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Buy 1 — Fairlife Fat-Free Milk Start your day with a refreshing glass of milk! Grab your prints and check in-store for more chances to save! Fill your refrigerator with the drinks your family loves! Give everyone in your house plenty of options on what they want to drink each day for less! Grab your prints and check in-store to pair them with other offers and deals for more savings! Be sure to come back later for more Printable Coupons and Deals! Fairlife Milk Printable Coupon. Jun 4. Share This Printable Coupon or Deal. Mar Every little bit helps! Read the science…dairy contains lactose.

Chocolate contains sucrolose which can raise blood sugar sensitivity. I am horribly allergic and get instant migranes with severe vertigo. Be careful. It also has Carrageenan, which can cause stomach issues too.

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My husband switched to almond milk after he found out he had T2 Diabetes a few years ago. After a while, he started complaining about stomach cramps, gassiness and other issues. Never thought about the ingredients until someone had posted here about it. So I stopped buying it until I found one without that ingredient. This will go great with the gift card I should be getting for being chosen for the fairlife house party! Thanks for posting this. Be careful with the chocolate. Thanks to everyone for posting your experience and additional info about this product.

I was curious about the chocolate. I have been using this milk for over a year now. It is the best out there. I will never switch back to anything else. It is the best tasting milk ever! My coupons printed with a 52oz size restriction. Has anyone been able to use them on the smaller size?

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I had tried this when meijer had it as a freebie! Adding lactase enzyme. Add me to those that love the taste of their chocolate milk. Their chocolate milk is devine! Easy to miss but it does have a size restriction! You are so right — we somehow missed this fine print when we posted these coupons yesterday! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The post has been updated.

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New Fairlife Milk Coupons have been added. Fairlife Milk Coupons are typically in the $ to $ range. These Fairlife Milk Coupons will help you save on the . CouponMom features the newest printable coupons for all types of groceries including categories such as Milk. In addition to our selection of Aug Milk.

I absolutely love FairLife milk. However, I have to travel to purchase it. A year ago, I spoke to someone at FairLife via email, because my local Walmart only carries FairLife whole and chocolate. Again, I am addicted to this product and it does help with my lactose problem.

They devote over 2 store refrigerators to other gallon sized milk. I can drink it without any problem with my digestive system. It us smother tasting.

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Thank you Fairlife company for taking pride in your milk. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?!

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Try it, like it, hate it, experience it. It was not the raw! It also smells like fake chocolate powder ," said Arianna. No upset stomach. I absolutely love FairLife milk.

Print Now. By Michelle Senior Managing Editor.

NEW COUPONS: Save on Fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk

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Headed to Target? To make them, milk gets separated into five component parts — water, vitamins and minerals, lactose, protein, and fat — then recombined in a specific ratio to end up with a rebuilt milk that boasts about half the sugar and double the protein of the regular stuff, along with being lactose-free. The marketing push for Fairlife had a rough start with this summer's poorly received pinup girls. Now Coca-Cola is highlighting sustainability along with nutritional value.

Despite carefully avoiding the word "organic" in reference to the farms that supply the milk, the promotional materials for Fairlife focus, in pretty vague terms, on the traceability of its "grass to glass" production chain. All of which is also to say that Coca-Cola is likely betting on nutrition and production process, rather than taste, as the factors that will help its milk sell better than the traditional stuff, which has been declining in sales for years. Reviews of the product so far have been mixed. But we were still curious: Would normal humans be able to tell the difference between Fairlife and regular milk?

And would they like it more, or less? So we set up a blind taste with a very small but fiercely dedicated panel of judges, squaring up Fairlife against Organic Valley, a comparably priced organic and hormone-free milk brand that's available at most grocery stores. The Fairlife was furnished to BuzzFeed for review.

5 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Drinking Fairlife

That makes sense if Coke is trying to balance the brand's image between fitting in "it's still milk! They had limited info. They knew that one of each kind of milk was Fairlife, but not which one. Everyone had to pick which milk of each type was their favorite, describe the differences, and say which one they thought was Fairlife. Bryant thought the Organic Valley skim " tasted more like actual milk, " while the Fairlife was " dry " and had a noticeable aftertaste.

The Fairlife skim also " has a weird old smell " according to Jarry, and Spencer suspected that it might actually be coconut milk it is not.