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Virtual Reality (VR): The Future is Now Because the Go is standalone, that major hindrance is completely removed, providing a much more comfortable, secure experience.

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While the Go doesn't track you moving through space the way the Rift does, eliminating all the wires also eliminates a lot of the discomfort associated with being tucked inside a headset. And speaking of comfort, the Go feels downright cozy when it's properly cinched to your face - the inner lining is soft and pillowy and there are no hard plastic ridges creasing your skin.

For a set that packs all of its required components inside a tiny gray box attached to your head, it's an incredible piece of technology with a solid library of offerings, and it also has the advantage of not requiring lengthy setup or configuration, meaning it's really easy to pull out anytime you want to wow your family or introduce your friends to the wonders of virtual reality.

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If you can't find exactly what you're looking for here, a good tip is to check out some of the big retailers' landing pages, where they're constantly updating prices and deals. Some common options are below, leading straight to their latest selection of VR headsets. The Rift S is an interesting proposition. It fully displaces its predecessor, the original Oculus Rift, and is definitively an upgrade, but it's being sold at the same price point that the original retailed for and still does, on some storefronts.

That said, the Rift S is easily the best mid-level wired headset you can buy for PC. Not only does it have a solid, deep library of games, a library that's matured and expanded tremendously since the launch of the original Rift, its higher resolution and more comfortable fit means the original Rift is basically now obsolete unless, of course, you can find one at a deep discount. While the original may have a slight advantage in some of the aforementioned categories, the actual experience of wearing the Rift S is far superior, especially given that it fully supports inside-out tracking, meaning you don't have to buy, wire-up, and find a place for external sensors in your play space.

If you've already invested in a mid-tier or higher gaming PC and want a powerful headset, one that will deliver top-tier VR experiences that look and play great, and don't want to spend a massive amount of cash for the privilege, the Rift S is a clear winner.

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It may be more of an iterative upgrade from the original that we originally hoped, but it's still an excellent piece of hardware, and a fantastic way for PC owners to dive into virtual reality for the first time. Let's begin with a cavet: the Index is a headset that hovers just inside the qualifications for this list. It also boasts some impressive technology and handy convenience features, like per-finger tracking on the excellent Index controllers, USB passthrough for future accessories, and fantastic, crystal clear audio via the near-field speakers, which hover just above the ears.

It's also comfortable to wear, built from carefully selected, high quality materials and with top notch weight distribution. But all that comes at a price. There also aren't any solid use cases for the finger tracking technology that's the marquee feature of the controllers. That said, if you have the budget and a powerful gaming PC and want to show off the best VR has to offer, the Index is the best premium offering currently available.

Field of view refers to the amount of an environment that's visible to an observer, in VR it's the extent of the game world that's visible in the displays. There are plenty of amazing experiences available on the HTC Vive and it's a brilliant system to own. You can also enhance your experience with a variety of upgrades and additional accessories that make VR gaming even more enjoyable.

With an increased pixel density, enhanced resolution and improved audio which includes Hi-Res certified headphones and spatial sound capabilities, this headset is the pinnacle of the VR experience. This is headset takes the solid foundations of the original Vive headset and improves upon them in every area.

It's more comfortable, more visually stunning and offers an incredibly immersive gaming experience. It's more of an upgrade for current Vive owners than something you'd buy outright unless you have a lot of spare cash. You do get what you pay for though and this headset is no doubt the very best VR experience currently.

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Buy VR Headsets at India's Best Online Shopping Store. Explore a wide range of virtual reality smart glasses from top brands. ✓Best Deals ✓COD. Results 1 - 24 of 56 Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the world of technology. If you are a VR freak, get yourself a VR headset and enjoy the world of Virtual.

The Oculus Quest is a new headset from Oculus that represents a middle-ground for virtual reality gaming. It's a standalone device that packs some clever hardware that allows for six degrees of freedom movement thanks to built-in tracking. It doesn't need to be tethered to a gaming PC or phone in order to run and yet is capable of delivering some impressive gaming experiences. The Oculus Quest is also cross-compatible with the other Oculus headsets, meaning if you own one, you can play with friends who own an Oculus Rift with no troubles at all.

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The included remote was nice, but it was rarely used for anything other than menu choices. Completed Items. The Oculus Quest is also cross-compatible with the other Oculus headsets, meaning if you own one, you can play with friends who own an Oculus Rift with no troubles at all. The Oculus Quest is a new headset from Oculus that represents a middle-ground for virtual reality gaming. That said, for those looking for a standalone, it's the best option on our list. New patents for Apple mixed reality headset have surfaced. The Oculus Rift has been around the longest of the three high-end headsets, but this old boy still has some features up his sleeve.

The Quest is bigger and better than the Oculus Go featured elsewhere in this list and is a perfect mid-level device for those looking to get into VR gaming in a serious way. This is a bit of a Windows Mixed Reality bucket. Windows Mixed Reality is a newcomer to VR. It needs the latest version of Windows 10 to run, but the idea is to bring VR to the masses, by making the hardware more affordable, the software standard and the PC requirements more accessible.

Although we've seen a number of headsets and have reviewed the Acer and Asus headsets in detail. Acer succeeds in bringing the price down although there are some compromises along the way and the materials do feel a little cheap. In the Black Friday sales, the price dipped even lower. The PC requirements are also lower than with the Vive and Rift too, making this headset more accessible to the masses.

This means you can play a mass of brilliant virtual reality games without spending a fortune. If you're considering a WMR headset then the Asus version is another option. It's also incredibly easy to set up and use. We really liked the funky looking design of this headset which really makes it stand out from the crowd. The only downside to the flip-up visor design is the amount of light it lets in from behind, which can sometimes we be distracting. Access to a large library of VR games via Steam should certainly have some pull.

Top pick: Homido V2. The Homido is a high quality mobile VR headset, and with the spacious interior — well-suited for those who need to wear glasses underneath.

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Runner-Up: Merge VR. The look of the Merge VR is far different than others on the market — appearing retro and blocky, almost toy-like. Medium-range VR goggles for glasses. Top pick: Samsung Gear VR.

To start, the GearVR has a roomy interior and comfortable padding, making it a great VR headset for glasses wearers. Top quality VR systems and using with glasses.

Top pick: Playstation VR. All of the high-end VR glasses are impressive, and each has a library of games, videos and apps to enjoy. Packed with 70 sensors for degree head-tracking, the HTC Vive comes in second on our list for VR goggles to wear over glasses. The Oculus Rift has been around the longest of the three high-end headsets, but this old boy still has some features up his sleeve. More Reviews:. What are OTG goggles?