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New Groupon today for Boston to Provincetown Ferry - Massachusetts Forum In that case I plan on writing a review that will let others know to avoid the place and will mention the incentive as the reason we tried the place. The issue of the value to merchants of incentive sites is somewhat complex. If your establishment is not offering good quality and value then the added exposure places you at great risk.

If you offer a good product and value then you will pick up additional long term customers due to the added exposure. The logic seems obvious. It would be good to see quantitative analysis of the financial impacts of the ratings and whether or not the users repeated purchases at the company. I would be skeptical to use Groupon as a business owner other than for the purposes of generating advance payments on an expensive ticket item to help cash flow.

For example, sell whale watch tickets on Groupon during the winter. Other than that, the core business may be impacted long term as repeat customers wait for the next Groupon deal.

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It was cool but it was way to short.. Groupon has also emerged as a check on price increases for certain essential commodities in many countries. Holiday Inn Express Boston. On December 29, , Groupon's shares rose by 1. Retrieved 15 August

H is right, comments go up after the offer. The more positive reviews discuss the business without stating groupon. The more negative reviews mention Groupon or coupon. I think that says more about the way people phrase negative reviews than it does about the coupon experience.

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A coupon gets customers through the door — The customer experience is what makes repeat customers. They speak directly to business owners who have offered a Groupon deal and their experiences with it. I was very pleased with my groupon. Had in not been on groupon I would have not know about it. I love using coupons. Great article, very interesting to see analysis done on the impact of Groupon sales.

That may be true in some cases, but it will be interesting to see what the data on long-term merchant impact shows. Her ratings on Yelp, which is another story in itself, dropped after 2 or 3 disgruntled Groupon customers wrote nasty reviews about her business. They never set foot in her establishment and her rating dropped from 4 starts to about 1. They gave bad reviews because it took her days to call them back.

She was overwhelmed with the response and had never ran a DOD. One griper changed her review after her service and Yelp changed my friends rating to a 2-star review. All positive reviews were filtered and then Yelp began calling her to sell advertising. Even though the Groupon users may seem to be more critical there may be a good reason for their discontent. Many businesses offer too many coupons to be redeemed which results in a huge increase in customer volume. A business cannot maintain quality service under those circumstances. The other day I read an article about a restaurant that sold 3, coupons and then complained that the buyers actually showed up to redeem them the next week.

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This topic stirs up an emotive response in businesses and consumers alike. Indeed, the data does and will continue to speak for itself. Right now, I find Groupon programs can be a solid marketing option for an unknown business that wants to put themselves on the map quickly, advance their unknown brand, and gather new customers fast. For established businesses, the data is pointing out what I have suspected all along: Groupon offers do not necessarily attract your ideal customer. In fact, you may be shooting yourself in the foot by herding followers that cost you.

Those interested in my findings highlighting online coupon use for the hospitality industry are invited to contact me directly for a copy. As a Groupon user, I hope that companies will keep using Groupon and similar services. I found my current hairdresser and a number of businesses I use regularly through trying them with a coupon. I do though make it a rule never to buy anything I need right away, only things I can use in a few weeks or a month or whatever, because right after the Groupon it seems ANY business is flooded with calls. And that I think is the source of the more negative reviews—not necessarily the match between the customer and business.

According to a news report, Groupon is highly profitable. It is the proven data. If Groupon is bad for business then why more and more Groupon clone software and competitors develop? Daily deal makes out high profit. It has lot of stuffs to consider. If we talk about features, there are many. Only the advertisement platform is lagging behind.

In developing countries like India, Groupon model works superbly. Consider SoSasta for example. It deals with variety of daily deals and discounts for middle class or average income people in India. At present, there are no other major options available other than Groupon. So let us take positive things from daily deal business. Groupon is great for the consumer who purchases a groupon as most are very advantageous offers.

As a business owner I found out the hard way that Groupon really took toll on my profit margin just to keep my head above water. I own a restaurant and we were literally giving food away.. When all is said and done business owner participating with Groupon makes 25 per cent of what Groupon makes.. I have found plenty of restaurants that I love with mediocre ratings on yelp and have found quite a few of the higher rated locations to be either overpriced, undersized, or just not for me.

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Tell me what you think. I was recently in a really great imho-ha!

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I was ready to suggest to the theater owners that we should do tickets, etc, just to get butts in seats. On Groupon and similar sites, there is much better publicity. So for that little theater that needed a lot more theater patrons, I think a Groupon deal would work.

The seats are sitting pun! I worked for a mom and pop restaurant for 12 years…they had been in business for over 30 years. I have never served more water in my life! Your customers want to eat for free and could really care less about our product. ANY respectable house keeps the cheapos out. I used groupon for business , And it is the worst thing I could of ever done..

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Because groupon ran my ad for almost a year , when it only suppose to ran for 2 days. Follow our links and let the shopping begin.

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Hotel deals in Boston, MA: Discover the best hotels in Boston. Hotel deals in Massachusetts: Discover the best hotels in Massachusetts.

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I have been using Rakuten for a few years now. I never shop with out it. They ha