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Black Friday Deals Most discounted bundles for this weekend sold out on Black Friday, but this GameStop deal remains. Walmart , Best Buy. The 2DS can do everything the 3DS can except 3D, and you don't really need that feature to enjoy most or all games. There are a huge library of awesome 3DS games to play and Super Mario Maker is a particularly fun one.

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It lets you construct your own Super Mario Bros. If you like the clamshell design and crave larger screens, the 2DS XL is about the best version of the 3DS you can get.

The best cheap Xbox One bundles available right now

Best Buy. Available Now : We love the Nintendo Labo , and if you like Legos or want to build stuff that can be used in games, it's a ton of fun. Each Labo is a cardboard controller of sorts. They take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to build, depending on their complexity, and the games are a lot of fun, too. This Best Buy exclusive deal lets you choose between any 2 Labo kits.

We recommend the Vehicle Kit and Variety Kit.

Amazon , Target. OK, so this isn't the largest deal ever, but we really like the Switch Pro Controller and if you play on a TV, you really should own one. It's arguably the most comfortable controller available for any console. All of these games are on sale for Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

We'll update the list as we find more, but they're all games we enjoy, and we think you will too—depending on your genre preferences, of course! Read our full review here. If you're going to get one headset, this is the best value you'll find. The Stinger is already an affordable gaming headset that works on any console or PC, but it sounds fantastic, fits comfortably, and the mic lifts up to mute, among other small perks. For this price, it's a steal. Amazon , Microsoft Store. This Stealth headset sounds great.

It's a lot like our top-recommended Stealth sets except it's wired. It takes a charge to add mic monitoring and other features should last for 40 hours per charge.

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At its Black Friday and Cyber Monday price, it's a very affordable way to get a headset with mic monitoring. Amazon , Best Buy , Target. Astro headsets have softer, more felt-like ear cushioning in them, good sound, and solid mic output. The A10 is a basic wired headset, but a good one. It will work with any console or PC. If you're into racing games like Need for Speed , Burnout , or Gran Turismo , you may want to try a wheel.

Every Switch owner needs a MicroSD card for game storage. The system only comes with 32GB of memory, which isn't enough for even half a dozen major games. We don't recommend you purchase anything less than GB, and it needs to be at least a Class 10 or U1 card, like this one. The Arctis 7 is currently our favorite wireless gaming headset for PCs. It also works just fine for any console.

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The Arctis line is more comfortable and sounds better than almost any other headset line. Many of these prices may not be live until day-of. Amazon Cyber Monday Deals. Walmart Cyber Monday Deals. GameStop Cyber Monday Deals. Best Buy Cyber Monday Deals. Microsoft Store Cyber Monday Deals. Target Cyber Monday Deals. Newegg Cyber Monday Deals. ThinkGeek Cyber Monday Deals. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission.

Read more about how this works. Black Friday is almost here! Let's take a look at some of facts and figures behind America's wildest shopping tradition. VR Cyber Monday Deals. There'll you'll be able to find the key areas likely to feature in the event, and crucial information about shopping during the Black Friday period. Check out our Xbox One deals page for more offers. Check out our PS4 deals page for more offers.

Check out our Nintendo Switch deal s page for more offers. When it comes to the Xbox vs PlayStation debate, both manufacturers have similar consoles and similar pricing, so it really comes down to which has the best exclusive titles, or maybe which controller you prefer. For our money, PS4 seems to have the edge on the exclusive titles in this generation, with the likes of God of War and The Last of Us only available on the Sony console.

The versatile console can be played at home or on the go in its portable form and is the only place you can play Mario and Mario Kart, along with a host of other massive games, such as Zelda. And if you want to find all our gadget recommendations, check out our dedicated tech section. Sign in.