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iPad App Tour for Australia....... Plus a Telstra Micro Sim

Accept and close. New Upgrade. Apply Apply. Contract length months. Filter plans Filter plans. Oh no, there are no matching deals! Please change the filters. Network benefits OR. Tariff benefits. Full plan details. Go to compare. The Apple SIM represents what, to many, appears to be the next logical next step, that Apple would be looking to take. It would lead them into expanding their business in to new markets, exactly as the iPhone did. Additionally, by enabling Apple product users to enjoy the flexibility associated with the Apple SIM, they could improve the experience of users who buy their hardware.

Most iPhones are connected to cellular networks. There are many different reasons for why this is the case. The biggest factor slowing the uptake of this feature is the fact that consumers are not interested in the hassle or expense of signing up for secondary SIM cards.

As we have covered elsewhere, this is no small risk for bigger phone companies and represents a real opportunity for smaller phone companies. For consumers, the capability the Apple SIM delivered is an eye opener. Note, the Apple SIM does not yet enable these things, but the functionality trailed may allow it in the future.

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Do you have an empty SIM card slot in your iPad or tablet? Shame on you! It's time No contract SIM only plans; Plans on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone 4G networks; Generous data inclusions. Girl using an iPad Broadband in Australia. Get the right tablet deals by comparing tablets and tablet plans from Australian Should I get a SIM-enabled tablet? All iPad Plans BYO Sim Only Plans.

A similar internal system, comparable to the Apple SIM was also been designed by Samsung at around the same time. A small amount of time surveying some of the activity surrounding this experimentation provides some useful insights in to how the circumstances might develop. If local WiFi is open and available it will instead switch to that automatically from inside your smartphone or tablet device. Instead of paying a monthly service fee to two different mobile carriers, you only pay one monthly subscription fee to Google and they take care of all the connectivity behind the scenes for you, leaving you to enjoy a simple to use and uninterrupted service.

This new Google Fi SIM card allows more than one service provider to be programmed onto the chip, allowing consumers to have much more freedom of choice when it comes to which service provider and at what time to connect to.

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This new product from Google, will allow the real time of switching from one carrier to another, allowing the constant authentication of more than one tower at a time. There are downsides to this new technology, one of which is that at this point in time, this new tech feature is restricted to Google manufactured Nexus phones. So far during the initial testing phase, Google only has a partnership deal with two US national carrier networks.

Once users can connect to networks without changing their hardware SIM, a whole new array of phone plan ideas springs to mind.

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