to educate its audience with every post. Follow the brand on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter.

All accounts feature the same material and the same posts. Find lengthy and informative descriptions of individual products. Every detailed product post also includes inviting photos of the items. These posts are perfect to promote new flavors, new products, and new accessories. You can also use the Vapor DNA social media accounts to watch for sale events. All sales are promoted on the three accounts. Vapor DNA prides itself on offering customers exceptional customer service. The Vapor DNA customer service team handles online orders and inquiries. Emails can be sent through the online form.

Phone orders or questions can be directed to Do you have questions about the website or online orders? Make sure to call the number above rather than trying to directly reach out to one of the retail shops. Vapor DNA handles all online or phone orders with a quick processing time of 24 to 72 hours. All orders, regardless of shipping method, go through this processing period before they head to your address.

Need some help?

Products are shipped only on business days, as Vapor DNA is closed on Saturdays and Sundays; orders placed after 2PM on Fridays will also have to wait over the weekend to process or ship. All customers will receive a shipping confirmation email when an order is ready to head out, but Vapor DNA does warn that often orders confirmed over the weekend have only been packed, not actually shipped just yet. State, territory, or military address. Shipping is entirely free with this option, and orders arrive within seven days.

A team member will then discuss your order with you and see if they can approve a return of your items. No shipping fees of any kind are refundable when making a return. Once Vapor DNA gets your items back in its hands, the company will issue a refund within 10 days. Want to make an exchange instead? I just put a dispute in with Visa for a full refund! With both Crafty and Mighty scoring your highest ratings thus far, how would you make your selection today if you had limited financial resources?

Specifically, would you opt for a Crafty as portable and a Mighty as home unit rather than say a Volcano as home unit and a Crafty? As always great review, with one major quibble. I purchased the Mighty, sight unseen, based on your review and what the vendor told me. He only had a Crafty on display, but no big deal right, the Mighty is the same except for size and the display, wrong, and a major wrong. The Crafty can be stood upright, the Mighty has a rounded bottom surface making it unwise to try and stand the unit upright.

A real drag when preparing the heating chamber, or if you have to set the unit down during a session. Storz and Bickel designed these two units to be efficienct and to provide a great vapor experience. Do you have any idea why they would make the Mighty this way? How could a flat bottom surface have a negative on this unit? For me personally, this is a deal breaker when having to choose between the Crafty and Mighty, and had I know about this before my purchase I would have bought the Crafty.

You might want to mention that design difference, because I know a lot of people will not like the difference. Thanks, and keep up your good work. Hey man Im about to purchase a vapor today but i wanted to know… is it possible to [use solid concentrates] with the mighty and crafty or any other vaporiser in your top portable picks?

I dont always have herb as in I often wait for harvest every few months… so yea can you help me out please thanks!!! Was just wondering 2 things. Just out of curiosity and I know this is getting picky but what made u rate the crafty 97 and the mighty 96? Was it because the crafty is more portable?

Also I have an iPhone6 plus so I think the size of the mighty would be ok with me, however is there anyway to pack less then. If not then I might get the crafty so I can pack. Thanks for the awesome reviews. Been reading your reviews for years now. Love your website and videos. I always make sure to buy through your links. As you said in the video you keep it pretty low at , but how did it preform on other temps?

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Is there any added benefit to changing the temp of the mighty mid session? Hope to hear from you. Have had the Mighty for a little while now and its been a dream. I have been in fact living the dream with it. Last night I tried out my EQ for the first time since getting the Mighty, and the difference in the quality is monumental. The mighty has forever spoiled me on the vaporizer front. I do have a question in regards to the quantity of herb required to pack in the chamber for the best results. Same question for when using a liquid pad as well. Basically how full do I need to fill the chamber to get the best results with and without the liquid pad?

Happy week-end : I love the review and I could not stand not having this unit in my collection. So I decided to celebrate this week-end and get it. I really like the unit. Best flavor, easy to use, barely any cleaning, good size chamber. The downside is short battery life, but the fact that is charges trough USB make this amazing vape amazing.

I have a USB solar charger so the battery life issue is handled :. The little mesh pad that they provide is amazing to put less material in the chamber but also allow you to mix concentrate with you herbs! If you wanted to increase the temp and get the most out of your vape, with the Mighty this is easily done by simply changing the temp on the front. Sorry to say my Mighty stopped working after about 10 sessions. This is VERY disappointing for a product that cost so much, and not being able to speak to a live person when I call customer service is a joke. I emailed when mine broke..

They responded promptly to my email. I also called but got voicemail. They did return my call several hours later. You said this works well with a 4 piece grind, but would it work better or worse? Some of my herb is already pre-ground extra fine from using my Pax and not sure if it would be okay to use in my Mighty.

Sooooo happy! Missed it a ton. Sent it away after it quit working after throwing the err message. SandB said they would repair and send back and include the car adapter at my request. Emailed them about 2 weeks later just asking how long it should take and when I can expect it back. They got back to me within an hour to apologize for the delay and they would be sending me a new mighty with wear and tear set for compensation. They sent the packing slip with the email to show it was in the mail and I could track it the whole way.

Showed up today about 5 days later- I live in Ontario. Great service, never been happier! Have any good recommendations for a case for the mighty? Been using a 10 inch dime bag and it gets a little bulky. I am interesting in buyig the mighty. Do you know if you can use other herbs besides [the common one] with this portable? Question I only ….. Regards peter. I was wondering if there was any smell coming from the unit itself after repeated use? With the Solo there was a cap that would cover the chamber.

I have recently bought Mighty and my world changed, all thanks to you : This is my first vaporizer and im in love with it! No more useless cigarettes. In the cooling unit it comes with regular mesh screen, however when [pulling] I would get pieces in my mouth, so I changed it to the fine mesh screen. Is that ok Bud or should it be the regular mesh? Thanks in advance. You played an integral part in choosing my first portable vaporizer. Went with the Mighty. Come back and let me know how you like it ;.

Update: So third day in and I got Err flash onmy vape- went away and Icontinued the sesh no problem. A week later same thing happened twice in one session. I sent an email that day and heard back that night with directions. I called th day to confirm directions. I got voicemail so left a message and they called back within hours and left me a detailed message with same details as email. Hopefully all goes smooth… But customer service so far? So to summarize- since I read a bunch about it before- maybe expect your device to malfuntion worse case scenario - you lose your vape for a week but maybe get some freee stuff out of the deal- still worth every penny this thing- I miss it a ton!

Vapor quality is excellent with both, the main way these vapes are going to differ is the experience while vaping from them. Well, my Mighty arrived today and it is da bomb! The first bowl was all it took to convince me that my money was well spent. Not so with the Mighty — it achieves the desired results much quicker and stronger than the Firefly. Plus the vapor is cool and very flavorful, even toward the end of a bowl. Thank you, Bud, and commenting community!

FYI, your links for purchase just seem to hang in my Safari Browser… want to give you credit for the sale! Spot on! So instead I ponied up and bought a Mighty. While the pocket book took a hit, I can at least say I am not disappointed. Great vapor, great draw, super easy to use. Loses points on most reviews for size and discreetness- but that should hardly be a scoring factor anyways. It is especially great for 1 or 2 person sessions- any more than that will require packing bowls more frequently. I am stoked I chose the Mighty- thanks for the accurate review Bud.

The true test for the mighty will be how it holds up in the long run durability wise , but seems easy enough to clean and such- and replacement parts are available- … Time will tell! Happy vaping everyone! Hey how are you? Just this! It is only advantages: you can put less material and less cleaning of mouthpiece. The materal is also always within the chamber.

What do you think? Hey bud, As stated above by most commenters, you give the best, most complete, and most impartial reviews that can be found on the World Wide Web. Just decided on this vape based on your review and others, had to do my research since its not cheap, not gonna lie. Not as worried about portability to get the crafty. Or at least I hope so.

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  • Mighty Vaporizer Review & Promo Code - Vape Critic?

I will let you know my review after a few weeks. Hey bud, 1 week in and loving it. Ordered it from your link above and got it within a few days. I have had a few friends over to try it out and they have left impressed. One even bought a Davinci just cause it was available at the local store and he wanted a vape. Anywho, I have a few questions as a noob: 1 how often do you clean the mighty? I mean actual clean, not scraping the screen with that triangle tool.

Seems like my screen is getting clogged. Thanks Bud! Hi Bud Before you relegate your Pax to the dust shelf try a small experiment with it first. The idea is to lift the screen off the oven floor just a bit. The vapor is now so thick that it can make you cough easily if oinking out in your draws. Of course the thicker the vapor the fewer the hits and now it will consume a full load in about 10 to 15 draws but the brain rush from them is amazing. Hey I still use it! My Wife actually still prefers it over the Crafty cus she can take shorter pulls.

Also, how or where would you recommend selling a used vape, as I am replacing my NO2 with a Mighty, and am looking to part ways. Been visiting your website for a couple of years now looking for a vape. Looking for the best vape in terms of strongest vape quality and overall value.

I have most of my sessions at home with occasional on the go sessions. Originally I was interested in the PAX but after trying it out a bunch of times I gave up on vaping in general based on feeling more light headed than [you know]. Then I heard about the Plenty and was interested again.

Now there is the Mighty and Crafty which both have better reviews than the Plenty on your website. So, if its all about Vapor quality which one is the one to get? Is it close enough between those vapes I should consider going portable with the Crafty or Mighty? Hey you should be able to yes, to be safe I would just start with a small amount and soak for just a short period, then just check to make sure all is good.

Crafty or Mighty?? Do you find the crafty battery life a issue?? Mean when your out and about?? Both are excellent, if I had to choose only one to keep it would probably be the Crafty just because of its size, I like being able to put it in my pocket. Any chance we can swap jobs…??

Do you have any idea what the costs are of the replacement of the batteries of the Mighty or Crafty? And the lifetime of the batteries? The company that makes this is very high-end and they pay close attention to detail so my gut tells me the chance of battery life being an issue with these is very low. I am sorry I do not know the price in dollars. However if you go to Storz-Bickel. Hope this helps! Hi, thank you for the useful reviews. Based on your recommendations I bought a Mighty the other day. Has this happened to you before?

Any idea what i could be doing wrong? The first few pulls will be light vapor and a lot of flavor, then starting from about the 3rd draw the vapor will be dense. The key with this vape is to take a long draw, and to make sure your material is not loose in the oven. Hey Guys! I just bought the Mighty this week and I am having the same issue.

I am lucky to get draws from a full chamber. You had stated draws in your review. I even went back and watched your video review to make sure I was remembering right. For me, it seems to burn up really quickly. Initially, I started at and I take long second draws. That temp, I actually choked. Too hot. Plus I was only getting good draws. I started lowering it. Draw 1 is sort of weak as things get heated.

Draw are great. Then 5th, the vapor is cut in half. The 6th is pretty much non visible. Not sure why this could be. I love it otherwise. I tried your advice but still nowhere close to draws. Any other thoughts Bud or Joe? Got this vape and in less than a month the power button which you have to press it all the time to keep it on broke. So keep that in mind…. Thanks for such great reviews Bud. I have a question about cooling vapor. However, I prefer the vapor quality at a higher setting 7 or higher , and was wondering for ways to cool the vapor down.

I got the firefly now got my dad a mighty, everybody very happy, thanks. Bud, I just want to thank you for your amazing reviews. Your reviews helped guide me to The Mighty, which I am currently enjoying my first session with. I see this vaporizer not only as a step up health-wise, but also saving money in the long run by conserving material. The liquid pad provided worked great for a single session for a single user. Also, off topic. Group use.. I want something that can be used in a group if needed which by my standards eliminates most portables , can be easily transported and undetected, get my feeling good in less than 15 mins.

MDoes this eliminate the Volcano, plenty, cloud Evo? A few questions one topic and off 1. In terms of smell, how do these vapes smell when they are turned off and material inside. You mention this has vapor production of a desktop vape. How does it compare to the Evo cloud? In terms of how long it takes you to get up with each vape. Not sure about charging in the library though ;. The Cloud EVO is up there for sure, you can get big clouds from it and strong vapor also. Hi there, new to posting but not new to the subject. Having recently purchased the mighty and am very very pleased with the results.

This is the one for me! The upper screen ,I realised, gets damaged in removal but the new one clips into place forming the same shape as the existing.

Is there a made up purpose made solution for all parts and if so is there a full cleaning guide anywhere out there that goes into the cleaning in a bit more detail.! Your a true expert!!! Many thanks. Mat G. You sir , are a legend. One clean and happy vaporizer! Never thought it would be so hard to choose a good vaporizer. But I finally decided on the Mighty. Hope it was a good choice for the price.

Thanks for the advise and I used the link provided by the way. Can not wait til it gets home for me to use. Happy Holidays. I know mine will be. Hi, Bud Which would you say is closer to a smoking experience, the Mighty or Volcano? Which one makes more of an impact with the [effects], or [pulls] harder? Have you had any overheating issues with either the Mighty or Crafty? Is there a big difference with efficiency? If it keeps happening I would get it replaced. Hi bud love the site and agree with most of what you say bout every vape I own 8 in total so far lol. Sorry to butt in but I also own a crafty and have already had to have a replacement unit because of very similar issue which ended up with the unit unusable.

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My replacement also over heats sometimes not as much though when used at high temps! However there seems to be some things you can do to prevent heat retention from building up to the point that this safety mode cuts in. Firstly stick to using the larger meshed screens in the cooling unit as seems to help the heat dissipate from the cooling unit easier then the fine mesh screens used in bottom of heating chamber although cleaning the cooling unit is messier as more plant material will enter the cooling unit. Secondly only use liquid pad when necessary as the extra metal in the filling chamber seems to make the heat retention build up quicker.

Maybe you could do some high heat runs and let us know what you find. I am fairly confident if u set your crafty to cc and vape for fifteen mins you will see for yourself! The crafty is still an amazing little vape but perhaps more suited to quicker sessions and lower heats.

Certainly You help me choosing between these two amazing vapes and save them the troubles you had. At this temp the unit never seems to get too hot, and the end results are exactly what I would hope for. The issues I experienced with the first unit over heating and then eventually just flashing red and orange and not turning on, was actually two different issues and not related to my second unit over heating.

Which is a huge relief!

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They have reassured me that this time it is definately just the battery monitoring safety mode doing its job. It does this by shutting off the vaporizer when used for too long or at too high a temp to prevent damage to the battery. They also informed me that the reason the auto shut off is set to 1 min is to prevent a constant heating of the crafty.

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And that this is because over heating of the battery can occur especially at higher temperatures! After all this is the main reason we all respect your opinions and value your site so much as well as why this site is so needed by so many people! As a result I find it best to stick to the advice I shared with you in my last post. Which is why I thought I should share as it does really seem to help to minimise this from happening. Storz and Bickel have also reassured me that because of the mighty having double the battery power of the crafty it will definately handle higher temperatures for longer and over heat less often with extended use without the safety mode shutting off the vaporizer.

So is also better suited for higher temps as well as longer sessions or sharing with friends. They even apologised for not having better news then this for me, which I thought was very kind of them. Though this does kind of mean that if you are a higher tolerance heavy user, a lover of higher heats and oils or someone who rarely vapes alone then the mighty may well be the better choice for your needs rather than than the crafty!

The crafty is still an awsome little vape.

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When you consider the crafty does so despite only running of 1 lithium ion battery rather than the mains electrical supply it really is a very impressive achievement indeed. It would therefore seem more a case that I just brought the wrong version of the vaporizer for my heavier than average usage. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts and experience Aj, it is very much appreciated, stay up!

The same thing happens to me on Crafty, when you have it pluged in and use it multiple times. I have two Craftys and they are many serial numbers apart, bought at two different times, they both do this. Try using your Crafty continuously while plugged in, it will overheat. That makes sense, as the quality of vape is consistent and it starts up again after a few minutes. Like any portable vaporizer there is limit on how long it can continuously be used. BTW, many thanks for all the impartial and accurate vaporizer reviews, when I want to know about them I always check your information first!

In a few minutes it works fine again. So then I have to use the app to reset the settings. Not a big deal. I bought it on your recommendation as with my other vapes. In over other way including ease of use and vapor thickness, cleaning, maintenance, portability, and durability, this vape is amazing. I purchased the solo and hated it. Very hard resistance to draw. I bought the volcano and truly fell in love with that device. What is the best portable alternative in comparison to the volcano? In terms of effect and vapor quality. Hey Bud! Thanks for the excellent review. It is incredibly efficient at vaping evenly and percisely every time.

It is a hybrid of sorts between the pax and firefly. The chamber stays as clean as the Plenty and I get better clouds and cleaner tasting vape as well. I think it just requires less effort during your draw. It also keeps the vape cool by sending it through the channels within the lid. Extreme money for a device like this yet worth it as it works so well every single time. The fact the it shuts off just means you press the button every time you draw. A great piece despite the price. It doesnt replace my Pax , though. But it is a beast in the world of vapes. I have a lack of abdominal muscle due to some old surgeries so draw resistance is a huge concern of mine.

I own many of your top rated vapes portable and desktop. The Pax has too much resistance for me to use. How would you describe the draw resistance for the Mighty and the Crafty in comparison to the Pax? I would feel obliged to use it more often than I would like to : Are you planning to review the Flowermate V5.

Hey I have that one on my list of possibilities, I appreciate your request and thanx for posting! Torn between the Mighty and the Plenty. Own a Pax that is the love of my life. Need a durable, hardy vaporizer for home use that works while plugged in. Hey Bud Thanks for all the great reviews I bought a HerbAlizer 3 months ago after reading your review and I have been very happy with everything it fulfills all my Stationary Vapping needs.

Would you consider the Mighty an upgrade over the Ascent if yes in what ways. I already like the no glass parts battery life sound great I use a portable 4 to 6 times a day.


Want to make an exchange instead? Hi Bud, I have recently bought Mighty and my world changed, all thanks to you : This is my first vaporizer and im in love with it! Ftl coupons. Ashley Stewart coupons. Aimee J Keepsakes coupons. Vape quality is much better. Please let me know!!

How do you remove and replace the screen in the lower filling chamber I found lots of cleaning instructions for the cooling unit and nothing for the filling chamber. Is it as simple as pop it out and pop a clean one in? It should pop out if you use a small tool like the orange pick and then you could just place in a new one. Alternatively, what you can try to clean bottom screens is just leave them in there, leave the chamber empty, heat it up to operating temp, and take a handful of long draws to clear it out.

OMFG is all I can say. Smokin for 30 frigin years and I finally woke up to Vaping. Holy Crap man. The Crafty rocks and I can choose any temp I want to get every drop of flavor from my herb. Battery sucks down quick, but I guess if you want real results you gotta use some serious juice.

Hats off to my fellow germans for totally smokin the competition. Out of stock. I got the Firefly and I have few concerns with it. Seems to be working reasonably well but I have nothing to compare it to, first Vape and all. The switches could need to be better, and there could be a user interface sound queue to start hitting it, when it reaches temp. Otherwise Firefly is great, purchased because of reviews on this site. Obviously it needs to be able to charge and operate at the same time, external charger is bs.

Thinking about the Plenty. What think, guys? So far I think these forums have been the least hate-filled and chill, just people talking about high-class vape products while the rest of the proles and plebs ignite their products with primitive flame like the first man-monkey to discover fire, in the lost ages of time. Hey man the Firefly is a good one but def requires more technique and attention to get the best results. The Plenty is awesome and basically just a larger, plug-in version of these new portables, and everything I say about their performance is the same.

I got a magic flight and extreme-q based on your reviews and I used your link. I apologize if I double-posted on the Crafty page. Thank you for the review bud. It is amazing.. If anybody is wondering if they should get this vape DO IT. Simple as that. Hey Bud, great thorough reviews as always! Different reviews I see tend to gauge the size difference a lot differently then others.. I guess what I want to know is even being bigger, will the Mighty still fit in a mans pants pocket or cargo shorts?

Maybe trace out the dimensions of each one on paper or cardboard and see how big they seem? Hoping I can get the most battery to compensate with the Mighty by just charging it constantly in the car whenever I roll around. Well thanks bud you give excellent reviews I went off your old one for the Volcano when I decided to get it, my first vape and it still impresses me after two years. Thanks for yet another great review.

They are all excellent, but using the Solo is like sucking through a straw even with a dome screen mod, and it nearly ruins the experience at times. How about the Solo? Draw resistance with these portables is very low. I find them to be very comfortable to draw from. The resistance with the Solo is pretty high, as well as with the Pax. I was afraid you were going to say that. Guess I need to start setting some money aside! Thanks again.

Can you pack less than a full chamber with the Mighty? Also, do you need to stir the material to get even extraction? Hey Bud, Just like everyone on the site, I really enjoy your reviews.