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geo localisation iphone 6 Plus Natural Balance Dry : When it comes to their dry food offerings, this brand offers a wide variety of options in several different product lines. The Ultra Premium line of products features complete and balanced nutrition for dogs in different life stages, all made with quality ingredients. The Wild Pursuit line of products is inspired by the diet of wild wolves and it is made with three premium protein sources as well as freeze-dried raw pieces for a boost of nutrition and natural flavor. There is also a vegetarian food product. Here is a list of their dry food recipes:. Natural Balance Canned: In addition to a wide variety of dry food options, they also offer a selection of canned and wet food entrees.

There are also tubs of wet food available from the LID line and the Delectable Delights line of flavorful stews. Here is a list of wet food recipes:.

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Limited Ingredient Diets Recipes :. Wild Pursuit Canned Recipes :. Delectable Delights Recipes :. These rolls come in four different recipes and you can serve them however you like — sliced, chopped, or grated. Natural Balance Dog Treats: If you are looking for a healthy, tasty snack for your dog then you should consider their dog treats. These treats are full of natural flavor and nutritious ingredients and they come in the following product lines:.

This diet is gluten-free and made with an optimal balance of premium proteins and other key nutrients to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. As an added bonus, it is free from artificial additives like colors, flavors, and preservatives. The first ingredient in this dry food recipe is chicken. Chicken is a high-quality source of animal protein and an excellent ingredient to see in a dry food recipe. Fortunately, this recipe also includes chicken meal — chicken meal has been cooked to remove moisture already which makes it a highly concentrated source of animal protein.

All of these meat meals combined with the fresh chicken speak to the high protein content of this recipe. After the chicken comes brown rice and oats — two naturally grain-free carbohydrates. Both of these carbohydrates are considered to be highly digestible for dogs, especially when properly cooked, and they provide dietary fiber as well as key vitamins and minerals. Potatoes serve as a supplementary source of grain-free carbohydrate, as does brewers rice. The problem with brewers rice is that it is a byproduct of the rice milling process and it consists of tiny fragments of milled rice which contain very little nutritional value.

This ingredient may be used as a filler or it could simply be an additional source of dietary fiber for your dog. Another potentially controversial ingredient is tomato pomace — this recipe also contains pea fiber and oat fiber. The remaining ingredients in this recipe consist primarily of fats, dried fruits and vegetables, extracts, and supplements. The primary source of fat in this recipe is chicken fat which, though it may not sound appetizing to you, is a highly concentrated source of energy for dogs. Supplementary fat sources include flaxseeds and menhaden oil — these combine with the chicken fat to provide a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

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The dried fruits and vegetables included in this recipe serve as natural sources for key nutrients including antioxidants and they provide some fiber as well. Many of the mineral supplements in this recipe are chelated which is a very good thing. One thing this recipe is missing is dried fermentation products for probiotic support. Overall, Natural Balance can be considered a high-quality pet food brand that provides a wide selection of different products.

While their recipes are divided over a number of different product lines, they are all made with premium quality ingredients and they are manufactured according to the strictest standards for quality and safety. The Company is so confidence in the quality of their products that they allow customers to look up lab test results for individual bags of dog food. Whether your dog needs a high-energy formula or a limited ingredient diet, you can count on them to have a number of different recipes for you to choose from.

No matter which recipe you choose, however, you can feel good knowing that your dog is getting the natural, wholesome nutrition he deserves and the flavor he craves. Kate holds a certificate in fitness nutrition and enjoys writing about health and wellness trends — she also enjoys crafting original recipes. In addition to her work as a ghostwriter and author, Kate is also a blogger for a number of organic and natural food companies as well as a columnist for several pet magazines.

Your email address will not be published. Is this a review? No Yes. Review Headline. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My German Shepherd is 5 years old. He has eaten your Sweet Potato and fish formula dry dog food for 3 years with never a problem. We put him on it after finding he had an allergy to chicken. I purchased a new bag at my local Petco. After one feeding from the NEW bag, he threw it all up and would not touch it on his next feeding.

I had some dry food of the old bag left which he chowed down with no problem. I am returning the NEW bag. Are there any recalls on this product that have not been announced as of yet? I recently purchased canned Duck and Potato expiring in after using for years. Both dogs would not finish eating it. On examination, it was getting darker in color in a short amount of time.

I thought it was a new recipe. Thankfully only one ate half and is now at the vet with severe diarrhea and vomiting. My dogs do not get table food period. She is a Yorkie but never had pancreatitis in the 5 years I have had her and she is almost 9. Both dogs still refused that can.

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While their recipes are divided over a number of different product Sign Up Log In. The review of Natural Balance is out of date. Find the perfect additions to your holiday, and save instantly! Rather than selling pets in its retail shops like other chains do, the company partners with humane societies and animal rescue groups.

I opened up a different case of the same flavor and it looked like it normally does with a much lighter color. Waiting on further tests tomorrow. Anyone else have this problem? Clearly accidents happen and reports of salmonella in the past. It all starts with one complaint or report. We switched to Natural Balance about 3 years ago.

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I have tried. They know it is not the same. They all have diarrhea from the change of foods and their moods have changed. You kept the Natural Balance name. Very sad…I was in Petco the other day voicing a complaint and the cashier advised their are are a lot of returns of the Natural Balance rolls and how disappointed the customers are, as well. I will never buy your product again…. Just started my standard poodle pup and my pugle on Bil.

Jac got the one for sensitive stomachs they eat it all dry. You can always take it back! Lamb rolls are wet and sticky and I cannot cut them with a knife as I did in the past.

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My dogs will not eat them anymore. All the years I have been feeding these rolls until VanPatten sold us out. I am returning the case of Lamb rolls and on the hunt for a new food. So sad………. How truly sad about the state of pet food these days. Too many byproducts and unsafe elements. Even Natural Balance has succumbed. I hope Dick VanPatten is listening…or he may not even care. Did they change their kibble formula? I could have sworn the meat protein use to be first, but now the starch is listed first.

I think you need to take another look at Natural Balance as a recommended brand. I used that brand for my Australian shepherds for years and I have had to change. Not only did my dogs no longer like it but it was making them sick. With further research, I found that they have been bought by a large company i. Purina and changed the ingredience, apparently to my dogs, significantly. Is anyone having problems with the Limited ingredient Rabbit formula? This morning I opened a new bag of Lamb and Brown Rice limited ingredient dog food.

Due to his food allergies my dog has been on a restrictive diet for a number of years. He has been doing fine with NB food. That is, until today… I noticed a visual change in the food itself; the pallets appear darker in color and more dense. By late afternoon he had promptly vomited all of the new food. First his mid day snack still practically intact , then his almost fully digested breakfast.

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My Saint has been on NB Chicken and sweet potato limited ingredient. She is alright in the morning but by night she has loose stools and sometimes has to go out more than once. The food does not seem to have that sweet potato aroma that I am used to smelling. I am concerned and perplexed. Just gave her Flagyl. Hope that helps. I have a french bulldog and a toy Pomeranian. They both have been eating natural balance potato and duck formula…they both have been extremely thirsty and drink a lot at once…I noticed the kibbles are darker after opening a new bag recently.

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26 best Natural Balance coupons and promo codes. Save big on dog and cat foods. Today's top deal: $3 off. August, - Verified Natural Balance coupons for pet food. List includes verified coupons, promo codes, and printable coupons.

Did anyone else notice these issues? The vet suggested wetting it and he continued to eat it and he ate his evening food dry. In the past two months, he has been drinking and urinating excessively, including having small accidents overnight. His blood tests turned out normal for kidney, liver, and thyroid issues, so the vet suggested trying another food. I recently switched to Wellness brand and he can barely wait until I get it in the bowl dry, before he gobbles it down. It has only been a few days, but he is not drinking near as much. I feel like such a bad mom for not picking up on the clues much earlier.

I was assuming it was an age related issue and never considered it being an issue with his food. The BEST food on the market bar none. I have three grown cats from different litters and all three have succumbed to a UTI. The only thing that has changed is the dry food. I went from Halo or Fromm to New Balance and within a week, my cats are not urinating. I have one on antibiotics, while I am praying the other two urinate by morning, I will be sending them to the vet as well.

I am livid! I will take this to the media asap! I have had my Beagle who is 5 years old with thyroid problems and weighs over 70 pounds on the Natural Balance weight control formula he loves it I am also mixing in green beans he is a very satisfied happy baby boy. I used to feed my dog NB. Once they were purchased by Del Monte a friend of mine who works for the company told me that some if their ingredients are processed at a plant over seas. Not to mention it is now processed at the same plant that other Del Monte owned dog products are made.

Thumbs down NB. I also have noticed my dog does not like the food anymore. This has just happened in the last month or so. I have been getting NB canned limited ingredients lamb and rice for her and it was one of the few foods that she like and also liked her. Now reading that they have changed the formula, I guess I am relieved that it is not my dog but I do have to find her a new product. I really thought she was just being contrary and wanting my food. Two months I purchased a bag of Venison and Sweet Potato for my dog.

He has been on brand for three years. Recently when I opened a new bag of Venison and Sweet Potato the bag a considerable amount of oil on the bag. I took the bag back for another bag and it was not quite as greasy. I called Natural Balance and the comment was that they are spraying a flavoring on the food. I noticed my dog not wanting to eat the dry food and now my dog is in the hospital with anemia and very lethargic. I was mailed a coupon for another bag of food and he still leaves most of the dry food in his bowl. What is the cause of this?

It is considerably more and now that she simply walks away from her bowl is very disturbing. I will have to look for a new food for her. He is allergic to grains. Until the past month he had been doing fine. I noticed the texture of the food had changed. My cat has been feverishly licking his belly fur off as well as drinking twice as much water than normal. He has stated meowing for no reason while walking around the house. Also urinating a lot more than normal.

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Bad move to change ingredients. They have stopped making Alpha, and now make Wild Pursuit. I need to know whether this is considered a safe feed for my pet. I just started my dog on the potato and duck formula a few days ago. So far, so good. Please re-examine your review of Natural Balance. One of my rescues has poultry allergies, and chicken seems to be in every dog food product.

I just purchased a bag of the Venison and Sweet Potato, which does not have chicken listed anywhere. Thank you. I have a shiba with skin allergies and kidney issues. I contacted GO!

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And one of their dietitians called me to discuss food options. Check them out if you can find it where you are. Natural Balance has saved my dog who has severe stomach issues and I hear nothing but the same from many of my friends. Your recalls here are from 7 years ago???

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Blue Buffalo lately??? Lead in food for an example and Beneful dry causing pet deaths? I give it a