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Amazon Prime Day: Best deals of 12222 and what to expect from 2020 Do you need a technical powerhouse, or just something lightweight you can toss in your bag and bring to class? The market for laptops is vast — and for many quite daunting — with a sea of confusing specs, questionable gimmicks. Even when there isn't an official sale going on, Amazon is a great place to find discounts on high-quality headphones and earbuds made by companies like Bose, Beats and Anker. Apple Airpods are also usually on sale, and Amazon periodically offers limited-time coupons that knock sale prices even lower.

If you're planning on shopping during Amazon Prime Day this year, you'll definitely want to see if you qualify.

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Eligible accounts will receive an email, or you can check your eligibility at the link below. If your account is ineligible, the of. Because of this, the promotion is also limited to one use per customer. Check Deal at Amazon Even if you weren't planning on buying any Amazon gift cards to give out as presents,. Another Amazon Prime Day is in the books, and as was the case in past years, it broke the record for the largest Amazon shopping event to date.

On July 15th and 16th, Amazon reportedly offered Prime members over a million deals , leading to more than million items sold — a greater number than the company saw on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. As is perhaps expected from a site with 11 million monthly deal hunters, many of the most viewed products were flash-in-the-pan price mistakes. However, users also managed to find great bargains on Amazon devices, discount gift cards, everyday household goods and more. This trend is reflected among Slickdeals users, as over half of the Top 10 Prime Day deals on our site were for Amazon devices.

In many U. This is a little surprising, since the deal involved a few more steps than your typical Amazon purchase, but it just goes to show our community will stop at nothing to save big.

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Computers made the Top 3 list and, surprisingly, grocery deals was the fourth most popular category for Amazon deals over the two days. Interestingly enough, online shoe retailer Finish Line had one of the Top 5 most popular deals for many states, despite having no affiliation with Amazon. Out of the 2.

These are the Top 10 most popular products seen on Slickdeals during Prime Day It's one of the best TV streaming devices. Sometimes the best home entertainment is a good book. The waterproof, high-res Kindle Paperwhite doesn't get this cheap often. TCL makes some of the best affordable TVs. This model is one of TCL's best and has especially good picture quality.

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The Ultra is the best Roku around with extra features like a headphone jack, night listening mode, and the ability to take an ethernet connection. This is a good soundbar from Samsung.

Everything you watch will be more immersive with it. Put the wireless sub next to your couch.

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The survey also found that 86% of current Amazon Prime members plan to So it's no surprise that many of our favorite deals were on Amazon. Amazon Prime Day is a distant memory, but here are some of our favorite deals from this past July. Not a Prime member yet? You can sign up.

If you have particularly small ears, you may want to check out the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They're comfy with great battery life, and these ones are available in an Amazon-exclusive ultraviolet-with-midnight-blue colorway.

Read our review for more. Logitech MX 2. They're capable of filling a room with rich, robust sound, and they work with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Its GTX Ti graphics card is capable enough to run most games pretty well at mid-high settings.

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It features an included rechargeable battery, and it can store multiple computer profiles internally so you can swap between work and home computer settings with the press of a button. It gets the job done and sounds good doing it. We also like the flip-to-mute mic. It's one of the best wireless gaming headsets and gets extraordinarily good battery life. We only recommend them for PC. Oddly, on PS4 the mic tends to sound very quiet. Gaming mice are almost universally right-handed, but this one is designed to be used with either hand.

You get a premium gaming experience, no matter which hand you prefer. They are always expensive but thanks to Prime Day we're seeing a few come way down in price. It's an inexpensive, no-frills option and a killer deal at this price. Check our Amazon Prime Day Page for more coverage and deals. A recent F. Kanade Shinkai. Ahead of that date, Black Friday falls on November 29, , right after Thanksgiving. Expect a raft of discounts in the week leading up to that day and throughout the following Cyber Monday not just from Amazon but from pretty much every other retailer, too apart from the ones who will come out with something about how they don't do Black Friday because their prices are low every day — whatever.

You're eager! But since you asked, it's almost guaranteed that Amazon will discount its own devices heavily and if is anything to go by some of those discounts will appear in the weeks leading up to Prime Day and some will continue after Prime Day has ended but the lowest prices will be reserved for Prime Day itself.

Prime Day could also be an amazing time for anyone looking to snap up the current generation consoles — the PS4 and the Xbox One. That's because the PS5 and new Xbox Two will be coming in time for Christmas so you can expect stock of the current consoles to get some hefty price cuts in the months leading up to the release of the new consoles.

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That should please gamers as console deals were rather thin on the ground over Prime Day We know from our own data that Amazon devices were hugely popular this year, which is hardly surprising given the massive price drops they saw. Shop more Amazon deals.

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Offer ends: 16 July, at pm. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". You can conveniently schedule it up to seven times per week, and it has an auto-adjust cleaning head that automatically adapts its height to effectively clean carpets and hard floors. Everyone we know juggles multiple ways to get their favorite TV shows and movies. This wooden block game stacks up to 5 feet.

According to Amazon, Prime members worldwide purchased more than million items throughout Prime Day, making it the largest shopping event in Amazon history. We also have some interesting data about Prime Day from market intelligence firm Numerator who surveyed Prime Day shoppers to get a picture of how the event went.

We know that shoppers looking to buy into the Amazon ecosystem that's Amazon devices like the Echo, Kindle, Fire TV sticks and tablets and Ring Video Doorbells were offered some really good deals. Echo, Fire TV, and Kindle products were all offered at the deepest discounts seen to-date. Hitwise provided further information as to the success of Prime Day , suggesting that it's a shopping event that Amazon is not going to abandon any time soon.

According to the market intelligence firm, online visits, transactions, and sign-ups all spiked in key markets. Over 80 thousand people signed up to Prime each day over the hour period. Hitwise says that in the US, the Nintendo Switch was the most searched product, overtaking the still popular Instant Pot.

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