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I use a photo album that I got from Goodwill for coupons as it has bigger slots for coupons and you can have coupons on the back of page. Coupons at a glance. Can I scan 10 coupons for one item. That also confused me. Ive just barely started doing this. I had the same question as the one asked above but I am still a little confused.

I got the part where I can use 2 coupons per item.

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Please help :. You could always come back with another coupon for a separate transaction. You cannot use 2 manufacturer coupons on one product. Most stores will double coupons up to a dollar.

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For example, if you have a. You can only use ONE coupon per purchase. You can stack a store coupon and a manufactureer coupon. For example… You have a 1. This is the ONLY instance where you could use more than one coupon for 1 product. The person who answered the OP is actually correct. I have a coupon that says save 75 cents on ant 2 dole jarred fruit. Does it mean 75 cents will be taken off of the regular price for 2 or 75 cents on each jarred fruit?? Again, this varies according to store policy, but for instance, say you wish to buy a single tube of toothpaste. You have 2 coupons that state manufacturer, and you have an eCoupon loaded onto a loyalty card Acme, Wegmans, Stop and Shop what have you.

You can combine ONE of the manufacturer coupons and the eCoupon on the same item. You cannot use both manufacturer coupons on one item, regardless of face value. Another limitation is imposed by both stores and manufacturers. They typically limit coupon redemptions to 4 like coupons a transaction or per DAY. My local Acme will fully double coupons up to 99 cents face value, but will only accept 4 like coupons per day. Many Proctor and Gamble coupons DO have that limitation right on the coupon, and the scan systems will know what coupon limitations there are.

Extreme Couponing – ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE?

Stay calm. If they refuse to honor the coupon after calling their attention to the specific wording Any size, Any flavor, or 11 Oz or larger and you have proven the product to be faithful to the coupon, do not get upset or angry. They as retailers DO have the right to refuse a coupon for any reason. By staying calm and working with the cashier to come to a resolution you will have much greater success.

To use all 3 coupons, Stephmarie88, you would need to purchase 3 products.


I have a question. If I buy the 4-pack, can I use two of these coupons?

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The coupon does not specify. Please do not listen to this person. The facts she is giving you are wrong. The limit 4 per shopping trip, for example, does not mean you can only purchase 4 of that item that shopping trip. It means you can only use up to 4 of the same coupon during that trip.

So if you wanted to buy 6 things of toothpaste, you could only use up to 4 of the same coupon, meaning only 4 things of toothpaste would be discounted by coupons.

6 Stores That Allow Coupon Stacking

The last 2 things of toothpaste would have to be paid in full or you would have to use a different toothpaste coupon than what you have already used. Another wrong fact is the limit one coupon per purchase. This does not mean only one coupon can be applied to that item. It means only one of the same coupon can be applied to that item.

They can only dictate what you do with other coupons that are the same coupon. It seems to me that whenever I try to use a coupon, they will only let me put one coupon toward each item? If i have 3 manufacturers coupons with different bar codes and expire dates for same product can i use them all on the same item? Does that mean If I buy one item can I use up to 4 of the same coupons for the purchase?

It does not have ANY limits on it except for certain brands. Does this mean I can buy the whole store if I have enough coupons? Can I buy the box of Little Mover and use the coupon or does it has to be the small package? Hi, I am new to this couponing business. So I have this coupon for cake mix. Does this mean that I can buy 4 cake mixes, each at the price this coupon lists and just use the one coupon? Hello, I am totally new to the whole extreme couponing experience. I basically get some of it, except no one has answered my question…HOW do I use more than one coupon on the same item.

I am not seeing any in-store coupons, no catalinas in my area, etc. Can I use a printable coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item??? If not, then how do people save so much? Limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day unless otherwise noted on coupon.

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We do not accept expired coupons. Coupons and Cartwheel offers cannot be applied to previous purchases. Item purchased must match the coupon description brand, size, quantity, color, flavor, etc. Acceptance of unmatched coupons is against policy.

We do not accept manufacturer coupons with no matching requirements e. The value of a coupon will be applied up to the reduced price of the item and any excess value will not be applied to the transaction total. The sales tax is calculated by using the full value of an item prior to applying a manufacturer coupon. Target coupons reduce the taxable amount of the items to which they apply, unless prohibited by law.

One Coupon Per Purchase VS One Coupon Per Transaction

We do not accept counterfeit coupons. Manufacturer coupons are not accepted on mobile phones, with the exception of Cartwheel manufacturer coupons. We accept manufacturer coupons with a scannable GS1 data bar. We do not accept UPC-A coupon barcodes. Internet Print-at-Home Coupons We gladly accept valid internet coupons with a scannable barcode. Returns of items purchased using manufacturer coupons may receive coupon value returned in the form of a Target GiftCard. Target coupons reduce the refundable amount and coupon value will not be given back upon return of the merchandise.

One coupon per purchase means you're using one coupon per item being purchased. You can use multiples of the same coupon as long as each coupon has a matching item. One coupon per transaction means you can use only one specific coupon per store transaction. You can't use more than one same coupon, even if you're buying multiple items. A manufacturer coupon is a coupon issued by a manufacturer that offers a free item or a specific amount off the purchase price of one or more of a manufacturer's products. The words "Manufacturer Coupon" will be printed on the coupon.

A store coupon is issued by Target.