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They have plenty of space for dining inside the restaurant or you can call in a carry out order. My husband I dined there, for the first time, in the late afternoon, on a Saturday. Both plates came with refried beans and rice. The tender shredded chIcken filling was plentiful. Each plate was filled with a lot of tasty food and it was cooked to perfection. We will dine there again and we will bring our adult children and our grandchildren when they come to visit us. I wanted to review them on here and share how great they are. From the staff to the food it feels like family every time I come here.

Every single dish is prepared with so much care. They have a wide variety of dishes from americanized to authentic Mexican food. Today I order a fish taco plate with rice and beans. The fish is fried to perfection, light and flaky, served on two corn tortillas. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and chipotle sauce. Comes with a side of pico da gallo to top it all off. If you are in the mood for great food stop in and enjoy! The food is phenomenal. Unfortunately, my last two visits left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. On both occasions, there were a half dozen or so inebriated people in the bar section shouting, quite literally, at the top of their lungs to one another.

The first time, I made the mistake of making eye con See More. My husband and I come here often maybe twice a month it is usually mostly empty with the exception of a few tables. Last time we went I believe was a Friday night and they were completely packed the restaurant and the bar, they had live music that went table to table, great entertainment. We almost always get the same things, I order the deep fried bean tacos, and my husband gets the carne asada. We always enjoy our food hear wish that there was slightly bigger portions or slightly lower prices but the food is always good.

I'm not a fan of the salsa it's more of a liquid tomato sauce you have to add the hot "salsa" to it to give it flavor but not too much because it's very hot!! Everything else is great! You will enjoy this place. Great authentic Mexican restaurant. Staff is always friendly and the entertainment is super. Very reasonable prices and their food is outstanding. This by far my favorite Mexican restaurant. I made the mistake of going to two different Mexican restaurants over the last month or so and today I was back to Pueblo Nuevo and I realized just how bad the other two were.

I had the enchiladas plate with beef and green sauce and it was delicious as usual. My wife had the steak fajitas and loved every bite. There's something extra special about their beans that I just can't get enough.

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I ordered extra beans. Have eaten here for years, their enchiladas verdes are the best anywhere. Good people, nice atmosphere. Will always be one of my favorites. Wasn't as bad as everyone said. Food was good. I'm from so cal so I'm used to chunky salsa. You have to pay for that that was odd. But the hot sauce is good on the food and hot. Hands down, my favorite Mexican restaurant in the St.

Louis area. Favorite menu items: empanadas, chimichangas, and black bean soup; and the homemade salsas and salad dressing; and the rice and refried beans.

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And ALL of the desserts are delicious! Best mexican!! I grew up going to this place. My family and I travel 30 minutes to get here. Its worth it. Love the chicken burrito. No better comfort food.

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Always a good meal! Always friendly staff. This place is a staple in our family. I wish our drinks would get refilled more often but other than that, we love this place! I love Mexican food and eat it at least once a week. If you like authentic Mexican food, this is your place. The best in St.

If you like spicy foods, the green chili is a must try. Blue margaritas are so good. You will not be disappointed with anything you get. Highly recommmend! They were super busy and we still got great service! Live music added to the experience. The food was delicious!! I'm moving close soon, and happy to know where I'm getting my Mexican fixes already??? I tried the spinach tamales. They were really good. I wish they had beef tamales though. They only have pork and spinach.

My girl got the closest thing they have to Arroz con pollo, but she said the chicken was a bit salty. The service was good. Oh and if you dine in, plan on smelling like mexican food when you leave. I'd go back.

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I would give it 5 stars, but the times I've been there the service from the "waitress" is not so great. At least attitude wise. Great quality and great value. All in all, this is a solid hole-in-the-wall mexican place, and I will be back! I had amazing service from Gina and the margaritas were on point. I will go back,this is the best mexican restaurant in north county.

Perfect party place. Really can't remember last time I had a group that no one complained- Pueblo pulled it off. Best Authentic Mexican food around. Staff is friendly and even if they are extremely busy the food is always brought out hot and fast and we never have to ask for refills on drinks they are very attentive.

The atmosphere is great and they even have live music on certain nights. Wonderful family owned restaurant.

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Some say it is the hidden treasure here in S. Louis because it is a ver small Mexican Restaurant. I would say this Restaurant is up there with the best of the best of Mexican Restaurants here in St. Also please keep the owner in your prayers who has just passed away. Best in Town Pueblo is fantastic and our favorite restaurant. The food is authentic - always fresh and prepared with a love for mexican culture. My husband says it is the only food he's had in a restaurant that reminds him of his mother's cooking. The menu has a wide variety of dishes, and everything is great.

This is a family operation, so feel free to bring your kids. On weekends they also have one or two guitarists. They recently expanded, so seating isn't a problem. Pros: great food, reasonable prices, friendly. The Real Thing The verde enchiladas here are worth driving from whatever location you're coming from -- they're definitely 5-alarm!

You can purchase a tequila sucker with a worm inside at the counter, if that sort of thing thrills you. I passed on this thrill. The chips are wonderfully freshly made and hot, the salsa is tangy two versions. It's the green sauce stupid! A friend introduced me to Pueblo Nuevo over 10 years ago and I've been a repeat customer ever since.

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I've tried different things on the menu and never had anything I didn't like, but I keep coming back to the enchiladas with green sauce. To die for! The staff is friendly and service is good. The prices have crept up over the years keeping me from visiting as much as I might like. It's my favorite Mexican restaurant in the St.

Pros: Tasty food, great service Cons: It's gotten a little pricey over the years. Pueblo Nuevo is the closest to authentic that I have had in St. Many times that I've been there I've seen folks from Mexico also eating there. I don't see this at the other restaurants!

Pros: fresh, authentic food. Love their crunchy tacos! Add the dark red Mexican hot sauce, and you have Hot Tacos! We get them almost weekly. If the whole "Burritos as Big as Your Ass" thing is your idea of authentic Mexican food, or if you can't wrap your mind around the concept of "hot sauces" in lieu of salsa, please avoid Pueblo Nuevo; there are hundreds of places that can accommodate your conditioned predilections.

Louis way for reasons beyond my capacity to precisely explain them. Still, I encourage your giving it a try. It's quite honestly my favorite restaurant anywhere. Authentic Mexican-Just how it is suppose to be. Great food, great prices. Family ran, always friendly, sometimes they are busy so you have to get the servers attention, but they are always responsive.

We love it. This is the best Mexican restaurant in St. My favorite is the pork enchiladas with green chile sauce. I also order the carne ranchero, and chile rellano. There are many other good things to order as well. I find it hard to not order one of those three though. Mexican is my favorite cuisine and Pueblo Nuevo is my favorite Mexican restaurant.

It is is absolutely delicious -- I go every chance I get. I like their burritos covered in cheese and green sauce spicy! Service is always prompt and friendly. My only complaint is their salsa, both choices are completely liquid and that sort of creeps me out. However, that will never stop me from coming back. I leave feeling like a complete cow each time.

That's a good thing. I really don't know which restaurant all you displeased people visited. We're talking about the same place, right- the small, family-run restaurant at Lindbergh and ? Someone complained about the dead cacti. Another person complained that the sauces came in squeeze ketchup bottles. Look, if your main concern when dining is the decor, you are completely missing the point of Pueblo Nuevo. However, if you are looking for fresh, spicy, flavorful food, Pueblo Nuevo is one of the best bets around. The spicy hot sauce, which does, indeed come in a ketchup squeeze bottle oh, the horrors it strikes in the hearts of the trendy diner , is absolutely, knock-your-socks-off good- flavors just bursting in your mouth like Pop Rocks- delicious.

The sauce has a kick to it, but unlike many hot sauces, the flavors are really complex. And yes, the sauce is more of a sauce, and less of a thick salsa, but as I understand, this type of sauce and chips is pretty typical of the area the owners originate from in Mexico.

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The red burrito, chock full of tender white chicken and cheese and bathed in fresh tomato sauce, makes your mouth think it was just smacked with a tomato. The refried beans, which I am pretty sure are made with some sort of animal fat, are creamy, smoky, and flavorful.

Even the moist, texured rice is great, and I am not much of a rice eater. My husband is partial to the chorizo, so I can't say much about that, expect he orders it every time. Obviosuly there are a lot of pleased customers out there, because the dining room is close to full each time I visit. Listen to your tastebuds!

Pueblo Nuevo, for a St. Louis Mexican restaurant, is to me second only to some of the taqueiras on Cherokee Street. It's definitely the best Mexican restaurant in the NoCo. I am in love with their salsa, but you do have to like it spicy. To me it's so much better than the mild watered-down salsa most Mexican restaurants serve around here. I haven't gotten too adventurous with the menu, but I will say that the empanadas and the chilequiles never disappoint.

If you like it spicy, this is your joint right here. I've not been in a long time, since Mi Lupita is closer to me and I've now moved away from St.

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That's a good thing. The food is excellent. I made the mistake of going to two different Mexican restaurants over the last month or so and today I was back to Pueblo Nuevo and I realized just how bad the other two were. Val the surprise Ask oldschool about 3 Margaritas.

Louis but this is a great restaurant. What I remember are pork enchiladas in green sauce that will curl your toes. Really spicy, amazing chile flavor, and delicious pork. It's difficult to order anything other than this. Plus, their mole is the best I've had. They serve it on some semi shredded chicken, and it melts in your mouth.

It's also available as an enchilada sauce, but I always got it with the chicken - less to get in the way of that flavor. They had opened a "Pueblo Nuevo West" that was much closer to me and for a time, was a regular Friday night destination but it closed under unknown circumstances - they were never hurting for business, that's for sure. I wish they'd bring it back I can still taste the mole. I can't give this 5 stars becuase I do think Mi Lupita is better. But if you want great Mexican, check this one out.

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