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He and Inge moved to Santa Barbara in , and the firm grew locally and internationally. Boehm Library. Eric was an early environmentalist. He launched the publication Environmental Periodicals Bibliography shortly after the Santa Barbara oil spill of within the non-profit International Academy at Santa Barbara, which he helped found.

He worked closely with Joanne St John. Eric was an early pioneer of distance learning, and all ISIM courses were offered only remotely, online but before the Internet. Eric was especially happy to work closely in BoehmGroup with his son Steve and grandson Jeff. Eric was preceded in death by daughters Beatrice and Evelyn, who died in childhood, and by his wife Inge. Aaron and Nancy Baker, who lived with Eric and Inge for 35 years, were his extended family. During the latter years of his life Eric enjoyed the companionship of Judy Pochini.

The family wishes to thank Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care for their vital end of life assistance. She was fiercely independent and private, yet always generous and thoughtful. Sammy was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She came to Santa Barbara to stage-manage shows at the Lobero Theater.

She served as a Speech and Language Pathologist in local schools for many years.

It is certain that Sammy is somewhere managing a show and making sure everyone enunciates correctly. Sammy was buried in Webster, Massachusetts with her parents. Tracie Marie Gunderson, 34, died on September 6th, , from an aortic artery aneurism, in Santa Barbara, California. Tracie was born on January 15th, , in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Tracie was home-schooled for ten years through the Blessed Assurance Academy, where she maxed all of her standardized tests and acquired a love for learning that continued on throughout her life. She was a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and had recently completed her hours for licensure.

A passionate and dedicated advocate for veterans, Tracie worked for the last four years as an outreach worker and case manager; and finally as the Veteran Services Coordinator for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program at New Beginnings Counseling Center, where she helped to house over veterans. In her work with the VTC through a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy-informed psychoeducational group, Tracie helped countless veterans to participate in the treatment court process with their fellow veterans, re-instilling the sense of camaraderie they felt while in the military.

Tracie was often lauded by veterans who attended the group, citing her ability to understand their experience and give them information that they could apply to their lives and that made sense to them. Tracie was also a part of the VetNet Advisory Board, helping to guide the collaboration from its inception. During her service on the board, she was an invaluable resource to many service organizations that were looking for strategies and resources to serve their own veteran clients. Tracie brought her warm smile, willing and open heart, and tireless efforts to ensure that anyone she could help received her help and more — they got her love.

She will be missed but never forgotten by the members of VetNet. During her tenure at New Begin-. The Silver Patrick Henry Medallion is one of the highest military honors a civilian can receive for outstanding contributions to patriotism. Tracie had a generous heart and an infectious enthusiasm for every task she engaged in and every person she helped. Her commitment and tenacity were rare, and her energy boundless.

She was a connoisseur of coffee and all things gluten free. She found beauty in the film LaLaLand and had seen the film over a dozen times. The windows were always down and her music was always blasting in her Volkswagen bug named Lazzy. Her life was set to a soundtrack of David Bowie, Train, Prince, and John Lennon tunes — when Tracie loved something, she loved it passionately.

Tracie also had a soft spot for animals, making sure that every cat and dog she encountered had a safe home. She adored her Chihuahua, Captain Valentine, who was always by her side. She found peace at the beach and was always up for an adventure and the opportunity to laugh. She was an incredible and unequaled talent in our community, a respected colleague, and a loyal friend to many. She will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved her. Tracie is survived by her mom and dad, Grant and Teresa Fogle, her rescue doggie Captain Valentine, and the many friends, colleagues and veterans throughout Santa Barbara County who loved her and whose lives she touched immeasurably.

Her parents love and miss Tracie very much, and love and appreciate everyone in her life. Cabrillo Blvd. I offer you an honest, discrete, and nohassle price for your European or American classic car. I will handle all the paperwork and logistics in the most ethical manner and to the highest standards. Call me at Because mosquitoes are known carriers of several diseases and a major health issue in summertime, people across the United States need to take precaution to help prevent mosquito bites.

Your best protection therefore is preventing mosquito bites, such as eliminating standing water where mosquitoes breed and calling your pest control service to protect your family. Dear Jaeger Partners, How do you sleep at night? Why do you feel raising rents an obscene percent on long-term tenants in the historic El Centro Building is the right thing to do? This nonprofit has entertained and taught countless children and adults by bringing myth and folklore to life for plus years. By raising the rents, you greatly affect them as they run on donations. Not to mention the offices of the Lobero Theatre, queen of performance venues, another nonprofit that relies on donations and is housed at El Centro.

Half a million square feet of office space in town, and how much of it is sitting empty? Could you be setting the market rate with all that space? The cost remains too high for many of them to afford now and later. I urge you to please reconsider. That might be your way to give back to the community. They say business is business. Where does your sense of community and humanity fit in? Or is it always the bottom line for you?

Because of their deranged actions, we all have to deal with the potheads around us who want to be legal at all of our expense. Only six pot plants can be grown for private consumption in a private house, the only place pot can be smoked; only medical pot can be grown for sale, and it must meet all FDA drug standards; no sales taxes will be collected from these pot rules; and there is to be no smell of pot fumes anywhere.

Cannabis is not needed for any reason but to support existing pothead addictions. Not all speech should be allowed if it attacks people and causes suffering. Germany is now punishing any display reminiscent of the Nazi past. It has become a peaceful model of a country that allows the people fleeing Syria. It is inconceivable that after all the horror, war, and murder of millions, America would tolerate a new breed of Nazis who march down the streets spewing out their hateful propaganda, trying to infect others with their poison.

In spite of old age, I vividly remember the s: the fighting in the streets, the smashed store windows, the fear, the separations. One night, the knock on the door. The Nazis came and took our father away. He returned the next day but was told the family must leave Germany the next morning. It was still early then. Do we want this for our country? I am sorry for the people who live and work here, made this country their home, and now have to leave.

The Independent welcomes letters of less than words that include a daytime phone number for verification. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Send to: Letters, S. Independent, 12 E. Unabridged versions and more letters appear at independent. Chris Casebeer was a man who was big, bold, and full of love. Breaking social norms everywhere he went, Chris could not pass up the chance to strike up a conversation and connect with people. He cultivated friendships with people near and far. He never held back sharing a big hug, genuine smile, or an invitation to visit his home.

Chris lived with a sense of sharing abundance and possibility that is rare in this world; and all of us who knew and loved him are so much the better for it. Chris was born Sept. His childhood, with older brother Paul, was marked by summers spent in Laguna Beach visiting his grandparents, where his lifelong love of the beach, bodysurfing, and above all volleyball, began. He was a member of the National Collegiate Champion Team. He shared his love of volleyball with his first wife, Vicki Johnson. Throughout his 44 years in real estate, he amassed innumerable connections and friendships.

His clients became his friends, and his friends became his clients. Starting in , Chris' family life blossomed during his 15 year marriage to Hallie Anderson; raising his stepdaughter Celeste, and their daughter Charlotte and son Jeremy. In Chris traveled to Cuba, where he met his wife and amor, Teriana Berriz.

Chris effortlessly initiated friendships and then tended those relationships over time, much like the many gardens that he created and cared for over his life. He was encouraging and supportive of everyone he knew. On Sept. He passed peacefully at home, surrounded by people who loved him. He played football in high school, was president of his high school fraternity and began his life as a prankster and lover of life. He began his college life in Salt Lake City, Utah, studying Architecture, only to drop out and take over the family welding supply business at age His change in career had to do only a little bit with the fact that the ski slopes were more interesting to him than the classroom.

But most importantly, he met his wife of over 50 years in Salt Lake City during his time there. His return to CA and the welding supply business brought him to. He apprenticed under Art Espenet Carpenter at the Bolinas Craft Guild and further honed his skills as an accomplished woodworker. After graduation, he began his year career designing and building high-end designer craft furniture.

In , with his wife and three daughters, he moved his family to the Santa Ynez Valley where he could build his shop and continue to make amazing hand designed furniture and cabinets. He especially enjoyed collaborating with his clients to create one of a kind, individual pieces to fit their homes and needs. Even the cabinetry he built went beyond average in its beauty and design.

Bud continued to design and build his own furniture up until his first stroke in the summer of In his later years, he became interested in combining materials, especially metals and wood, in his pieces and venturing into sculpture. Bud was involved in many different organizations throughout his life. An advocate for youth, he served on the Solvang School Board, worked to bring a youth center to the Valley in the 80s, and volunteered to build sets for the theater department and help out the local shop class at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School.

With all his accomplishments, what Bud is truly known for is his outgoing, warm and loyal personality. Ever the jokester, Bud loved a good laugh with friends and family. He will be lovingly missed by his wife, Barbara, three daughters, Diana, Zoe and Julie, his son-in-laws Brian and Zach and his five granddaughters, Kayla, Zefa, Lily, Sofia and Zinnia, along with countless other people whose lives he touched and inspired.

His family wishes to thank Kelli Vannasap, for her loving care of Bud in the last three years. His family will be celebrating his life in late October. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation in his name to The Wildling Museum or The Elverhoj Museum, and help continue his desire to support and promote the arts. Frank Leroy Warren passed away peacefully early Wednesday, September 13 at the age of 92 in the company of this loving wife Jeanette.

Frank, born a twin to brother William Stewart Warren on February 14, , was raised by loyal parents in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The Great Depression forced the family westward on a slow and rough journey that finally landed them in San Luis Obispo, California. Air Force. Over the course of his life, Frank finely tuned his natural gift as a brilliant realist artist and produced an astonishing breadth of award-winning works. He especially relished the opportunity to depict anything aviation based and did so masterfully using acrylic paints.

The year brought Frank and wife Jeanette together in holy matrimony that has lasted for 67 beautiful years. Frank and Jeanette produced three healthy offspring — Tom, Alison, and Casey, all of whom were lovingly encouraged to reach their greatest potential and be precisely the people they wanted to be, despite societal norms. In , Frank and Jeanette retired to the hills of Santa Barbara where they continued a strong communion with nature and family.

Retirement allowed Frank the time to enjoy playing senior softball, a seat in a local writing class that he took year after year, and a chance to volunteer at Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. Frank and his family will be forever grateful for the heartfelt and outstanding services they received during their stay at Serenity House. Harry Graham died in July from catastrophic brain injury resulting from a fall. He was removed from life support on July 5, Harry was born in Santa Barbara on January 5, His parents, Howard and Martha Graham, were both life long residents of Santa Barbara and are now deceased.

Harry graduated from San Marcos High School in He joined the Marines immediately after graduation and served in Vietnam. He was injured in Nam and left the Marines after a long recovery, returning home to Santa Barbara. Harry was drawn to the sea, which began with his love of surfing. His memories of these days are recorded on the website "Harry Graham Remembers" at this link: goletasurfing. After returning from the war, he worked as a commercial fisherman and as a mate on tenders supplying the Channel oil rigs.

A "paddle out" from Goleta beach in memory of Harry's sweet and gentle soul was held in August. Many friends participated. No formal funeral services were held.

Santa Barbara Goleta California

He was predeceased by another brother, Jack Graham, who died in Like so many of our veterans, Harry rarely chose to speak about his war experience although we bore witness to how deeply it affected him. Friends may donate in his memory to the Wounded Warriors Project. Barney Brantingham can be reached at barney independent. He writes online columns and a print column for Thursdays. It begged for my urgent attention in June, like hungry cats, but now the books and magazines lurk more like sleeping dogs that have given up hope of being walked.

Waves of guilt force me into action,so I attack. First to go are the dated piles of high-end intellectual magazines on the patio, with headlines screaming of global crises, political blundering, and ecological horrors, hopefully all settled by now. As for the books, what I looked forward to in May, a legal page-turner from reliable John Grisham, Camino Island, quickly dissolves like sugar in a glass of cold lemonade.

A group of boring John, how could you? A gang of thieves plan to steal F. This is no torrid love affair. All in all, temperatures are not rising on Camino Island. In pages, Dearborn treats us to both the highs and lows of his four marriages. He seems to have been a rough guy to get along with, hard on wives and friends alike.

Browder rejected a proposed film deal with George Clooney, instead going with scriptwriter William Nicholson to create a movie from the book. Villain of the film: none other than Vladimir Putin. I remember the fuss his grandfather, Earl Browder, caused as a Communist running for U. He lost, by the way. And he did, before running afoul of Putin. But he was also attracting the wrong kind of attention. Things began to go wrong. Then things really got hot, as you can imagine.

Magnitsky bravely bravely— or foolishly foolishly— decided to stay and fight for justice. As a result, he was arrested on trumped-up charges, tortured, and mur murdered in prison, Browder writes. The Russians claimed that he died of natural causes. In a bizarre distortion of justice, his corpse was put on trial and convicted.

Browder, also facing arrest, lives in England. Dates are subject to change depending on the availability of the flu vaccine. Pediatrics must be Sansum Clinic patients. Pregnant women can attend any Adult Flu Shot Clinic. Please see your primary care physician if you need other preventative care.

Costs for your Flu Shot can be billed to your insurance provider for Sansum Clinic patients with insurance information on record. Friday, October 6 1 pm — 4 pm. Friday, October 13 1 pm — 4 pm. Call Our Influenza Hotline at Sansum Care represents our dedication to making modern healthcare simple for you.

And we are making continual upgrades to improve your experience at Sansum Clinic. The Whales of summer are sTill here! Humpbacks, giant blue whales, and large schools of dolphins are all still here feeding in our channel. Is Your Marriage in Crisis? Unlike people of color, white folks can pick and choose when we think about and deal with racism. But continuing to hit the snooze button is at our own peril. What we witnessed in Charlottesville sparked interest from many people about doing more to dismantle white supremacy and racism.

Articles are useful, but systemic racism is too complex to be explained in 1, words or less. Follow racial justice and anti-racism groups on social media to catch stories overlooked by mainstream news outlets. If you can, sign up to make a recurring monthly donation to the well-established organization Southern Poverty Law Center splcenter. There are currently , and more than 50 are in California.


Call me at Salsipuedes St. For tickets and information: www. Michael Edward and the Aftermath; pm. Pediatrics must be Sansum Clinic patients. We appreciate your flexible service for the Kingdom of God! Seussian spin, pulling and tugging to renew and refresh an enduring aesthetic.

Make sure part of your monthly donating goes to a group led by people of color so these voices continue to be at the center of racial justice organizing. Read the platform at policy. Taking meaningful action against racism involves more than one-time actions. Anti-racism organizations are committed to this work for the long haul, and we need your help. The SURJ national webpage is showingupfor racialjustice. In the next 10 minutes you can order a book, set up a recurring donation, and email us to get more actively involved.

You can find these ideas and more at notesfromawhiteally. The systemic racism that allowed these events to occur is alive and well and will not go away on its own.

Supporting local businesses is even more rewarding with Fivestars. Get rewarded today.

We are here to help you channel your emotions into dedicated action for real and lasting social change. I look forward to acting alongside you. These were all defining moments in the tapestry of Santa Barbara. Now we are living through another pivotal time. Much of the history of Santa Barbara old and new is embodied there — from surfboard shapers to the channel fisheries, cheap hotels, and dive bars. Southern Pacific Railroad laid tracks along the beachside because it was considered the least buildable, least valuable property.

That is most certainly no longer true. Changes began early this century, when artists started moving into the industrial roughand-tumble area that we now call the Funk Zone and a new urbanism developed. Over the years, art galleries, restaurants, curated-cocktail bars, and the cutting-edge MOXI museum opened. But now, after six years of planning and building, the hotel opened this week. The Hotel Californian is both a celebration and a curated vision of Santa Barbara — a hotel that will introduce more than , guests a year to the city, offer employment to hundreds, and become a place where visitors and locals alike can gather to enjoy Santa Barbara.

Everyone can judge for themselves how, after such a long struggle, the artists, architects, and hoteliers have succeeded. Handmade tiles decorate the public spaces, and there is not one bad vista from anywhere inside the hotel. A Vision of the Past and Future Perfect The hotel is built, naturally, in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, but it takes advantage of a mixture of influences within those standards established by early 20th-century architects George Washington Smith and Lutah Maria Riggs.

Seussian spin, pulling and tugging to renew and refresh an enduring aesthetic. He brought together a talented team, including the Santa Barbara architectural firm DesignArc and the celebrated designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

The hotel design is like a magic box: Inside, it reveals itself in new and surprising ways that are not immediately apparent from the outside, a bold example of how innovation can fit almost secretly into a uniform cityscape. Mountainfilm returns to Santa Barbara offering a six-senses experience of art, adventure, culture and the environment in an eclectic and exciting program of 14 thrilling short films. Mountainfilm was launched in Telluride more than 30 years ago by a group of climbers and friends dedicated to educating and inspiring audiences about issues that matter, cultures worth exploring, environments worth preserving and conversations worth sustaining.

The room hotel, which is opening with more than bookings, is one block from the beach, one block from the train station, and one block from MOXI. It includes a luxurious Turkish-inspired spa, a fashion boutique, two restaurants, a world-class ballroom, event lawns and decks, a rooftop pool, and unique meeting spaces for weddings and group events. There are degree views of the Pacific and the Santa Ynez Mountains. There is not one bad vista from anywhere inside the hotel.

It seems cozy and expansive at the same time. As CEO of Woodridge Capital Partners, he purchased the property in with its coastal permits intact in a remarkably prudent deal when s. Public library. But the timing is auspicious; it can be seen in progression with the design-driven transformation of the old Santa Barbara Fish Market building into The Lark restaurant and adjacent galleries, wine-tasting rooms, and shops at the heart of the Funk Zone.

Hotel Californian, his managing director, Carlos Lopes, is the soul. A man with an old- the barrier of formal dining. For Hoadley. Rosenfeld is emphatic on this point. Everyone is welcome. Our emphasis is this is going to be, simply, fun. He married here, in the gardens of Lotusland, in Rosenfeld expects the Hotel Californian to reflect the culture and beauty of Santa Barbara just as the Biltmore has defined Montecito for so many years.

He also appreciates what is difing period — Lopes and his general manager, Warren ferent about the Funk Zone. Blackbird will have a Mediterranean feel with North African influences. We want to break down. The iLs Integrated Listening System is a cost-effective, safe, proven, neuro-reprogramming method of treatment. Join us for a Dec.

Stubborn fat haS met itS match! A Destiny With the economic changes for Destinations and Celebrations on State Street an ongoing No one understands the significance of a new hotel to focus of City Council and social life and commerce better than the lead wedding the mayoral race, and with planners of this area, who are considered the very best a potential new art zone on in the country, if not the world.

There is a creative working class here, , Down at the waterfront, more work needs to be very health conscious, vibrant and youthful, who are done. Hopefully, a world-class hotel will prompt a new doing well and have a lot of ambition. Perhaps the demand for better aesthetics, recreational use, and preparations for sea-rise resilience will motivate the town to clean up and relocate the antiquated tide gate and pump station to provide a more welcoming, safer place for people and wildlife. Many rooms have balconies or this was a hole in the ground. They want a munity, the city agencies, and then the architecture and fun, hip, urban vibe because it gives culture.

This hotel interior design, even making some of our own tiles —to actually see that come together has been amazing. Eliminate inches of stubborn fat while contouring your body with Coolsculpting - the world's 1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. With a customized treatment plan, controlled cooling and no downtime, you can safely and effectively say goodbye to excess fat in problem areas head to toe, and say hello to natural-looking, long-lasting results! Local hand-crafted wines from Solminer Wine Co.

Los Padres ForestWatch is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to protecting wildlife habitat, watersheds, and wilderness landscapes throughout the Los Padres National Forest. As always, find the complete listings online at independent. And if you have an event coming up, submit it at independent. Be inspired by his political works at this fun evening of creation, experimentation, and conversation over art and wine.

Community Arts Workshop, Garden St. Call Magic Men Live! Arlington Theatre, State St. It includes works in metal, sculpture, alternativeprocess photography, watercolor, painting, 3D printing, woodblock printing, and screenwriting. The exhibit shows through October 1. There will be a cash bar featuring wine, beer, and more. Proceeds will benefit the S. Central Library, 40 E. Anapamu St. Job fair: pm; expo: pm.

Be a VIP and enjoy an early, private mixer with discounted cocktails and gourmet appetizers starting at 5 p. Some positions require special skills, such as swimming, while others require an open mind. Parents can sit back and watch as you assist in or out of the water with surfing, body boarding, kayaking, helping build sand castles or helping with set up, registration, or other event support. Leadbetter Beach, Shoreline and Loma Alta drs. Email info bestdayfoundation. All attendees must be eligible for DACA renewal and have a work permit that will expire between September 5, , and March 5, You need to make an appointment before you come.

Visit the Facebook page for a list of what you need to bring before you attend. Reciba servicios legales proporcionados por representantes acreditados y personal capacitado. Necesita hacer una cita antes de venir. La Casa de la Raza, E. Sale Come choose from hundreds of plant varieties, including natives, exotics, bromeliads, succulents, cacti, annuals, perennials, grasses, and more at this annual sale where proceeds will benefit the S.

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County Horticultural Society Scholarship Program. Enter the raffle to win a plant! Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, N.


La Cumbre Rd. Come see figurative works, abstracts, and genres in-between in this nine-person group show that features eight 10 West artists, with guest artist Fred Wolf showing his curiously soulful figurative oil paintings and abstracts. The exhibit shows through October 3. The exhibit shows through September Faulkner Gallery, S. Gallery , State St.

In Balanced, the artist pairs intuitive paintings with sides of one single color; in Duality, he combines equally sized canvases coming from left- and right-brain approaches; and in Black Black, Mohr features bold, rhythmic single-panel works. Artamo Gallery, 11 W.

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Lunch is not included. Maricopa Plaza parking lot, Maricopa Hwy. Spiritualist Church. The exhibit shows through November 8. Silo, Gray Ave. Architectural Foundation of S. Victoria St. Free Call In an era when female singer-songwriters are ever more ubiquitous, Shawn Colvin stands out as a singular and enduring talent.

Granada Theatre, State St. Read more on p. Free; freewill offerings will be accepted. Texas native and frequent Prairie Home Companion guest Sarah Jarosz is a gifted multiinstrumentalist, an expressive vocalist, and an accomplished songwriter in the world where contemporary folk, Americana, and roots music intersect. Their new record, Non Stop, recreates the magic of classic hits with a reggae dancehall vibe that only Ozomatli could make feel as natural as waves rolling in the Caribbean sands.

Meet the artists at a reception following the performance. Backed by his Emmy Award—winning cast that includes a stage full of musicians and elaborately choreographed dancers, this show will be a musical journey of Cuban salsa, Spanish flamenco, Argentine tango, Parisian waltz, Brazilian samba … and more! Lobero Theatre, 33 E. Canon Perdido St. Mexican-American balladeer Lila Downs is known. Her crystal-like voice and romantic music will take you away. Buy your tickets at the door. There will be live music and dance from Chinelos of S.

Planting the Understory Come learn what to plant under your fruit trees to conserve water and protect and feed the soil and tree roots while also providing a food or beauty crop at the same time. Bring a folding garden chair or stool, fruit, plants, seeds, and baked goodies to share as well as water, sun hat, umbrella, or anything else you need to be comfortable.

Mesa Harmony Garden, Cliff Dr. Call or email saltzmanforest gmail. Karpeles Manuscript Library and Museum, 21 W. Fill your adventure passport with stamps for a chance to win prizes and try a dino dog or slice of paleo pizza while supplies last. Goleta Sanitary District, 1 Moffett Pl. Call x Center of the Heart,. Celebrating the female rise in the arts is sure to stir your heart and hopefully call you to action in your own life and in the world! Yoga Soup, 28 Parker Wy. The musical selections will range from beloved Scottish favorites to sea shanties, mission music, and traditional Spanish favorites.

In keeping with Revels tradition, the audience will participate by singing along to some selections and enjoy a courtyard. Kids and kids at heart get to climb on, climb in, and honk horns and turn on sirens of all kinds of vehicles at this family-friendly event.

There will be bounce houses, face painting, a splash zone, and a chance to meet the women and men who protect, serve, work, and build in our community.

Goleta Valley Junior High School

Take a quick trip to the library every Tuesday for some good old-fashioned storytime, singing, playing, and a little reading. Island Rm. Find a place of peace in the middle of your day every Wednesday to let go of your stress and concerns and nourish your mind and body. Mahakankala Buddhist Ctr. Be a part of the conversation about the concerns the show has uncovered and fears you have, and connect with resource professionals from What Is Love school-based programs working to prevent dating violence , S. Salsipuedes St. Michael Edward and the Aftermath; pm.

Sean Wiggins Lone Goat; pm. Special Brewing Co. Friendly, Colonel Angus. Our network offers more rewards than any other - for your birthday, holidays, and even your first visit. Our goal is to strengthen communities by serving the local businesses that make them great. Are you a business? Click Here. Did you see him the first time? Thank you again to the dance team for putting on such a wonderful night of dance to bring our community together!!!

What a rocking rainy Sunday at Anthem Chapel! Have a blessed week church. We are praying for YOU. Servant of the week this week goes to Mike Struven. This guy does just about anything, and does it well with a great attitude. Thanks Mike. We appreciate your flexible service for the Kingdom of God! Congratulations to our son Daniel for being awarded a 'Very Improved Performer' award from his school for his academic advances, emotional growth, and for his volunteer work with special education students.

He's done a great job and we're very proud! We will have donuts and coffee waiting for you, to finish out your thanksgiving weekend strong! All are welcome to join! And we have an exciting day in store together. Joining us for this first time this weekend? Come by the connect tent, we would love to say hello. It was all smiles at Career Days! See you at am tomorrow! Pastor Nate will be continuing through Joshua and ARK has some fun surprises for our future world changers.