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Please keep in mind that the response you receive from these companies varies on which representative you reach. I got a letter from them thanking me and a FPC with it! I just emailed a few of these companies listed also Natrel , SCjohnson, tetley, I hope I get some coupons from them, wish me luck!!!!!!! Colgate said they would send me coupons, this was about a month ago. Does it usually take this long? Kelly: Sometimes it can. I would give it 6 weeks and then contact them again. Please note that as of the new year, , Johnson and Johnson is not sending out any coupons by mail unless you express that you do not have access to a computer and printer.

They are directing ppl to livingwell. Playtex is asking you to go to LiveWellSaveWell. What do you say to companies when calling or emailing them for coupons…not good at asking but it would help monthly grocery bill with being on disability pension. Dave: Just tell them that you like their products and ask if they have any coupons they could send you. I was looking at some of your shopping pics and was wondering how you got free board games and if it was through coupons which company sent them to you?

Not sure if you might want to remove them from this list.

Free Coupons by Mail: Here are 6 simple tips to get coupons for FREE!

We gave, until recently, discount coupons on our products upon request. However, as the demand for coupons has been growing tremendously, we had to modify our practice. Our company has now decided to offer in-store discount offers and promotions rather than coupons sent by mail. Can you fix??? Thanks a bunch. Thank you!!!

If you email Chapmans ice cream and tell them you love their product give tham your name and address they will send you a 5 off. Your allowed to do this once a year. Sandy for Palmolive follow the link above to email the company and ask for coupons, you can do the same for pancake syrup. Lots of companies will mail you coupons, you just have to sak! Thanks for your time! I have contacted most of these companies and they respond with sorry but at this time we are not handing out any coupons and please go look in stores for coupons. Did you email, call or write this company, Cassie?

I sent an e-mail to Chapmans a few months back and they responded saying they would send out coupons via Canada Post. When I received the big white envelope I was pretty excited but when I opened it up all I found was a calendar. I was very happy with the calendar and use it at my desk daily but I never did receive the coupon they said they would send disappointing. Hit or miss but worth a shot! The Canadian website is down for some reason I emailed them.

I emailed purina and they sent me 5x 4. Just for those have have emailed Chapmans. I emailed them and also received a very nice calander.

Free Mailed Coupons you can request from 300+ Companies:

Be patient, I think it might still be coming. Hi, I recently emailed a few of the these companies and was pleasently surprised with the response! Axe and Schick did respond but said they no longer send coupons. What I do is write them an email saying how much I love their products and some will send coupons and some wont.

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I found this on your website and thought it was a really good idea. I also emailed some p and G companies and they said they dont have a coupon mailing program. Has anyone else emailed these other companies if so have you had success? I had luck with the ones you named already. I have no printer so I use websaver. I have received 5 x 1. I love some of their products. Hi Mrs. Do you email the companies and give them your address? Thanks so much! I love your site so much and I respect how you deal with negative people. I think you do such a great job!!!!!! I also emailed Smuckers and received I emailed Johnsonville awhile back.

They said they would be happy to send coupons and that I could request some every three months! Sandy, check the newspapers for the coupon inserts they also have various coupons the last ones had Palmolive between my neice and myself we got 12 bottles of Palmolive our neighbours gave us their coupons so now we have a years supply.

Here are the ones that I have also received lately in the mail. I just went to each of their websites and, Contact us and then sent a request. My recommendation is that you do not ask for coupons and simply state how much you use their products and how much you love their company etc. So try that route…. You can joi the Ozery Bakery Inc.

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Coupon Club. You should receive other discounts at a later date. Thank you Cassie Cassie for compiling this list. I have emailed lots of these companies and recieved coupons in the mail but I find they are more generous with the coupons if you take the time and call. Works most of the time. I had contacted Pampers by phone about an issue I had with the packaging of their wipes and they promised to send coupons.

It was during the postal strike, so I suspect my coupons may have been lost in the shuffle. So I emailed them a few months later, reiterated my complaint about the packaging PLUS the fact that I had been promised coupons and never received them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! I told them they needed a smaller Good Night or a more absorbent night-time Pull-Up. Mrs J- do u have this list elsewhere that talks about how often you can request? Is there anyway you could update this list with the times you could request?

How did you get the Fresh Express coupons? I am new to Canada and dont know much about the coupon and the policies around here. Hi Cassie today I called Colgate-Palmolive and they have changed their policy. Thought I would let you know so you can update this info. You can call every 2 months to request another coupon. I contacted AMYs they make organic and delicious food, they are like Eden Organics and they are going to send me some.

I would not want to see them flooded with requests tho. I havent gotten the coupons yet but am looking forward to it. Thank you for letting us know about the companies above. I contacted Eden Organics and they are going to send me some coupons too you have them listed above.

Where to Get Coupons? 11 Easy Ways to Get Coupons Now

Once a month, once every couple months, once every 6 months?? How do you know that you can try again? I received coupons from Haan- Celestial. Love this list. Thanks for including some of the healthier product lines. It is much harder to find coupons for those types of products. This list is awesome! I have a friend who is a single mom and her daughter only can eat gluetin free food.

Thank you so much for this information. This product has been amazing. Hi I was wondering if u can mail coupons right to my house, I have no printer to print them off line, and i am on a fixed income so can use all the coupons i can get. Thx so much. I love this idea of contacting for coupons and seeing if they would send them. More interesting things in the mail for use in shopping. I tried requesting coupons from colgate-Palmolive but I cant seem to find the submit button.

I cant seem to get to the bottom of the page. Can anyone help me with this. Thank you so much for this list. I just informed the ones I needed and lets see if this idea works. I enjoy going shopping with coupons and finding the items. Its so much fun. Plus Purex gives out free samples and cou[ons. Last time I e-mailed Colgate I said how we loved their toothpaste and if they had coupons would they please be able to mail us some. Same with Biore and a bunch more on the list and it was recently.

Do you have a template for this? There is no template necessary. What agreat idea! I emailed Chapmans ice cream and got a 5. Loved the savings!

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You just keep trying different companies…. At this time we do not have any coupons available for mailing. Please visit our web site at: www. Maybe there are ones we are missing. Emailed a few companies this morning from the above list. At this time, we do not have a promotional program for distribution of free coupons or samples.

We suggest checking magazines and local newspapers, as they frequently carry cents off coupons for many of our products. We have now added your name to our mailing list. This list is private and used only by Unilever Brands. We do not sell or share this information with other companies. Names are randomly selected from these lists for periodic mailings and promotions. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to contact us and hope you continue to use and enjoy the many fine products of the Unilever Family.

Hi there, Thank you for all these links! I just emailed a bunch of companies for coupons, I am so excited to see a mailbox full of deals!!! At this time we do not have any coupons, trial sizes or samples of products to send to you, however, please visit our website, www. We trust this information is helpful to you and we thank you again for contacting us. Trying to find the blog you wrote on what to say when contacting these companies.

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Whatever channels you decide to use, keep in mind that people strive for genuinely omnichannel experience these days. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. Only ask for coupons from companies that you truly do enjoy. By using a modern infrastructure, coupon campaigns are also a source of tracking data for CRM used to build and continuously improve the marketing efforts in general. I am looking for coupons that are mailed to me thanks so much john. Johnson ville sauages send you coupons out every 3 months if you send them an e amil.

I cannot seem to find it. But ones I have just recently ordered and had luck with was — Bolthouse juices colgate ocean spray science hills pet food aveeno dricolls DANONE marc angelo michelinas frozen dinners and Purina. Hi Amanda, How were you able to get Colgate to send you coupons? Above you have Haagen Daz on the list however no contact info. Would love to know as I buy their ice cream bars like crazy. Would be nice to get some coupons.

Likewise, the brands under pinnacle foods inc told me to like the facebook pages of individual brands they make for promotions.

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Gain also said to contact PG brandsaver for coupons. It depends on the person who answers your email.

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There are so many companies that will send you free coupons by mail! Here's + to make sure money today. YES! SEND ME THE GUIDE!. Do you want free coupons by mail? Who doesn't – a bunch of money-saving paper coupons sent right to your doorstep is a saver's dream!.

Try again in a bit, I have had responses telling me no coupons will be sent out, and then a short while later someone else from the same company will send them out. I think the list has to be updated as most of the companies no longer send out coupons. Hi, I have written some of my fav companies also I have received the following. Blue Buffalo Dog and Cat food They sent me coupons for both. Purina One sent me one free bag coupon. Becel Margerine, at fist had non but later added me to list of ppl to send coupons to when they became available.

There are a bunch more I have either gotten product or coupons from. A few it seemed like no answer then 6 weeks later I got coupons with no note, just the manufacturers name On the envelope. Also I forgot to mention that all of those were in the past year. So the ones I mentioned r still sending out coupons to some ppl. Many do not send coupons out anymore. I tried asking Driscolls again because the one they did send I forgot to use, they asked me to send the expired one back to them!

Many companies are getting tougher, preferring Facebook promotions or newsletters. The more codes you enter, the higher value the coupon. I always send a thank you email when I receive them in the mail too; they seem to appreciate the thanks and are willing to send you more coupons down the road.


I buy them all the time, which means my grocery bill can really add up, and I was wondering if you currently have any coupons available. If so, would you please send me a few? It would be greatly appreciated. I am getting so bummed out. Reading all these comments about companies not sending coupons anymore. Today at Walmart in Pembroke, Ontario, I was advised that they have changed their policy for price match!

To my horror they only allow one item per price match! I had to leave so many deals behind. Guess they want to send their customers to their competitors now. Such a sad sign of the times!

Companies that Mail You Coupons Upon Request

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Get Happy Mail! These 250+ Companies Will Send You FREE Coupons!

Comments great post! I was wondering how often can you email the companies? I email them every months. Jonhsons also added that they have a website that offers more of their coupons…. Also, some companies will put you on their mailing lists to recieve things in the future. We try to coordinate this time with the time we set aside to make our weekly menu and grocery shopping list.

Then we hit the store and get things done, saving big time cash in the process. What are your favorite sources for coupons? What other tips do you have for saving money on groceries? Sign up for our newsletter to get this budget form now! We normally rely on manufacturer coupons or the Sunday paper. As you said, coupons are only valuable if you keep the ones for products you will purchase anyway. Now we just have the clearance racks to contend with.

My preferred way of getting my coupons is online. However, I do get some of my coupons through the mail. Whenever I know I need to go shopping for specific items or even just going to grab dinner at Chipotle , I just google coupons to print out or codes to use online! It is extremely convenient! Our neighborhood receives a plastic bag every Sunday in their driveway that contains ads from Sprouts, Publix, Target, Smartsource, Walgreens, and a Home section from the newspaper.

We get it in our driveway off and on. It is never consistent. I would like to know who to contact to make sure were receive this on a weekly basis. We live in Powder Springs. You need to contact the newspaper you subscribe to. If you do not get a newspaper, check out the home section you speak of. It probably indicates which newspaper is printing it so you can contact them. But, if that fails, try your local convention and visitors bureau. They might also know who to contact. Your email address will not be published. Where to Get Coupons?

Table of Contents 1. Internet Printables 2. Direct From the Manufacturer 3. Sunday Newspapers 5. Directly on Products 6. Purchase Coupons Online 7. Magazines 8. Tear-pads or Blinkies 9. Weekly Grocery Store Ad Free Samples Josh MoneyBuffalo says:. November 15, at pm. Centsai says:. November 30, at am.

Mary Ann Kourey says:. February 10, at am. Deacon says:. February 11, at am.