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Outdoor Fountain Care & Repair: Maintenance of Garden Fountains Shut the fountain off and remove the pump for inspection, as well. Keeping the fountain pump clear and free of leaves, dirt and anything else that might get stuck in it is important for its longevity.

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Should I clean my outdoor water fountain every day? Fountain care takes a little more effort than the traditional in-home fountain. Besides the natural weather elements, there are also birds to consider.

Are you worried about the health and safety of the wild flocks that gather around your garden fountain? Simply empty the water, brush the reservoir with a stiff brush, rinse and add fresh water. Of course, not everyone has the time to do this every day. If water is going to be sitting stagnant in the water fountain for any length of time, add algae remover or inhibitors to keep the water fresh and clean.

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How do I prevent and remove algae from my garden fountain? With a couple drops of algaecide , you can prevent or eliminate algae from ever inhabiting your fountain. What do I do if I have a leak in my fountain?

If the base leaks without a visible crack, please let the fountain sit for one week and the crack will appear white. This is to test that a crack exists.

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Always keep water in outdoor water fountains three-quarters full as it does evaporate! A pinhole-sized leak can be covered up with clear Silicone II on the inside of the piece. This method applies to fiberglass or stone fountains. Winter Care - What do I do with my outdoor fountain to prepare for cold winter months? During winter months, before the temperature hits freezing, drain your outdoor water fountain. Unplug the pump, store the pump in a heated area and cover the fountain. The fountain itself will not freeze because most outdoor fountains contain fiberglass and are designed to withstand the cold.

You don't want to have water left in your fountain when it freezes as it could expand and contract, causing the fountain to crack.

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For more detail see Winterizing Outdoor Water Fountains. How do I repair chips in the stone of my Trevi Fountain?

If you did not receive a kit, please contact Trevi. How do I insert the rubber plug on the Stone Trevi Fountains?

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Water seems to be repelling off my fountain, what can I do? If the water is repelling off the fountain, the problem is the sealer. You can remove it by wiping the sealant off with a damp terry cloth towel. This tip applies to cast stone outdoor fountains that have a sealant or stain, such as the Trevi and Henri Studio garden fountains. Why aren't the lights in my outdoor fountain working anymore?

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This is especially true if you happen to live in an area that boasts a mild and easy climate. In the midst of a rain and wind storm, hail and snow storm or any other natural weather phenomena, you might pause and remember that your outdoor water fountain is going to need some tender loving care. Otherwise, life takes over and you may not think about it all that often. Having built-in water fountain lighting may have been the final selling factor when you were out shopping for outdoor water fountains. Use specially designed water fountain cleaning supplies and products to keep your fountain looking as beautiful as when you first brought it home.

Be sure to take a look at our selection of fountain accessories as well as our fountain cleaners and maintenance products to stock up on supplies to help you maintain your water fountain. You will find more general fountain answers in our Fountain Care and Maintenance section and view entire Tips and Advice Center for some great fountain tips!

Does the location of my outdoor water fountain have anything to do with how easy it will be to maintain? For people who live in cities and lack their own personal garden space, creating an oasis on the patio is a great idea. Soft pillows, plants, and outdoor water fountains can go a long way in absorbing noise pollution.

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