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Bitesquad coupon code reddit

It provides a wide range of restaurants to choose from. It is the last place you will ever have to go online to order yummy food for delivery or Take out. So, download the Bitesquad app from your play store or App store and get exciting discounts or offers on your next order. If you are searching for Bitesquad promo codes August , then you came at right place. Here you will find Bitesquad promo code August for existing users. If you have any query regarding their services, then you can contact them through their customer helpline number and you can also contact them through their website support bitesquad.

In conclusion, this article will help you to find the latest Bitesquad promo codes August It also helps you to know about Bitesquad, Bitesquad offers, Bitesquad promo codes for existing users, how to use Bitesquad promo codes, Bitesquad customer services. They won't work with your schedule for last minute emergencies.

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Other than that, it's a very good sec job. Oh and no benefits and the lowest I was paid was 7 an hour but it won't stay that very long. One hour might be 7 and the next might be It's no fixed hourly. If you could find a way to do this as a self employed business you could knock it out of the park the income potential is there. The second issue is when you schedule yourself a certain time on a shift it gets changed constantly. The third issue is you are paid every two weeks, its just not worth it even if you are trying to make extra money on the side.

This whole system that they do is setting you up for failure. It wont matter if you are driving a 4 cylinder or and 8 cylinder the gas allotment is a joke, do the math especially when they send you out of your way to make a delivery.

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The only positive I have had with this job is seeing all of the great restaurants, meeting great costumers and some have giving me cash tips on top of the order tips, which brings me to the next issue, if these people are not forced to tip there would not be any bite squad drivers. The driving part of the job is very relaxed and I really enjoy what I do, but don't let them fool you into thinking the pay is good and you can set your own hours because they are full of themselves if they are telling you that.

They control everything you do, from scheduling to how much money you are going to make. Not really a fun place to work.

Didn't really have a manager who knew what they were doing. The dispatching was just terrible. Most of them didn't stay long enough to get to know the roads to be effective. Way too much favoritism in placing the large orders especially the catering orders. Tips were a big part of your income and you really didn't know how much of the tip given, that actually would go to you.

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They would never explain to the drivers how the tip split actually worked? Since I left, the Company was sold, so I haven't talked with anyone yet to ask how effective the new management is?

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Great place to work. Best part time job for me Management are super friendly! Their knowledge on all aspects of the requirements and expectation of this job are spot on. Your every question is answer quickly. And I believe we also have the most awesome customers. I have not had any issues. Really enjoy Bitesquad! Dispatch and the restaurants ruin everything. Rudeness and poor communication made this job really awful.

People also found a way to waive the service fee and still don't tip Just walk awah now.

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If you come work for this company you'll end up witha run down car and no money. Just walk away now before your like me 26 barely a hundred in the bank and planning to move soon. Good company to work for. I've been working for Bite Squad for a year and 2 months. It keeps me afloat from going under with my bills.

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The schedule is flexible and market managers are good to work with you. It is not a bad company. You get to meet alot of people. I enjoy delivering to my smiling customers. They got bought out. They got bought out by some greedy guy in Las Vegas. Worked with them for four years. The pay has been decreasing the entire time. Now they cut overtime. And required split shifts, meaning you commute 2 times for half the hours, while not being able to work another job since your whole day is consumed by BiteSquad.

I used to love working here, but now it is predatory garbage and literally worse than even Doordash.

The most enjoybale part of the job. I enjoy working in bitesquad. Manager is cooperative and helpful. This job is very stressful and relaxed with good pay. Easy to contact the dispatchers if any issue with the orders. Worst Manager Ever. Nice place.

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Really loved the job. Too many miles on a new car in the time I was there. Other wise loved it. Great and understanding managers. East to understand.. Can't turn anything down. You will drive a LOT of miles so make sure your car is sound and a gas sipper!! You only get offered benefits if you are full time. Management is so-so. If we could get paid daily the amount we make it would be great. Pay for the same day it would be nice to get paid the amount of money we make that day it would keep a lot of drivers because we have to spend so much in gas to keep The car going.