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We would prefer to use coupons rather than our credit card during the flight.

How do you get Southwest Airlines Drink Coupons for Free

Gary Leff is one of the foremost experts in the field of miles, points, and frequent business travel - a topic he has covered since After that, I would try offering to buy drink coupons on Craigslist. And have the companion pass. Sometimes if you flash your Southwest credit card to a flight attendant when ordering on a flight they may see that and allow you to take advantage of a free drink. Sold Items.

We are not looking for free coupons or to buy from anyone other than SWA. Is there a way to pre-pruchase drinks by buying drink coupons? Go to Solution.

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Back in the day you could actually buy a book of drink coupons at the gate, I think it was buy 4 get one free, but that's no longer an option. People do sell them on some websites, but personally I would rather use my credit card on a flight than on an online resale site. I'm genuinely curious what your apprehension about using a credit card on the flight is, would you mind sharing?

It might be good feedback for Southwest. If someone said to me all they had was cash I'd be willing to use my card for them.

Make Money with Southwest Airlines Drink Coupons

Southwest stopped selling drink coupon booklets many years ago. You can find them on ebay.

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We are not looking for free coupons or to buy from anyone other than SWA. Is there a way to pre-pruchase drinks by buying drink coupons?. Answer 1 of 9: I googled it, tried SWA website, and ebay but I cannot find any or info on how/where to buy them. Do I buy them at the SWA desk at the airport?.

Selling them is technically a violation of the terms, but since it's so widespread and Southwest hasn't shut it down, I assume they are fine "looking the other way. Ebay was flooded with them for the past several months, as a result of hundreds of thousands being issued in response to the BS drink ticket settlement last year. Those all expired recently, so prices have gone up a bit now. Honestly I have no apprehension of using my card on an SWA flight. I was just looking for convience.

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Easier to hand them a coupon than have them run a card get a receipt etc If I could buy them I had considered giving them as stocking stuffers to my adult children. I received some coupons from a FA, so I haven't needed to use my card inflight yet. Also, I was wondering what would trigger my reception of coupons directly from SW.

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Wonder no more, as I received 4 in the mail yesterday. Drink coupon is void if altered, sold, purchased, brokered, or bartered. Non-exchangeable for other goods or services. Southwest Airlines reserves the right to discontinue its drink coupon program at anytime. Coupon is invalid after expiration date and cannot be updated or replaced. Must be 21 to consume alcoholic beverages. If you have purchased a Business Select fare and are using a mobile boarding pass your drink coupon may show up there however. Below is an example of what you can expect with the Southwest drink menu.

Note that these options are subject to change and that this should only provide you with some guidance of what you might find on the menu. Southwest is great about offering you free drinks whenever you fly with them.

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You can get the following drinks for free:. If you would like an entire can for yourself you can usually request them to just leave you with a full can instead of simply pouring you a smaller glass. You can find some standard beers on Southwest but they also offer some seasonal options as well. If you are not able to find any free drink coupons you might be wondering about drinking your own alcohol on board. Contrary to what many people believe, it is not illegal to bring your own alcohol on board.

Solved: Purchasing Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines Community

However, their are some pretty strict regulations when it comes to bringing liquids onboard which include alcohol. For example, it is okay to bring your own mini liquor bottles on board but you need to be careful about what type of alcoholic you pour into your own bottles if you go that route.

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Getting your hands on Southwest free drink coupons is not that difficult if you consistently fly on Southwest or if you fly Business Select. However, for the rest of us a lot of times we just have to rely on luck or special occasions. If all else fails you can always bring up on your own alcohol but just be sure to abide by the FAA regulations. No more than once daily emails.

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Southwest Airlines is famous for cheap flights, 2 free checked bags per passenger, the best cancelation policy in the business, and no blackout dates when you book flights with points.

7 Tips for Getting Southwest Airlines Drink Coupons [12222]

But you may not know these 3 Southwest tricks for free drinks! Here are the dates as reported in various forums:.

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But you might get lucky. You can buy Southwest drink coupons on eBay. The sign-up bonus points on these credit cards counts towards earning the best deal in travel — the Southwest Companion Pass!