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In return I have been able to save money for things we would like to splurge on such as traveling, date nights, and so much more! Couponing and deal hunting will change your life and I am here to share my wealth of knowledge to the community to help them save in return.

He was in the military at the time and i was a stay at home wife at the time and wanted to stretch out our income. Also it gives me a thrill going to the store and getting tons of items that i need for low prices. I realized I can get items and make ends meet with out living paycheck to paycheck.

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My family was down to 1 income and I had to help with coupons, playing against the marketing companies and play the game to my advantage vs giving into the stores. I have always felt that one should always give back if you able to get items for free after coupons. I was able to get a few hundred until the last 2 stores called each other and shut my operation down lol. At first it was hard but eventually, it became easy. Getting the deal before the store gets cleared, seeing the receipts of how much I saved or how much I made by buying that product that I will buy anyway is what makes it enjoyable!

Top Mistakes New Couponers Make in 2019

I LOVE saving money. I love that once you build a stockpile over a certain amount of time, you can sit back and enjoy without worrying about spending on daily needs. I have been living off my stockpile for the last year or so.

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All products except food that my family needs, I have in in my stockpile I got free or crazy cheap. I LOVE couponing for food.

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I mean, yes, we can get shampoo, toothpaste, body wash free and cheap but food is harder. Canned goods perfect for storing, rice, bread, snacks and more. You can never go wrong with getting food using coupons. These amazing couponers save themselves hundreds of dollars, and then many give back to those in need with their stockpile. Make sure you follow these influencers to get crazy good deals at Kroger, Target, Walmart and more!

They have tips and coupons on their Instagram feeds every day! Sign in. Get started.

The Best Coupon Sites to Help You Save

These 12 Coupon Influencers on Instagram will make you jealous of their deals. Tophatter Discovery Follow. Why they make. How they see. What they do. Everyday is the creators' perspectives. This is the corporate blog of AMI. Money Coupon Instagram Deal. We publish creators. Write the first response. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Great data base. LOTS of different stores to choose from. The other good one is zoupons.

This is especially true with Target! You are totally right about confusing. It has tips on how to coupon, printables, and weekly blogs on the ad savings for both regional stores and national stores. I just got 70 swagbucks in my account today from coupons. I used this website and I was able to find great deals.

List of the Top Coupon Blogs on the Internet Today

There are many other useful coupon websites out there. I have a question for Elizabeth; what are swagbucks?? It sounds interesting!!. Swagbucks are digital points that you earn for doing internet searches, shopping online, watching videos, or taking the daily poll. Once they add up you can get some pretty sweet gift cards! After using your coupons, you can download Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps which give you rebates when you shop.

Checkout 51 has fewer rebates but no store restrictions. Thanks so much for sharing these additional ways to save! Being a veteran this company seems to be headed in the right direction my wife uses this one frequently.

Slave to Discount Buying: Top 50 Niche Coupon Blogs

They also are partnering with some brands to offer in deeper savings. Robert Smith, What about a widow of someone, can they use this site or is it for active Military only? Being in southern California I love southerncalisaver.

1. Coupon Dad

You earn kicks for walking into stores and scanning products and them redeem the kicks for gift cards. I need to try Shopkicks again — I played with it a little when the app first came out, but then completely forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me of that one! I personally use Couponchief. Alot of the sites I have check out are not the greatest and hard to get around in or cost so much to join. LOL Thanks, Sherry. Online couponing can be so frustrating sometimes.

How to Get Started with Your Own Couponing Blog

About Blog The Coupon Mom is the country's largest grocery deals website with 7 million members. These sites may even inspire you to start your own blog. I try to check at least one or two of these sites before each and every grocery shopping trip. There are several great coupon blogs online that can help you locate these discounts. Pick only a few favorites, and bookmark them for quick reference on an internet toolbar. Swagbucks are digital points that you earn for doing internet searches, shopping online, watching videos, or taking the daily poll. For this, we highly recommend Bluehost.

I really hear you when you talk about sites being difficult to navigate. The one I use the most currently is coupons. Thanks for sharing this list most of the people in internet are looking for discounts now a days. These sites give coupon codes and discount codes on their favorite products or services. I always look for latest deals and discounts. Thanks for sharing. Your email address will not be published. Facebook 28 Twitter Pinterest Comments AddictedtoSaving.

The Best Coupon Blogs – Top Money Saving Sites To Save You Money

7 Coupon Sites That’ll Help You Save Money Every Time You Shop. Krazy Coupon Lady. Along with listing ways to get coupons, KCL highlights deals, sales and general tips for living a frugal life. Coupon Bloggers. The women and men on the front lines of active deal digging love to share their frugal findings with active readers. Following bloggers who.

Great selection of coupons and sale offers. This is a great list. Another great coupon site to check out is RedeemACoupon. This is a great list of sites to save some huge money while shopping online.