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Xfinity indoor/outdoor camera zooms in on Grinch’s faces and license plates Xfinity security is the worst and their customer service is beyond horrible. Apparently if something goes wrong with the "touchscreen" at your home it does not reset itself and you loose connection and your house is "unprotected" while your away. Which is the main reason we got the security system in the first place. It's a joke! Hello, I have xfinity home. The touchscreen is primarily indipendently connect via cellurar along with wifi. Not when the backup battery in the touchscreen dies! If someone comes and cuts your power, and returns the next day your house is a free-for-all with Xfinity.

Battery lasts for a few hours only. Regardless, you're still protected. The main communication is wifi but has a backup cellular monitoring. It is inconvenient to not be able to reset remotely but you are still secured. These are all things that should be told to you at the time of install, apparently that was not the case for you and that's not a good experience. Not true. I have xfinity home security. If the battery is removed from the base which takes about 1 minute, your whole system is down.

Also if there is an error your base beeps LOUDLY every minute until they arrive to fix it, unless you pull the battery. Xfinity is crap. I think Xfinity lacks few features that they need at this moment of their lives. Thanks for summary done here and I will keep checking out others for the moment being. I am looking forward to testing it out. From the sound of it not many have had a good experience with them so I may also call to cancel if I am within the right of recession.

The technician wasn't able to answer any questions about where their monitoring station is and how it is all connected which concerns me. I hope they don't outsource their monitoring to a third world country like they do with their online support! Cancel now. Anyone can pull the battery from your base and you are finished.

Also if there is an error your base will beep super loudly every minute until they show up days from now. If the battery is pulled from the base it trips an alarm to the monitoring station and they contact you just as any other alarm company. We use the xfinity home security system and regret it every day we are with them. Do yourself a favor and don't use this company! I switched from ADT for a better deal I have never been more sorry!

They are terrible. I do NOT feel secure. Have had them to my home 4 or 5 times now and it's always something.

Xfinity Home Sales Process

Camera not connected, garage window tampered with, etc. I have never in 1 year had a phone call from them for a tamper alert, etc. ADT called me for everything. I can understand the need for a contract and this company has one of the shortest that I have seen in a while. Great write up, I am going to hold off on them for now and glad I didn't start something I will regret later on. I feel like this company just tried to do too much at once with their home security niche.

Completely unreliable security system and the mobile app sucks. I travel for work on a weekly basis and thought having a home security system will allow me to monitor my condo. Every time when I'm away, I always get this communication failure alert triggered by the door or window sensor. The first time I received the text alert, I thought someone break into my condo because the text doesn't say it's a communication failure.

Instead it says alarm has been triggered and the security center has been notified. I was waiting for someone to contact me but it never happened. So I logged onto the app and found out it's a communication failure triggered by one of the sensors. I tried to disarm or reset using the app, it wouldn't let me and kept getting message that says cannot be reset due to the communication failure. I figured out how to reset it but I have to be home to do it using the console. Then open and close the door or window that triggered the error. Then it will reset itself.

What a piece of useless device and gives me more headaches than security service. Very very annoyed!! The xfinity salesman was a tad annoying but I assume most salesmen are. He pushed several products I didn't want or have interest in. I just want the basic home security setup and not all the fancy Xfinity automation that they offer as an upsell. This doesn't surprise me and I agree with you. I have a long history with Comcast and every time they come to my home it's upsell, upsell, upsell.

They don't understand that middle-class can't afford all those luxury packages. We got Xfinity home security two years ago and are cancelling first thing in a few months when our contract is over. They hook you with their promotions and equipment but still lack in the customer service department. We hardly ever set the alarm system because we can't rely on them monitoring and following through on their end.

We are in the same boat we were told the same thing that we were in a two year contract but when I called to cancel they said we were in a three year contract as well. I personally myself will never get in a two year I mean a three-year contract could you please inform me if you get out of your contract and I'm trying to find a way to get out myself you can contact me at timothy.

Johnson yahoo. It's hard to come by knowledgeable people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you're talking about! ADT has great sales reps, but when the techs come out, they bash the quality of the product and highly recommend going with a separate video company, which is the main reason i wanted a system to begin with. Comcast has definitely upped their game and has a good system and for the bundled price cant be beat. As far as customer service, hell who has good CS these days no one its not the 80's any longer! I've only had to call 2x per user confusion other than that its worked very well!

Not too many complaints. Since we pay our home insurance a yr up front the hefty discount check of didn't disappoint either. All seems well for now Too many complaints to say that I don't know where or if I should start. Save your time and money folks. I was on the fence with them and based on what I read, they are a stubborn company. I can see what they work for some but knowing if I did not like their service I would have to jump through hoops to get out of it is just not appealing to me. I talked to 3 different reps and they just couldn't sell me on it. On to the next one!

I have had them for 3 months. Wish I would have come across this analysis before and saved myself the headache's I've had with them. Stay far far away from these guys! Well, that statement alone is one that I would keep in mind and I think I will move along as well. They 'fish hook' baited me with their promotional offer and as always you end up paying more because that's what Comcast security does best. If you haven't bought this yet, I would definitely find another company while you still have hope!

So, what exactly you had to paid more for?

Home automation and smart home features

I am considering various security solutions available Good call on this. I was just debating on them and read the review. I almost signed up because they offered me a great deal but knowing they hike up the price is not appealing to me in the least. I am on a tight budget and don't need something like this screwing over my family. The promotional price, the incremental increases and the agreement terms are clear and available to anyone who can read or cares to ask. I would always recommend going with the top company ranked on this website first but if you have already had Xfinity security installed in your house then you won't end up being too sad that you did.

Just moved to a Home after living in the condo for the past 10 years the first thing we did was to contract security service of course after after living in the condo for the past 10 years the first thing we did was to contract security service of course after soon. Within a week the app did not work and I thought the problem was with my phone. I filed a complaint with the Florida division of agriculture and consumer, affairs and requested my initial investment to be reimbursed.

Comcast has the worse customer service around, I will sign up with a different company I found on your review site and instead of being on the phone I will spend this time drafting legal documents for the complaints litigation that I will initiate against the company. I laughed when this came out And as previously stated, their customer service is a joke! And we recently had a tech come out to look at an issue with our cable No thanks Xfinity I'll stick to ADT.

Totally agree with you, I have had both and ADT is definetly the winner. I think of Xfinity as kind of like a jack of all traits and master of none. The quality of equipment is my main concern and this certainly didn't disappoint. Thanks for your help. We like to support the little guy still wet behind the ears, but with the safety of our family on the line, this is a tough call. Still, the savings are hard to beat. Tossing this one around a bit here.

What Sets Xfinity Apart

Comcast is the largest cable company in the world. The Comcast security service, called “Xfinity Home,” is a total home security system. It offers. Xfinity® Home from Comcast is a complete home security system that helps protect your family. Get 24/7 online security monitoring and more!.

Thanks for the great review and bringing this lesser known company to our attention. Been with Xfinity since Dec Called tech support 20x, they finally admitted they can no longer help me. Billing said I am signed to a 2 year contract and there is no way out without early termination fee. Run away from Xfinity Home fast, very fast.

Looks fine to me, has good equipment and decent packages. But there are few things which worry me like lack of BBB accreditation, new company, difficult to make a switch, etc. I work on Xfinity systems and they have an average amount of repairs compared to other companies equipment. The big problem has been the full functionality of their home automation, some of the process and equipment is buggy not all fluid like ADT Pulse but overall still a good option for users. There are many drawbacks of this company as suggested in the post and the price range are almost same as ADT.

But it is good thing that they own customer service by themselves so they can provide the best support with all knowledge. We thought about going with this company, but one of the "cons" is hard to cancel or switch and I am not a fan of that in any company. Even though the prices are good and the installation looks simple, I want to be able to move to another company if possible, without hassle.

Hi Jakie, Contracts are standard in the Home security industry. Typical is 36 months which isn't bad, although some companies are now going to 60 months which we do not recommend who knows what will be going on 5 years from now?! Thanks for your input. My bad, but for the first time since installation I decided to test it today, walked in and tripped the door and motion detector, let it go into alarm and went and waited for the call I called Comcast, was told a bunch of lies about an alarm not being allowed to ring long enough etc.

It must be a central monitoring problem, etc. I was give their monitoring company number, called them and they never received notification of an alarm by the system. Called back to Comcast , was transferred around and hung up on several times before finally getting someone to help with a test. Leaving a wife at home alone with the assurance she was protected from home invasions or burglars.


Agreed Rob. Xfinity continues to get a downpour of bad reviews, unhappy customers with the majority of people that sign up as cancelled or charged back. We recommend any one of our other top 3 companies and strongly encourage those considering comcast security to read our other security company reviews here first. I am not very keen on a company that does not make it easy to cancel or switch and that you have listed as one of the "cons". Has anyone ever had any experience with that and this company? Woah, I didn't even realize Xfinity offered home security service.

Looks like there are some mixed reviews here. The contract seems to be the biggest drawback. Comcast has the shortest contract in the industry 24 months. All other major alarm companies are a minimum of 36 months. Comcast does have quality services--but they are too flaky with their prices. I would not recommend their security system to anyone who can't afford to pay more than the initial price; you'll definitely end up paying more than that no matter what service of theirs you are using. Because they are still a newer company, I am a bit cautious in getting my feet wet, so to speak.

I have heard mixed reviews on the company. With the good, it was great, but the bad was a bit bad. Some have complained of not being able to cancel easily. That would make me mad. Anyways, I enjoyed this. You did a great break down and pointed out things customers need to know before accepting a contract. I would agree that they are new, but they have established themselves pretty well and do offer some great options. Im sure if you complained enough they would let you cancel. I don't have Comcast, and I don't plan on getting it yet. It seems to be spotty where I live but I'm not sure if that means the home security would be too.

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Their equipment looks nice and different than most other companies but if anyone else can let me know if I should choose them or the rated here instead, let me know. The Xfinity monitoring is can be slow, my neighbor set off his alarm and it took Comcast about 15 minutes to call for a pass-code. We could have cleaned out his house by then. I never understood why they charge so much. At least make it a portion of the monthly pay even. Not sure if I want to go with them just yet, as I am looking into others at the moment, but they're high on my list.

I agree. I feel like they over price this and then on top of that, we have to be contracted to them for a set amount of months. I like the price but I feel like set up and everything should be free considered they make back their money and then some. I've never been a Comcast customer, but I hope they get this straightened out eventually because it seems like a good security system. I'm not sure I would call their promotions 'hiding stuff' from their customers, just be aware that price will go up in months and with Comcast you can always bargain with them for a better deal later on.

Good discernment Hannah.

Xfinity Home

Promotions can be nice and doesn't have to mean they are trying to fool you. Just be prepared at months for the prices to jump. It seems like Comcast makes a habit about dangling a nice low price in the beginning. Granted if you are going to go with a company, not a bad idea to get the best deal for a year or two but why not set a fee for any service offered that we can live with for a longer period of time?

The customer could then decide if they want to obtain the service offered and not have to deal with "contract breaking" if they feel that prices are getting "out of hand".

So - it boils down to this - make a commitment to the customer - not the other way around. I am about to get this system installed in our home, that part was harder than it should have been but once the sales guy got to our house things went much better. Good so far but I haven't had to call in for customer service so I can't rate that part. At first, I was excited about security from xfinity since I had all of their other services. This was an easy bundle.

The Best Home Security Systems

The appointment was rescheduled 10 days later. Annette Ges. Hilda Webb. They offer broadband monitoring with cellular backup but also with a long-term contract. Smooth interface, available on any smart device.

Up front, the costs were about the same as other companies. Their monthly fees were also close to other services in the area. The app rarely works could be my phone and every update to the app changes the look but never makes it functional. The camera link doesn't work on my phone but my phone is a piece of junk.

Only a handful of techs are trained on home security and in a major metropolitan area that is not enough.

Today's best Xfinity Home Secure deals

That's been my problems up to here, maybe that is normal with any company but I hope not. Either way I've got it now! Overall, I think Comcast is a great company. They make great business decisions, their stock is doing great and their new cloud based DVR technology is pretty cool even it took them over a decade to finally create a DVR that looks like it belongs in this decade Sorry Brian Roberts. I would consider Comcast an entry level system. I wish they would add a full set of expert rule configurations that allow the user to not only more control over their home and their lifestyle but save them money in the process.

About 10 years ago I wanted to start a subscription based automation company with a buddy of mine, but we didn't have the start-up capital to do it. I was a loyal Comcast customer for over 20 years. We had confusion on if I had a break in then whether or not I would have to fill out a police report, turn it in to them and they would provide a recording of all my cameras for whatever period of time I deemed necessary.

I was never rude and tried to treat each person respectfully. Plan on accessing real time camera feed via wifi access only. Do some research before you get any home security. There is no "wire" to cut that will cause your system to cease to function.

The primary form of communication is through your internet, yes. That wire can get cut assuming it is exposed and not underground. However, all Xfinity Home touch screens contain a Cell Guard backup, that will continue to communicate via nearby cell phone towers in case of a break in.

I have a more detailed review below but you will need to have Comcast internet to have the security as the security has its own separate security wifi router. Additionally, it gives you only a few window and door contacts. Now ask yourself, how many windows and doors do you have? Otherwise, if you know the installer code, you can install them yourself. That's my two cents. From the reviews I've been searching on the Internet there really aren't that many.

I'm seeing a strong leaning toward the ADT. We love it. There has never been any issues for us from the day it was installed. That was 2 years ago and we are happier than ever with it. Their contract was what threw me off. It was like their internet, a promotionally term followed by a higher price. I like the other security companies because they don't change the price on you half way through the agreement.

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How to securely wipe your iPhones, Android devices, and PCs. These days the stakes are high when it comes to handling data — one slip up and sensitive data could end up in the hands of someone who shouldn't have it. Image: Comcast Security researchers have found a flaw in Comcast's Xfinity home security products, allowing an attacker to trick the system into thinking that doors and windows are secured -- even when they're not.

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