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As a person who has been involved with owning service stations in the past I found Andrew to be an excellent mechanic who explained everything regarding the repairs so that a lay person could understand. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again. Chris was very professional and explained the service to me in a way I could understand which was really important to me. I was very happy and satisfied with the service and will definitely use your services again. Also as it turns out I do need a new battery for my car. Could you give me a quote for that? I have 3 small kids so dropping a car off somewhere to have work done isn't the easiest of things.

Secondly the mechanic that serviced and repaired my car was just lovely! He kept me informed of what he needed to do and kept the cost under my maximum budgeted amount. And thirdly I would happily use Lube Mobile again and would be happy to refer anyone to use your mechanics for their car repairs! I was stressed to breaking point but your staff made the situation so much easier and worry free.

Thank you so much for your service! Up until now I have always taken my car to Toyota for services and whilst I have no complaints about them it is a hassle to drop the car off get the courtesy bus to work and then have to arrange to pick it up again.

Brake Service Near Me | Brakes Repair & Pad Replacement - Meineke

Using Lube Mobile was so convenient and the price was competitive. My mechanic did an exceptional job and explained everything before he started I will be using Lube Mobile again! Even when I called to change the place of the booking on relatively short notice everyone was polite and friendly and things went smoothly. The mechanic arrived on time and completed the work quickly and efficiently explaining what had to be done.

I would and am definitely recommending Lube Mobile to everyone I know that needs their car serviced! I made arrangements to leave Keys out and all work was outlined and quote was given over phone prior and agreed before commencing. Great service.

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Saved me about 3 hours. I learnt more about my car. Very nice young man. Cheered me up and was not patronising as I have had my share of mechanics that are. Thanks very much! Booked at All Rights Reserved. ABN: 79 When a brake pad wears down on a rotor, it will often make a squeaking sound when applied. This is an audible safety measure to make sure that the driver knows to change the brakes soon. Unfortunately, some pads don't do this particularly well, so newer cars have brake pad wear sensors installed as part of their system, alerting the driver on the dash that the pads needs replacement.

In addition, when a brake pad gets low, it will require a longer stroke of the caliper's piston to clamp down on the rotor, therefore lowering the amount of fluid in your brake reservoir. If the pads are low, you'll be able to see a noticeable change in your brake fluid's level, and may even get a "BRAKE" warning light on the instrument cluster. If all these signs are ignored, the pad's material will wear down to the point where the only thing making contact with the rotor surface is the pad's metal backing plate, which is made of steel, and it will make heavy grooves in your rotor's surface, forcing you to replace the rotors as well.

Note : The procedure listed below was performed on a Scion tC, but it should be similar in nearly any car with 1 or 2 piston calipers and rotors. If you're unsure, please consult your car's factory service manual. You can perform a brake service on a car with regular hand tools, in your driveway or garage. Here's how to do it:. With brake pads, ceramic tends to be the best, as they give the best brake feel and the longest protection against brake fade, although dust may accumulate on your wheel a bit more than conventional pads.

How to Replace Front Brakes, Pads and Rotors

You can look for pads for your car here. As far as rotors, unless you're using the car on a track, any cheap rotor will do, but beware - the rotor manufacturers on some of the cheaper examples don't have the greatest quality control, and it may be necessary to mill the rotors after you receive them due to vibration when braking. Personally, I'd go for Brembo rotors.

Brake Pad Replacement Reviews

You can also find pad and rotor sets here. Remember, you're loosening, NOT removing. Get the lugs loose enough that you'll be able to take them off with a regular ratchet. When working on the rear, put bricks behind the front wheels and engage the parking brake to give yourself the best chance of removing the lug nuts. Release the parking brake when the wheel is off.

Brake services and repairs

How to get a good brake job and save $1, over the life of your car. And if you don't learn how to spot the rip-offs of brake pad replacement cost, you'll waste. Performing general upkeep on your car brakes is an essential part of driving safely. Read this article and learn all about brake pad replacement.

Put the hydraulic jack underneath either the car's frame rail or factory jacking points on the side of the car. These can usually be seen as the dimpled pieces of protruding metal on the bottom of the car.

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Some German cars have black rubber pads that serve as the jacking points. Place jack stands underneath the car, rest car on jack stands, making sure that its weight cannot shift. You can now remove the wheels. Now is also a great time to clean your wheels of all brake dust.

There should be 2 12mm or 14mm bolts on the caliper. Remove them and the caliper should be able to slide out. If te caliper doesn't slide out easily, use a pry bar or flat head screwdriver and pry it out. Rest the caliper on the suspension, or use zip-ties or a bungee to secure it to a place where it can't hang. Don't put any strain on the brake line.

Remove the 2 17mm or 19mm bolts on the rear of the hub that keep the caliper carrier on.

Brake Pads Replacement Cost

These are on tight, so use a breaker bar with a mallet or an impact gun if you can. Give the rotor a few good whacks with a hammer and it should come out. Please note that some rotors have a locating screw that would need to be removed for the rotor to come out. Also, on older cars, rust may be an issue, so instead of beating it with a hammer, there may be threaded holes that you can force bolts through and release the caliper that way.