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Some of those involved claim that this came close to being a successful revolution. He asked: "With the money I would need to spend to bring it here, could I better use that in a campaign for knife crime in the areas we know we need to spend money? This deal has expired. This may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. Go to deal. Bury hadn't given more details about how it planned to meet financial commitments as part of a Company Voluntary Arrangement, a statement from the English Football League said.

The Scottish TUC and Clyde Workers' Committee CWC sought to increase the availability of jobs, open to demobilised soldiers, by reducing the working week , from a newly agreed 47 hours, to 40 hours. The resulting strike began on Monday 27 January, with a meeting of around 3, workers held at the St.

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Andrew's Halls. Sympathy strikes also started among local power station workers and miners from the nearby Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire pits. The rapid growth of the action was credited to flying pickets , [6] [ failed verification ] most of whom were recently discharged servicemen. This was Scotland's most widespread strike since the Radical War of , [7] [ failed verification ] which had followed the end of the Napoleonic Wars. At the meeting concern was voiced that, given the concurrent European popular uprisings , the strike had the possibility to spread throughout the country.

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While it was government policy at the time to not involve itself in labour disputes, the agreed action was justified to ensure there was 'sufficient force' [9] present within the immediate locale of Glasgow to secure the continuation of public order and operation of municipal services. On 31 January, a large number of strikers contemporary estimates range from 20, to 25, [12] congregated in George Square. They were awaiting an answer to a their petition which the CWC had delivered to the Lord Provost of Glasgow some days earlier.

Accounts differ on what initiated the violence on the day, but police testimony at the following trials records that the police baton charged the striking workers at Kirkwood was knocked to the ground by a police baton.

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They were charged with "instigating and inciting large crowds of persons to form part of a riotous mob ". After the baton charge, the outnumbered police retreated from George Square. The fighting between the strikers and police, some mounted , spread into the surrounding streets and continued into the night. The events of the day prompted the request for military assistance by the Sheriff of Lanarkshire.


The deployment had already begun before the day's meeting of the War Cabinet, [19] which convened at 3pm. During that meeting Munro , Secretary for Scotland, described the demonstration as "a Bolshevist uprising". It was decided to deploy troops from Scotland and Northern England: troops from the local Maryhill barracks were not deployed because it was feared that men there might have sided with their neighbours. It is sometimes suggested that the War Cabinet ordered this deployment, but this is incorrect: the government lacked the authority to deploy troops against British civilians without declaring martial law, which was not declared.


The War Cabinet discussed the issue but the military deployment was in response to the request from the Sheriff of Lanarkshire. The first troops arrived that night, [21] with their numbers increasing over the next few days. The Observer newspaper reported that "The city chambers is like an armed camp. The military arrived after the rioting was over and they played no active role in dispersing the protesters. The troops and tanks then remained in Glasgow, and its surrounding areas, until 18 February. Calm returned to the city by the Sunday. Despite the military deployment, there were no fatalities.

With the strike over, the strikers gave up their cause for a hour work week and therefore, by default , accepted the previously agreed 47 hours.

Key members involved in the strike were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the events of the 31st. Only two — William Gallacher and Emanuel Shinwell — were convicted, and were sentenced to five months and three months in prison respectively. Some of those involved claim that this came close to being a successful revolution. Gallacher said "had there been an experienced revolutionary leadership, instead of a march to Glasgow Green there would have been a march to the city's Maryhill Barracks.

There we could easily have persuaded the soldiers to come out, and Glasgow would have been in our hands.

Emanuel Shinwell , born to a Jewish immigrant family in London , ran in the municipal elections to the Glasgow Corporation following his release from prison. In the general election of , the second election held after the passage of the Representation of the People Act , Scotland elected 29 Labour MPs. The region's socialist sympathies earned it the epithet of Red Clydeside.

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