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Matcha Cupcake. Treat yourself to a grilling adventure. Sign Up Now. Leading Warranty Year Warranty. Learn About Your Warranty. Built To Last enlarge. Continuous Innovation enlarge. Trusted Brand enlarge. Burning Strong enlarge. The 4K comes with a relatively small inch grill grate and features Fast Flame ignition using an electric hob type ring, so you will need to find a nearby electricity outlet to use it.

Other fine design flourishes include numbered aluminium air flow valves, an interior light, a handy front drawer to store the four meat probes it comes with and a clever charcoal top-up portal on the side. After all, the grilling area is quite small for its stature. On a positive parting note, it does at least come with a tidy package of goodies — pizza stone, charcoal tongs, roasting rack, those four temperature probes and an all-important cover.

Do your neighbours hate you because of the plumes of smoke created every time you have a barbecue? You need a near-smokeless charcoal model, guvnor, like this snazzy spherical offering from LotusGrill. Even during the cooking process this thing creates less smoke than other models and it does so by dint of a rather unique but slightly convoluted charcoal loading method and a huge 57cm grill with integrated steel shield to stop fats from dripping directly on to the coals below.

The upside is rapid heating and almost smokeless cooking, and that makes this BBQ the most considerate option for balconies and urban patios. Available in six sunny colours. The Performance is one of the best-built budget-priced gas BBQs in this roundup but figure in a couple of hours to assemble it. Designed for, or at least marketed to, people who want to BBQ on the balcony without breaking the terms of their lease, or causing their neighbours to come and KILL them, the Weber Pulse is an electric barbecue.

Grill purists will have already moved on by now having read that opening sentence, but it's actually a great device. The best way to think of it is more like an absolutely enormous George Foreman type grill. There's a bright temperature display, instant control over heat — the precision is far greater than what you any non-BBQ ninja could ever achieve with charcoal, although I don't think gas has anything to worry about — and also a plug-in probe for monitoring the internal temperature of food. For some reason, this is not done on the main display but via Weber's iOS and Android app but it works so well, it almost takes the fun out of it.

Everything from chicken to a side of salmon comes out perfectly done, so long as you properly pre-heat the grill.

The best BBQs you can buy right now

Thailand's largest range of top quality imported gas barbecue grills for sale. Award winning designs, durable, efficient with international safety standard. Read more: The best way to clean gas grills and grates | The best Space Living 3-burner's MSRP is $, but we saw it priced at $ at.

Slightly to my surprise, as well as being perfectly cooked every time so long as you keep an eye on the aforementioned app , food done on the Pulse does seem to have a more barbecue taste to it than what you'd get from a standard electric grill. Weber reckons that's down to its porcelain enamelled cast iron plates, but maybe it's just the fresh air. On the subject of fresh air, I ought to address the main marketing claim of the Pulse that it's more neighbour-friendly. It's true to say that there's no charcoal smoke or potentially deadly and probably lease-violating gas canisters involved, but due to science, smoke and fumes coming off your food is pretty much unavoidable.

I would say this is more likely to annoy your neighbours by making them suddenly incredibly hungry and envious of you, rather than by enveloping them in thick clouds of pungent and possibly carcinogenic fumes. But you're kidding yourself if you think this will enable you to barbecue in secret, like some guerrilla griller. As barbecues go, the Pulse is pretty easy to clean, and there's a 5-year limited warranty as standard. And, indeed, during summer. Got 1, quid burning a hole in your jeans?

Go out immediately and spend it all on this minimalist charcoal contribution from Everdure. Designed in conjunction with Heston Blumenthal allegedly , the gargantuan Hub features electric start and a built-in spit system. Verycook is a French company that specialises in Spanish-style, gas-fired, flat-topped planchas. In true Continental celebratory style, the Simplicity 2 — which is available in several very attractive colours — arrived with a Hawaiian lei and a bright red apron to wear while you do that al fresco thing. The griddle is a beautifully engineered slab of 6mm-thick stainless steel that is phenomenally heavy, so get a mate to help with setup.

Boy, did I find that out the hard way. Best thing about it? It has a cutaway rear leading to a fat-collection container so you can make like a spatula-wielding chef at a roadside burger pop up. A cheaper model with enamelled steel griddle plate is also available. This one could almost live in our portable BBQ guide — it comes with a carry case. Compared to something like the MegaMaster, we dare say it is quite 'portable' then — so long as you're built like an ox.

As you can tell from its wood-burner-cum-cauldron appearance, this is rather more than your standard portable, however. Able to grill, roast, boil, or fry anything you throw at or in it, it also radiates heat in degrees to you and your fellow al fresco diners. The fire is fully contained and off the ground, so it can be used in most environments. The chimney does what chimneys traditionally do, and can be offset via an optional add-on, so as to bypass awnings. Accessories include a rotisserie for suckling piglets, a diffuser — ideal for lowering cooking temperatures —and a 'special wok'.

Get in. If you and your guests enjoy the delicious taste of slow-cooked smoked meat that literally falls off the bone, consider this classic, barrel-shaped unit from Landmann. The Kentucky Smoker is comprised of two compartments: on the left a small charcoal chamber and, on the right, a large 57cm x 42cm grill on which to place the meat. Just load the left-hand chamber with charcoal and throw on a handful of wood chips or a pile of damp oak sawdust.

Now wait until the charcoal turns grey, lift the lid of the main compartment on the right and put on a large, seasoned leg of lamb, a whole salmon or a bird of your choice. Smoke and heat is drawn in from the smaller chamber and all cooking is performed indirectly with the lid permanently closed, so there are absolutely no flare ups. Just remember to place a tray of water beneath to keep the meat moist throughout the cooking process. It goes without saying that you can also use the main grill on the right as a traditional barbecue — just load the bottom chamber with charcoal and grill away with the lid on or off.

In America where they love their deep-fried Thanksgiving turkeys, this gas-powered BBQ is proving extremely popular as a healthier — and safer — alternative to dropping a whole bird into a vat of boiling oil. The three-in-one Big Easy comes with a removable basket cavernous enough for an 11kg bird or a large leg of lamb, a smoker box for the obligatory handful of hickory wood chips, four rib hooks, an easy-clean drip tray and a removable porcelain-coated cooking grate for ordinary barbecuing.

Despite its weight and height, its footprint is actually small enough for a balcony or a titchy patio. Waterproof golf jackets, trousers, hats All the golfing clothes you need stay dry and protected on the course.

1. Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill

Which is more than one can say for the majority of cheaply-built barbies out there. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. After six minutes of cooking, we flip the basket and monitor internal temperature. With over 1, five star reviews, this grill attracted customers looking for a simple charcoal grill. Type: Charcoal.

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All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number T3 Smarter Living. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. B est small or portable grills Best meat thermometers Best smokers What is the best barbecue? How to buy the best barbecue for you With winter now well and truly behind us and Easter on the horizon, the coast is clear to don the shades and start stocking up on grill-friendly grub to singe in the sunshine, with all levels and types of al fresco cooking catered for, from high-end smoking to, basically, setting fire to a bucket.

The best barbecues to buy, in order 1. Napoleon Pro 22 Best barbecue bar none. Specifications Grill size: 22 inches. Type: Charcoal. Size: Large. Reasons to avoid - Shop around to get the right price. Weber Master-Touch A close second in the 'best large kettle barbecue' stakes. Reasons to avoid - Everyone's got one. Reasons to avoid - Self-assembly nightmares. Traeger Pro Pellet Grill Best wood pellet barbecue for smoking, slow roasting and grilling. Specifications Grill size: inches sq.

Equipment Review: Best Charcoal Grills

Type: Wood pellets. Reasons to avoid - Not ideal for searing - Wood pellets harder to shop for than gas or charcoal. Specifications Grill size: 20 inches. Type: Charcoal oven. Size: Very Large. Reasons to avoid - More expensive in the UK. Big Green Egg Medium The professional's choice.

Best Gas Grills | Top Ten Reviews

Specifications Grill size: 38 inches. Size: Very large. Reasons to avoid - Expensive - Massive. Char-Broil All-Star An excellent gas model for patios and balconies. Specifications Grill size: 18 inches. Size: Medium.

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Reasons to avoid - Top section is difficult to remove. Tepro Toronto Steak Grill A top option for searing steaks. Specifications Grill size: 12 x 6 inches. Size: Small. Reasons to avoid - Only one large steak at a time - Works best with fattier meats. Reasons to avoid - Huge, and hence takes ages to build. Specifications Grill size: 26 inches.

Reasons to avoid - Kinda pricy. Specifications Grill size: 18 inch.

Best BBQ 2018: 6 awesome barbecues for summer

Reasons to avoid - Small grill for the price. Reasons to avoid - Food lacks smokey flavour - Not cheap. Char-Broil Performance B Best infrared grill. Specifications Grill size: 16 x 17 inches. Reasons to avoid - Demands a lot of cleaning. Weber Pulse Best electric barbecue for balconies and elsewhere. Specifications Grill size: 16 x 12 inches.