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$269 50-inch Emerson 1080p LED TV Is Walmart Black Friday Doorbuster

checkout.midtrans.com/web-de-citas-chapinera.php We installed it in the guest room, and it was played perhaps less than a half dozen times. While cleaning the room for a guest, my wife put on the TV, and after approximately 20 minutes, it died. After many hours on the phone, at different times, I was told I originally purchased the TV in August. I had to e-mail them the receipt to verify the November purchase. I spoke to three different people - the last one promising I would receive a return box and shipping instructions with a charge for repairs.

This was two to three weeks ago, but I have received nothing. This should have been a recall with free replacement. Emerson received a bunch of faulty TVs from China and should make it good. Emerson will never be on the top of my list. This TV has not been used for more than 3 months as he was living with my brother and his TV was the main TV used for watching. Josh then moved back home in January and the TV sat in the same spot in a climate control area until he went back the beginning of August. He went to turn the TV on and it would not turn on, no power whatsoever.

He went to Walmart and they told him that there was nothing they could do. They scanned the serial numbers and know when an item is sold. This is ridiculous that no one can do anything about this situation, especially when a product like this has only been used for 3 months or less.

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No matter how much we get attached to our computers and mobile devices, consumers will probably always have a need for televisions. Items 1 - 24 of skip to resultsskip to filters. Results for emerson tv Kanto - TV Stand for Most Flat-Panel TVs Up to 60" - Black. Model:TTS SKU.

I don't think so. I think the Better Business Bureau would have a heyday with this one for as many complaints as I am seeing on this review. I surely hope that they are not selling this TV anymore and if they are, I highly recommend consumers to not buy it! I am fortunate to know someone that does TV repairs and he was able to assess the problem for me - for my TV ModelLCEM1 , the problem was a ceramic fuse in the back that blew.

Yeah, it's a pain but it was the only recourse I have since Emerson refuses to honorably honor their warranty. Add another to the list. I bought a inch Emerson on sale at Wal-Mart in Nov. It died Sept. I can't find the receipt. So I'm pretty much stuck with it. I always thought it was weird that it took a really long time for it to come on when you pushed the power button.

I think Emerson should have a recall on this model, because it obviously has the same issue with powering up. It would not turn on at all. It still has the yellow sticker on the bottom. I have not used it more than 50 hours.

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Jul 24, 16 0 10, 0. I want to start a partition against emerson products. We know now one of the brands that will be on sale today in stores. You can go to cart and save for later there. Browse all Black Friday Ads released so far.

I took it back to Walmart with the receipt and they said they were sorry, but it was over 90 days old and all I had to do was call the warranty people and they would take care of it. What is warranty for? I know one thing: Emerson has lost one more customer. He stood in line and had to go back in the middle of the night to purchase it. He gave me the TV for Christmas.

After having it connected, I was not pleased with the picture and wanted to take the TV back but did not want to hurt my son's' feelings by complaining about a gift. I did not like the way the picture looked. I was told by Walmart that I needed the receipt, but my son did not have it. I just wanted to pay the difference for a better TV. Now, 9 months later, the TV is still so dark a lot of times I can't see what is going on, but after reading the reviews I am not as bad off as some.

At least, it does come on and I can hear it.

Emerson LF320EM4 A

I went this last Friday to purchase something to enhance the sound but I am taking it back because it looks like I am going to have to purchase another TV. Shame on you, Emerson, and shame on Walmart for selling such a poor quality product to people who cannot afford to buy the same thing over and over. I just want to send it back and have them pay me for my time and trouble. It is not fair for so many people to have the same problems with this TV. I will never buy Emerson anything again.

My Emerson 32" TV bought in November of wouldn't turn on one day in August , just like a lot of people here. I tried to take it back to Walmart, but they wouldn't accept it past the 30 days. I believe it was an item offered on Black Friday at a lower price. Just like everyone else, I have experienced the exact same thing. The price of the TV was excellent, I thought at the time. No TV and Emerson is reaping all the benefits! Guess what? They both stopped working on the same day. In a casual conversation with my friend, who is six months down the road, she said, "Do you all ever have any problem with that TV bought on Black Friday?

Walmart Pre-Black Friday Pricing: Element Electronics/Emerson 40″ LED TV only $115!

What a rip off. This should be against the law! Same as everyone else with the Emerson TV. I bought it on Black Friday. It stopped working in August. It just shuts off and had very little play time. I say we all write the newspapers and the news with the issue on this brand of TV and the so-called good Black Friday deals and Wal-Mart's easy way of making money. Replaced the fuse and it blew. Why keep selling junk? They are just taking money that people have to work hard for.

Black Friday was not a good day for a purchase like this I am feeling. Shame on Walmart for carrying this brand and making like you are receiving a true value. Buying a TV in late November and have it stop working in early September is unbelievable! Sign me up for the class action suit as well. We cannot all be wrong.

Walmart is offering a $269 50-inch 1080p LED TV deal in the Walmart Black Friday 2015 sale.

I quit working back in August. I called the warranty department and was put on hold for hours. What a ripoff. If they can't stand behind their products any better than that, then they are just ripping everybody off.

The Walmart Black Friday 2016 Ad features a doorbuster deal on a 50-inch Emerson HDTV.

Something should be done about this. I would never buy another Emerson product or recommend one. This inch Emerson stopped working after 6 months. All that money went down the drain. Emerson is horrible. They should reimburse me. I am very angry.

I want a different one. This is horrible. This company is on par with Sharp. No matter how cheap is sells, it is not worth it. It is insulting to have personnel respond by email telling me what I already know: It supposed to come with a 1 yr warranty with Emerson. So I get the 2 yrs extended warranty so I thought The TV hasn't been being used because my daughter was still living with me and it was supposed to be for her new house and I already have TV in all my rooms in my house.

So my daughter moves out 1 week ago. Hooks up TV and it just shuts right back off. I find my receipt. Call Emerson. They say their warranty is only good for a year so I called Walmart and they say their warranty will cover it to call their warranty dept so I call and start giving them the info from my receipt and come to find out the lady at the register puts the warranty on a mop not the TV. So I go to Walmart to talk to manager and they tell me too bad there is nothing they can do Never buy a TV from Walmart or buy the warranty because they have found a way to screw people over once again.

And never by Emerson. Apparently they only make their TV to last 2 yrs so you have to go buy a new one. Best Buy will now get my business for all electronics. At least everything I have bought from them has last 5 plus years. This is a great brand of TV that has been around for years. I trust the brand itself and I have owned several Emerson products. They are well priced and last for years. The picture is excellent, easy to work and adjust colors for movies and shows.

The only thing I would change is to make the edge surrounding the screen flush with the screen. That would make it easier for cleaning and make the screen look bigger.

$ inch Emerson p LED TV is Walmart Black Friday Doorbuster

I really love my tv. It's a 32" so it sits on a dresser perfect while I relax in my bed. Also, the picture and volume are great. I love that I can stream onto it with my chromecast. I have my sound bar and Wii connected to it.

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I've never had a problem with it and to me it's great and the price was a deal. It replaced a decades old Mitsubishi tv. The Emerson didn't even last 3 years and was not used heavily or abused. From reading the multiple negative reviews of this brand I see it was a mistake to buy it in the first place. It would be nice if retailers went with quality over price in selecting their merchandise. The Emerson TV was purchased because the maximum screen that would fit in my home entertainment center was 37". To score these deals, you have to visit stores on Thanksgiving Day. Browse all Black Friday Ads released so far.

We will bring you extensive news, ads, deals and reviews of everything Black Friday has to offer and will guide you to the hottest bargains like we did in the past years. If you have a question about Black Friday, drop a comment below or email us. Black Friday is on November 27th, Don't miss these new Black Friday Reports. Find rare products online!

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