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My Most Rewarding Experience with Sodexo Gift Certificates I also used my Sodexo Gift certificates to go Christmas shopping with my family so I can buy them gifts they actually want or need. We had fun shopping and never encountered a problem using the Sodexo Gift Certificates, which made me feel like using real money at that time. Nevertheless, we still managed to enjoy and maximize our shopping spree since SM practically had everything! Actually, I have been meaning to buy that for quite some time but I always choose to set aside my budget for more important stuff. Needs first before wants, that is my motto in life.

Thanks to the Sodexo Gift certificates I used, I was able to appreciate photography as my new hobby.

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I even joined photography events and I also got to experience winning Photographer of the month in one of my Photography groups. Here are some photos I took. I think that this was one of my best investments because the photos I took using my camera will definitely last a long time. Plus, I discovered that I have some talent in Photography which I am hoping to continue on improving.

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Using the Sodexo Gift Certificates was really rewarding because I was able to realize that I have a knack for Photography. What made it more fulfilling and rewarding is being recognized by peers, receiving kind words about my photos, and being asked by a foreigner in one of the Photography groups I joined if she could convert one of my photos I took into a colored pencil art.

I thought she was joking but lo and behold, she sent me her artwork and I was awed by her artistic skills! Lastly, I kept a few of the Sodexo Gift Certificates for emergency purposes.

This was the smartest thing I did because back in October , some unexpected things happened and we used up our emergency funds. Our finances were really tight and the Sodexo Gift Certificates I kept with me proved to be our saving grace as we were able to use it to augment our budget for groceries. Sodexo Gift Certificates will always be forever valid. If you have Sodexo Gift Certificates and the validity date is reached, you can always have them revalidated and replaced.

Sharing is good and everything but you should be able to learn to love and appreciate yourself more so that you can give more love and inspire others. Using Sodexo Gift Certificates can definitely be rewarding and you can also use them practically anywhere. The list below also shows the advantages of using Sodexo Gift Certificates. Guilt-free spending. Be proud and loud. Money is a little taboo to discuss and post on social media. I place money in secret pockets of my wallet for emergencies but sometimes, I find myself spending them at a spur of a moment without even a second thought.

Get yourself a discount anytime! A gift that lasts forever or until you get them renewed! Yes, because you can have it renewed at any time before or after the validity date which pretty much extends its validity time. In my case, using Sodexo Gift Certificates is very rewarding because you get to really enjoy the fruit of your labor. Normally, we work hard, earn money and use that money for bills, food, transportation, and other household expenses.

It opened up a whole new world for me, which is Photography and because of it, I learned to appreciate my God-given skills more than ever. So prepare and plan first and see all of your options and make your final selection before going to the store. There are different types of Sodexo Gift Certificates and some are brand specific SM Gift pass, etc while some are product specific Gift baskets, Meal and food pass, etc.

Those types have specific or limited merchants so make sure you check the type of Sodexo Gift Certificate you have.

In the past, I experienced some difficulty in locating some branches, so in this blog post, let me just share some of the steps and tips to make searching for your branch of choice easier:. Check your Sodexo Gift certificates now. Revalidation is free of charge so in case you have expired Sodexo Gift Certificates with you, you can have them revalidated so you can still use them to buy from their 10, merchant partner stores.

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If come down to Sodexo Meal pass or coupon then in India it is authorized by Reserve Bank of India so that it can be issued by You can visit Sodexo website and find out outlets which accept Sodexo coupons. Close X. Lunch Pass. Write a review. Apakah Merchant bisa mengajukan perubahan data setelah voucher Sodexo dikirimkan untuk proses reimbursement? Customers who bought this also bought:. Customizable gift certificates with endless merchant and product options to choose from.

Below was the question posted on Facebook. I blurred out the picture and name of the person who asked it to give him privacy.

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Sodexo gives you access to best-in-class eateries and grocery stores. in the vicinity, we have introduced find an outlet feature on our website and mobile app. Sodexo Gift Voucher - Rs Gift Cards. Multiple vouchers can be clubbed together on a single purchase Image used is for illustration purpose.

Reference: link. In case the Sodexo Gift Certificates you have has undergone quite some damage by rain, flood, mud, accidentally cut, etc but the security features codes and barcodes are still intact, try to check with Sodexo regarding the validity. This might increase customer satisfaction even more. For reference, here are the details of SODEXO Philippines in case you want Gift certificates replaced or revalidated, and in case you have further questions:.

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