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Master List of Companies to Contact for Coupons All you need to do is send an email to company addresses on the list and you should receive some coupons for their products either by email or snail mail. Sometimes the coupons are even for free products so you can try them. Just don't forget to include your mailing address in the email. The list includes companies like Burt's Bees, Folgers, Dannon, Lipton, Neutrogena, Wonderful Pistachios, and tons others, so be sure to check out the complete list at the link below.

Photo by Carol Pyles. You may get lucky and get some free product coupons sent to you! I did click on the gerber one and it said the page was not available anymore. Tofutti sent me a couple of complimentary product coupons along with other coupons, teddy bears, pens, etc.

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  • 1. Kraft Products;
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No expiration date on the coupons. There are lots of sites that bo coupons by mail a nice email can get you a long way. King Hawaiian rolls 2 free products Jhonshon vill 2 1 d off El Monty burritos 1 1d off 2 50 c off Hansen soda or juce free product Ocean spray free product Pick sweet free product 2 Haniz 8 or so over 2 months 55 c off Nice you love it email to go with Put your on site lii put more real I got pic and evry thing.

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Read my disclosure policy here. Abhishek G October 20, at am. Kristy October 20, at am. Sandy September 21, at pm. Liezel Nadal September 7, at pm. Liezel September 7, at pm. Karen Stafford August 24, at am. Kristy August 24, at am. Kristy September 10, at am. Ladalla July 16, at pm.

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Select your hair type and wait for the free stuff to come in the mail! Most companies take personal comments or complaints very seriously. You guys are amazing! Kristy January 6, at pm. Your mailbox will soon be flooded with free manufacturer coupons.

Jennifer Vernon July 5, at pm. Bill April 13, at am. Abbie January 13, at am. Tammy Kennedy December 23, at am. Margarita ortiz December 20, at pm. Rebecca Reeves December 9, at am. Kristy December 9, at am. Shanicegibbs November 26, at pm. Kristy November 26, at pm. Shelly October 25, at am. Kristy October 25, at am.

Kristy September 21, at pm. Jean Krueger August 14, at pm. Christa August 5, at pm. Jacqualine Beverly July 29, at pm. Pam Dening February 5, at pm. Kristy February 5, at pm. Rhonda Smith January 6, at am. Kristy January 6, at pm. This is really interesting. I was surprised by the lack of coupons and goodies, but then again, people would abuse the system if companies gave out coupons and stuff to everyone who compliments their products. I was given a refund for the sub-par product gift card and they told me to keep the product.

I used that gift card money to purchase a better Crest product and gave the other one to a friend. When they randomly show up people get really excited and make more great comments and tell their friends about it. Business is about relationships and value not just marketing and selling.

Your free ice-cream scoops reminds me why I stop having my fav ice-cream — Haagen Dazs in Malaysia. I used to buy pints off-supermarket shelves though once in a while the quality are not that great. Instead I got a rude reply that I should deal with the supermarket.

Free Coupons For Groceries

My most epic reward for polite feedback was not exactly a product, but an experience at an absolutely packed concert in a multi-story venue. The tickets I had purchased were labeled as main floor, but my wife and I were directed to a hole in the wall on the top level with absolutely no view of the stage. They just happen to be there. I see so many people get angry at the wrong folks and, as a result, stand zero chance of being helped. Thank you for sharing this great story! I liked it a lot. I emailed the company not to complain, but to let them know of the mistake in case they needed to do a recall.

They earned a customer for life. I did this twice, and actually I never asked for something but both I got something. The store was right by the subway station so they always got lots of customers in rush hours, I was one of them. Although all the employees were pretty good, one was exceptional to the point that she remembered my order. The moment she would see me walking into the store she would start preparing my coffee extra large with two milk. One day I wrote down her name and sent an email to Dunkin Donuts, and they forwarded my email to the store owner.

Flattery Project: I thanked 42 companies, see what they sent me!

I never asked for it, but he simply offered it. Few months later I found out that this one particular employee got a promotion, I was so happy to hear it. My other experience was with Zappos. They have this VIP segment. The book talks about how much the company is committed to customer satisfaction. So I decided to run my own little experiment. After I read the book I sent them an email saying that I enjoyed the book, and that I loved their company.

In this case I asked for something. I asked them if I can become a VIP member as well. They replied instantly. They thanked me and sent me a link making me a VIP member. That was cool. We love giving out free samples, but we generally only give them to people who come across as authentically loving our brand.

If someone sends us a genuine email on how our product changed their lives, we love it and will oftentimes send free product. We are a smaller company, so people at all levels of our organization are empowered to give out product. I sent a thank you note to my favorite Apple Cider company one year and they sent me packets! So it does work. But then I decided to try complimenting a few more companies and got nothing back.

I think most people can notice when something is sincere and when you are the first to make contact, you probably do better.

Companies That Offer Free Samples & Coupons (With Easy or No Requirements)

For example : Dawn the waitress at the airport restaurant as my flight kept being delayed. Crummy situation with a bright spot! You should try for free coupons for Trojan Rubbers. Upon receiving these little beauties wait 2 months and send them a reply like this. Your product is fine except for the big rip in the side of the condom. I am now 2 months pregnant and you will be receiving a letter from my attorney.

It will state that you are being sued for child support and anything else we can get away with to be compensated for your inferior product. Hi Jim! This was truthfully an awesome project!

Master List of Companies to Contact for Coupons

You have inspired me to do pretty much the same thing! On a side note a read that you were thinking about emailing startups for tshirts.. Thanks for an awesome read, hope to hear from you soon! I just stumbled across your article and I love your idea. Thank you Heather.


I just recently got a beautiful capsule holder. But why should they send expensive cups to anyone who comes asking? I find this whole post incredibly crass. I do this stuff all the time and constantly getting free coupons! It was really thoughtful. We complain all the time when things go wrong but with some companies, especially good ones, things seem to go right.

Maybe attaching a picture of your family all enjoying the products at home or on the go? To me, it would seem more genuine, and maybe it would stand out from the slew of emails they get from extreme couponers. Just my thoughts! Please stop wasting your and our time. Totally going to do something similar! PS — we went to the same college! Just not the same year…. I emailed Celestial Seasonings awhile back asking for coupons and possibly samples. I got both! You should try them again maybe they have changed policies since you last emailed them.

Hey there everyone im based in the UK. Reading this made me smile. I feel asthough I took a shortcut. I spent an hour at work firing off emails to 19 companies complaining, mainly restraunts with a couple of cinemas. Out of the 15 who responded I have recieved free stuff from 8, apologies from 3 and 4 complaints still ongoing.

Not bad for an hours worth and a couple of quick email responses thereafter. FYI, as a person who works for these companies that this form letter is being sent to, I want to give you all a tip. When we see email requests for coupons that are clearly form letters, like the above one, it drastically reduces the chances that we will send you something. If you want a coupon, write your own reason why and make it personal, it will increase the chances you might get something.

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I did the same thing with several food companies in australia, but each email was me personally thanking them for a specific product I liked as well as asking about future products or noting issues I might have noticed, also letting them know I was a fan. Loot I got from Mars foods was a stand out. I sent emails to several companies and got some pretty cool replies.

I would be interested to see what the difference in response would be if you generated fictitious complaints about each of those same companies, maybe try to mention how their competitors have never given you these problems and send them in to all the same email addresses. In my opinion, you recieved nothing worthwhile as a gift for your positive notes.

It seems to me that negativity dominates our society.