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Here we have all of the components of dress boots construction found above the sole.

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Quarter: covers the back and sides of the boot. Lining: adds more durability and protection. It can be made of leather, fabric or synthetics. Tongue: the flap going underneath the laces to cover the throat. It prevents dirt and water from entering the dress boots. Throat: the central part formed by the seam that joins together the vamp and the quarter. Eyelets: the small round holes often fixed with metal rings through which the laces are tied.

Toe: the flattish portion that extends from the vamp. It fully covers the toes up to the tip where it joins with the sole. Welt: the border of the boot. The following are the parts of dress boots that support the bottom of your foot and provide balance and comfort.

Outsole: the durable outer sole of the boot. It lessens the impact of the ground on the heel of your foot. After the upper is shaped around the last, the sole is attached with a special, durable adhesive — commonly known as cement. There are no welts. Cementing is quick and inexpensive, meaning cemented dress boots are priced more aggressively than their Blake Stitch and Goodyear Welt cousins. The speed of attaching the sole via cementing can negatively affect the permanence of the bond to the sole. You cannot repair a cemented sole once the sole starts to detach.

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If this happens, it must be replaced. The Blake Stitch dress boots construction method is a huge step up in quality from the cemented method. Instead of glue or cement, it involves stitching the upper to the sole. Blake Stitching is l ess expensive and just as durable as the Goodyear Welt which we'll come to next.

The Blake Stitch sole has fewer layers than the Goodyear Welt, which reduces water resistance although depending on the types of material used this issue can be remedied. Resoling can be difficult because it requires a Blake machine — but if your cobbler has one, this is an easy process.

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Do you like FREE stuff? Thought so! Did I mention that it's free? Resoling is simple if the upper remains viable and Goodyear Welts have been characterized as the most durable although a Blake Stitch is just as durable. Additionally, the welt forms a cavity filled with cork which can make a good mold for your foot after years of wear.

Welted boots are more expensive to manufacture than those produced by automated machinery. Some gentlemen find the interior stitching less comfortable than the Blake Stitch method of dress boots construction. Like FREE stuff? There are three major categories of dress boots every guy should be aware of: Chukka boots, Chelsea boots, and lace-up boots.

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I'm breaking down each type in terms of style and lacing, as well as the advantages to wearing each one. Add to Cart Neoprene sleeve that provides compression and support for general knee pain. Ideal for lifting. Sold in pairs. Read More. Learn More. Customer Service.

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Individual results may vary. The contents of this website do not constitute medical, legal, or any other type of professional advice. Information related to various health, medical, and fitness conditions and their treatment is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by a physician or other medical professional. Remember, that this technique also works with skinny jeans.

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The correct folding procedure is discussed below. The vogue folding technique of is to fold along the hem of your jeans — about one to two inches — and then fold a second time by another one to two inches or till desired length. This is the double-folding technique. The perfect lines give the impression of a posh, put-together look. This folding technique makes for a thick or wide cuff.

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You can also fold a third time for a three-fold technique. This folding technique differs from the outward folding technique because the fold on the hem of jeans is done inwards to make it invisible. This is a dream pairing for skinny cut jeans and some Chelsea boots or ankle booties with or without heels.

The perfectly aligned lines give the impression of a tailored, haute styling. Yet another option is to rip the hem at the bottom of your jeans to just above your ankles or above your ankle boots. This will enable you to show off those ankle boots of yours without any folds. If you would rather opt out of the folding techniques, then you can choose to don some straight-cut jeans with zipper cuffs in the bottom with any sort of ankle boots. If you really want to disregard all the rigid fashion techniques for the right fold technique, then go ahead! It is not recommended to go with a no-tuck look with skinny jeans but you can go ahead and go down that route as well.

A very bohemian look would be to don leopard jeans with some gray heeled, suede boots preferably of ankle length. Nothing compares to fearless fashion confidence at the end of the day. You should feel comfortable and confident! Good luck! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wow I just fall in love your blog. Thansk for sharing this article.

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