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Compare information with potential hotels In the following steps, you will narrow down a list of comparable hotels to reveal the secret identity of the hotel you are interested in. Use the "Standard Rate Hotels" tab at the top of the page. Select the Star rating for the hotel. Select all the amenities you can match from the earlier amenities list. You should match them like this: Not all of the amenities will match, but hopefully you will have enough to narrow down the list substantially.

Next, you will want to see where each of the filtered hotels are on the map.

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Click on the map view: Click on the hotels on the map that are in the same area that the secret hotel is in. You want to open up each hotel page in a different tab. After this, you should have a series of tabs with potential hotels. If there is only one hotel, then you are done! Otherwise, you need to keep filtering. Compare the price, star rating, resort fee, and age restriction for each of the possible hotels. Also remember to compare the Tripadvisor ratings and number of reviews, in many cases you can ignore the amenities entirely and only focus on the Tripadvisor information.

If following the above method still didn't help you find the correct identification, you can use a couple more tricks to help you out: The correct hotel is usually the one that is closest to the secret hotel rate.

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At times the secret hotel page will have a line that says, "Book soon! This does not always mean the secret hotel is the XXYY hotel, but it is correct more often than not. If you end up with zero results after filtering, it could mean you've found a discrepancy between the two hotel databases. You bet! The more you know! These sneaky strategies can net you major savings when you're searching for flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals on Hotwire.

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There are a couple things you can do to cross reference the results:. Today, Hotwire has expanded from Silicon Valley to just about every major domestic and international airport in the world. But I did see one example that was nearly off. I quickly Googled both hotels to see the number of TA reviews and found that the Hyatt has over 4, and the Ace has under …. Opinion: The king of insults can't handle the truth about himself. Discounts may be available depending on child's age. About Author.

Ah, the sweet victory of scoring an amazing Hotwire travel deal: In your face , widely advertised prices! With "opaque" deals, however, not knowing where you're going to end up for the night—or the details about how you'll get there—isn't exactly reassuring when you're springing for a big trip. No one wants an unexpected three-hour layover or a dated hotel room, but if you play it too safe, you could miss out on potential savings.

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Book your hotel through Hotwire and get up to 60%* off. For low prices, our Hot Rate® Hotels offer deep discounts if you book before learning the name of the hotel. Whether you’re going on a business trip, romantic weekend, family vacation or last-minute getaway – wherever and. Hotwire Hot Rates are the low prices that Hotwire specially negotiates with our hotel suppliers. We work with only the best in the business. We don't have sales.

Even though Priceline's rates are reputedly cheaper by around 5 to 20 percent, Hotwire's opaque Hot Deal and Hot Fare prices are already listed, so you won't accidentally bid way too high—and there are other perks too. Plus, you know what amenities you're going to get. For example, a swimming pool is a must-have when I travel with my kids. With a little fancy keyboard work before you click "book now" on Hotwire, you can prevent both overpaying and that sinking feeling when you get stuck with a hotel room, car rental company, or flight schedule that is so not what you had in mind.

Let BT be your guide:. You can't completely eliminate any doubt about what opaque offers you're scrolling through, but you can form a general idea of what other people are paying—and for what—by scouring crowd-sourced websites and message boards like BetterBidding. Those sites help predict what hotel you'll get and share specifics about recent Hotwire deals, including hotel names and prices, car rental company and rate information, and flight details layovers, stops, airlines, etc.

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Know, however, that they're not gospel: Geographic boundaries are often redrawn, and offerings change. That's almost a 37 percent discount for a well-rated, centrally located crash pad, assuming that's the hotel you do end up with.

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The takeaway: Don't feel guilty about DIY-ing your own research; everyone is doing it. It's not perfect, but I can usually narrow it down to two or three likely hotels before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

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Above all, Hotwire considers its last-minute hotel savings—including day-of arrival—to be significantly better than Priceline's. It's completely worth a shot to download the app and scan the inventory, even—or especially! Plus, Hotwire just updated its iPad and iPhone app to include car rentals and launched car rental bookings for Android too.

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This might not be the nicest thing to do, but it's one strategy: "Many travelers use Hotwire to find out opaque pricing, then see if they can get a better deal on Priceline's Name Your Own Price system," Greencorn says. Why not bid on Priceline and see if you can do better? In that same vein, he says, you can use Hotwire in conjunction with Priceline Express Deals to get the best price. Glance at that section of Priceline before you buy on Hotwire, since Priceline Express Deals follows the same transaction model. Not everyone knows about the site's TripStarter feature, but if you type in your destination and the airport you're flying from, it quickly tells you when flights and hotel rates have historically been the cheapest, based on Hotwire searches, along with average temps and rainfall.