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Pin It. APR This stands for Annual Percentage Rate, the figure that calculates how much interest you will pay on your credit card balance each month. CB This term can be used to refer to Cash Back rewards, either offered by a credit card company or a retailer after making a purchase.

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CC Referring to Credit Card, this term is used when a deal is limited to purchases using a credit card. CPN This abbreviation stands for Coupon.

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DOA This term is used after receiving a non-working item. GC Referring to Gift Card, this is often added to deal information when the retailer offers a bonus gift card with a purchase. GCO This stands for Google Checkout and is used when a deal specifically requires this type of payment method to work. IR This stands for Instant Rebate, a promotion that reduces the price automatically without the consumer having to send in rebate forms to the manufacturer of the product. MIB Used in many auction purchase like on eBay , the term Mint in Box is used to signify that the product being purchased is in relatively new condition.

MIR Standing for Mail-in-Rebate, this abbreviation is found in deal listings when a portion of the deal is tied to a rebate from the retailer or manufacturer.

Definition for "YMMV"

PM When a deal needs to be Price Matched to another store, you will see this term used. RMA Standing for Return Merchandise Authorization,you will hear this term when a defective product has to be returned to a manufacturer. TOS Referring to Terms of Service, these rules are noted often when making a purchase or signing up for a new service. UPC Another way to track inventory, the Universal Product Code is attached to products and can also be used by the consumer to search for products. During my free time, I love to write about pop culture, home theater, digital photography, social media, mobile technology and cool gadgets!

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Your Mileage May Vary. User 1 4 days of feeding 3 dogs from 15 lbs? User 2 Yes. Xian what gas are you using in your SUV? Xian 30 miles to the gallon?

You are welcome to use all uppercase e. ROFL or all lowercase e.

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Internet shorthand used to represent 'your mileage may vary' meaning 'how far may vary' which is more appropriate for internet deal forums and more easily. YMMW is an online and text messaging slang term meaning 'Your mileage may vary.' It's a disclaimer that one person's results or satisfaction.

Avoid typing entire sentences in uppercase, though, as that means shouting in online speak. Both are an acceptable format, with or without punctuation. Never use periods dots between your jargon letters. It would defeat the purpose of speeding up thumb typing.

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Is used on forums as a way to tell other couponers to watch out for a coupon or other money-saving offer. There will be more deals out there! YMMV meaning— Your mileage may vary. Be sure to pop over here to check out our gadget reviews and buyer's guides from time to time, then score some sweet discounts using our expert recommendations over on Ben's Bargains. Anyway, I asked him… as a favor, to meet My need to help others, and continue to do so, despite being a disaster survivor. Check out quickly and go. Small pink coupons located on product packaging are removed and turned in to schools.

Cancelled the membership and tried again through TopCashBack, but got the same results. Not working, some people have gotten chat reps to cancel their membership for a refund and then signed up for another but YMMV. This might be a YMMV deal,. For the TCB offer- how long does it need to be before I rebuy membership. Others on slickdeals are also reporting receiving confirmations.

There have been instances when I have not received an amex congrats email but still got the cashback or additional MR points. If I do end canceling and starting it up again, does anyone know if I lose any grandfathered benefits. If you have renewed very recently you might have some luck having cs refund and rebill to earn this offer.