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Realizing the security concerns of the country, Zicom took it on itself to study the market and counter the security issues faced by citizens. Tell us about MYCS inception story? In the year , crime rate in India was on rise. Kidnapping, street robberies, shoplifting, house-breaks, shop-breaks, murders all these various crimes were happening in the broad day-light and there was no substantial way to grab the criminal.

While other security companies focused mainly on the corporate and public sector for security, Zicom with its path breaking range of products catered to various industries being Retail, Banking, NBFC, Gold loan, Cinema and more, apart from the corporate industries and the public sector Zicom expanded its focus to the overall security of its citizens and spread out to their houses, their workplaces, schools, colleges and even public places.

Zicom realized that our society typically believes in securing all their assets, but personal security usually takes the back step as no importance is given to securing or insuring their homes or lives. MYCS is one of the most popular innovations initiated by the company on January 26, , as a social safety initiative. Zicom looks at bigger picture when it comes to securing people at their homes and societies. MYCS started offering Security Solutions at Zero Investment: Zero management which not only helps housing societies but also caters to row houses, gated communities, villa bungalows and residential complexes.

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MYCS initiative initially was to make people aware that security is not just for large corporate, government institutions, banks and so on. Security is also a very important and necessary factor for us commoners too, through MYCS Zicom realized the gap in personal safety, where people had zero technical knowledge about: What kind of cameras to use? Where the cameras should be positioned? How to maintain the hardware and software of a security system? How expensive the Annual Maintenance Cost would be?

Considering all these factors, Zicom SaaS launched MYCS service model, where all the customers had to do was pay a minimum monthly service usage charge and this cost would be applied as per their usage rest was taken care by the company. What is the unique selling proposition of MYCS or the unique feature? Zicom Command Center is a game changer for the company as well as the security industry in so many ways.

Zicom is the first company in India to have its own Command Centre based in Mumbai which is now one of the most referred Command Centers in the Security Industry. Our experienced and well trained Security Officers stationed at the Zicom Command Centre operate with agility as soon as they detect any faults or failures in the system or any kind of security and safety breach.

As a user you receive alerts on your mobile if anything seems wrong. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Zicom provides you 30 days recording, remote monitoring, and broadband connectivity. As a customer, you also get free replacement, free maintenance, free software upgrades, failure notifications, hard disc alerts, video loss, camera masking, illegal camera tampering, power cable disconnection and other such services to cater to all your security needs.

What can be expected from your company in the upcoming years? Brief us about the future and vision of the company? Being in the industry for two decades and the first Indian Electronic Security Systems company to have gained a number of achievements and won multiple awards in such a small span of time, the company is set to bring up more innovations. Zicom intend to spread their security span Pan India and support their initiatives with better technology and innovations to help the society. With MYCS, Zicom also touches the social aspect; the thought is to make your city and the surroundings safe.

Their aim is to provide the best and unique security solutions for the safety of the citizens. In the interview with insights success, Pratyush Halen , CEO and Founder of Tapits Technologies , gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by the company to take finance industry industry to next level.

Kindly brief us about the company and what kind of products and services the company provides to their clients. Tapits Technologies is a collective of people from various domains, viz. Technology, Banking and Fintech with a combined experience of over 50 years in the development of financial and banking technology, Our company, under its brand, Fingpay, enables the 1.

How biometric technologies are creating secured world? The increased use of mobile smart devices for financial transactions has prompted banks, payment providers and regulators to demand increased levels of security and identity assurance to provide better protection against fraud. Passwords and pin codes are slow and not as secure. There has been a steady increase in data breaches in the last 2 years, prompting payment providers and financial institutions to explore more secure modes of authentication. Biometric authentication helps address this problem. Acting as strong authentication to secure online transactions, biometrics also increases customer trust and improves reputation.

Below are problems biometrics can solve for financial service firms: Fraud Reduction: Biometric authentication allows financial firms independence from passwords, PINs, and tokens, which are susceptible to hacking. Biometrics are unique for every individual and in a world where hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, biometrics allows financial institutions to prove, beyond a doubt, who is requesting access. Convenient Authentication: Industries are using different means of bio-metric authentication, based on their line of business e.

Each method serves as a convenient, frictionless solution to customer authentication while providing multi-factor authentication.

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What are the Challenges and opportunities in the deployment of Biometric Technologies and how likely they are deployed in the future? Some of the challenges faced with Biometric Technologies are as follows : Breach is irreparable: Though biometrics is more secure than passwords, and harder to replicate, a security breach is irreversible. We can change passwords, but can never change biometric data Secondly, mass market biometrics are device dependent.

This limits the usage. Some of issues faced on field include dependence on reliable network connectivity and mismatch in biometrics. This hinders the ability to use the system on a larger scale. Kindly tell us about your inception story. The need for developing simple yet powerful products targeted towards the underserved and unbanked triggered the inception of the company. The team had the vision for the future and the idea of implementing biometric based payments was perceived in when no industry player was implementing it. The company brought the product to market in just 2 years.

The product connects the corporate and last mile customer with the services which would help them uplift and get plethora of useful services which will give them access to market, credit, technology, banking, innovations etc. He started his career with Amdocs as a software designer. This win fuelled his desire to start his own venture and work in the direction of servicing the rural sector of India. Since then, Pratyush has come a long way in creating a suite of banking products and services while juggling the expectations of multiple Banks. Secretary and Hon.

What steps are you taking to ensure that you continue to grow and develop? Develop new markets by Extending services to other sectors such as retail and ecommerce players Diversify portfolio by Building a customer application for demand creation where rural customers can order banking and related services at doorstep. Fully automated solutions from Payments, settlements, reconciliations, MIS, Chargebacks, exception handling, self on-boarding.

Reduced collection costs in the range of What is USP of your company? Brief us about the future vision of the company. Company plans to revolutionize the payment collections in India solving the logistical inefficiencies in the system. Kindly brief us about your company. Mumbai-based, Sate Development is a full-service software development company with a focus on blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

It was started by blockchain and fintech pioneer, Nakul Shah. The company is an innovator of blockchain solutions for corporations and enterprises, building custom software for some of the largest institutions in the world. Sate has been named as one of the leading blockchain service company globally, which empowers high-potential organizations to successfully enter and leverage the new paradigm of blockchain. He is a regular speaker at conferences across the globe, on topics like Blockchain, Hyperledger and Distributed Ledger Technology.

As a longtime creative thought leader in financial markets, technology and innovation, he has worked with startups and multinationals across the world. Nakul has played a significant role in the adoption and application of technology. He started his career at State Street Corporation in Boston, which is one of the biggest and oldest providers of mutual fund, pension processing and asset custody services. He used advanced statistical and technical tools in the field of socially responsible investment. While executing independent consulting assignments, he has advised a leading sustainability firm that helps Fortune companies.

After acquiring significant years of experience in fintech, Nakul moved his focus to blockchain, which was an emerging technology at the time. His experience and vision have helped Sate grow significantly in the past five years. Besides creating enterprise solutions, he also provides training, consultancy and development services, helping clients de-mystify the technology and understand how organizations can leverage its key features.

Nakul has conducted lectures for banks, universities and governments, on various topics covering platforms and use cases of blockchain. He also an author for one of the best-selling books on Hyperledger. What are the different products and services provided by your company, setting you apart from your competitors? Sate Development is a service-based company.

We address blockchain and its complementing technologies such as distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. We provide a variety of services to assist enterprises in their journey to achieve trust less consensus based global partnerships. Sate Development brings its strong expertise in Platform integration and Digital transformation services to combine with blockchain and provide value added services and technology platforms.

We also serve as an end-to-end partner for projects, from exploratory phase, through the design and development, until solution deployment. What are the key attributes that helped your company overcome the challenges that it faced during its establishment? As far as attributing the success in business is concerned, especially for a startup, the goal is to connect with as many people as possible and build a strong network.

With the massive tech-enabled advancements, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it? The power to retrieve almost any information and communicate in several different ways with buttons at your fingertips is amazing. Something new is always on the horizon, and we cannot help but wait and wonder about the next technological marvel that is about to come. There are several tech trends in store for As a service based company, our goal is to stay on top of these advancements and follow a constant path of self-learning and growth in order to cater to this ever changing market.

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Besides learning a new technology, we constantly try to think about how we can leverage them to assist our clients better. Difficult, but not impossible.

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SUCCESS is your guide for personal and professional development through inspiration, motivation and training. Daily deals and flash sale sites are as varied as a dozen monarch butterflies on a Use this link to receive $10 credit free courtesy of SUCCESS magazine.

We have four ways that helps our business stand out from the crowd. Each one of the following factors has worked well with countless clients that we have served. Provide Exceptional Customer Service — We treat our customers like royalty. All customers have an expectation of great service.

Even from a marketing perspective, the cost to bring back an existing customer is lower than the acquisition cost of a new customer. Good Communication — Honest communication about our services and project scope helps lay down realistic expectations which ensures that the clients are satisfied with the end result. Come Up with Something New — We constantly try to improve our offerings by introducing new processes and solutions to provide better service to our clients.

As part of CSR, we try to encourage our team to do pro-bono work as well. How do you motivate creativity and innovation in the workspace while maintaining a healthy work environment? We follow seven simple rules: — Make our business a pleasant place to be. What began as the basis for tokens, blockchain technology — essentially a virtual ledger having the capability to record and verify a high volume of digital transactions — is now expanding across a number of industries.

Blockchain tech has reached far beyond its inception within banking. In , businesses are expected to spend millions of dollars on the technology, significantly more than the amount invested in Industries from insurance to gaming to government are starting to see blockchain applications. Entrepreneurs now believe that blockchain has the potential to transform many more industries.

Ultimately, the use cases for a verifiable, transparent register of transaction data are endless. Tim Ti CEO UTStarcom In an interview with Insights Success, Tim Ti, the CEO of UTStarcom have shared some insightful views and highlighted the influences made by their company to be the most prominent telecom solution provider, which focused on offering the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective communication products and solutions to the customers.

Ltd, followed by its overall journey till date. UTStarcom was founded in , and from the beginning the company was focused on offering the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective communication products and solutions to our customers. Our products address the needs of the fastest growing functions within the network related to mobile backhaul, metro aggregation and broadband access.

We have been associated with Tier 1 Telecom Operators in India since We have provided large volumes of our products and solutions and successfully executed multiple turnkey projects in India and SAARC region for many leading operators and service providers, and have been continuously providing management and maintenance services for their network. Tim Ti has more than twenty years of business, management and technology expertise in telecom market.

Before joining UTStarcom, Mr. We have been working in India with the mission to provide faster, more reliable and cost effective networks based on the latest technologies to enable internet proliferation and fast adoption of modern communication services across India. Since its inception UTStarcom has been early adopter of latest technologies, driving innovation with launch of new solutions in the industry.

IS: How are you fighting the challenges in terms of emerging market players and competitive costs? The demand for modern telecommunications services and solutions is driving healthy competition, which in its turn ignites continuous modernization and the use of innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our continuous work on development and implementation of more efficient networking technologies, hardware and software design optimization, integration with SDN for increased automation of network operation helps to keep costs of our solutions at competitive level and facilitates TCO reduction for our customers.

Speaking specifically about India, our commitment goes even further in order to meet price requirements of the market. IS: What are your strategies to maintain hassle-free work environment and measures for employee development in your line of work? Being a hi-tech company and a telecom solutions innovator, our biggest value clearly is in our expertise and knowledge, which is mostly accumulated in our people. The company has a dedicated quality department that is responsible for the EHS Environment, Health, Safety management that provides required safety trainings, arranges a free full health check every year etc.

The company has a special training department UTStarcom University with a goal of providing various trainings to employees to enable professional growth and support career development opportunities. The company regularly arranges professional knowledge sharing sessions and lectures from our own experts or guest lecturers, training programs to improve management skills. IS: As an IT Solution Provider company, how have you managed to create a niche in your segment, in respect to the ever-growing competitive market?

This spirit of innovation enables us to continuously develop and bring to the market interesting competitive products. The other key part of our strategy — we always carefully listen to our customers, learn their requirements, needs of their business, and try to address them with our advanced yet cost-effective solutions.

IS: The Wireless market has gained momentum over the past few years. How do you embrace this change and have managed to evolve as one of the market leaders in providing various wireless tech services to your clients? Also describe the other products and services that set you apart.

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Wireless technologies really became ubiquitous in recent years driven by tremendous popularity of smart mobile devices and related bandwidth-hungry services. Wi-Fi and 4G networks are widely deployed and available in many places in India and around the globe, and now the emerging 5G mobile technology comes with promises of significant increase in performance, with support of many new use cases and with potential to re-shape entire industries and societies. UTStracom addresses the needs of the market in multiple aspects: offering efficient carrier grade wireless solutions, and providing advanced transport network infrastructure for wireless networks.

Our end-to-end carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution optimized for carrier wireless networks, public hotspots, enterprises and similar applications provides support of the latest The solution was extensively used in large-scale hotspot deployments in many parts of India with some of key Indian telecom market players.

Wireless networks generate a lot of traffic that needs to be transported between bases stations and the network core, and support variety of use cases and applications that set complex requirements to transport networks. Taking 5G as an example, it brings new and often challenging requirements related to transport network flexibility and service agility, very high bandwidth, huge network capacity and scalability, network slicing, extra low latency, highly accurate time synchronization, significantly improved cost efficiency, and many others.

UTStarcom addresses these challenges with our cutting-edge packet optical networking solutions based on the latest developments including Flex Ethernet FlexE lightweight TDM Ethernet transport, Segment Routing tunneling technology, and highly accurate time synchronization over packet implementation, all tightly integrated with Software Defined Networking SDN platform. Combining benefits of the advanced solution architecture with the global network view and flexible SW nature of SDN-based control, the SkyFlux platform enables network and service transformation through network programmability, automation, and centralized intelligence, significantly simplifying operation and reducing overall network complexity.

The key element without doubt is trust. Certainly, it is important to deliver products that are cost competitive or bring significant added value to justify higher price. The list can be continued. However, all these points may lose their value without trust between a customer and a solution provider. IS: What are your views on the emergence of tech-enabled startups, especially in the last decade?

Absolutely positive on many aspects. Startups generate many new ideas, non-conventional solutions to problems, revolutionary technologies, they drive innovation and in some cases shape entire industries. Of course, such intensive innovation creates stronger competition, which definitely is a positive thing: it brings challenge to existing vendors and solution providers, drives technology evolution and helps to keep prices on reasonable level.

And we should not forget that startups create many jobs, provide employment opportunity to young specialists, and pay taxes creating immediate positive effect on the economy. IS: What are your future plans for the company? Where do you see the company in the years to come?

We are very much determined to continue focusing our main efforts on our key areas of expertise — packet optical networking solutions, broadband access and SDN. With coming of 5G and growing demand for IoT, M2M, Smart Cities, Cloud-based services and Data Center Interconnect, as well as in view of encouraging plans related to development of fiber and wireless infrastructure in our key international markets, we see a lot of opportunities for us in which we can apply our knowledge and spirit of innovation for the benefit of the industry, supporting smooth roll-outs of 5G and fast adoption of other new applications.

At the same time, we are interested in exploring and continuing our investments into development of solutions for emerging market segments including IoT, smart retail, and intelligent network edge. Kindly brief us about VirtualInfocom. It all started with a dream. A dream to "Bring Art and Technology Together Successfully", in a way that would allow the world to reap the benefits of creativity armed with Information technology. That dream shaped Virtualinfocom. We have developed multiple reallife actors based games and virtual reality apps, certainly that includes various Indian movie based games, bangladesh movie based games and so on.

We are creator of India's first RPG mythology based game. West Bengal's first movie based game Boss2, Bangladesh's first super hero movie based game Bizli, Creator of India's first super hero based game Shaktimaan. Bhutan's first 3D racing game, Nepal's first 3D Racing simulation game. Oldest Virtual Reality game development company in India.

Apart from the fact that we are making agmes, we have started India's first portal on cosplay and we are producer of Bengal's first cosplay show since We at Virtual Information and Communications virtualinfocom believe in the perfect mix of imaginative and innovative efficiency, coupled with ground breaking technology provide our customers with the state of the art products and services.

The ability to think outside the proverbial box is one of our greatest fortes and it is not as easy as it is cut out to be. This enables us to support our large user base and provide excellent service levels. Another aspect of our business that we are proud of is the work environment that we have managed to establish and provide to our employees. We at Virtual Information and Communications believe that the highest quality work is created in an environment where people enjoy working and where people are treated fairly, honestly and with respect. We work as one unit towards a common goal, a common idea, and this is what sets us apart from the rest of the companies.

Founder: imsuperhero — platform for kids to make their own superheros and share to the world Founder: Animgaming- platform for indie developers to showcase and get funding from global publishers and investors. Investment Banker. VR: Since maing VR based apps n games on helmet system to headset- cave- boomtube.

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AR: Industrial AR solutions mainly into healtech, edutech and real-estate. Example: the bad cop says the price is too high. CUSTOMER GAME: Sticker Shock A close cousin to the Silent Treatment, this is a ploy in which purchasing agents, in an attempt to get you to drop your price, offer up an Oscar-winning display of sticker shock — that is, they wince, shake their heads, and fold their arms as soon as they hear your quote.

Most salespeople fall into this trap by immediately lowering their number. Practice giving your sales pitch to your associates — and do so with the asking price doubled. The last thing you want to do besides lose the sale is have to call your customer a liar. Ralph R. Roberts often has this problem. Act surprised.

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Then look the prospect straight in the eye, and ask him to tell you when you made the offer he is claiming. If he still insists on the questionable price or terms, or whatever , you need a new tactic. Then, when the big day comes, the purchaser announces that he wants the order in increments of 25, spread out over four years — but at the same price. For the salesperson who may have spent weeks constructing the deal — or has already spent the expected commission check — this is a nightmare.

Body language is critical; it offers you an extra opportunity to sway how others feel about you and your products. That entails making your prospect feel something in common with you by positioning your body in the same way he or she does. How do you accomplish this? If he has crossed his left leg, cross your left leg.

If he is resting his head in his hand, follow suit.