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In adition, we have an interesting proposal for all of you. Send us your projects to info [at] cooking-hacks [. To be eligible for the discount, you must send us a brief description of your project and some photos or a YouTube link. A link to your post, if any, could be useful also! Send us your projects before Friday 31th October. In this hack and tutorial, is explained how to control all your animated Halloween props with a single microcontroller in this case, Arduino Uno.

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You are here: Home Blog Arduino. Kits by Price. Last Units. Introducing some New Kits July 28, As you probably know by now, we released a new version of our website a few weeks ago. We are very much looking forward to the next edition of this festival. We'll see you there! The Projects We think it is a good opportunity to make a quick overview of all of them in order to remind you, our fellow users, the main features and functionalities of such a good projects. For further reading, please visit: The e-Wheelchair project by Philip Case.

Update about the e-Wheelchair project by Philip Case. Early Detection of Childhood Disease. The e-Health Sensor Platform V2. First complete Open Garden projects photos. More Open Garden real project photos. The Open Garden step-by-step tutorial.

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We will start comparing water monitoring products. Smart Water.

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Open Garden. This year, we are searching for some Halloween projects to showcase them in this post. These are the Halloween Hacks we have found so far: Control your Halloween decoration using Arduino In this hack and tutorial, is explained how to control all your animated Halloween props with a single microcontroller in this case, Arduino Uno. Items 31 to 40 of total Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Cooking Hacks makes electronics affordable, easy to learn and fun.

Follow Us. Customer Service. My Account. This year, the holiday falls on Tuesday night, August 4th and Wednesday, August 5, Yet, this cute Israeli love day has roots, both historic and kabbalistic , that go far further back than most people know. Which is why the holiday is celebrated by both religious, orthodox Jewish people as well as totally secular Israelis. The men would watch the women dance and decide which one they wanted to be their wife. Thus, couples would come together based on love and connectivity, rather than mere financial ambition.

The Jewish calander also revolves around the moon. Many important holidays and highly spiritual days, such as Passover and Sukkot, start on the full moon.

Yet, the full moon of Av has a power distinct unto itself. Since the Institution's incep- tion in it has trained 49 cantors. College of Judaica and University of Jewish Studies. It has an en- rollment of 1, students. The library of the Seminar and the Jewish Museum offer It also conducts tours and offers lectures, concerts and art courses. One of the most popular and Important programs on radio, "The Eternal Light," was launched by the Seminary in , and is heard today by more than four thou- sand listeners. Closed Mondays Perm. Wave Tuet. Reo- Ikit il whol w HI opply 10 txill.

These programs bring the universal values of Juda- ism to Americans of all faiths. The Seminary also creates the annual High Holy Day Message, which help explain the significance of the Holy Davs and the relevance of Jewish teachings to contempo- rary life. This message is printed in newspapers: ami other major publications throughout the coun- try. It is also broadcast over more than radio stations. The Seminary's sister institu- tions are the United Synagogue of America, with which congre- gations are affiliated and the Rab- binical Assembly, which has a membership of more than Con- servative rabbis.

The class will learn how to se- lect and purchase fabric, how to pin and cut patterns, clothing con- struction techniques, and how to make accessories for the finished product. Each student will be given the opportunity to complete an outfit during the series.

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They may se- lect patterns of their own choice, such as a pant-suit, dress, hot pants or outfits for their children. Further information will be available at the first class session, the morning of Sept. Thursday, Sept. Senior USY registration, for 10th, 11th and 12th graders, will be held in the same place Sunday, Sept. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hollywood, Fla. Filer Murray N. Rubin, F. Page 4 9-Jenist Ikridnan Friday. September 3, PO Box , Miami. Florida c Selma M. Thompson Pur. Shociii i News Coordinator Th.

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T Commitiit. Norman Atkin, Michael Ravel-. The jaw! The possibility is strong that peace can be reached in stages, always recognizing that this undoubtedly hinges on open- ing of the Suez Canal to which Israel has agreed while re- fusing to let Egyptian troops take over any significant piece of the Sinai.

That Sadat will continue to wax belligerent on the platform goes without saying. Part of the sound is for the drive the Arabs are planning when the United Nations meets on Sept. Behind the scenes, the diplomats continue to hope the ceasefire will not evaporate. One Senses Greater Optimism As young Jews prepare to return to college campuses in all sections of the country, one senses a greater optimism concerning their future allegiance than was apparent even a year or two ago. Those who were writing then with de- spair that the Jewish establishment was turning young Jews away in droves are having second thoughts and new articles.

There is little doubt that the "establishment" has met some of the challenge by providing or at least not re- sisting an atmosphere of acceptance to some of the radical changes that our youth are proposing. Synagogues, Federations, Hillel one can see signs of the pressures exerted by young people in new programs, many of them based, to the surprise of an older generation, on traditions and customs almost forgotten.

Yiddish is "in" for instance, and it may be our youth who will save this special lan- guage of our people that their parents almost let die through neglect. A new British magazine, the first radical publication by youth in that bastion of orthodoxy, begins "Now at last is the time for Jews to be Jews potential saviors of the world" and they stress, in article after article, what one statesthat they want to return to "the whole beautiful tradition of Judaism, waiting to be reinvigorated and lived. That the great majority also believe in the need for change in Jewish communal life is affirmation of that iden- tity and should continue to be welcomed.

The no- torious leader of Poland's anti-Semitic fascist movement before World War II, it is no surprise to find him In the upper ranks of that nation's Communist party today. The transition is a minor one, if indeed, it is a transition at aD. Recognition At Last! Sigmund Freud, the Viennese Jew who has made such an impact on the world, has at last been recognized in his own country, returning tourists report. The Austrian gov- ernment has bought his old home and turned it into a museum and recently Vienna was host for the first time to the International Psychoanalytical Congress.

It is only coincidence that the once-Nazi stronghold also has a Jewish Chancellor at this time, for he has shown little interest or relationship to his heritage. Even to- day, the reminiscence is perhaps relevant. In brief, the China theater commander, Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer, had been warned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that a nuclear bomb would be dropped on Japan. The indicated drop- lime was still about 4S hours ahead when Gen. Wedemeyer gave a farewell dinner for my old Chief of those days. Claire L. And Gen.

Wedemeyer told us at dinner : what lay just.. Tin-: nkws mean!

The Jewish Floridian and Shofar of Greater Hollywood

In consequence, although I do not want to overdramatize, the sole emotion that I can now remt mber feeling was undiluted honor. The next day, Gen. Chennault's plane took us on to New Delhi. On the lone air journey, there was ample time to think and all too much. But I had enough sense to see that "one world" would never be produced by such an instrument as the United Nations. Yet it appeared to me that the Com- munist Party was the only or- ganization seeking to create "one world" in what may be called a practical manner. So for hours in the air, I wondered whether I should be- come a Communist.

Only as we reached New Delhi, I concluded that this particular alternative was basically unbearable. The point is, quite simply, that the rational alterna- tives still confronting every American arc really hardly dif- ferent from those I pondered over the Himalayas. The alternatives, basically, are to submit to the Soviets, thereby creating "one world" rather rapidly; or to make the great efforts and sacrifices and investments that are needed to maintain a plural world with room in it for free societies.

The choice is uniquely American for the reasons indicated in the last rejiort in this space. On the one hand, the Soviet Union can and, moreover, quite surely will create its own kind of "one world" if the So- viets ever manage to attain a nuclear monopoly. Given an ef- fective nuclear monopoly, plus the will to make some hard ex- amples, any nation today has world empire within reach. On the other hand, the United States, as the only other serious nuclear power, is therefore all that stands today between the Kremlin and world empire. If you think about it at all, this clearly means that the unique American situation is also a most exposed situation.

HERE, however, the main fact to note is rather different It is the simple fact that Americans cannot escape the responsibili- ties resulting from America's present unique situation. They are heavy and costly responsi- bilities. Yet this is an utterly unten- able position unless, lor instance, you are cold-blondly prepared to see Israel crushed out of exist- ence by the surrounding Arabs, with active military support from the Soviets.

In , the record Continued on P- 10 JM. If he doesn't watch out, he could get himself re-elected! For the new economic pol- icy, if reasonably successful, could do two things. It could blunt or confuse the economic issue in the campaign. And, follow- ing on the new China policy, it could confirm a new Nixon image ;is a flexible President, capable of changing policy with boldness and sweep. For a time the President had the nation anxious and fearful.

I wrote an almost despairing piece last week on Nixon's laggard pace, but I wasn't wholly hopeless. I felt that a man who had changed from a balanced budget to deficit fiancing as well as on his China policy, could change on prices, wages and employment. The historical model. I suggested, was not so much Harry Tru- man's elaborate controls as Franklin Roosevelt's broad and bold approach to his New Deal policies.

It may shock many F. If you forget the personalities, styles and political philosophies of the two men which couldn't be more different you will find a similar willingness to go the whole experimental hog in turning foreign and economic policies around. Even the economic nationalism of Nixon's decision on dollar convertibility, which sticks most in the craw of the liberals. R's bombshell at the London Eco- nomic Conference which I admit was not the happiest of Roosevelt's policies. Nixon also followed Herbert Hoover, but it was the Hoover within himself to whom he had to unmask and negate.

Even though Nixon had Wilbur Mills available, and borrowed many of the concrete measures from him, the total package still took some doing. One of Walter Lippmann's early progressive books was called "Drift and Mastery. In foreign policy the Republicans have trod lightly, while the Democrats have overreacted. Hence the grim experi- ence of the last 60 years, of having Democratic wars and Republi- can depressions.

As a California salesman-teacher was quoted in a piece in Time, "You bomb to death with the Democrats, and you starve to death with the Reiaiblicans. Whether he can move from his old drift to a new mastery over the economy, especially after the day freeze has run out. Secretary John Cbnnally says Nixon was waiting nil along for public pressures to build up, and lor a consensus to form demanding government action. Maybe so, although I suspect he stayed on the wrong course so long because he was caught in his own free-market ideology, then switched brilliantly, but for sheer political survival.

The problem for a leader in a democracy is to keep the equilibrium steady by change, and to effect bold changes while making the people feel that it comes in response to their pressures, ami that this is what they wanted all along. Franklin Roosevelt knew that presidential actions them- selves are less important than the psychological climate in which they come.

If a leader can infect the people with his belief that his new policies will work, then their own released economic and psychological energies make it a self- fulfilling prophecy. If he doesn't infect them with his beliefs, then his policies may be high-minded but they will fail. That is why the politician who regards the people as a target is wrong. They are not targets but carriers.

It is true that underlying politics is economics a failing economy can destroy an administration as well as a people. But it is also true that the crux of economics lies in politics and psychology. We want to send you your charge card, identifying you as a charter Jordan Marsh Charge customer If you have already received your charge invitation by mail, won't you please fill it out and return it now We want to send you your charge card, identifying you as a preferred Jordan Marsh Charge customer As a charter charge customer, a special invitation will be mailed to you and your family to visit with us on preview days, in advance of the official opening.

From tiny tot to college student, they're making plans and getting set for another year of studies. Leslie Soroch is home from camp and getting ready to go back to Pinecrest. Ina Milloff and young Greg Silver also will head back to Pinecrest. Francine Aranow Ls back from her summer session at the University of Vermont and readying herself for another year at Bradley College. Norma Seegal is winding up her summer here and back to Penn. Jill Gordon is soaking up that last hit of sun before she switches climates and goes North to Brandels.

Marta Rottman is back from Israel af- ter a great summer, and will again take up her studies at Pinecrest. Joe ami Lois Biegclson's little Andy has been waiting for the bus to pick him up for days now. He can't wait to start at Sunniland. Merle Milloff is entering her senior year at Sophie New- combe and brother Mark is entering Connecticut College for Womenit has become coed along with most of the other col- leges and universities.

The younger set will all be busy again as another school year starts. The show is scheduled Sept. The evening event, arranged at that time because most of the work in the daytime, will include dessert and coffee. I've heard so much about the city and the Underground from everyone that it piques my curiosity. Latest to return from there with glowing reports is Sylvia Gordon, whom we :i! Her description of the quaint little shops absolutely fascinate me; I will really have to make it up there soon. Sid Finkcl, a fellow member of the Commis- sion, was the toastmaster and Dr.

Jack Mickley, Dr. Henry Perry Jr.. William Glantz, Ross Beckcrman any many others voiced their feelings about Fred and the job he has done. Fran and Herb Tobin. Cathy and Chuck Finkel were there as well as new hospital commissioners Joel Kaswan and Austin Tupler and their wives. Plans are underway for the big luncheon to be held mid- season.

To quote Annette: I had a great time cooking and cleaning. Dorothy Fine is back from one of the Wilderness Trips rugged, from what she says Lois Biegelson is recuperating nicely at home after her back operation The Geronemuses have just announced Lynn's engagement to Jerry Biegelman. That was Asher Hollander and Elbe at that new fish place the other night. That old actage about cof- fee helping to make a really great meal is still true.

That's why it makes sense to serve your guests Yuban.

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You'll know you're serving the best money can buy when you smell Yuban's deep, rich coffee aroma. It's the kind that only comes from using premium Co- lumbian beans carefully mel- lowed to perfection. Yuban coffee is available in regular and instant, so top off all your family meals with Yuban. The Holiday Toaster When toasting during the holiday season, serve your guests their favorite, Seagram's V. Seagram's V. Maxwell House Coffee Traditional For Holiday Funny how some things become traditional over the years like Maxwell House Coffee, because Maxwell House's "good to the last drop" flavor never varies; like an old friend, it's always nice to have around.

And what better time to show your guests you care than right now Yes, it's good to know that Jew- ish homemakers can still turn to a time-proven favorite like Maxwel. Available in instant and regular. Maxwell House is the traditional way to crown all your Yomtov meals. Of course, holidays like Rosh Hasha- nah can mean friends and relatives "popping in" at unexpected times. That's why it makes good sense to have new Improved Maxim Freezc- Dried Coffee right at your finger- tips.

Of course, speed is one thing. And good coffee flavor often some- thing else. Im- proved Maxim is actually so rich and strong that the people who make it suggest you use LESS than a teaspoon in each cup. Make Swee-Touch-Nee your cup of tea Try it! Buy it Professionol instruction progrommed to tit your individual needs. The Spa methods assure results quickly. Mild progressive resistance exercise ap- paratus. Mechanical body reproporttoning equip- ment. Patented electrical spot reducing machine Dramatic Grecian swimming pool. Hydro-Swirl mineral both. Finnish rock Sauna Both Turkish both wet Steam room.

Danish cold plunge. Medicated Eucalyptus oil inhalation room. Ultra-violet ray sun booths private Magic Swiss facial contour machines. Private showers, dressing booths and clothes lockers.

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Hire Fri. In her lifetime so far. Even after taking into account nil these many categories, how does one fit in her expertise in cooking, handicrafts, and almost at the other end of the spectrum, her latest interest, being chief mate on the Gordon's new boat? June Mailman Gordon was born in Utica, N. Most of June's lower school education was obtained in Montreal; only her last year of high school was spent at the North- hampton School for Girls in Massa- chusetts.

The Gorriins" daughter. Jill, carried on the family tradition by attending Northhampton too. June's college years were spent at Mount Holyoke and her allegi- ance to her college has been main- tained through the years. Here in South Florida, June has been the president of the Mount Holyoke Alumni Association and an inter- ested and active participant in the Chapter's work.

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While she was an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke, she met Rob- ert Gordon, a young television writer, and they became engaged. But as a result of World War II, Bob was sent overseas and mar- riage was delayed until his return, so their engagement lengthened to three years. In the meantime. June busied herself finishing college at- tending secretarial school and working at Memorial Hospital in Boston. After a year in Boston, young Robert Gordon decided to accept a job offer in Montreal, and it was there that June first became active in organization work.