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Updated Hairstyle Guide

List of Towns To Get Hair Colors; Male Hair List; Female Hair List; Hair Saloon with .. Ayumilove MapleStory Royal Hair Face Style (October ) . Big Headward in Henesys Hair Salon and paying by Royal Hair Coupon. Since they removed it from Tot's quest's, is there any other way of getting a vip hair coupon. Maplehood Watch event is coming soon. You can get hair and face coupon during those events.

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Could you post Maplefantasia url here so I can check it out : Ayumilove Post author. The Christian Louboutin Sandals also can adds the hright of the ladies, it bring surprise to the short lady. Hi Ayumi, Now that Maplefantasia has a lame ass survey requirement to browse their site that doesnt even allow you to look at the page once you complete it, your page is the only resource I know of that has a list of the hairstyles that also show the images.

So is there anyway to get a free vip hair coupon?

Woops i meant to post it on the royal page not this one. Hi boxxybabe, thanks for the comment! By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Unfortunately, other than events there is no other way to get class-specific hairstyles, assuming Nexon even releases any others. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I went to Orbis and found to Top Tied Bun o-o…. In my opinion I think this is one of your most important pages, because style is a big part of Maple, whereas the class pages are specific to a certain portion of the population.

I think there are some hairs you cant get in certain towns anymore. Wow Royal Hair Coupon 11 You cannot change back your hairstyle unless you waste real money on a hair coupon. Looking for a MapleStory forum to chat in and have fun?

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I do not think so. K1 View Profile View Posts. Sekij View Profile View Posts. Also there is a Ton of Hair Coloring but you need to unlock them i think most are bind to Achievements.

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Also what i just notice. Originally posted by Sekij :.