My target coupons will not print

Target Coupon Tips: How to Stack Your In-Store Savings

If that works, you may not be able to print out all that you want in a single session. Java is incompatible with Google Chrome on a Mac at this time. SmartSource recommends using Firefox. Our coupon plugin is a one-time, quick installation that lets you come to the site anytime in the future and print quickly without having to worry about errors or browser updates. If you have issues getting the plugin installed for some reason, please reach out to us via our support center, live chat or our toll free support line. Troubleshooting Guides for: Coupons.

Target Coupon Combinations: Which Coupons Can You Stack?

Facts You should know: You can only print 2 coupons per computer from coupons. NET 4. NET such as 3. Printing from a mobile device smartphone, tablet is not supported. Please use a standard laptop or desktop. You may be asked for admin access to install the coupon printing software. Corporate and public environments may not allow installing the coupon printing software.

my hp printer can t print coupons

We recommend printing from a home computer. If you would like to use the coupon printing software on a work or public computer, please see a system administrator. Make sure you have a hardware printer installed and set as the default. Soft printers such as PDF writers are not supported. Mac OSX Once the list populates, click PrintatHomeProtocol and select Uninstall. Mobile devices and tablets are not supported. First and foremost, visit the following link to verify that your browser is recognizing the applet: Java Verification Choose your operating system to continue!

Why are my coupons printing with blank spaces? The Screen Said my offers were printing but they never did. Check to verify that your printer is connected and turned on.

Important information about SmartSource. Check these things first. I also bought 2 packs of the GoGo Squeeze applesauce packs. I was handed mine at the entrance by an employee, but you can always ask your guest service counter if they have any extras left. I received a date night mailer with 3 coupons on it yesterday. I had problems with a cashier and supervisor this evening. It started when I used a Target coupon for Kleenex. Then the supervisor approved it. She and the supervisor said it was Target policy they could no longer accept coupons that made items free.

What a bunch of baloney. I double checked the policy and the policy states it can be adjusted down. Gee, all that rant for 1 coupon on 1 item in my whole order. Beth, Sounds like you got a nasty tempered checkout clerk. Obviously, she is ignorant as to how couponing works. I would write a Letter to the Editor of the local newspaper, outlining what happened at the Target store and explaining how the manufacturer coupons are paid by the manufacturer to the store.

I would also contact the Division of Target in charge of Policy and let them know that the store is not following policy. I always survey the cashiers before going through the checkout. I avoid her checkout lane consistently. The young men are usually very happy to help with coupons and one older lady at our store thinks saving is awesome.

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I think something that is important and many businesses have forgotten and disregarded in this day and age is that the Customer is the backbone of their profit. I have tried a couple times and it was a no. I also have to be selective when going to the checkouts. Some cashiers are not coupon smart and make the checkout process torture. Lately it is getting difficult to know weather it is a manufacturer coupon or target coupon on target website. When i go to the properties the url is same for both type of coupon,earilier it used to target or PAH. Hey preeli- there are other ways to tell the difference.

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I received a pharmacy mailer today — woohoo! I have hit the jackpot lately. Is this something I can change or am I stuck printing in color and wasting money? Please help!! Today when I went to print Target coupons I had to download a new coupon printer catalina , when it prints my coupons now it prints so slowly! Anyone else having this issue? Molly, I too had to download a new coupon printer the other day. She was telling me one day that they were instructed to only accept color coupons I guess to prevent fraud. Seems like a waste to me as well.

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  • My target coupons wont print;
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I have been selecting draft to try and save a little ink…idk if it is actually happening. So far no trouble scanning though. Good luck. Unilever is another good example to show- they limit you to one per purchase but then go on to say limit of 2 identical coupons in one shopping trip. TQs were much better organized by expiration date than category.

I used to check the ones that were expiring in case I missed something.

my target coupons will not print

Now they are all over the place! Amy- they are now still listed but not together- they are mixed n with the categories and if they are no longer available- they will be noted as such next to the coupons.

It will be interesting to see what the redemption policy is going to be … and whether the stores continue to accept more than 1 identical Q in a transaction. I was wondering if any one has had trouble getting their mobile coupons. I stop receiving them in April and my husband only got the first set in May. Do you think it is a Target mobile problem or a mobile provider?

I notice that the expiration dates for TQs are starting to fluctuate! It makes things very difficult. So now they are like regular printables. Adora — I would complain to corporate in regards to the rude manager you are dealing with.

There is a right way and a wrong way to handle things and it sounds as if she needs to visit training on how to deal with customers. They take those complaints seriously. Can any one help me with a suggestion? I have signed up for mobile coupons half a dozen times. If there is a key word, I can text that to the appropriate number and I do receive the link.

I tried signing up again today. Any ideas? Hey guys!!! IE: Offers, School, July4???? Is anyone else having trouble printing the Target coupons lately? I hit print and it looks as though it is printing but freezes there, for hours. I am using a Mac with Firefox and tried Safari too. Some woman came through my lane wanting to do that. I mean, really? How does someone get a Target Get Ready Mailer or the coupon books listed above. Is anyone having problems printing target coupons? For the last few days whenever I try to print their coupons it tells me I need to install the catalina printer which I have uninstalled and re-installed and still receive the same message and then when I choose to download it, it will take me through the steps to re-install and after everything is done it just sits on the page saying I need to download it and then times out.