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Is this the same as the previous thread of the i9 from Lenovo? That's insane.


You can't buy a and i9 for that price. The rest is just "free" Last edited by 2Riskit on Dec 10th, pm, edited 1 time in total. Good god, amazing deal. I know this would suck me right back into gaming which I'm not prepared to do right now.

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I'm going to pass on this epic deal. Employee lack of ownership more hot questions question feed. How do i find the serial number on my Lenovo C, the serial number stikker is removed This website uses cookies. Employee serial number. Use instead of. Please omit country code ' ' when entering the Employee serial number Ex.

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Lenovo cpp employee serial number. IBM employees, retirees, their friends and family.

I hadn't considered something like that. Considering that I work for the provincial government's IT helpdesk and our whole cluster is almost IBM-exclusive all workstations, most printers, most servers , I wonder if I might qualify for something like that. I'll have to see if my boss might know.

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Passcode: IBMEPP Make sure you compare with the regular lenovo site factoring in coupons and eBates. Link to Lenovo Canada Deals which. I've been visiting the IBM EPP site frequently the past few weeks to check prices but suddenly can't anymore. Anyone else having an issue with the passcode? IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad laptop enthusiasts!.

I got my T42 through the coop at uni, but if I had to do it again, I'd go through Visa Perks which I didn't know of back then. I looked over the prices on the website for a few weeks, and in the end, this one was relatively cheap. The US site allows a lot more customization, and prices are pretty consistent for what you get.

On the Canadian site, they only list a bunch of models, and prices vary a lot. So yes, it is possible to find decent prices on the Canadian site, but most of the models are more expensive. Well hot damn, that's exactly what I'm looking for.

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Supply and demand, and all that. Congrats to the Winners! Statistics: Posted by lcmt — Aug 13th, am. Contact us about this article. YouTube Lenovo lenovo epp canada redflagdeals Find new Lenovo Canada ecoupon codes at Canadas coupon hunting community, all valid Lenovo Canada coupons and discounts for Comes with box and all sealed accessories as well as two additional cases.

They even have a perfectly specced X61 tablet on there. I can't add the extended warranty options, but I'm sure that's something I can call up Customer Service about, pre- or post-service.