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Case Material Stainless Steel 6. Band Material Alligator-Croc 1.

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Rubber 1. Stainless Steel Band Type Bracelet Strap 2. Band Color 2 9 1. Band Finish Brushed 2.

Polished 1. Polished and Brushed 1. Band Length 7.

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Movement Type Automatic Quartz 4. Feature Chronograph 3. Case Width 27 mm 2.

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Shop Tag Heuer Precision timekeeping, stunning design. Buy Now. It is, TAG says, the first watch designed both for and by a professional sailing team, specifically engineered to provide every crew member access to crucial race condition data in real time.

It weighs only grams and is impact-resistant to 5, Gs. The digital displays on the screen offer a constantly updated data stream of information on how the boat and its sails are behaving, measuring such variables as boat speed, foil balance, sail pressure, true wind speed, true wind direction and true wind angle.

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The brand has a history of experimenting with different technologies and, in recent years, even branching out into other, non-wristwatch accessories. This clock could run for eight days without being wound. Shortly after, from through the 's, the company made chronographs for the German air force, and because of this, Heuer was able to market their brand as one of the most reliable watches in Germany.

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Each watch had special dials that combined unique color patterns. Heuer was the leading manufacturer for stop watches and timing equipment. Heuer chronographs were produced with the logo of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the face.

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In , Heuer became the first Swiss watch to enter space. John Glenn wore a Heuer stopwatch when he piloted the spacecraft that orbited the earth.

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The Carrera chronograph was introduced in and had a very simple design, including only black dials and black registers. In the early 60's, Heuer acquired the Leonidas brand and started marketing its watches under the name Heuer-Leonidas. These watches featured a fly-back mechanism so that when the chronograph hit zero, it began to run again. During the mid's, Heuer partnered with Breitling and Hamilton to develop the first automatic chronograph.

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The first Heuer automatic chronographs available to buy were the Autavia, Carrera, and Monaco. All three were powered by the Call 11 and Call 12 movements.