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Springfield 1911 mc operator holster

If you are getting a LightTuck with a claw attachment and not a belt you are doing a disservice to your holster and yourself. You NEED the belt to truly appreciate how great this holster is. I bought the holster buy itself first and thought "This is a pretty good holster", but when I got the belt too about a month later I realized it was a great holster.

Gun fit perfectly in holster. Adjusted it for my style in a minute. Couldn't be more satisfied. This IWB holster a quality product. The added claw makes wearing the holster a breeze. The adjustability and comfort of the Lighttuck is second to none. My buddy recommended this holster, and it did not disappoint. I was very impressed with the overall quality and fit of the holster.

In addition, the holster is very comfortable, secure, discrete yet allows the user to acquire a proper grip upon drawing the the pistol. I was so impressed with the Shield holster that I ordered another one for a Glock 19 Gen 5. I was very dubious about the ability of the clip to stabilize a larger pistol than the Shield which would have more weight in the grip due to the double stack magazine.

My concerns about the clip were totally unfounded. I wore the Glock 19 holster for anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day over the course of 4 days and found it to be just as comfortable as the Shield holster. The pistol did not shift and remained exactly where I placed it on my belt. Some reviewers have written that the holster might not work for all body types.

I am 60 years old and admittedly very pear shaped. I find them to be some of the most comfortable I've ever used. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, well made holster comfortable enough for daily wear for extended periods of time, with the fastest shipping I've experienced from any Kydex manufacturer then look no further than Vedder.

I own 3 Vedder Holsters. Vedder has one of the fastest lead times in the business and they sale a great product. Their retention and overall quality is great! I highly recommend their holsters. Best Iwb holster I've ever owned! So comfortable that I don't even know it's there. Went to Vedder as they were one of the few who offer any holster for the R Was extremely pleased with fit, finish, and quality, above most brands I have used.

Being overweight and not seeing a significant weight loss in the near future I had a problem re-holstering. The sweat protector which is flexible was pushed out over the opening of the holster. This holster has proven to be an excellent choice. I've found it easy to draw from as well as re-holster my pistol. My P conceals well under a loose Polo shirt. I strongly recommend this holster for conceal carry.

Be sure to get the claw with it. Great Holster as always from Vedder. Perfect fit perfect retention. Best in the business. Vedder nailed it, These are, by far, the most comfortable, versatile, and secure IWB holsters I've ever owned, and I own several boxes full of the big name brands after trying for 20 years to find something good.. I've tried a handful of holster companies and let's just say I wont be trying anymore Vedder now has my business cant wait to make future purchases.

We are both beyond satisfied with our Holsters. I can't say enough good things about this company. You don't have to wait months for a holster -3 days or less and you have a tracking number. The holster arrives with a bag, sticker, and a target. The customer service goes above and beyond. They send a confirmation e-mail letting you know they received your message and will get back to you shortly and within hours I had a response. I have e-mailed several holster manufacturers to see about getting a custom mold and it took days to get a generic response.. The holster itself was quality work.

Hardworking holsters

Love the clip, it fits perfectly over my belt for a secure fit. The claw helps push the grip of the gun into the body when carrying AIWB. I will always recommend Vedder. The overall fit and finish of the holster was excellent and the metal clip holds the holster and firearm in place securely. I have worn the holster for extended periods of time and have found it to be extremely comfortable with no sharp points or hot spots. The holster sits high enough that you can acquire a very solid master grip prior to drawing the firearm, but sits low enough that is discrete and conceals very, very well.

Shipping was fast and my experience with Vedder was very positive. I will do business with them again. Beautiful fit and finish. This is my second Vedder Holster. I've used a variety of Kydex holster manufacturers, and hands down, Vedder delivers the finest product. In addition, Vedder Holsters customer service is top notch. Give 'em a try, you won't be disappointed.

I purchased this holster for my Ruger EC9s and I could not be happier. This holster is very well made and much more comfortable to carry all day long that I thought it would be. I love the variable ride height and cant; although, mine was pretty well adjusted out of the box. The quick and easy adjustablility is great when I want to move it to my crosdraw side for carry as a backup gun.

I am an attorney, so I am constantly taking the holster off before court and putting it back on right after. The clip is very firm but surprisingly easy to get on and off unlike many other hosters I have tried. You cannot go wrong with this holster. Grabbed a hot pink color on a whim instead of black and was very impressed with the pop. Great color. The holster hugs my P like a second skin and this makes it much more comfortable on my small frame I'm a petite female.

This is the first kydex holster I don't find to be excessively bulky. I also grabbed a Light Draw OWB holster with pancake clips and recommend the combination for the days you are wearing a belt and a longish shirt. This is the second holster I have purchased from Vedder. By far I'm very impressed with the holster. I recently bought one from a competitor and the holster scratched the finish of the gun. So that one is banished to the drawer of holsters I don't use. I'm impressed with the finish and the smooth interior of the light tuck. I have no worries of excessive wear on the gun. I'm also impressed how the holster hugs my waist and just disappears under a t shirt.

Previously, I have dealt with Vedder's customer service and they were very quick to get back to me and very helpful. That alone makes them stand out among their competitors. That along with the fantastic holsters they make make them my one and only go to for future holsters.

Buy from them you wont regret it. It has been the best holster for me. Same great quality, comfort and safety! Good holster. I've found the claw really helps in preventing printing. The turn around time was very fast. I was impressed with the fit and finish of the holster. You could see the attention to detail with how smooth the edges were.

I opted for two carbon fiber finishes and was very happy with them. They feel great inside the waist band and the claw works well. Lastly, I love the bags they come in, very nice touch. Return process was easy and quick. The light tuck is still the best option, comfortable and perfect fit for the handgun, as has always been the case with all my light tucks.

I really like the holster, fits like a glove and the claw really does reduce printing. It carries very comfortably, and the adjustable clip allows you to set the perfect ride height, and cant. Definitely going to buy one for my Shield 9mm. I previously purchased a Light tuck for my Glock 26 and just recently purchased another Light Tuck to accommodate the light I purchased. The light Tuck with room for the light actually sits a little better in my waistband than the holster without room. Draw and reholstering is easy and the holster is comfortable for long periods of wear.

I wanted a tuckable holster for the times I didn't want to use my pocket holster. I don't like wearing my shirts untucked so I wanted a comfortable, discrete, quality holster and the Vedder fits the bill. I really like it and it is everything I was looking for. Two for one Have Vedder holsters for all newer guns, still looking for my older models.

Thanks again. This is the 3rd holster I've bought from Vedder. The quality is again top notch and due to their quality, I keep coming back. I wanted a particular holster from another company for a few of my other guns but they didn't make it for them so I gave Vedder a try. Well I can say that that company does make that holster for the shield and I was about to order it when I started thinking about Vedder's excellent quality. I debated for a while and decided to go with Vedder yet again. I'm glad I did. I highly recommend Vedder and will continue to order their holsters.

I'm gonna try the Prodraw next. I'm sure it will be just as good as all my other Vedder holsters. I might even try the iwb mag holster just for the heck of it. So YouTube channels say they are a little high priced but I'm not afraid to pay more for quality.


This is the second holster I've ordered from Vedder and the quality is excellent yet again. I'm very impressed and I gotta say that impressing me is hard to do. I ordered the light tuck iwb with the claw and in the black carbon fiber color. Upon arrival, I checked it out and thought, what a excellent looking and high quality holster.

I work for a company that sells premium products at a premium price and I see sub par quality products go to customers nearly every day. I am glad that Vedder doesn't let that happen. The best IWB holster hands down. Craftsmanship is second to none. Speed of delivery is flawless. Thank you! Bought two of them. One for my p in black and one for my p in desert. Fantastic overall with fit and retention. I don't conceal my p with this as the gun is on the larger size, bit with the p I forget I'm even wearing it at 4 oclock position. I will. Two thumbs up. Fast turn around too. I bought the light tuck for my sig p First off it's well constructed with a minimalistic design.

It doesn't bulk up the profile of the pistol. It rides comfortably all day and stays put right where you want it. I love the ability to change the cant and ride height. The pistol clicks into and out of the holster for piece of mind that it's going to stay firmly in place. The claw attachment ensures that you minimize "printing". I'm going to be purchasing this holster for my other firearms. Highly recommended. Just received today. The holster is great. The fit, finish, and feel of having it on my hip is terrific. So no complaints as far as the actual holster itself goes.

However the color of "fde" virtually matches my od green items and isn't particularly close to my fde items. Absolute regret going with fde on this and the mag carrier. Small and safe. It allows me to carry with safety on or off and it holds it securely. It's just a no brainer to me, when I think of concealed carrying one of my guns I grab a LightTuck. I own several other brands of holsters from Hybrids to all leather, but none compare to the quality, comfort, and value of the LightTuck. I ordered my light tuck on Monday and received it on Thursday, I appreciate the prompt delivery.

The holster is very comfortable to wear all day. It conceals very well with the claw attachment. I would highly recommend this holster to any future customers as well as friends looking for a holster of great quality and very reasonable price. Your products are great, keep up the good work you do. I now own two LightTuck holsters.

One for my Springfield Arms 3. I also purchased the Cobra belt in Coyote beige so I have both black and beige. The products are beautifully finished and very durable. They are my go-to for EDC. I couldn't be happier! I also have the LightTuck magazine carrier. Thanks for the great products and service! I don't do reviews unless its at least to let the company know that they are making a great product, if other benefits, all the better.

I have, hybrids, bellybands, ankles, the lighttuck is the best. Easiest on and off, best clip, works probably the best at conceealing, I'll say thats one of my top priorities and I wear the vedder more than my others. Wear it where you want on your waist, adjust the cant, take if off, put it on with ease, lightweight, little bulk, durable, the claw works, no hot spots, great job vedder. I will recommend and may even buy a fun color in the future.

Thank you. My problem is with the spring steel clip. It has very sharp edges on it and, unbeknownst to me, it was shredding my shirts. The clip should really have some type of coating on it be it rubber or pvc or something to mitigate this. Hopefully this helps someone else avoid ruining their clothes. This would have gotten 5 stars but after almost losing my magazine a few times I will be retiring it. The kydex does not cover the mag release next to the body, so when moving or pressing up against the firearm in some exact way, the mag release is depressed and out it comes.

I am sorry to hear that the mag is coming out! All of our holsters are handcrafted to order in three business days or less and then shipped. Since they are cut by hand, the mag may or may not be covered however, we can cover it upon request. One word I've been using alien gear holsters for 3 years and have decided to try something new. I've carried many firearms as well, and I just bought myself a new Glock It's simplicity is just a joy because if you want more tension? Turn a screw, more can't? Lower or higher ride? I used to carry in the 5' o'clock position, now I can carry in multiple ways due to the slim ergonomics of this holster.

No bulky clips, just one very strong quality made clip. I chose the black color for low profile. And when you holster your firearm, you hear that audible"click". And that's telling you your firearm is properly seated and it's good to go. Its a nice Slimline holster and it's really quality made. The mag tuck has a tension screw as well and gives you a snug fit, and you know it's safely stored. Look at all these reviews, there's a lot of happy 2nd amendment individuals who have a lot of great words to say about VEDDER products!!

And now I'm the newest one!!! Do yourself a favor, if your looking for a great holster at a fair price? I'm now a customer for life. I was struggling to find a comfortable and concealable aiwb holster as I am a bigger dude 6 foot lbs. Compared to the bulky plastic clips most holsters of this style use, the adjustability and position of the clip and added claw feature conceal the weapon substantially better. And its alot more comfortable, No jabbing into my thigh or gut. One small criticism is that depending on how deep you adjust the clip, the claw diesnt quite line up with your belt and may slip underneath on the highest position.

Other than that I am very happy with the quality and functionality on this holster. Got it for glock 19 gen 5. I'm 6ft and lbs and cannot tell I'm carrying at all.

About to purchase another light tuck for the same gun with inforce aplc. I had high hopes for this holster. And the retention is super weak. We are so sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with your new holster and we would love the opportunity to help. All of our holsters are handcrafted to the exact gun model listed and should have an exact fit. Please reach out to our Customer Service department so we can get this taken care of for you as quick and easily as possible.

Have a great day! All 3 do their job as intended. I'm a stickler for the "snap" when the gun is inserted and these 3 do it well. Great retention and ease of draw. When I feel and hear the "snap", I know the weapon is securely in place and not leaving my side. After I receive a Vedder, I glue some custom cut calfskin to the entire backside and a double layer on the upper top portion that rides above the belt.

Works great and is super comfortable against the skin. The retention from everything else the lightTuck gives You I will not Be going to another company!!! Thank You sooo much!!! This is by far the best IWB holster I have.

Positive retention, easy draw, efficient. This is my third holster for my 43x. I have them for all my Glocks. The usps lost my shipment and Stephanie in customer service handled it awesome. Got my replacement order out to me in 48hrs and was super friendly and helpful! Awesome company!! I will never use another holster. It's comfortable, hides the gun great with the claw attachment. The features I like the most are the spring steel belt clip which I feel is superior to a plastic one, and also the fact the clip is adjustable on the holster for ride height and cant, which I've had a hard time finding in a kydex holster.

It holds the gun securely but is also easy to draw from. A superior product overall, plus I have to give Vedder kudos for their vast selection of firearm fit choices. This is my edc holster. I have one for my XD-s 9mm as well. These are very durable, extremely concealable, and the clip is strong and flexible as it's made out of steel. I can't stand the plastic bulky clips so this is great for rigidity and I combine it with my cobra belt.

Works great. The PPQ M2 in 45 ACP is an odd grip geometry that IMHO needs for the shooter to gain more access to the bottom of the trigger guard: Walther cut a deep recess in the trigger guard hand grip junction which is normally always a good thing especially for reducing felt recoil and diminishing muzzle flip especially when shooting a 45 or any pistol - be that as it may - it makes it difficult to use a "standard" holster design pattern for this pistol which totally covers the entire trigger guard.

Otherwise this holster is dang near perfect. I doubt I will shop holsters anywhere else but Vedder's at this point in my life. Thanks guys for great products with hassle free service. The turn around was great and the holster shipped within just two days. I have been looking at this holster for some time now for my Glock 43, but haven't pulled the trigger on it because I already had one I was pretty happy with.

My brother-in-law was in town a couple of weeks ago and he just got a new Sig P and was packing it in the Vedder Holster I'd been eye-balling for a while now. Well that push me over the edge and I ordered it that evening because it was exactly how I hoped it would be! I've been wearing it everyday for a week now and absolutely love it!

It's very comfortable and actually feels smaller the the compact holster I had before. The feature I love the most is the belt clip this thing has on it! It is way tighter than the plastic clip my last holster had, more discreet, and far more secure!

One bit of advise is to go ahead and get yours with the wing, whether you think you want it or not. You can always take it off, however I wished I had just gone ahead and ordered mine with it. Oh well! It'll be in the mail in a couple of days! I carry appendix and the LightTuck is, by far, the most comfortable holster I own and I have tried holsters from five other companies. In addition to manufacturing an extremely high-quality holster, Vedder's customer service is outstanding. If you are looking for a comfortable premium Kydex holster with excellent adjustable retention and smooth draw - this is it.

I love my new Vedder LightTuck holster!! Far, far more comfortable than the holster that I had been using. Great quality, awesome color options, love it. Ordered the light tuck kydex holster for g19x with olight mini2 fits great,came on time with 2day delivery. I struggled with the decision to pay for this holster that was more expensive than some others.

However, it arrived quickly, the finish was perfect, the metal clip is nice and tight, and even the packaging was more than expected. In the end, money well spent! Well constructed, thin and light weight.


Loaded coupon item specifics Springfield Armory. Has anyone chosen the leather holster and/or leather mag pouch? If so, what is the quality. springfield loaded coupon holster There is the Springfield and there is the Springfield Loaded. and a Loaded Coupon from The Springfield.

Great for everyday carry. Very happy with this purchase! Everything is as advertised. Had to return 2 other brands of holsters because retention was non existent and had my pistol actually fall out.

Welcome to The Outdoors Trader

The retention on this holster is very positive and easily adjustable. I will probably purchase the "claw" because I am using a 12 round magazine that "slightly prints" while wearing a t-shirt not the holsters fault and may get a 15 round magazine in the future. Works well with my Vedder gunfighter belt.

Would definitely recommend to others! I received my light tuck with a defect the error is human I sent an email with photos and videos and 24h00 after my new holster was shipped!!! Now I know the extra-ordinary quality of their customer service. I even received a video from their owner with a demonstration of my new holster to make sure everything was working fine. Thanks to all the team, you are at the Top A happy customer. I recommend this holster to anyone. My Glock 19 disappears under a loose shirt, and even with a tucked in polo. Only thing I would change is a more aggressive claw since it doesn't seem to do much for me, probably due to the size of the firearm.

This holster is great.

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Disappears under a loose shirt with a Glock My only issue is that the claw doesn't seem aggressive enough to do much for me, probably because of the size of the A larger claw for larger guns would be great. Still definitely recommend this purchase to anyone. In one day my problem was solved, my new holster is on the way. I received an email with a video of the boss trying my new holster with my weapon model. VedderHolsters is an exceptional company with a service that lives up to its reputation.

Honestly, this is the first time I see a company so attentive to the satisfaction of its customers. Thank you to you and the team. Absolutly the best holster, of all the holsters I've ever bought! Beautiful patern, professional design. Excellent Fit. And very fast to make and ship to me.

All perfect. With this company, you really do get what you pay for!!! Thank You So Much. This is just a warning to anyone buying a g19 with a pl mini 2 holster. The light cannot be all the way back against the trigger guard and have very good retention. I have the screws down really tight and still not great. But if you move the light forward a little bit then it's fine, but then the light is harder to activate.

I'm gonna keep the holster because I think a house gun should have a light but down want to leave the trigger guard exposed. I might buy another without the light.


Not trying to trash Vedder. My first holster is from them and they make a good product. I just think this particular one could have been done better. Have only been wearing this holster for a few days but so far it far exceeds my expectations. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use. I definitely recommend this holster for anyone wanting to carry a Sig with a light. First off i am an average to muscular sized guy. I used to pocket carry a revolver. I recently bought the sig p as a conceal weapon. I bought a holster from a local store for waist and carry that was flimsy and did not hold well.

All i Can say is wow.

Free Springfield loaded coupon holster

The light tuck holster is a great holster right out of the package. I bought mine with the claw and i added the kryptek neptune coloring for fun. With the sig p being so small, the holster being so thin and light and then the claw feature, i can honestly wear thin t shirts without any printing.

I typically wear jeans and a t shirt and this combination works perfect for me. The holster does not cause me discomfort and in my opinion is very light. Great purchase and i would recommend to anyone looking for a good holster! Highly recommend it. This is my third holster from Vedder because I love the actual real world capability of their easy clip on and off design that's strong yet doesn't snag on clothing along with the maximum cant it affords.

I previously owned leather and hybrid holsters. I was concerned that a kydex holster would not be comfortable for all day everyday carry. I was truly surprised when wearing this holster all weekend, it was more comfortable than my hybrid.


It has more room to tuck around the clip as well. I wore my shirt tucked in and no printing and easy to tuck. My gun stayed in place and did not shift around. Great Holster! It tucks in at the right height and angle, which you can adjust, and places my sidearm snug to my torso. However, this one sleeve will accommodate all double-stack Glock handguns. Another ideal candidate would be someone who wants to keep their firearm close by at night, secured, but still wants extremely quick access.

I go a little further in the video about stating my case for anyone who keeps a handgun close to them while they sleep. If you needed to get to it quickly, how many seconds would it take you to open the drawer, grab your firearm, and have it ready to go? Probably a few.

With Reach , as soon as your thumb hits the reader, the firearm will literally be placed in your hand in half a second, just as if you were drawing from a holster. All the while staying secure from unauthorized access. Another popular location seems to be the vehicle. Mounts are available for vehicles, between the driver seat and center console, which could be practical in certain situations. There are a few hurtles here, such as concealed carry laws that vary by state. If you have a large enough center console, this might be a good option as well. I drive a Jeep Wrangler, and the center console would accommodate such a device.

To take advantage of this special savings, click here. Reach is a project that we have stood behind for over a year, and is the first product that Concealed Nation has ever officially endorsed. Keeping that in mind, this review is straight-forward and truthful.

Springfield mc operator holster

The holster is designed to keep a low profile, simulating the natural way to carry a weapon inside the waist band without any holster at all. Free shipping. These pictures are representative of the holster, but there may be very slight differences based on each one being hand made. It will still fit longer models but the slide will protrude out the bottom a bit.

3/4 Hybrid™ shell

I was over the moon when I was told all I had to do was describe what options I had attached and they'd work out the details. This is the business model that will keep you returning and recommending to friends.. Look no further. I'm eyeing some of the comfort holsters they sell, maybe something like that would work better for me? I forgot to put in the comment section that I installed Crimson Trace Laser grips on my gun. I received my holster in the time Vedder said it would take. I ordered the lighttuck for the Glock

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