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Flickr Now Lets You Buy Wall Art From Professional Photographers And Creative Commons

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Flickr Wall Art printing service launches worldwide

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Share On: B. More flickr. Today, we are making a few changes to Flickr Pro and offering a discount for new Flickr Pro members. Third, double check your code, if the discount is success, you will see a deducted price on the final sum. Take advantage of Flickr. Dec 7, Apr 20, Flickr is excited to be joining SmugMug! We're looking forward to some interesting and challenging engineering projects in the next year, and Flickr - Net.

It is written entirely in C. The library provides a simple one-to-one mapping to Find your inspiration. Join the Flickr community, home to tens of billions of photos and 2 million groups. Deleting photos over the limit is a bit annoying though. I seem to remember in the past they just made them temporarily inaccessible if you let Pro lapse for a bit while travelling or whatever.

For what it's worth, we definitely don't want Flickr to be more like SmugMug. Flickr is amazing and different and that's great. We want Flickr to be Flickr and that's what we're investing in. We'd be thrilled to have you back as Pro, and I promise we'll work hard to keep you. One thing that's scary to me as someone who will be affected is the thought that one day, so much of my work could be just gone. I am not a full-time photographer; there are runs of time every year where I spend a lot of of time shooting e. I have over photos on Flickr. I've been a user for over a decade.

And I found out about this change from this post , because I haven't been reading the associated Yahoo email that often. Just the service I want to pay for. I understand the business need, but perhaps could you take it easy on irreversible changes? Sure, make the photos over the 1K limit unavailable even to the account holders -- but let them buy the access back long after the change.

Not only you might get more subscriptions from that alone , but there's also this: Unlimited storage might not be feasible for a fixed pricd. Photos are growing larger, dollar is getting cheaper - we're betting on HDD costs going down, but that's not a given. You might need to have a change in the future. And I don't want to lose data because I'd have missed that announcement - just like I missed this one. How you treat your free users indicates what the paying attention ones can expect. Please, for the sake of everything that's holy, give your devoted users some goddamn peace of mind that they can camp in the mountains for a year and don't return to see their data gone.

Not all of us use the service every day. Take it easy on annihilating work and memories. TL;DR: every account whose data you keep is a potential subscription. Every user whose data you deleted is a guaranteed loss of business and eternal scorn. Please take care of your intermittent, but devoted users. I actually don't have any email about this in either my linked Yahoo account or my "primary email" in Flickr which is my main gmail account. So reading your email apparently wouldn't have helped you at all.

Great job, SmugMug. We're working on it. The blog post and assorted spontaneous coverage, like Hacker News, is faster. Even then, targeting the most affected ones those on free plans with more than, say, photos first is, I assume, a much simpler job that might save you from a bit of a public scrutiny and give those people an extra jiffy or two to act. And here I was erring on the side of me being at fault. How do they assume people know about it?

We don't assume. There will be frequent, and increasing, notifications. No-one wants to fail to notify people less than I do. Thank you! A 'devoted user' that doesn't pay for the service, doesn't read the emails they send, and logs on at less than 3 month intervals? I keep my full photo archive synced between a server, two workstations, and two laptops -- spread across at least two physical locations. I can't begin to imagine the thinking of someone who keeps all their photos on a single vendor's system, especially without some sturdy SLA in place and even then I have all my photos since backed up.

But I didn't keep track of all the sets I shared with people over a decade I'm wiser now , and selecting the photos to present to other people takes a long time for me. And as SmugMug said: I was paying for the service with my data. Now they want me to pay with money, and I am OK with that too. I assumed the fault was on my part; it was not. That is why I call myself a devoted user; I've stayed with them through Yahoo! This is the point I am trying to communicate: devoted users aren't just the ones who use the service all the time. I think complaining about changes being made to a free service is a losing battle, but I'll go along with you a bit longer.

But if you were actually paying them, this wouldn't be a problem. You've since stated you have all your photos since backed up, but you claimed originally that this change of policy for non-paying users would see you 'losing most of my photos forever'. So, which is it? If it's just 'sets of photos that you've selected to share with people' then that doesn't really mesh with your earlier complaints. Your other complaint - that you haven't received an email they haven't sent yet - is disingenuous. The announcement was made on their web site, and I'm sure emails will follow.

Mail-outs are typically staggered over many hours, perhaps days - but you typically want the web announcement available first. In the unlikely event you don't get an email in the next couple of days though it sounds like you don't read that email account either, and haven't in your ten years of using this service thought to change your account's contact email address then I'll concede this point. When Yahoo! Logging in to Yahoo! Furthermore, if you have several accounts, you can't get notifications from all of them on an email that's used for logging into one of them.

You just can't. You get an "email associated with another account" error. It so happens that I use my primary email as a login for a Flickr! The whole use-email-as-login policy that Yahoo! I am very glad that Flickr will finally move away from that. So I have to ask: are you a Flickr user, or are you just arguing hypothetically on behalf of SmugMug? My main point was that I see nothing wrong with holding data for ransom, but deleting it without recovery options on a short notice is a very, very bad move. I have a yahoo account or two, and I think I have a flickr account somewhere So, you are not an active user of the platform we are discussing here, you are not affected by the update, and you don't know what it is that I'm talking about except for in general terms.

In light of that, stating your opinion on whether I can call myself a devoted user, and comment on what I should or should not expect from the service that you are not using seems.. And I didn't even get into a fraction of features and data that Flickr stores with photos comments, photos being part of a set, etc -- Flickr is a social network, after all that are hard or nearly impossible to back up. We are not discussing the merits of backups here, but let's not pretend that users who back up their files meticulously will not be adversely affected if they don't pay up within 3 months.

I think I can question your devotion to a service by how much you're willing to pay to use it and how much you complain about it. When flicker announced 1tb free I never thought 'oh great that sounds like a save env for my images' I thought 'lets dump my images' there as a free backup let's look how long they will offer it. SmugMug is built on intermittent, but devoted users. Always a great reminder, though. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Great to hear that, and looking forward to seeing Flickr improve!

It did seem like the 1TB limit was too good to last when it was announced 5 years ago. Still, it's a relatively inexpensive extra archive for my photos GB that supplements other backups. The archive is sorta searchable and kinda good for sharing with family and friends. I'd love to know how we can improve on "sorta searchable" if you have some feedback? Let me see my photos and only my photos on the map view. This used to be a link on my profile, I used it often to track photos to locations.

Now the map view seems to just be a global view of everyone bunched together. Too much of searching currently is based on keyword.

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But photos should be able to be easily searched other ways, like date, location, color, etc. If I could search all of those and limit it to myself or a friends photostream it would really help me find what I'm looking for.

Great feedback, thanks. I personally use this exact search my photos on a map on SmugMug, so clearly something we should re-introduce to Flickr or maybe just make easier to find? I'll investigate. A combined personal map view with the ability to place any of my un-geotagged images thanks SnapBridge!

Copy Google Photos' deep learning photo system I use it all the time to search my own photos. It tries to figure out the content of the images so I can search for "horses" and it will find every image I have of horses well of course it's not perfect. We have this at Flickr already and it's pretty fantastic, imho. Is there a specific taxonomy or tag we're not detecting properly? Thanks for the feedback! There used to be an "Archive" view that had a calendar you could click through and see pictures taken or uploaded on a specific date. I haven't been able to find it since the Camera Roll feature launched.

I realize Camera Roll has this feature as well, but I miss the old "Archive" version. Ooh, I found it! Presumably, you want to be able to do this on your own photos? I'm not sure why you can't, but I'm finding out. Thanks for being a customer, and thanks for the feedback. I'll look into whether we can revive this or not.

Were you using it to find your own photos, or photos from the community, or I've been a Pro user for a long time before Yahoo started to screw things up badly. Flickr is only alive today because of the communities that use it.

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I love Creative Commons and I'm actively involved in thinking about and solving this problem. Search has been broken and half-assed for a long time. Just look at the last decade's worth of bug reports and suggestions. This is the death knell for Flickr. I've relied heavily on Flickr advanced search to find nature photos of particular plant and animal species. This new policy will undoubtedly results in many photos being deleted, and therefore limiting the search results. Deleting these photos is just another small step in the slow disintegration of the site, sadly.

I wish they would at least leave creative commons licensed pictures, so many will likely disappear - it's such a shame. My thoughts exactly, those are the images I typically search. I usually search both sites, so I have a good sense of how often a photo appears one on site and not the other. Incidentally, it would sure be nice if Wikimedia commons allowed you to filter by license type. I do hope some bot out there is collecting and archiving Flickr's creative commons photos before they disappear for good. MattBlissett 9 months ago. You need a scientific Latin name for an effective search.

NB the "license" filter applies to the text parts of the record, many images have a different license. Of course Flickr are going to find metrics that make this move sound low impact. But are these total accounts made up of mainly dead useless signups from over the years?

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Flickr's main feature is being a service that prioritizes photography as a portfolio, rather than photos as a visual social blogfeed. Limiting free users to 1, photos effectively kills the ability to use it as a clunkier Instagram. As long as there's enough revenue from ads and the pro accounts, this may be the best way forward for Flickr as a long-term service.

I've been a pro user for awhile. I guess the downside of this is that I now feel locked in, having well over 1, photos. I think previously, had I downgraded to the free version, I'd be able to keep all my photos but no longer provide them as full-size downloads. I don't have a particular complaint with Flickr as a service, it's just I don't do a lot of photography other than casual uploading to Instagram these days.

That said, that Smugmug is committed to taking a different, coherent direction provides me with a lot more confidence than the years of Yahoo doing virtually nothing. The wording in the announcement is unclear. TarpitCarnivore 9 months ago. ValentineC 9 months ago. That's not how I'm reading it. It seems like it'll affect all Flickr users across the board. Coupon Codes

I didn't see any mention of deleting photos that were over the limit. I've been a Pro user for a long time before Yahoo started to screw things up badly. Picture gallery with some text. SmugMug is really bringing back sanity into Flickr, good to see this after the Yahoo fiasco. The archive is sorta searchable and kinda good for sharing with family and friends. I'm interested in having my own gallery I can share, rather than a Flickr page. Your coupon will be added shortly.

It might have been intended that way originally although I joined in and I don't remember this ever being a thing but once they forced Yahoo! Photos into there, it pretty much just became a huge porn stash. Presumably once the photo limit kicks in, it'll be a much less huge porn stash. Do you have more than photos that are portfolio level quality? No, I probably have a if even that. Importantly, they don't have to be portfolio level quality. All that's really required is a love of photography. If you care, we care. I am quite happy about this. I have been a paying user for a long time, after verizon bought yahoo, I scrambled to figure out an alternative plan.

Flickr was my sole backup after my laptop. Use iCloud paid , Google free and client side encrypted amazon drive to backup all pics yes 3 backups and I do not trust amazon's free picture tier not sure what they will do with it, already bitten by them changing plans. Yes, I know Google gets what it wants ability to process my pics.. I want to have an honest relation with my service providers, I pay them for a service they give me and I am their customer.

Not going to reiterate what has been said numerous times about not being a customer if the service is free.. Flickr is giving up on "growth at all costs and monetize later" model to "we have a good quality focused service but you have to pay.. I would rather pay. The only problem I am now paying for both flickr and smugmug.. Thanks so much for being a customer and for the vote of confidence. Any ideas? Business and pricing are not my areas of expertise, so feel free to ignore or improve on this idea. Flickr could be the place where photographers get feedback on their photos and improve their skills, and then SmugMug is where they build a more curated portfolio of photos to sell based on what resonates with people on Flickr.

When a photographer has reached a tipping point of positive feedback on Flickr, they may feel ready to start selling their photos, and that's your opportunity to upsell an appropriate SmugMug plan. Or if you're confident that you can identify photographers whose photos will sell based on engagement with their photos on Flickr, offer an introductory rate for the first year so they can test how well their photos sell. If they sell enough photos to cover the cost of an upgraded plan, paying for an ongoing plan is a no-brainer. At least, that's my use case as a hobbyist. I currently pay for a basic SmugMug plan.

I daydream of upgrading to a Portfolio plan to sell some photos just for fun , but I don't know that I would manage to sell any.

I'm now thinking Flickr might be a better place for me to start testing the water. As an aside, thank you for removing the Yahoo login. That's been more of a barrier than you would expect for me every time I've wanted to use Flickr in the past. I don't use Yahoo for anything other than Flickr. I think I have more than one account, but I'm not sure, and I don't remember which account has my Flickr albums. It's just a mess. I'll definitely be giving Flickr another chance in January. Thank you for the thoughtful and detailed feedback.

Lots to think about. And you're welcome on Yahoo login. Hard at work, but should be soon. Definitely want to let people access Flickr in whatever way they prefer. The price is annoyance but not hurting me.. Using Google's free service as a photo backup seems like a poor choice, since they will scale them down. But it is still a backup, 1 out if I'm a fan of Flickr, and for me the community is the reason I upload my photos there.

If this makes Flickr sustainable and lets the team invest in improving the product and fostering the community, I think it's a great move. Yeah, same here. I can only imagine the amount of trash that would get uploaded with everyone getting essentially and unlimited amount of space. I always enjoyed the quality I could find there and it seems like they are trying to get back to that.

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This caused a significant tonal shift in our platform, away from the community interaction and exploration of shared interests that makes Flickr the best shared home for photographers in the world. But I also don't use Flickr for "community interaction and exploration of shared interests" - I just want to be able to create albums and put photos in them. So the storage was useful and the ostensible reason for the change reversing the "tonal shift" doesn't entirely convince me.

But this isn't unexpected, and I think the purchase by SmugMug was a good thing. I just hope they can stop randomly losing my photos after this What are you not convinced about? They were pretty clear that people who use Flickr as a storage space rather than a photography community are not their target audience, and therefor will not be the focus of their efforts and goodwill.

I suspect that the change is more to do with the cost of storage than with re-creating some photographic community that may have existed before But I'm also happy to be proved wrong. Yes, I am just using Flickr for storage. And while most of my albums are public, my photographic skills are fairly average compared to many on Flickr, so they are unlikely to be able to monetise my efforts.

But I'm not interested in being part of a "photographic community" because, while I enjoy photography, I don't do it to be in a community. And I suspect that they see community participation as basically user-generated content creation, and I'm not into that either. I'm happy to accept that I'm not a user they can support for free. I like Flickr, wish it well, and am happy to pay for pro. I like Flickr, wish it well, and am happy to pay for pro That's great!

And I want to say that I highly respect the maturity and understanding you demonstrate here. I wish more people adopted this attitude. And we're happy to have you as Pro. We have lots of customers who like to use Flickr for storage, and we're happy to have them. If you care about photography, for whatever reason, we care about you. There are still plenty of options if you "just want to be able to create albums and put photos in them".

Amazon is even free and unlimited EpicEng 9 months ago. So the storage was useful and the ostensible reason for the change reversing the "tonal shift" doesn't convince me. So, in other words