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Service is great!! No cases in stock.

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Been here for over an hour waiting for my order to be filled. I called a couple days ago and was told they had everything.

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Showing 1 to 5 out 42 reviews. Pahrump, with a rapidly growing population of 37,, is home to three fireworks supermarkets whose voluminous wares might well induce a state of ecstasy in any lover of pyrotechnics. The shelves of the three stores -- Blackjack Fireworks, Phantom Fireworks and Area 51 -- are packed with everything from cent poppers to hatbox- and suitcase-size items that sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

Area 51 Fireworks (1.25 STARS)

Large signs in front of the stores advertise sales by the case, and three-for-one and two-for-one specials. The stores maintain an ambiguous policy toward selling to Californians, and to local residents, law enforcement officers say.

The law in Nye County, where Pahrump is, requires that any fireworks purchased must be transported out of the county within 24 hours. An investigative story in the Pahrump Valley Times in reported that sales personnel rarely asked customers for identification to prove where they lived. Managers of the three stores were unavailable to speak with a Times reporter who visited the outlets.

Pahrump NV

Competition is good. It controls pricing. She said it would cost a new fireworks store owner a fortune to compete anyway.

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Log in. Ratings by category. The people who come, he said, in are always in a great mood, "you can joke around with them. Outlaw Pyro 6. Commercial printing. Everyone was friendly and prices were in line.

It's is very close. Been there.

Area 51 Fireworks (1.25 STARS)

I would love to know who the gentleman is trying to open a store in this area. The one in the first part of the video. I am going to speculate on this, in my opinion the real customer here is the California market.

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Locations in Pahrump NV, Fort Mill SC, and West Chesterfield NH! Stop in for great deals on Fireworks!. Best prices on retail and wholesale fireworks in Nevada! Only 40 minutes from Las Vegas!.

This location is very close to the Nevada California border. Let me see if I can research who the gentleman is trying to open the store. I am guessing he represents a particular brand of fireworks.

Now you see why fireworks people make so many political donations. Yeah, sadly, money buys pretty much anything. LOL This is one of my unlisted videos playing only on pyrotalk. With this full video you will hear from other fireworks stores in the area and their rationale for not having another fireworks store in Pahrump Nevada.

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