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Braziller: Nick Carbone deserves credit for GW’s title run

The three remaining sailors watched, waiting for a second run. Near shore, the surfboat got turned almost sideways. I yelped as a tall wave broke over its side and the men had to throw weight to keep from capsizing. Daddy and I ran to the water and with the Oregon Inlet crew, grabbed the sides of the boat and dragged it up onshore. The sailors jumped out and scrambled up onto dry land as we unloaded the crate.

Suddenly there was a tremendous crack, loud as a gunshot. Etheridge shouted. The sea would be rushing into the belly of the schooner now. Soon she would be in pieces. The captain and two sailors waved frantically. No one would be thinking of loading baggage now. Another crack sounded, and the schooner lurched. I watched the mast, willing it to stay intact until the men were safely out of its reach. The sailors looked panicky.

Two of them already clung to the ladder. As the surfboat approached them, one sailor tried to leap in too soon, missed and had to be hauled in over side, his legs flailing like a scared chicken. The other sailor, and finally the captain, always last, were loaded in , and the crew rowed furiously away from the wreck. Only when they were a safe distance away did I dare to take my eyes off the mast.

When I turned to look at the wreck again, the mast had fallen. I followed the surfman, and the four sailors followed us in tired silence. At the station, I stoked the fire and pumped water for tea. All four of them had hair the color of sea oats-so blond it was almost white-and three of them had faces and hands as red as fish blood.

I wondered if they were that color all over, or if it was just from the cold. They said nothing. Forbes asked our guests. They sipped their tea, folding their cold hands around the warm mugs. Forbes signed. I watched to see if the redness would go away as they warmed up. So these were the Europeans Mr. Bowser had told me about-men from Poland, Sweden, Norway, and other countries from across the Atlantic who signed on as crewmen on American ships.

They were white men but, Mr. Bowser said, had never been taught to treat a black man as less than a man. I smiled at them, and they smiled back. There was the sound of approaching voices. Cotton will be a total loss, but you saved all men on board.

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Cotton -must have come from a port in a Northern State. I helped Mr. I carried the pot of hot coffee from the cookhouse to the main station house and stepped into the dining room. There, I stopped. The men were sitting around the table, helping themselves to the mounds of biscuits and thick slabs of bacon. White men and black men sitting at table together. It was just like Mr. Bowser had told me it would be after a rescue on Pea Island. Bowser called to me. I hurried to the table with the pot, and Daddy handed me a plate full of food. Stronger than when we lived on Roanoke Island and William, Floyd, and I did mock drills with an imaginary surfboat.

Stronger than when Daddy, Grandpa, and I moved out here to Pea Island and I first watched the surfmen do their drills. Stronger than when Mr. On the way back to our cabin was the first time I said it to Daddy. Turns out I probably should have kept it to myself. His round face had more lines in it than usual, and his shoulders, usually so square and strong, drooped a bit. Would you rather work as a day laborer for pennies, the way most black folks have to? We reached the cabin, and he yanked open the door and slammed it behind us.

Now put it out of your mind. I stared at him, my fists clenched. But this time I kept my mouth shut. Grandpa came in with an armload of brush for kindling and said he was going fishing since he was, apparently, the only one around here with sense enough to think about getting something for supper. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books.

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Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Driven from his home by the Ku Klux Klan and still reeling from the death of his mother, Nathan moves with his father and grandfather to the desolate Pea Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina to start a new life. About the Author Elisa Carbone is a full-time writer and a part-time windsurfer, rock climber, and lindy-hop dancer. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Another Day as Emily. Her brother is a local hero for calling after seeing their elderly neighbor collapse, and only her View Product.

Bell's Star Horse Diaries Series 2. He was bred for hard work, yet he longs to run free with his human friend, Katie, on his back. But when Star helps Ghost Hunt! Disney Frozen. Anna and Elsa from Disney Frozen explore a series of hidden hallways in the castle and uncover some spooky secrets Goldie Blox and the Best Friend Fail! Calling all Maker-kids! When Goldie Blox accidentally lets down her best friend, Ruby, she's determined to make it up to her by throwing her BFF the Junie B.

Barbara Park makes reading fun. Jones, has been keeping kids laughing—and reading—for more than twenty-five years. Over 65 million copies sold!

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Chase is invited to guard Boys and girls ages Nate the Great and the Missing Key Nate. Beginning readers are introduced to the detective mystery genre in these chapter books. Perfect for Perfect for the Common Core, kids can problem-solve with Nate, using logical thinking to solve mysteries!

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Augusta St. Bowser let out a grunt of disapproval. Bonifacius St. He got the most out of these kids, rallied them around Mandl and himself, keeping them focused. Check out the coupons online.

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