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Trying to do all the research and wondering if the site is trustworthy is nerve wracking! I get my stamping nail polishes and some plates from KONAD in australia note that there are fakes websites so be careful of that one…While most of my plates I would order from MOYOU London and it's true they are quite addicting and all their products are wonderful the packaging is awesome one of the best I've seen and their tools are amazing as well just be careful with the clear stampers though coz they are not Nail polish remover friendly it can ruin your clear stampers!!!

Don't bother with color club!

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Horrible plates! Attempted my first stamping with them as my local shop started carrying this brand only. I gave up after several frustrating days of trying to get a good print assuming it was my fault and not the products I was using. Plus the stamper holder broke within five minutes. Six months later I ordered a random plate, and Born pretty stamper and polish from wish. Well I did figure it out, so I tried the Born pretty tools on the color club plate and again could not get it to work. So basically their plates there polish and their stampers are junk. Beautometry took my money for a pre-order 2 months ago and still no product.

But still no product. I certainly see her going out of business and taking peeps money!! I will chalk this one up to experience. Thank you for this information. I want Stampaholic Plate 3 and I can't find it anywhere. I went to the facebook page you linked to and messaged her, so I hope I can get it. FUN gel is here! I love hearing your thoughts so please leave comments!

However please be respectful and do not leave blog links or other links to products. If you'd like me to check out your blog or product please email me. Lacquer Lockdown. Stamping Supplies. Listed in no particular order, but added as I discover new brands and suppliers. In any event this is where I first got going with my Konad addiction. Fast shipping, super professional, and extremely responsive to messages. This site often runs specials too so if you do a good search or look around on other peoples blogs often you can find yourself some pretty excellent coupons.

These plates are reliable, service is very great, and if you have a problem they will take care of it quickly with a minimum of muss and fuss. They also occasionally run a special or two so it's worth doing a google search for coupon codes. I freaking love Shirley and I love her products and you will too! Princess Jasmine, Carebears, abstracts, you name it and I guarantee you will find it on her plates.

She also has amazing funky stamping polishes, water decals, multicolored stampers, and more. It is an international shop however so shipping can be pretty steep, but you can order directly from the website. I like to buy bigger orders to maximize each shipment plus now you can get free international shipping above a certain cost 70 Euros I think. She also happens to be the only seller I know of that supplies the MagnoNails stamper outside of the company itself. Chez Delaney - Out Of Business. Another international site and also has tons of unique plates and stamping polishes.

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Her own Chez Delaney brand has been causing me plategasms over the last few months! I always find things I'm lusting for here and again I try to order all at once since the shipping and Euro's can be cost-prohibitive. However like a lot of sellers recently you can receive free shipping above a certain cost. Cesear's Shop Finland - Yup another international shop, but this is where I found my beloved Charming nails plate. It's a one of a kind Konad UK plate that you can't get in the US created by my fellow bloggers on Nail Artists United they aren't really active any longer though.

The owner of Cesears' Satu is really sweet and a real doll so swing on by and pick up some things if you get the chance! I have bought plates a few times that have not worked because the grooves were too shallow on the stamping plate. Despite this annoyance you can still find some pretty interesting plates and deals if you look around. Obvi I'm referring to Ebay here for those that don't get the joke ; Amazon - Yup! Talk about convenience plus if sold directly through Amazon some of these plates will ship free with Super Saver Shipping.

Also if you have Prime which a lot of us do you can get your parcels without a shipping limit and in 2 days. Winstonia Store - If you choose not to shop with Amazon for their products you can also shop directly on their store. Check out their square plates if you get a chance as well as their nail art accessories especially their Kolinsky brushes which I love to death! My favorites are the Christmas themed plates! You can order directly from their site as opposed to Amazon and sometimes that's to your advantage when they are running fantastic sales during holidays.

They also offer a variety of stamping accessories and nail art products. Pueen Cosmetics - Pueen stands along in many ways a a company that first introduced the circular landscape plates - the Buffet plates. They have released so many collections of round plates and also jumbo sized plates it boggles. More recently they have expanded to rectangular style plates much in the tradition of MoYou London.

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They also sell various stamping supplies of which I have not been so enamored but I haven't tried any of the more recent stampers. I still prefer to shop for items from them via Amazon - its faster and the customer service is better. Despite that the plates have always been in excellent condition. One of the most creative indie plate makers out there. From Latin to koi fish to James Bond Anni creates full sized images that are heavy on creativity. So what's not to love? Check out her Facebook for updates because unfortunately this lovely indie is going out of business.

Take advantage of her closing sales while you can! Originally she sold both small and larger size plates, but I believe now only the larger size version of these plates remain. They are exceedingly original and worth your perusal.

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Apipila - A Brazilian company that carries a variety of interesting and unique plates with images! Beware shipping can be cost prohibitive since this is another international store. I highly recommend buying a bundle or in a group buy if you can to cut costs. Non Brazilian buyers can email the seller at atendimento apipila. The quality of these plates is decent though sometimes you can get flawed plates occasionally. She can be slow to completely non responsive to emails such that at this point I only purchase her plates through reliable re-sellers of her products such as Decor Unhas.

Sugar Bubbles Store - Another brand on the indie plate making scene. You can find her on Facebook here. She pretty much no longer ships to buyers individually, but her plates can be purchased from any one of her stockists found on her FB page. Again international shipping means it's worthwhile to buy in bulk to save on shipping. These plates are high quality so you won't regret it! Messy Mansion - Julia McGowan you little minx you have my heart oh and an open supply to my wallet too! You can find Messy Mansion on Facebook or her store here or Etsy shop here. Julia also stocks a new brand which she made in conjunction with a friend called Lily Anna, and now she also carries Emily de Molly plates!

She also has released two new collections called Leadlight Lacquer and Bridal Nails. And more recently has produced 3 new lines - Tristaenia, Symetrika, and Valereign Collections. Julia is the creator of the leadlight technique and unique sheer polishes called Lead Light polishes that allow you to fill in an image without ruining your careful stamping! Julia is also one of the only reliable resources for marshmallow stampers and a new softer version of the clear jelly stamper.

She is also the 1st maker of stamping templates and now has her own line of stamping and regular polishes! So in short I don't know why you're still even reading this you should be adding plates to your shopping cart! MyOnline Shop - The lovely ladies of the Philippines are continuing to do their thing! These plates are unique.

You can get them stateside these days. Check out her designs on her Facebook or go right to her store at the link above she now ships domestically within the US. I hesitate to even mention this brand because once I do you will never ever again be the same. Addiction to MoYou London is easy to fall into because they do everything right, and by everything I mean innovation, sizing of images, creativity and novelty unlike anything you have ever seen, and highly recognizable branding.

You can also find some of these plates on Amazon. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates, but please don't say I didn't warn you or your wallet in advance! They no longer offer discount codes, but they have reinstated free shipping again for orders over 25GBP. It's worth it for the quality and innovation of these plates Nail Polish Canada - Canadian eh?

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Kidding, but not really for my maple leaf loving ladies this is a good destination for stamping related products to include Konad, Pueen, Messy Mansion, and Fauxnad plates without the hassle of international shipping to your parts since Canadian shipping is free on the site! They also have several coupon codes and sales that happen intermittently if you sign up for the newsletter. A bonus is you can always purchase Pueen and other plates individually! Her abstract designs are also amazing! She has also created stamping polishes that are better than Konad Special Polish and has become somewhat renowned for them these days.

Honestly I own every single plate in her series. You won't regret it as the quality is excellent and Slyvia is accommodating to the max! Now she also has her own brand of plates under the same moniker plus revamped versions of the Handy Nails plates called Z plates which have larger images. If you are a Mexican local you can also shop harder to attain US brands. Order via email elmundodeunas hotmail.

Recently they have been exceedingly busy releasing their own nail art stamping plates called the BP plates and their newer LO series. From my experiences the quality is decent, and they've released roughly more than 65 plates thus far. You can read my review of the plates here. Shipping can be pretty slow, but the upside is when they run their sales you can really save on plates and considerably expand your collection.

Nailways - A Dutch nail supply company. One caveat ordering from the site stresses me because languages aren't my strong suit and this is definitely foreign territory for me pun intended. The entire site is written in Dutch.

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The reviews were mixed regarding quality of the Nailways plates when the company first started producing. However I must say all of mine work like a charm so the issue must have been straightened out. The images are unique including an entire Snow White themed collection as well as newer plates that feature Beauty and the Beast. I personally love these plates and think they are worth checking out! I bought it directly from the site, but you can also get them from Amazon.

Stalk along for updates with me on their Facebook here. Currently that also sale my favorite detail brush for nail art! Emily de Molly - An Aussie based indie plate maker. Thus far Hayley has released more than 10 plates.

Messy Mansion Promo Codes 12222

I have most of them and the quality of these plates is pretty phenomenal from what I've observed! I'm happily anticipating seeing how this brand continues to emerge since I have several of her polishes and they are some of the best on the market! You can stalk her on facebook here. The plates is via her bigcartel site in the link above or through the Messy Mansion store. Furthermore this company also carries some of my most highly coveted stampers and nail art brushes.

These plates are a great investment for a wide variety of designs per single plate. You can buy them directly through FabUrNails here. You will love your interactions with the lovely Johanne who is the designer and a great friend of mine! Cris makes plates that give me palpitations!

These plates are gorgeous, exquisitely detailed looking and intricate. They also come in individual branded sleeves of the MoYou London variety. Excellent quality and exemplary customer service. Check out the entire BBF catalog here and you won't be disappointed! As always with international brands shipping is a factor so try to buy in bulk for savings or go in on a group buy! I wanted to include this site for ladies that may be located in Brazil you can order directly here. For ladies from the US you can order from her US based site here. If you live in France you can order here.

These plates are also from a company called MoYou but they are not MoYou London, the creators of the infinity plates. They also sell these gargantuan jumbo plates with all the images pushed into one massive conglomerate spread out over 5 releases. In addition, they sell various high quality stamping polishes. I have a large quantity of the round plates that I got during a group buy they are extremely high quality and creative. This company had an extremely rocky start releasing plates that had multiple issues including problems with etching and sizing of the images.

Ruth closed up shop and came back last year to hit us with what can only be described as insanely inventive images that draw heavily on cult favorites like Barbie, Harry Potter, and Looney Tunes cartoons of old. Best yet the quality of the plates has improved by leaps and bounds. I still haven't bitten the bullet since I think her prices are a bit unreasonable. The shop is often intermittently restocked so you have to be quick to get your plates.

The images are adorable and the owner Samantha is a doll. The images are a bit on the smaller side of things. Plates retail for 2. Marianne Nails - Another new indie on the scene also based in France. The images are imaginative and beautiful! She has released more than plates so far if you don't include the XXL plates which are also fantastic! BTW the outer packaging on these plates is amazing! I am as always blown away when I receive a parcel from her. Here is a link containing a catalogue of every plate made.

In order to purchase the plates you can either via the website to place an order or PM her on Facebook. Plates retail for 7. Lilic Plates - Brazilian indie which has been around for at least years. The earlier image plates are familiar designs see on the Fun or Fab Ur Nails plates while the latter are more unique and individual.

I've purchased a few of the plates but have had no time for a review to advise you about quality, but word of mouth is pretty good. Head the link for further details.

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Get the latest Messy Mansion active Coupons Coupon Codes, Deals & Offers for August , all valid and tested by After receiving and inspecting the returned item(s), we will promptly issue you a private coupon code for the amount you are owed (minus shipping charges) that .

The once elusive and utterly exclusive Brazilian based plate makers are back and in a true about face the plates are now available stateside - this includes the original 4 XL plates and now 2 new edition smaller rectangular plates think MoYou style and 3 new larger XL plates. I for one and thrilled at this new development. On top of this is is now reselling Sugar Bubbles stamping plates! Run don't walk to get your plates and while your there you might also want to check out the assortment of Brazilian polishes and other goodies that are up for purchase.

Btw this company has also started offering their own version of the stamping mat. You will regret it when you've spent your money and have little to show for your time and effort. It took over 10 months to receive items I ordered or for some ladies to receive a refund for products we purchased during a group buy. And this was only after putting a great deal of pressure on the seller via social media.

The quality of these plates is also subpar compared to other plates on the market. You can read more about that here but you have been warned. Moon Nails Supply - Another Mexican based company that also supplies the Handy plates as well as Handy stamping polishes. The owner also has their own line of stamping polishes that are reportedly on par with the Mundo de Unas ones I own a few but haven't yet had the opportunity to review them. I will update here when that happens. In the meanwhile you can purchase anything seen on her Facebook page by shooting her a PM. I've found in my experience that the shipping is a quite a bit faster than when I order from Mundo de Unas if that's any incentive!

Lesly Plates - Another brand I don't own, but I've heard good things about via other nail art stampers. The reason I've held off on putting information up about this brand is that all purchases in the past had to be made via Western Union. However recently these plates have been made available via a Netherlands reseller Hypnotic Polish.

Not all the plates are available here and many are sold out, but I think most will find this a rather more appealing option than the Western Union route. I'll also warn you in advance these plates are a bit on the costly side of things as compared to other brands UberChic Beauty - Run by the sweet and hardworking Brittany these plates are fresh and innovative. The quality of etching is superb and the images are some of the coolest and unique I've seen in ages. Six collections to date along with many individual plates for purchase so far.

They are well worth the investment and you should definitely check them out! She also carries the very first commercial stamping mat called the UberMat which has ladies raving so go check it out. I will agree. The first indie brand straight out of Poland and making plates that are truly beautiful and of flawless quality! This company is run by Anna who is also a true stamping enthusiast. She has 6 plates out so far and all of them are lovely. I have two myself which I reviewed here. You can purchase these plates here in her Etsy shop. Nail Matinee - A new indie brand as of spring , and the first indie stamping plate company straight out of India.

These plates are very rich in the cultural influence of their origin and offer us some unique images that we haven't seen anywhere else. They can be purchased in the US via Beautometry. I have a few studs nails! Just so versatile! So I combined them in this skittles mani over some yet to be released Star Kin polishes, and it ended up making a very accidentally!

These are easy to work with: get the stud you want, and plonk it on your still-slightly-damp nail polish. With the smaller studs I tend to use a little skewer or a nail dotting tool which I dip into a bit of water in order to pick up the little things, and with the bigger ones I use tweezers.

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Once on and in the right place, add top coat if you want them to last awhile. The red star was too large for my ring finger, it looks fine in the photos but the edges stuck over the curve slightly, and then they get lost during the day. Like most 3D effects, this would be great for a fun day, or night out. I really quite liked this combo, and I made it through most of the day before losing a few studs here and there, though most I just removed and put back to reuse at a later stage.

Jan Posted in Uncategorized. Saturday a week and a bit ago, I went skydiving with my mother and Sister V. My mother had gone the week before and was so hyped about it she wanted to go again as in, immediately! Sister V leapt at the chance. I took a night to think it over and do the research.. So… after that angst, next came the nail angst!

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The polish themselves worked, but little things like my eldest son bumping them etc etc.. This is — mostly — Emily de Molly Hole in the Sky. My Sister C bought this for me wheee! Perfect pale periwinkle blue with silver holo glitters including mid size silver holo dots.

Just gorgeous. I feel like I could have done a better job, but I liked it overall. And how was it? My tandem jump guru took me through a nice barrel roll during that time so I did get to look up at the plane as we fell backwards, sort of. We were still freefalling, we did 10, feet in 60 seconds, but there was some purchase especially once the stabilizer chute opened , the view was amazing, and it was just wow. Then the main parachute opened and it was surreal and serene and glorious and I wish that I could parachute everywhere, every day.

So, yes.

Because man it does that. Posted in Sight , unCommon. Dec The other review post! Look at them! The squishy round 3D-ness of them. I do like spiders. I think they are fascinating animals. However, I do have a policy where if they do not jump on me, I do not jump on them. Sep The post is here if you are curious! Our Etsy shop is here. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Home About me…. Contact Me Star Kin Facebook. I tried one of each of the knitting patterns, first over deep red Warpath please ignore the mess along my cuticle, I used acetone and a brush but that bit remained like a stubborn salesperson… ugh. Just a quickie! Star Kin Update Jan Skydiving Nails :D Jan Search for:. Follow me on Facebook! Colors L.