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Red colour RARE! Do your world justice and capture your best images yet with the D Lightweight and powerful, this slimline D-SLR with familiar touchscreen operation frees you to do more with your photography.

Got one to sell? You may also like. Make an offer. Make offer - Nikon D D Shop by category. Colour see all. Not specified. Features see all. AF Lock. Built-in Flash. Histogram Display. Red-Eye Reduction. Wi-Fi Ready. Battery Type see all. Manufacturer specific. Brand see all. Nikon Filter Applied. Series see all. Nikon D Filter Applied. Model see all. D Filter Applied. Type see all. Megapixels see all. Optical Zoom see all. Screen Size see all.

Condition see all. Opened — never used. The cheaper Dseries cameras like the D are for outright novices, while the Dseries cameras, including this D, are designed for people still learning but ready for some more advanced techniques. The D is the newest version of Nikon's popular top-end entry-level camera, which is updated fairly regularly and, as such, with each new version the camera improves incrementally without facing too much of a massive overhaul.

In fact, the D features the same This sensor has no anti-aliasing filter, which makes it better able to resolve detail than those with an optical low pass filter. This does mean that there is a possibility of moire patterning appearing in certain images, but it hasn't proven to be a problem for the D The biggest difference to be found here is that the screen is now touch sensitive.

Nikon D5500 review

The sensitivity range stretches from ISO ,, which is the same as the D, but the top-end 25, figure is now the native capability of the D, rather than an expansion setting. It will be interesting to see if this means that image quality at higher sensitivities has been improved. Like the D, the D features a lightweight and slim monocoque construction, and there's been a slight redesign internally as the shape has changed somewhat. D has better low light performance according to DxOMark. After about 5 months i don't feel good with this camera. I can say everything is good except AF accuracy.

Anyone know the model number of the Sony IMX sensor in the d? It is very impressive and has caused me to retire my d except as a backup camera. I bought one too.

I had the opportunity to try the D against the D, and D Canon Competition, and came away with this camera the D as my choice. Mostly for the video. Not in a super hurry for 4K quite yet since most of my friends have p tech, as do I. The thing that so impressed me was the balance, low weight, excellent touch screen interface, and solid image quality. I want the flat profile to take advantage of the D's wide dynamic range. I may get the D some day, or the D, but so far, I am not really in a hurry to do so.

I bought it today from internet.

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At ISO grains or noise are not noticeable. I like it because i usually shoot at a small room lit by 1 small white bulb. I tested with a mm NVR plus as small amount of built in flash. It is much lighter compared to my D, grip is very good and viewfinder is OK to me. Sorry i can't compare to high end which i have not used.

I have been using Nikon D for past 7 months. Viewfinder gets completely washed out if sun is too bright. Anyone else having this problem?

A bit better

I can't see a way to adjust brightest of readings in viewfinder. Local camera shop had no clue. Nikon hasn't answered my question about it either. Is this unique to me? They're all too close and too varying conditions Really. I am not much into video , So does the price difference between D and D is really worth it.

Also what do you think of buying D over D as I dont think touch screen is useful for me. It's not much different, but enough for me to chose the d over the d A far superior option would be the d refurb. It has many more features to grow into for just a little more size and weight. They do Not have the flip out screen!

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I have a flip screen on my d, but rarely use it, and need it even less. The bodies that offer motor drive af and metering for non af lenses open up a ton of options for you in the used lens market. Lots of great glass available for cheap. The d5xxx series do not meter old non af lenses. So if you want an easy option to go a bit retro, the d7xxx is the way to go. If you plan on only af-s g lenses, then d5xxx is excellent. I have a D and I am considering the D instead of a D7xxx series camera in large part due to the flip screen.

I frequently use my camera on a copy stand or a tripod at a variety of angles, so I really like that feature. The D7xxx series has, I understand, weather sealing but that is not so essential for me. It's just a real shame that Nikon hasn't come up with a wide, standard and small tele light pancakes primes of quality. That's what they need to do, if they want to resist the mirrorless tide. Because when you put the beautiful sony 55mm FE lens on top of an A7, you loose all the compactness advantage of mirrorless. The only big plus of mirrorless are the EVF. My D arrived today, and it is at least as small as all the reviewers say, and in my hands seems even smaller.

The controls are proportionately small, and are not placed in a manner that's especially intuitive. I was willing to work around size, and ergonomics, but the limited function touch screen, and slow AF were what changed my mind about keeping it. Having to exit out of Live View, or the dashboard to make fundamental changes to ISO, aperature, etc. The AF was mostly accurate, but seemed slow indoors. When you go into live view, you will see the ISO and F-stop displayed.

If you press the Fn. You can see the screen brighten and darken as you change. For the F-stop, just turn the dial. ISO is again adjustable via Fn. I will probably try the For video basically. I am considering almost the exact same thing. D or T6s although my purpose is for landscapes, vacations and indoor sports. The D doesn't have the anti-aliasing filter which makes d have sharper images than the T6s only slightly noticeable but the D is cheaper, has greater color depth, wider dynamic range and lower noise at high iso.

I will probably go with the T6s, the D has more focus points which doesn't really bother me and both can shoot at 5 fps. Because I've already invested in Canon I will probably leave the D on the shelf. I have gone the DSLR route owing a D which was stolen and later a D but found both a hassle to take on vacation with the kids.

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Show More Apply. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 hands-on. Login Register. This digital camera has received nine awards including a "Highly Recommended" award from Ephotozine plus one other site and an "Editor's Choice" award from Gadgetsmagazine. Chart Hide Chart What is brightness adjustment? Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.

Got a Panasonic GX1 and have been happy ever since. Much smaller and lighter and the image quality was just as good. If you are traveling with the sole purpose of photography then the Nikon or Cannon will be great, but for me personally I found using a big and bulky camera separated me from the experiences and people that I was traveling to be with in the first place. I currently use a D90 and am considering the D Will the lenses I use on the D90 work on the D? AF-D lenses on the another hand will not auto-focus, as they require the body mounted screw drive absent for the D But if you really need the swiveling screen, the better IQ or AF, then go ahead.

I have the D80 and D Nikon all lenses work great.

Nikon D | Touch Screen DSLR Camera with Built-in WiFi

If you want to see some of the work go to www. I love the Nikon D Absolutely correct!! Sorry independent camera stores but for the past fifteen years, I have been recommending Costco to all of my students and friends seeking a new camera. Camera stores offer free training but, short return policies. Costco offers a 90 day return policy. The longest in the world, for all I know!. The packages offer training discs and free on-line tutorials are even better. Ken Rockford for one If you can't decide if you like the camera in 89 days, keep your old one!

I trade cameras every three years. I have been a Nikon user since the 40's. I would call it the easiest and most understandable camera I have ever used. Mike Wasilla, my hat's off to you. Good shooting enthusiasts. I'm still traveling with my cameras and sweet wife at Depends on what kind of photographs you wish to shoot, i. Both companies' lens portfolio is excellent. If size is one of your main concerns, you should look into mirrorless cameras as well. I am interested in getting one later this year. I shoot on location most of the time and I think this is just perfect for what I need.

I just wanted to ask about your experience with it. How do you find the re-designed grip? Also, When you shoot bursts, Are you able to preview the images even when the card is not finished writing all of it? The grip is excellent, feels perfect for my hand. Suggest you to try it to see whether the camera fits your hand size. As for burst shooting, I do not think you have time to preview the images as the buffer is usually clean with in a second.

This applied to zoom settings as well. Has anyone else experienced this? I seldom, if ever, used the limited video on my D Informed views, please. With thanks to AwsomeIan. The D is a much smaller camera than the D90, D and D So unless you need the flippy screen or the smaller body get the D or D I'm contemplating of getting a D over a D as a 2nd body for my D, to be particularly used with my so I get more than mm at 24MP.

I know the D is "better," but the D is cheaper, smaller, lighter and has a flippy touchscreen. The one test the reviewers have not done is to try it in Lightroom 5. The one factor that is very important, when you shoot with RAW generally, you have to edit and review the photos. I tried viewing Picasa. It puts a red filter over the photo. In LR it will not give a preview nor will it import. I have tried installing camera raw 9.

The rest of the camera works great. I would suggest if you are a RAW user to check this problem out first. Try that, might be ok. I'm using it with my D and it's fine.

Yes I have. It is a very poorly written program. I have since upgraded to version 6. Live view without showing the true exposure isn't actually live view and is almost useless. Nikon really needs to fix this on all their cameras as well as providing a decent buffer why so stingy?

I'm confused a bit It may be uncompressed 8 bit Yea I'm a bit confused on this as well. I watched the video you mention. At about the mark she shows the external monitor she is using via the HDMI port and clearly states you can't get rid of the camera information overlays so its pointless to record the signal. At the mark is where he says you can use an external recorder. So I just don't know who is accurate on this. Id love to know since I'm interested in purchasing the D Does d sensor capable of hybrid or duel pixel AF like some of the competitor offerings Sony and Canon or is it still old sensor.

How much time does it take to acquire focus in live view. Is there any improvement compared previous model which users where slow contrast focusing. Are there any specific lens which are good at video AF. I tried this camera in the store, really liked the grip, solid build and image quality.

Nikon at Very

But coming in as a Canon and Sony user, I find the clunky interface infuriating. I was hoping for the D's touchscreen to finally rectify this, but it's still slapped over the same menus, making it a novelty than a real time saving feature unlike on the Canon. On my D, there's a dedicated ISO button, which I tap, then flick the front dial to change it without taking my eye off the viewfinder.

Nikon AF-P DX 70-300mm F4.5-6.3G ED VR - Initial Review with Nikon D5500 / D5600

In short, it's a consumer level body I can use professionally, whereas with Nikon, I'd have to start with a D at least just to have all the manual controls at my fingertips. You can use the fn button on the side of the camera, along with the command dial on the back to change the ISO. It's quicker than using the touch screen on the D I then press that button and turn the dial and it would change the ISO instantly. It was the fastest way to change ISO on any camera. Even if that is not a tragedy: it would be nice if the WifI connection would support amon other the Downloads of Photos to PCs.

With such a support, I would not need to catch the quite short! Too bad that you haven't yet heard of DSLRdashboard, a free Android app that offers wi-fi control of each and every camera setting, but then again, I guess that everyone has a right to freedom of religion. More expensive yet smilar image quality with entry models, yet more expensive and bulkier! I like electronic viewfinders, but they can be exhausting to the eye for long shoots, which is why I still use a DSLR for my work shoots.

I had a severe headache for 3 days after shooting for 6 hours straight and manual focusing to boot with my Sony A I have just bought this camera and very impressed with it, very comparable to the D picture quality wise and the tracking is also very good much better than my fuji x-T1 tracking. Now we have flat profile for video I'm wondering why but still we can't change aperture in live view. Not to mention waveform, zebras, false color. Like they don't want to sell theirs products to people with video needs.