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Our online coupons will save you money. Not everyone is fond of those self-serve checkout. You have a employee standing by a normal Check-out for customer who not interested in ringing up there own purchase on the Mall side. He refuse to serve me when I walked up to him "we have those self checkouts for you to use".

I don't work for Canadian Tire! Why do I have to do your job. Bought the wrong wiper blades in Edmonton based on the guide book in store. Wow a bunch of whiners giving bad reviews. The store is great. The parking is adequate days of the year. Things get a little hectic around Christmas. What a huge surprise! By far the best Canadian Tire I've been to. So much selection, great deals, and pleasant staff. Outstanding service in store. I grow weary going into Canadian Tire stores and not being able to get served or dealing with staff that simply don't know their product, store or even care.

All of the staff here are super friendly, helpful and actually ask if I need help. Would go nowhere else! The store itself is good. However ive had nothing but bad experiences with their autoshop. When i had a tire rotation done my center caps were lost and when confronted about it. The manager said it was my word against his. In the end i had to bring my complaint to the corporate level to get them replaced.

Amazing store, customer service is the best i've ever encountered! Evan is very nice! The repair shop has fast, friendly service at a reasonable price. They fit me in right away when I needed my battery replaced, and didn't push expensive parts or unnecessary services. They also removed a casset that was stuck in my tape deck without being asked or charging for it!

The store is good but the Auto Centre is horrible. I took my car there for the first time last year to get mt brake lights fixed, as were not working. They "fixed" it and my brake lights wouldn't turn off. Didn't notice until next morning when went to start my car and the battery was dead. Also they had forgot to put back a huge cover that they took off to look at my brakes.

They left it sitting on my passenger side seat. I went back the next day with one foot on gas and the other foot holding up the brake so light would turn off when wasn't braking and manager was not there. The guy working said manager wont be in until next day and had to book the appointment with the guy that fixed my car who also wasn't in.

I said cant the guy who is working now fix it? Was told yes he can but wasn't familiar with my car like the other one was?! I told him needs to be fixed right away as the guy screwed up my brake lights. I was told well we don't know that. He wasn't willing to make my car a priority. I called Duncan Canadian Tire where I had a friend working that day. He said he would put my car in right away and had to drive all the way to Duncan to get it fixed again with one foot on gas and the other foot holding up the brake so light would turn off when wasn't braking.

Turns out the brake was hitting the brake light sensor. The serviceman didn't do his job properly and obviously never double checked his work at all. If he had, he would have seen the cover he didn't put back on my car and that the brake lights were on the whole time when the car was running. I will never use this auto centre ever again!!! I've never had a bad experience. Wish they put the 5 liter jugs of synthetic oil on sale for a cheaper price. Not sure why this one is closed down. A LOT of whiners giving single star ratings.

Sure, around Christmas parking was tough, big surprise. And yes, admittedly there is a relatively low number of staff but the store is huge, it's going to take time to staff it fully. Also, credit card people can be a bit annoying but it is what it is. The selection here is amazing, with deals on almost anything I seem to be in here to buy without even checking the flyer.

Store is organized and relatively sensibly laid out. By the way, whoever chooses what they stock for this place is doing an amazing job, I'll come in looking for something I've never really seen before in another store and they'll have at least three different types and in usually the first place I look for it. Love the new store! The store is massive 2 floors and beautifully done. Easily accessible, product is on display, easy to find, and plenty on the shelves.

Anything you're looking for? They probably have it Staff were incredibly friendly and helpful - always smiling! Love, love, love the Christmas section and Kids Zone!! This place is overpriced and crappy - a really bad combination. I tried to get an alternator replaced that they put in and was still under warranty - they claimed it was OK and just charged up the battery.

A day later it craps out on me again, good thing I wasn't on the bridge. This place sucks bigtime. Auto service here is atrocious. I had a appointment for an oil change and swap out my winter tires. It took them 2. Without so much as an apology for the wait. Never go to this location.

I know it's tempting when they're the only ones open but trust me, they're going to waste your time and do a pathetically poor job. You're better off waiting and having the work done by real professionals. The store is beautifully organized and I've gotten some great deals. Service is great too! What more could I ask for? For the first time in my life I encountered a customer service experience that was frustrating enough to justify a public review. I went to Canadian Tire on Two Nations Crossing to purchase a canoe and unfortunately they had lost multiple components of that canoe.

Before I was able to inquire about the canoe, the sports section employee ignored me for about a minute while chatting with another worker at the desk with no "I'll be just a minute" gesture. They asked me if I would like it if they called the uptown location for me to see if they had stock. I said yes and asked them to please confirm that there would be a fully assembled canoe. I drove uptown only to find that it wasn't assembled and they had no intention of doing it for me but offered to help me and my friend both of us about lb men lift a 90 lb canoe onto the truck.

After wasting and hour and a half I decided not to give my business to Canadian Tire but felt I should call the manager on the Northside and mention the hoops I had jumped through, so that this might not recur and waste someone else's time. I spoke with Megan, and unfortunately she had a very self-important and irate personality. She went directly to defending her employee and did not offer any condolences. If I was the owner, I would be looking for management employees that were capable of engaging with customers, especially in my case, as I took a very calm and matter-of-fact approach.

If Megan had offered her team to assemble a canoe for me that may have salvaged the relationship. I spend thousands of dollars at this location each year and would be purchasing a ride-on lawn mower within the next two weeks as well - my business now will certainly be going elsewhere.

To summarize: lots of great products Canadian Tire, but avoid this location if you desire any level of customer service. New owner took over the store recently and made some changes. Aisles are now better laid out. Still find that customer service is poor if you try to find someone to help. Cant wait for a Princess Auto to be built in town. I like shopping here but we really need more then just Canadian tire. Oh and I wouldnt trust their mechanics with a toddlers Big Wheel tricycle. I was in shopping today and watched Aurthur from tools be treated like garbage from a customer.

I was very impressed on how Aurthur handled the situation and at the same it reminded me on how I was treated at times when I worked at Zellers on the south side back in the 80s. Most of the employees are younger and making minimum wage to put up with some customers that need to grow up.

Shout out to Arthur. I tried to file a complaint against a cashier who acted badly with my 11 y. BUT that was not the case with us this time. I was only steps ahead of my son and at the store exit when I turned back and found how that cashier held him back in front of other customers! Note: We didn't buy anything at the store that time, so we bypassed the cashier's line on our way out I argued with the cashier that she should have talked to me, not to my kid, but that turned into an endless "verbal fight", not to mention some annoyed, lined up customers interfering to shush me, of course to get their pay done Bravo "champs"!

So, to end that mess I sucked up the anger and apologized for the delay and went to see the store manager to raise my concern with him off-line. That so called "manager", had a surprising reaction about his employee's behaviour: All what he did was to rudely remind me with the store policy and then showed us the door without even an apology for scaring my son!! You see, that A. But sure that manager doesn't have any kind of leadership skills, understanding, or even common sense.

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So, no wonder some of his staff totally lack it too. I believe since they didn't make any money out of us on that visit he didn't consider us customers and so he didn't think we had any rights, even showing some respect!! To this one, could it be due to some customer-color-based attitude?! I guess I will never know! More important to the readers: I am not sure if that boss's "policy" would always tolerate harrasment to customers, and their kids, by his staff, like what happened to us.

So, if you ever need to shop there, please take extreme care of your kids On another front, if anybody over at Canadian Tire corporate cares, I believe they need to revise and rectify this branch manager's behaviour and management style, if he ever has one, cuz the way he acts is a crying shame to the corporate as a whole. I stopped by expecting a large repair bill when my brake line broke.

I was greeted very quickly and my truck was on the hoist in no time. The service manager walked me out into the shop and showed me exactly where the leak was. I was from out of town and stuck so I was very pleased that he fit me in and got me back in the road even though it was busy. I would deffently recommend this location. I was stuck and at their mercy but to my surprise I was not taken advantage of. It's hard to find honest shops.

A lot of places would have tried to sell me complete brake lines instead of just fixing the damaged portion. I took my car in because my brake warning lights were on. I was in a panic because I have to work out of town tomorrow. Doug fit me in ASAP and offered me a shuttle ride home and back. Now Marcus just called to tell me they checked all of my brakes and I just needed a brake fluid top up. And the good news is that there is no charge!!!!! I am so incredibly impressed.

I highly recommend the whitby north Canadian Tire at Garden and Taunton. They have always been fantastic with my car. I had an issue where they created a problem, and they took ownership of the issue, and took steps to rectify. Thumbs up. This was the vehicle service department. Very good service and respect the appointment, quality of job, friendly, job always well done.

Thanks very much for your help. One guy said he will have someone see me in two minutes. The guy that came out two minutes said someone else will see me. Both refused to ask what I wanted. They guy I finally talked to then said to go over to the side and ask them. I waited a few more minutes because this girl was too busy making notes to lift her head to ask me what I wanted. Another employee offered to help with the assumption I was someone else. He basically handed me someone else's keys. I should have taken them but u know how that would have ended.

Finally got through and they tell me that they are not able to assist me in 2 seconds for the 15 minutes I waited. The absolute worst customer service I have ever received in my life. I would never go back to their auto centre again. I only rated one star as this was the only option to make a comment. But zero would be more fitting. Very disappointed in the automotive department. They lost my wheel lock, giving me the runaround and not providing the requested tire rotation. Make sure you get your wheel lock back before leaving their store after tire servicing.

They had a number of locks left by others. It is a "below average" Canadian Tire store. Many things are missing, have to go to Oshawa store or Whitby South store to get what you are usually looking when it on sale or found online. Old lady in returns is really intimidating, have to pass her look at you for few seconds when returning badly made things sold at Canadian Tire. But overall is ok to get things for your household as it is close to home. Auto repair department is ok for small repairs like tire change or oil change.

Very bad experience. I have been to canadian tires across Canada. I bought wipers and one flew off on I had thrown out the package. I bought it two days before. So if I brought an empty package I could not be lying then? Felt ripped off and treated like a lying criminal. After needing a new wiper since I was not going to pick it up on the , some came over and asked me to come to front desk with my bag as they were concerned about theft.

I would vote this the worst canadian tire in Canada. I have never been treated so poorly, ever. They even asked manager and manager said no. Terrible, avoid this place, they do not deserve business. Worst canadian tire store I will probably not go back to canadian tire because of this experience. The people at automotive service dont actually know what is a car and they are sitting at the desk.

I got my tyres switched and they just kept one even the store was open the manager wasnt able to give it back to me. I live in brampton was just driving by this store I thought every canadian tire store is the same but I was wrong. Now I have to drive to whitby just to get back what is actually mine.

I took my skates into this store to get sharpened on the weekend. They called over a high school student who I'm not sure if she knew how skates are supposed to be sharpened or what. Needless to say the sound coming off the "Automatic" skate sharpening machine was horrendous. The fact that the employee didn't know how to even dress the wheel is embarrassing especially for a Canadian sporting goods store. When I tested them out both skates didn't have an edges. Way to save a few bucks Canadian tire. Manque de personnel en magasin.

Love the store, good discounts on stuff and very sympathetic employees from experience. However I personally don't trust their garage since I Sent my car in, and they told me my engine had a Crack and that I would have to replace it, and when I came to check nothing was wrong, so beware what they say and make sure by yourself if you can! It's not the largest of Canadian Tire's but still good. They regularly have good sales. Awful service takes forever and unfriendly service. I ordered a simple gasket and they gave me the wrong one and would not even let me return it.

HAHA Watch what you buy here most of it will fail or be junk shortly after you buy it. Kyle was fantastic. Very accommodating to slide me in during a very busy day and everyone did a very good job. Made an online order for pickup which you receive an email once they have picked the items and put them aside for the sale. I was coming from Red Deer to grab some items they had in stock as the Red Deer stores were all out of inventory for my items.

After receiving the notification email that my order was ready I drove down to find out that the store manager Barry had removed items from the order by scratching them out on the receipt, essentially I drove in from Red Deer to pickup half of an order that was completely useless without the items I needed. He had refused to admit his mistake and even tried to push me to accept the rest of the order which was useless without the missing key item.

I spent nearly an hour in the store waiting for him to sort out the paper work mess. All in all I spent 2 and half hours of my day to return an order I never even received. Lesson learned, dont trust Canadian Tire online ordering in store pickup. I waited on the phone for twenty minutes to see if what I wanted was in stock. Talked to three people and not one could even go look. Spoke to the manager who doesn't care the least about customer service. Not bad enough this was the second time I have been through this as I tried to buy several items in the summer for my yard and was given the run around yet again.

Again tried to speak to the manager. Big waste of time. I've learned my lesson I will take my business to Airdrie or Calgary. I got told by many people not to go there but as usual I like to give people the benefit of doubt. Well I can now say for myself don't go there, the worst service ever. I made an appointment to get the wheels on my car aligned at , I drop it off and wonder in the store until since I have to be in sundre by I decided to inquire on the status of my car, and I got informed that my car just got pulled in.

I told the guy that I need to go to work so I need my vehicle back. So to make the story short I asked to speak with the manager who happen to be the most useless arrogant prick I've ever seen, he told me that if I want to have my vehicle serviced first I should came at am when they open. So what's the point of calling to make an appointment. My recommendation to anyone, save yourself a bad moment and go somewhere else.

Absolutely the worst management and customer service EVER!! We purchased a fireplace set and when we opened the box the rack was bent. Took it back to exchange for one that wasn't damaged and was treated very poorly by the "managers" on duty. I left the store super annoyed with my damaged item. I phoned later to try to reason with them, the woman was bent on not making things right so I mentioned how bad their customer service reviews are on the web.

Her reply was "Oh really? Yep, she hung up on me!!! Weird behaviour in a small town business. Its a great store to get tools and auto parts. The next "Cattle Chute" checkout system may be faster but everyone hates it!! Great store for sporting goods in the valley. Purchase of this item could expose you to criminal prosecution, right or wrong. Very large gas station large enough for U-haul trucks. Open early in the morning, and well-stocked with groceries, coffee, and other stuffs. Very clean, and friendly service. Hard working staff. The new owner seems motivated on providing solid customer service.

Looking forward to the outcome of store's renovations. A little small compared to other Canadian Tire stores, but does the trick! Tire and a lot to do that for on this one has to go our With a few years back Canadian Tire a Not a bad will be in the posited. Great service from service manager Ian and his staff. They bent over backwards to help me as I was stranded because of a breakdown of my vehicle. I had bought 2 MasterCraft skill saws at the same time one for me and one for a Christimas Gift - One did not work at all when it was tried only the laser on it lit up The Second Skill Saw worked for about 10 min.

One skill saw was exchanged for another one- the same thing again. I had bought a Mig Welder Mastercraft shortly after- the wire feed was messed up- I sent it away to be repaired- Under Warranty When it was returned- several things on it was damaged. I did not bother to notify the store. I'm just tired of dealing with a store that has little regard for their customers- and low regard for products they sell. Yarmouth N. I tried to return it within a week for a refund- but they would not refund my money- Only offered to send it away for repair- and I was told I might be charged a fee.

Or I could exchange it for another which I did- but was not satisfied with the solution I then got a call from the store asking about the service- which they called my cell phone, and would not return the call to my home phone when I requested it- to discuss the situation. Bridgewater N. A person would be better off not buying some things from Canadian Tire- Because the cost of gas to go buy it --and cost of gas to return it for repair --and cost of gas to pick it up again-- might be more than what the item is actually worth.

So got a rain check and waited after two weeks checked inventory two in stock so I drive 45 min to get there the two in stock are the demo and one that they can't find so back home 45min. That week my wife is there and checks they found one but it is paid in full so cant have it. So the clerk says that I should call and make sure my name is one it next time they call.

Got to say really dissapointed with the service. The sale price is now going to be more than full price when I add the extra trips. If I could rate it no star I would.

Last evening on the 4th of Aug a long time employee of the Canadian Tire Store in Yarmouth did a very nice favor for a man in need of air for his motorcycle tire that had gone flat in the parking lot. After the owner managed to plug the tire with a kit that he bought inside the store he had no way to fill the tire. As it happened, Curtis was off duty and in the store and offered to open the bay and fill the tire for the motorcycle owner.

I was impressed with this act of good will. Even though Curtis got thanked for his great customer service by the motorcycle owner who by the way lives out of town but is working temporarily at the YRHC, I would like also publicly thank him for the assistance that he so willingly provided. It speaks well for our community and in particular our local CTC staff. Signed: Ken Dennis. Worst customer service I've ever experienced I will make my purchases elsewhere.

Very very bad and poor service Hope canadian tire authority will do something about it One of the worst kept Canadian Tire store in Montreal.

It's dirty and uncleaned. Staff is difficult to find and often wouldn't be able to help you. Lights are dimmed in the store. It looks like a dirty warehouse. Go find another Canadian Tire store near you. Avoid this one. I don't see how this place is still open! Asked them to copy a key in the morning, they didn't copy it properly. Lady says "ya ya". How stupid. Had those refunded.

The other day, a cashier had a sign with "next cash please" but she was still passing clients, so I asked her nicely if she's still open. She gestures towards the client paying before me and says "you don't see I'm open? Took the car for a change of wheels and found next time this one for an oil change that the wheel drive bolt on the replaced wheel was missing.

I find mechanics staff at this Canadian Tire very unreliable. I am not planning to take my car there ever again. Went to the store on a mission to get one item. Asked two employees for assistance to locate said item. Both employees shrugged and said they did not know. One employee asked on the radio but no response. I waited and went looking aisle to aisle. At pm, the lights turned off and I was told to leave the store as they were closed and they had already closed their cash.

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I needed other parts but left the store rather confused by her incompetant answers. I was just leaving Montreal to head back to Moncton after a weekend conference when my Jaguar blew a coolant line. Canadian Tire - m Circulaires Canadian Tire - Rabais sur les articles de sport, articles de cuisine, produits nettoyant, outils, pices d autos, articles mnagers et dcoration. Imagine how dangerous! What a huge surprise! And sometimes I feel the staff here is just not happy. Close Submit.

A waste of time. The employees did not want to give any information about their supervisors nor the owner of the store. Completely unacceptable. I managed to snap a picture of the rude employees standing with their arms crossed at pm unwilling to help. Don't bother shopping there. Oh wow. I'd never read the reviews on this location but I'm not surprised. It is terrible. I've been there several times because it's close by. Not exactly by choice. My "memorable" moment was when I asked for a "price match" on a product.

Canadian Tire has a policy to price match so I asked for them to price match the same product at Walmart next door. Manager balked at my request as if I had created an aggressive confrontation. So I walked just outside of the store, called the store headquarters, explained my situation, headquarters apologized nicely and said they would call the manager right away.

While I was on hold they did just that and when headquarters took me off hold they said to go in and buy the product at the price I asked for. I did. But boy was that awkward It's a bit of a thuggish store. Just know store policy and stick up for yourself. Complain to headquarters right there in the store if you need to. Headquarters was very responsive to my ordeal. Just don't be a jerk about it. Be diplomatic and kill those a holes with kindness, lol. I've have been going there for many years ,have yet to encounter any issues with staff or items being sold.

This includes the automotive department , never any issues ,employees are always and have always been helpful. I have had repairs on my truck done there many times as well ,no issues either. I don't know what people expect when they walk into a store. In fact any of the Canadian Tire stores I've been at ,always a pleasure to shop there.

I may be the only person to not have a negative experience at the automotive shop at this Canadian Tire. In fact, my experience was great. I was just leaving Montreal to head back to Moncton after a weekend conference when my Jaguar blew a coolant line. The only shop open on a Sunday afternoon was Canadian Tire and I needed to get home that night. The manager and shop staff were incredibly helpful and pleasant. They had me back on the road by 5 p. I really feel like I need to speak up for the great job they did. I wouldn't have made it home that night without them!

They don't give your money back or even store credit. If the same item is unavailable. Wish there is 0 star!!! Wow , this place is should not be called Canadian Tire! The guy told me I have to wait more than an hour. Fine , you can go around and shop if you want but the mall is pretty run down :. Next time I asked how long will it take he said "10 minutes ". Next time I asked he said "I'm next.

By then I was waiting for 3 hours. He only had ONE mechanic and was still picking up work and keep all of us in waiting. He kept on whining about not having made an appointment , as if that would have made any difference. LOL I had a minor job to be done , after I couldn't take his lies and left. I waited 3 and half hours for a job that never got done and he has a mean face anyway. Bitcoin App Apple. Find a location. Heavy-duty aluminum attaches to threshold of doorway Flexible vinyl delivers improved seal.

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I fell frontward thank god i didn't get hurt only some cuts a scrapes so I get up I look at the front wheel and it's completely destroyed so i took the bicycle back to the L' Acadie location and explained what happened to the person at the customer service counter, so he sends someone from the sports department to take a look and so the gentlemen from the sports department tells me we will give you a new one so he brings me the new one and as I'm speaking with him some Manager named Jean Francois comes wth his pack of cigarettes sticking out of his pocket not very professional and tells the sports department guy that no we're not giving him a new one this bicycle was hit by impact or by a car and we can only repair it so I tell him I assure you sir that the bicycle was not hit by impact or by a car and i have at least two of my neighbors that were there as witnesses so he ignores completely so then I ask him to repair it now and he tells me no because they we're closing.

So Then I'm trying to explain to him my daughter has been waiting for me and my wife to go bike riding for over a week now because of our busy schedule with work and he completely ignores me again so I had no choice but to yell at him and he ignores me again and went into his office. So I'm very frustrated and very upset with your customer service I have never been so humiliated so much in front of my wife and all other customers that were there!

Someone better take care of this urgently! Very arrogant manager very unprofessional and very rude! He ruined my family Sunday! Zero customer service! Thank you.

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Safety Warning! Two days ago I had my tires changed over for the summer - when the clerk handed back my keys he didn't mention retorquing my wheels. Since I know that needs to be done, my stepdad and I set to retorquing them this afternoon, and found three lug nuts loose, as in, the lug nuts were barely in the wheel - I could turn them with my fingers. At first we were worried they'd been stripped, but it was just that whoever did the job didn't do it properly.

Two of the nuts were loose on a single tire. I won't go back unless I have to. Sorry to say I was disappointed when I went to purschase a bike. Wanted to pay for it and pick it up first thing next morning. I was told they didnt have the room to store the bicycle. Needles to say I left the store and p urschased the bicycle online, where its waiting to be picked up.

I think this store needs to upgrade its customer service policy. I don't know why the low reviews, but my experience with this store has been great so far. Friendly service. Good selection of tools ranging from inexpensive to high grade contractor equipment. I bought a hose that had a 5 year warranty and after 1. I lost my receipt but I went to exchange the item for something of higher quality.

After 30 minutes of standing and waiting while the service rep looked for the item code and searched for the transaction, we found that I purchased it with an old bank account that I didn't have the card for anymore. The service rep tried to phone a manager but they would not come to the desk. She finally called them and they refused to honour the warranty. I will remember this experience when choosing who I do business with in the future. My hands are disabled, so shopping is a challenge!

They have everything! I was struggling to lift a box of cat litter into my basket, so I put my purse down to have more mobility. Left the purse there! One of the sales associates found me several aisles away! Going back tomorrow, one stop shopping! Auto service and parts are to be avoided but if you need stuff in the store it's ok if you can find someone to help you I don't trust the quality.

Terrible, again! Over priced, and very inexperienced staff. The girls running the outside greenhouse are rude and incompetent. Great service every time I go here and now that they have renovated, it doesn't feel so dingy walking inside to pay. Dawn at CMS is awesome. Hard to find employees who go above and beyond. Thank you for your assistance. I have found this store to have very poor customer service , and limited stock , in comparison to other Canadian Tire stores. Keep your money in your pocket , and drive to Fredericton or Saint John.

I was going to buy a rifle which turned out to have a missing part This Canadian Tire has a very small firearms selection compared to many other CT stores. This is a self serve gas station. Staff is friendly. Large clean bays to wash your vehicle. Clean bathroom. Store is neat and tidy. A squeegee with fluid at each island to wash your windshield. Usually has the lowest gas price in Swift Current.

Quel garage merdique! De Ordered tires online Monday. Online stock showed tires were in store and should be ready by pm. Was told they should be ready by 5 pm. Waited some time, then went home as they were unlikely to be ready that day. For next several days, called periodically for the purchased tires to only be told 'we'll get back to you,' never did and 'they are almost ready,' never were.

Next night, I was trying to cancel the order to prevent the charge to my card going through, only to find the online website was down. Customer service stated there was nothing they could do until the website was back up. Following this, I called the online support line the most helpful portion of the crew who was kind enough to inform me the tires were neither in store, nor ever ordered. Tires were canceled through the support line, and once again in forced my opinion of Canadian tire automotive.

There is always super helpful staff. The place always looks good. I find the Seasonal area always super helpful. They have even helped me for something that is not even in their department. No one wants to help, everyone pawns you off onto a different employee and it takes forever to get any help. The only helpful person I have encountered here was Gail in the bicycle department. I really wish there was a different Canadian Tire to go to Go to your dealership for all repairs, brought the car in for a charge to the air conditioning with a Lexus IS, car then had flashing lights and the engine then had major issues.

The repair cost dollars and caused major electrical and engine issues. The staff there informed me there is no manager availible to speak to and wouldn't be there until another day. So the issue was impossible to be resolved and they denied there was anything done to the engine. So with no action able to be done I'm better off with paying the money than having them touch the car and do more damage. Very very bad and poor service Hope canadian tire authority will do something about it I like the store, I can usually find what I'm looking for and the sales are always great.

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Rated three stars though because the automotive section is a joke. My husband is out of town and I went to my car this morning and found a flat tire. I called to see if they could do a quick patch job and they said I would have to leave my car there all day and there's no guarantee it would get in. For a store that has "tire" in their title you would think they would always be able to help with emergencies.

Nothing like being stopped a metre from the cashier by a teenager blocking my way to see my reciept. Scratching this store off my places to shop. This Canadian Tire " claims " that they will price match ; but when asked to price match an item at another Canadian Tire an hour away , the Manager refused. Do not waste your time with this store , and just drive to the CT in Saint John.

Very poor customer service at the St. Stephen Canadian Tire as they think they are the only game in town ; but Saint John is just a quick and easy drive away Terrible customer service!!! Was getting an out of province done on my vehicle and they couldn't complete it cause they didn't have a proper module reader. Wonderful service, a pleasure to shop in this store,! Excellent advice all ways from employees too mention just a few , Ed C,. Cassidy on cash! I find this gas station is the cheapest in Montreal,.

Way cheaper than the rest. We went in on Friday to check out the new supply of outdoor furniture when we ran into Jennifer, the floor manager. From there on to delivery out of town on Tuesday by Vern, our experience was exceptional! They bent over backwards to make sure we got the furniture that we chose and that all the seat covers were matching in colour. The assistant who wrote up the bill for delivery made sure she had accurate directions to our somewhat remote location. Jennifer followed up with a call on Monday to let us know that the scheduled delivery was a go for Tuesday and Vern called to let us know when he was leaving the store.

He was courteous and helpful with the actual delivery and waited to make sure that our order was right. This is the kind of service we are very glad to see having returned to Selkirk Canadian Tire. Have had lots of help in my past visits in store. Lots of suggestions and especially from Terry. They go the extra mile!

The store is large, though it carries almost anything you can think of. The staff is all very friendly and helpful. I have a great time shopping here especially when I can look up a product I need before I arrive and I am told where exactly to find the product in the store and even what shelve its on. Great store.

Honda Sorel-Tracy: Concessionnaire automobile

Horrible horrible place. Automotive Service and Parts are nothing but a joke. The parts department knows nothing about parts and would not help us when we went in looking for something, said they didn't have the part which by the way was a universal part and didn't offer to look for it. Drove to perth and got the part no problem. CT smiths falls will not be getting my business anymore. Very rude unprofessional and very unprepared when it comes to the automotive service end. For the store itself they refuse to do a proper inventory so 9 times out of 10 they do not have what you need and act like you are putting them out in some way when you ask if they can order in the item that says its already in stock but isn't.

Terrible place and the fact that they are not BBB accredited is a major red flag! Stay Clear you have been warned. I took my 4 year old Mazda 3 in to Canadian tire for an oil change. I was very skeptical having just bought the car with 3 months ago from an independent dealer who had obvious done a safety inspection. The Canadian tire mechanic then took me under the car to show my some kind of fluid on the transition nubs.

I told them the car was under warranty and they will fix it. The next day, I called a local mechanic and explained what Canadian tired told me, he said based on the age of the vehicle it's basically impossible to be leaking transition fluid, he explained that they only leak when the rubber seals become degraded after about 10 years or more. Anyway they looked at the car anyway, and no surprise there was nothing wrong with it at all, the mechanic then took me under the car and asked " you just had an oil change right?

And because of that, i will never use a Canadian tired ever again, I currently need new shocks for the Mazda, I wont be taking to Canadian tire! I've never been in a more cramped Canadian Tire than this one. I nearly almost feel like I'm going to have a panic attack whenever I enter the store. Pour ce qui est de lla mecanique auto de soir.

Une crisse de belle gagne de legumes D illuminer..

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Pas ete possible de faire. Absolument rien pour cette grandeur de pneu. Me serais cru au rayon de legumessss au maxi. The best Canadian Tire hands down! I had a major warranty issue on my vehicle and had to look up over a year of Canadian tire receipts that i had used to buy maintenance parts with ie. Also the autodesk is very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend. Mon chum fait crevaison. Arrive chez canadien tire avec un remorquage.

Il est 20hres et magasin ferme 21h Le gars de services endormie bein raide. Sait pas! Sait pas? Je repond: regardez dans votre livre? Jviens de vous dire quel marque etc Sait pas This location is the best Canadian Tire in my opinion. Returns and exchanges go smoothly, I can easily get the help I need. Not too busy. I gave it5, because I had A very good experience with Daniel K today. I may be the only person to not have a negative experience at the automotive shop at this Canadian Tire.

In fact, my experience was great. I was just leaving Montreal to head back to Moncton after a weekend conference when my Jaguar blew a coolant line. The only shop open on a Sunday afternoon was Canadian Tire and I needed to get home that night. The manager and shop staff were incredibly helpful and pleasant. They had me back on the road by 5 p. I really feel like I need to speak up for the great job they did.

I wouldn't have made it home that night without them! Extremely poor service. As there are very few options in Sechelt unfortunately I am forced to continue to shop at this store for certain items. Rarely do I ever encounter a positive attitude or a smile. On multiple occasions I have witness management ridiculing staff. Classy establishment. I did learn a life lesson here I think the front cashiers are very good at this location however the people in the auto department steal and are dishonest. They will take advantage of any girl and steal your parts. They took my my key for my lug nuts.

If you want to get taken advantage of go here. They gave me an estimate for work that my truck required according to them. So i took my truck to 2 other shops to get ttheir opinions.

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They told me that the work i was given a quote for is bogus there is nothing wrong with the parts Canadian Tire wanted to change. Ive been a customer at Canadian Tire my whole life and feel disappointed that they would try and take advantage of me. A simple tires swap with rims that takes around 15minutes will take 2 hrs here and remember this was a 1 hr appointment!! People working here doesn't care so I am never coming back, and neither should you. If I could give no stars I would.

The service department installed a tire with a faulty valve which caused it to go flat the day after purchase. Had to pay to get that fixed then shortly after that same tire blew up on the highway. Stupidly while they worked on the tire I asked that they do the safety for my vehicle. I took it to another mechanic who told me that all but one of the issues they mentioned was real.

The manager Al likes to diffuse any responsibility and treat customers like pre-schoolers. Classic example of why people loose trust in those in the automotive service industry pure dishonesty. Terrible customer experience at their auto shop- incompetent staff that do not care to help you fix your auto. Don't come here unless you have no alternative options. Not everyone is fond of those self-serve checkout. You have a employee standing by a normal Check-out for customer who not interested in ringing up there own purchase on the Mall side. He refuse to serve me when I walked up to him "we have those self checkouts for you to use".

I don't work for Canadian Tire! Why do I have to do your job. I came in on a Thursday night to change my tires and I asked the staff how long it would take, and they said an hour and a bit. I thought, "okay, I could wait that out. If I knew that, I would have just came another day. By the time 2. Don't waste yours and don't come to this location!!! I was there once for some screws and the guy did not wanted to help.

I was angered at the guy. Everytime I was asking him a question he was saying I don't know. The guy does not have his place there. Another coward told me he was the manager at the auto department. I bought atf and ruined my transmission due to that guy. I can still remember how cowardly he was answering my question.

Je m'y suis rendu pour une inspection. C'est vraiment n'importe quoi. Marylyn one of the manager is rude,non sense,character less ,non mannered and pathetic and keeps shouting customers as if she owns the store. The worst Canadian Tire, the store is a mess, good luck finding anything or even navigating your cart around. The staff are awful, incompetent and don't care at all. Once I was accused by a clerk of opening air fresheners without paying for them.

His evidence? Only that I was buying some air fresheners, he didn't even see me pick them out. Who does that?? He demanded we go through the stock to make sure they were all sealed! Needless to say I got no apology afterwards. Recently made to wait fifteen minutes to get access to the outdoor gardening section, which is locked for God knows what reason, only to be told what I want is in another section, where it couldn't be found either. Left empty handed despite the website saying units were in stock. I guess it's a secret stock. I'll take my business to Reno Depot, thanks, where the staff are helpful and things are organized!

I wait 30 minutes in line for my appointment and then the guy tell me I should have come in time. I was there on time, but the slow service and the line in front of me made me late. Then he goes and tell me I have to wait until 9pm I was there at That's 5 hours wait just to switch winter to summer tires on my car.

No thanks. I left for someone else. This Canadian tire is terrible. Avoid it. A LOT of whiners giving single star ratings. Sure, around Christmas parking was tough, big surprise. And yes, admittedly there is a relatively low number of staff but the store is huge, it's going to take time to staff it fully. Also, credit card people can be a bit annoying but it is what it is.

The selection here is amazing, with deals on almost anything I seem to be in here to buy without even checking the flyer. Store is organized and relatively sensibly laid out. By the way, whoever chooses what they stock for this place is doing an amazing job, I'll come in looking for something I've never really seen before in another store and they'll have at least three different types and in usually the first place I look for it. Enjoy the sales they have on but the service especially in the customer care department is terrible they're just rude and don't care. I was very impressed with the displays in the seasonal spring outdoor line!

Tons of in stock items and things you may have never even thought about before! The outdoor associate that helped my wife and i was both professional and knowledgeable! Service is terrible. Your better on your own finding stuff, staff in the isles are not good at speaking or understanding English. Good selection tho usually find what I need.

Awesome for any person who wants some outdoors stuff like guns bows crossbows knives and hunting clothes. Super bon service. This is a great store rarely have any trouble, sometimes you have to stay away from some of the cheap merchandise though. Worst customer service ever!!!!!! I've never been to any store with such a bad attitude at such a NOT busy time at all. Nobody was waiting in the line, but the person who did the return seemed so reluctant to do anything at all. Oh, and she was a supervisor as it said on her name tag! Not sure how long can this business last with such bad customer service, and staff training.

Attention, ne faite pas confiance au garage. J'explique la situation au garage. I was looking for some patio furniture - Eric went above and beyond helping me - I am grateful and thrilled that I was able to get this furniture and want to say a huge thank you to Eric. While visiting the area for pleasure, we needed to grab some last minute supplies and was happy to discover this surprisingly large Canadian Tire store. They had what we needed and the staff were friendly. Went in to change tires and they said I needed antifreeze?!?!

They added all kinds of extra charges to my bill. I asked for them to put on four tires and nothing else!!! Stay away!!!! I will not return ever! Zero stars!!!!!!!!!! The worst Canadian Tire! The store is small and cramped. There is no room and it feels claustrophobic. If you go there for your car customer service is appalling it's just non existent. I've been there a few times and every time customer service is just bad. They should just close the store and the auto mechanic at this particular location and just keep the gas station. At least filling up your car you wouldn't have to deal with anyone unless you have to pay inside.

I'm not going to this place anymore. I'd rather go a little further and be treated like a human being. Went to go get my vehicle fixed. Told them the problem that I was having in detail. They diagnosed the problem and "fixed" the problem. Well, go and drive it and the vehicle is still having the same problem. Take it in and they said that another part had to be replaced.

Not only that, but when they replaced one part my front wheel makes a whistling noise now. Told them about it and they said that could be something else, even after I explained that it happened AFTER they replaced a part they said they can check but would charge me to take a look. I'd recommend finding another place because clearly this store is a nightmare. This location all through the summer had posters up reminding customers that Dogs should never be left in their cars, thus saving many of our pets lives.

Majior props for this. Always have plenty of stuff in stock when needed, quick cashes. Will return just about anything even without a bill never had a problem with Tech guys for car parts. Dont know about the garage. Pathetic service and staff in automobile section I took prior appointment for tire change abdominal it was supposed to be done in 30 minutes.

After two hours I inquired about it was informed that they actually forgot Took 4 hours for a job should take 30 minutes! Again astonishing customer service at the auto section. Darren the representative is amazingly helpful and patient, very responsive to all requests. Thanks guys for the wonderful job you do.

The Auto department were very efficient, friendly, and accommodating. They only gave me advice on what needed repairing as oppose to the laundry list of things that you can get that need "repairs" at other places. I would return for my vehicle repair needs. Literally every single thing I have bought here for 10 years has either been broken in the packaging or broke not even a week later. This is the worst Canadian Tire because of this. A TV, humidifier, hockey equipment Very poor quality control. Terrible customer service at the returns counter. They treat you like a convict even if you have the receipt, product is in mint condition, and returned on time.

More than once I've had attitude from the staff working there. Definitely going to do my CT shopping in Vernon. It's not the largest of Canadian Tire's but still good. They regularly have good sales. Dishonest mechanics. Caught them in a lie, they tried to charge me for a tool that they claimed was broken while working on my vehicle. Even if it were true which it was not , the customer should never be held accountable. The staff are completely incompetent and should not be allowed to repair road vehicles.

I needed to have the same work done by another shop to fix what they did. I will always be a repeat customer here. The staff are awesome, and they all take the time to remember their regulars. Great and fast service, highly recommend the auto service here!! Called in today for a last minute car safety check and Lou from auto helped me get everything done in one day. Michelle from auto was also awesome, I came a bit late to pick up my car but she stayed back and was just absolutely great.

She had a smile on her face and did not even seem to mind that I held her back at all. LOVE it and the staff. Great location. Good selection. You have better luck finding the Ogopogo than finding a staff member if you need help however. Recently renovated and is now a very huge Canadian tire but there's like no staff so its hard to find anything or get questions answered, but before the reno great helpfull staff. An enormous, bright, clean store with room to navigate and helpful staff. I will also give it credit for having a tool section that is actually properly stocked.

Too bad it's located in a mall that won't allow it to operate service bays. Kinda defeats the purpose of being Canada's automotive store, or whatever their ads claim. These are great in a pinch, but you're going to pay a premium to stop and get gas on the highway. One of my favorite one stop shopping places for gifts, appliances and general stuff.

Live the atore and it's prices. And it is Canadian! Poor staff attitudes, poor organization of product, lack of products, price gouging, this gives the customer a feeling of general unease. Sucks worst Place ever never get auto work done here u well end up Paying for parts that are not needed. Reading these posts I am not sure what attitude you had with the people who work there. I find them very helpful and courteous to deal with. I have never had an issue at Canadian Tire at Melfort or any of them. On occasion they could use a little more staff on hand.

Good little store to fill up when at the Kildonan place easy exit makes it quick place to fill up people are friendly aswell.

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Just your every day gas station. Friendly staff, carwash breaks down from time to time.