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Features designed to help you win Hence, a second question is how no-deal now would influence the future relationship. Third, what would the consequences be for the Irish border? No-deal would mean the UK leaving the EU customs union and, necessarily, different trading regimes applying in the two parts of Ireland, yet all sides have committed to avoid border controls. This is why the backstop was devised. The ironic outcome of no-deal could be the hard border no-one wants; vague promises of untried technological solutions will not do.

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A fourth set of questions concern the aggregate macroeconomic effect of a no-deal Brexit, and its implications for particular sectors of the economy and UK public finances. There will also be an economic impact on the EU27, with member states trading most intensively with the UK — Ireland in particular — most affected. Much the same is true of the public finances. By fiscal year , public debt will have increased by 12 percentage points of GDP, undoing the effects of the last decade of austerity and pushing debt well above the level reached in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

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But it is disingenuous to regard any economic assessment of anything to do with Brexit as inherently flawed or misleading. Projections are subject to margins of error, but hardly anyone doubts no-deal will hit the economy. One of the obvious attractions of a hard deadline for Brexit is to enable the country to move on and to start focusing on what many see as the real problems of our economy and society. This brings us to questions about UK politics and governance. The prospect of no-deal has already elicited strong objections from the Scottish and Welsh First Ministers, and who knows how it could affect the delicate politics of Northern Ireland.

For the Conservative Party, the exile of so many prominent ministers from the May government to the backbenches portends trouble which could metamorphose into a fresh contest between parliament and the government. Meanwhile there is a growing recognition in the Labour party of the damage being done by the weak and indecisive leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour is performing badly in the polls at a time when it ought to be prospering, given the disarray in the Conservative party, while the case for a softer Brexit or none at all is being inadequately put. The wonder is that it has taken so long. Without persuasive answers to the many questions about what will happen if a mutually satisfactory withdrawal deal cannot be secured, the UK would face great uncertainty. As should be repeated and repeated again, no-deal would not result in the maintenance of the status quo, but a fundamental shift in how the country relates to the rest of the world.

It would also affect how many domestic policies, from agriculture to anti-terrorism, are conducted, because policies and regulatory arrangements would have to be recast, potentially in a disorderly manner.

Summing up, the most telling question is why the Johnson government would knowingly plump for a no-deal expected to have an adverse effect on the UK economy, to foment division inside the UK, to raise the prospect of a break-up of the Union, and to pose an existential threat to the Conservative party? The most benign answer is that is a bluff designed to put pressure on the EU. How far away is this station from Kensington Earl's Court area? Thanks for your patience as I seek clarification on the 2 for 1 deals. Travelrella: the Hungerford bridge is between Waterloo and Westminster bridges so you can easily take the tube from Earl's court to either Charing Cross or Waterloo East rail stations, buy your ticket and take your journey.

I still think you should buy a three day, or whatever, don't remember how long you are staying card and actually USE public transportationyou will otherwise be spending all your time walking and not seeing the things you may want to see. You may be used to 'walking 20 blocks' in NYC but there you are not on vacation with a time limit on what you can do and see. If you are staying near Earl's Court , do you have any idea how many hours it will take you to get to the Tower for example on foot!?

Please reread my question before making assumptions. I never asked in this post about walking to certain areas or how long it will take. We will most likely be traveling using the tube or another form of transportation one day and all I simply asked is if the one-day travelcard would be valid with the 2 for 1 deal. All the previous posters on this thread are seasoned London travellers; I have relied on their advice in the past, and it is well worth trusting.

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They are amongst the good around TALF. For sure, go to London, find out for yourself how everything works, but have respect for the posters here: they freely give their time and knowledge to help people like you and me. Ignore the advice you don't think you will need or store it away somewhere like I do in case you discover that you really do need it. For a 7 day travelcard loaded on Oyster, you will also get a paper ticket, which you would present for 2for1 offers. Folks here have been trying to help you--god knows why-- to actually ENJOY your trip to London , and you consistently respond in an abraisive manner.

I actually communicated with TA to close this post as the OP does not or is not willing to accept any of the many helpful suggestions given in good faith by the experienced London travelers on the TALF. Last week I was admonished for being curt with travelrella and I'm glad someone else has recognized her unwillingness to accept some legitimate suggestions! I would also ask others to refrain from responding to any more of her posts, it's not worth the time and bother. No great desire to add anything but I ought to point out that when you get an Oyster Card , any travelcard or pay as you go is "loaded" on and so you do not get a paper card although you do get a receipt which should be kept and shown when asked.

The Oyster Card is a credit card sized and textured style card that is "loaded" with the appropriate amount and is placed on the yellow reader at stations.

You even get a nice wallet to keep it in and you don't need to remove the card from the wallet, just place it on the reader. It also entitles her to the various 2for1 offers.

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