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Authors of contributed papers may request placement of their abstracts in special sessions. The request will be honored, if possible, but there is no guarantee such abstracts will be scheduled in the requested sessions. Submitted abstracts will not necessarily be accepted for the meeting.

Acceptance is based on the following factors: adherence to the guidelines given here, clarity of writing, originality of the contribution, appropriateness of the subject matter to the ASA, correctness of the content, and the significance of the contribution. The ASA reserves the right to reject any submitted abstract without giving extensively documented reasons.

The presentation, and therefore the abstract, must be relevant to the field of acoustics, and focus on scientific developments, applications, standards, or education. Statements of political advocacy or explicit advertisement of products or services must be avoided.

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The purpose is to encourage students, as they embark on their acoustical careers, to network with more senior members. When I realized I needed to start baking the desserts I bought earlier, I noticed I was in need of some more eggs! Note: Only one affiliation may be included for each author. One-day registration : For participants who attend the meeting for one day only. Jet noise reduction technology is limited to solutions that do not affect military aircraft performance requirements to fly faster and farther. Please note: Metal detector and Security Protocol. Poster boards are 8 ft.

Authors should be prepared to accept assignment of their abstracts to either lecture or poster presentation. Corresponding authors will receive an e-mail message confirming that their abstracts have been received. Acceptance notices will be sent to authors in August. PC computers with monaural audio playback capability, computer projectors, and laser pointers will be provided in all lecture sessions.

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All other equipment is considered special equipment. Mac computers will not be provided. Provision of unusual special equipment will depend upon availability and cost.

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Special software requests should also be made, if required. Stereo sound is considered special equipment and must be requested when your abstract is submitted. Please be specific about your audio needs, including number of channels and preferred loudspeaker arrangement. Poster boards and fastening materials will be provided. Poster boards are 8 ft. A PC computer with monaural playback capability and projector will be provided in each meeting room on which all authors who plan to use computer projection will load their presentations.

Authors should bring computer presentations on a USB drive to load onto the provided computer before the start of their sessions. Authors also have the option to connect their own laptops to the computer projector, however authors using their own laptops must also arrive at the meeting room at least 30 minutes before start of the session to setup this connection. Assistance in loading presentations onto the computers and switching to alternate computers will be provided.

If you utilize your own computer for your presentation you should also bring your presentation materials on a USB drive as a backup. This may solve any possible interface or cable problems between your computer and the projector. Note that only PC format will be supported so authors using Macs must save their presentations for projection in PC format. Also, authors who plan to play audio or animations during their presentations should ensure that their sound and animation files are also saved on the USB drive.

They must also provide their own connectors. Complete instructions for the preparation and submission of abstracts is provided online at the submission site. Acknowledgment that your abstract has been received will be sent by e-mail. Please note that if you do not receive an email message your abstract has not been entered into the database. You must first create an account and set up a username and password if you have not already done that in connection with submission of abstracts for prior ASA meetings.

The body of the abstract can be cut and pasted into the submission site. Enter all authors and their affiliations in the order they should appear in the abstract. Note: Only one affiliation may be included for each author. Carefully check the proof of your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting are displaying properly and that the authors and affiliations are listed in the proper order.

If not, the submission will remain in the Drafts table. If you want your paper to be considered for an award, you must indicate this when you submit your abstract. Follow the instructions for the appropriate technical area that appear below. Note that you do not need to be a member of the ASA to qualify. Selection: The award winners will be selected by a subcommittee of each of the Technical Committees granting awards, based upon the quality of both the content of the paper and its presentation. The awards will be announced either at the meeting of the Technical Committee or after the close of the meeting.

Application: All those who wish to participate in the competition for these awards must indicate their intention to enter the competition during the abstract submission process by clicking the entry box on the online submission form. Selection: The award winner s will be selected by a subcommittee that will judge submitted POMA manuscripts based on technical content, writing quality, and overall excellence.

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Note that the paper judging will take place concurrently with the ordinary editorial review of a POMA submission; each judged paper will be returned with comments and a publication decision. Application: Those who intend to participate in the competition so indicate during the abstract submission process by clicking the entry box on the online submission form. Students will be contacted by the award subcommittee after abstracts have been accepted. Selection: Selection of the award winners will be based on the quality of the presented paper, comprising both the content and its delivery.

The award winners will be chosen by a subcommittee of the Technical Committee and will be announced after the close of the meeting. Application: The Award Subcommittee would like to consider papers by all authors who meet the eligibility criteria. Because the committees have no other way to identify eligible authors, however, it is essential that eligible authors indicate their intention to enter the competition during the abstract submission process by clicking the entry box on the online submission form.

This workshop is sponsored by the Biomedical Acoustics Technical Committee and will be available to all who are interested. There is no fee to participate, however, you are asked to register online or use the printed registration form at the time you register for the meeting. An instrument and equipment exhibition will be located near the registration area and meeting rooms and will open on Monday, 2 December, with an evening reception serving lite snacks and a complimentary drink.

Exhibit hours are Monday, 2 December, p. The Exhibit will include computer-based instrumentation, scientific books, sound level meters, sound intensity systems, signal processing systems, devices for noise control and acoustical materials, active noise control systems, and other exhibits on acoustics. EAR is a two-day workshop for early career professionals in the field of acoustics focused on developing leadership and networking skills for early career professionals in the field of acoustics. The workshop also will allow you to connect and socialize with your fellow early career acousticians as well as more senior members of the Society, learn about mentoring relationships and about the Society, and contribute to the future of ASA.

Apply for EAR here. Applicants must be within 10 years of their last degree and not currently students. The ASA is hosting a grant panel discussion designed to allow early career scholars to learn more about funding opportunities, which will be held on Wednesday, December 4 from — PM. Representatives from various granting agencies e. Following the presentations, attendees will have opportunities to ask questions of the panelists. This event will be most relevant for those in the early career stage e. If you have any questions about this event, contact Tessa Bent tbent indiana.

Technical Committees will hold open meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. These are working, collegial meetings. Much of the work of the ASA is accomplished by actions that originate and are taken in these meetings including proposals for special sessions, workshops, and technical initiatives. All meeting participants are cordially invited to attend these meetings and to participate actively in the discussions.

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Things to note:. Authors may submit manuscripts before or after the meeting; note, however, that review will not take place until after the meeting. An itinerary planner and mobile app will be available for the San Diego meeting. The workshop will occur on Friday, 6 December from a.

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Transformative solutions to reduce the impacts of noise from supersonic jet propelled aircraft, particularly military fixed-wing fighters, are driven by national health and safety requirements to protect the hearing of warfighters and political pressures from communities in areas of high military aircraft activity. Jet noise reduction technology is limited to solutions that do not affect military aircraft performance requirements to fly faster and farther.

In this workshop, distinguished leaders will present special lectures regarding the current climate and future outlook for the most promising jet noise reduction solutions. All workshop participants are required to register for the ASA San Diego meeting and to also register for the workshop. There is no additional charge to register for the workshop. If you plan to attend both events full-week registration is required. The Public Relations Committee and the AIP Media Services team present this hands-on workshop for meeting attendees who are interested in effectively communicating scientific work to the public.

This workshop is strongly recommended for individuals who regularly speak to reporters or who may do so in the future.

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You can expect to find TWO (2) Coupon Inserts in your Sunday paper this week. Look at all the great coupons we are getting this week!. Preview Night: Thursday, October 17 at p.m.. Friday, October Thursday, October 24, at p.m. (Preview) Friday, December 6, at p.m.

The workshop will consist of short presentations by media professionals to provide a toolkit of specific ideas and techniques for speaking to the media as well as structured small group activities that will give participants an opportunity to discuss and apply those techniques. Lecture notes will be available at the meeting in limited supply. Those who preregister by 28 October are guaranteed receipt of a set of notes.

This tutorial is limited to 60 participants. To partially defray the cost of the lecture, a registration fee is charged. Register online or use the printed registration form to register for the Tutorial. Acoustic wave propagation in solids and fluids and through interfaces; nonlinear effects including acoustic streaming and turbulence; bulk fluid, free surface, and suspended particle physical effects; phenomena and applications; future work.


Acoustic waves have found new utility in microfluidics in recent years, providing an enormously powerful ability to manipulate fluids and suspended particles in open and closed fluid systems. In this course, we discuss fundamental and powerful concepts of acoustic wave generation and propagation with exploration of new phenomena observed at small scales, particularly in the context of useful applications. We introduce the basics of solid and fluid mechanics alongside acoustics, and show how to apply these to the rather more challenging discipline of nonlinear acoustics responsible for acoustofluidics.

We furthermore provide tutorial methods for fabricating microacoustic devices with examples. Finally, we consider notable and recent innovations in the discipline, including rapidly rechargeable batteries, atomization technologies for disinfection and pulmonary drug delivery, and observation of cell and organism effects from non-cavitating ultrasound. Especially curious physical phenomena at the nano-scale will also be shown, and, along the way, the fascinating underlying physics tying together the acoustics, fluid dynamics, and broader physical phenomena appearing in these systems will be described.

His research interests are principally in exploring and exploiting acoustic phenomena at small scales. Sunday, 1 December , p. Monday, 2 December , a. The number of attendees will be limited so please register early to avoid disappointment. Only those who have registered by 28 October will be guaranteed receipt of instruction materials. Full refunds will be made for cancellations prior to 28 October Register online or use the printed registration form. If you miss the preregistration deadline and are interested in attending the course, please send an email to asa acousticalsociety. An instrument and equipment exhibition will be located near the registration area and meeting rooms and will open on Monday, 6 December, with an evening reception serving lite snacks and a complimentary drink.

Exhibit hours are Monday, 6 December, p. A student transportation subsidies fund has been established to provide limited funds to students to partially defray transportation expenses to meetings.

No reimbursement is intended for the cost of food or housing. The amount granted each student depends on the number of requests received. Labels: Coupons.

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