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I do this for the racehorses. I do this to be a voice for these voiceless victims not to get a reaction from the industry. I do this to educate the ignorant masses who have bought into their delusion by placing bets. Go rescue those racehorses because there are plenty more to come.

Perhaps you can even set-up a financial network of industry supporters especially the wagering companies who make billions off these racehorses and give little or NOTHING towards aftercare. Not all racetrack owners and trainers treat there horses the same! U guys just want to see the bad things happens and talk bad about it! This is blatant animal cruelty, and if conducted in any other setting in this country it would be grounds for Felony Animal Cruelty charges.

So take your delusional crap Debbie, and all of your delusional pro-horse racing buddies to a certified Intervention where it belongs. You are wrong Debbie. ALL tracks allow trainers to start horses as frequently as they want. There are NO rules to protect the horse from trainers that will run horses to death. A full raising card is the mission of the track and that alone is what they care about.

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I am sorry but I do mean racehorse owners and trainers not racetrack owners. They do not care about the horses. Those are the only 2 categories that ALL horse racing people fall into including the racetracks that provide the cruelty ring for this abuse to take place. So go peddle that nonsense to ignorant people who know no better. Than tell us your real name so we can confirm who you are.

Cowards hide behind delusions, and horse racing is one big delusion.

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Enjoy the excitement and thrill of every spin of the reels on the gaming floor, catch all the racing action during our live racing season with outdoor entertain. Explore Belterra Park. Belterra Park, located on Kellogg Avenue off I in Anderson Township and only 10 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati, is easily accessible from anywhere in the tristate area. Make memories when you join us on the gaming floor, catch all the action on the.

All they care about is dollars. Maybe you you meant race horse owners.

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Either way. The reason we fight racing is because too much bad already happens and we want to stop it.

Well said Faith. I have not had a response from Belterra. Belterra, like all the tracks, does not give a damn about the horse. I believe you have my email. If not, Patrick has my permission to give it to you. Copy me on what you sent to Belterra and to whom you sent it. I believe I sent it on the 2nd. Well Faith,I have my 19 year old ex race horse who never ran on any drugs,never ran sore,never ran as a 2yr old,was treated as a pet as a race horse and ever since. I can find out lots with the race name perhaps some facts contrary to your claims.

Im not really sure what would make you reply to someone 2 yrs after the fact, but anyway, my question to you would be,since when has lasix not been classified as a drug? Gould and speaking of ignorant comments, what do you say about the ones that arent being well taken care of and are sore, being drugged, run as 2 yr olds, the ones that arent ever retired, the horses who dont get to graze, what do you say about them because thats what this is all about.

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I was just just saying not all people in the business treat there horses like u guys say! No I never raced my 2yrs old and a sore horse. U can t judge me and my career i do for a living. I do keep track of my horses when I donate them to a rescue or sale them. So I don t feel u should bad mouth me when u don t even know me! You know the name you use to own or train your racehorses — that would be a start.

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I can tell you right now once you give me your name I can find out exactly what you have done to what racehorses. So before you come on here, and make these claims stop hiding behind, what could be, a fictitious name. Until you provide this information then anything you say is disputable.

So I invite you to come forth, stop hiding, and expose who you really are. Then we will find out who and what you are! Until then, peddle your trash somewhere else. Once you reveal who you are I can confirm that at least 1 of your racehorses, if not all, has been subjected to these abusive procedures that qualify as animal cruelty.

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So if you want to come on here, and dispute what my non-supporters say, then back up your comments with your name. We are all waiting for your response Debbie or whatever your name is. U r taking everything wrong I have been saying. I do agree with something but not all. This is my life and I know I don t have to explain who I am.

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I know what I do with my horses so that all that matters to me!! This is not caring — this is not love. Anybody who cares about a racehorse would not subject them to this cruelty ring, and death camp. Typical abusive behaviour that is rampant in this industry. Guess u guys don t believe in good people and some of u r haters so I will leave it at that!! Yes I know my name is Debbie after that it doesn t matter. So yes it does matter what your full and authentic name is so we can verify what you say. A horse can literally be raced every other day and there are no plans to change the rules.

He did say that both horses were visually checked by a vet last Friday, September 2nd, and both were in good weight. There you have it. No big surprise. This comes as no surprise.

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ZERO accountability. Legitimized animal cruelty. Systematized animal cruelty via racing commissions that are supposed to look out for their well-being. They know damn well that if they put a time factor on entries for racehorses then that would greatly reduce their fields resulting in lower wagering profits. So the slave masters must ensure that their slaves keep running, and bringing in profits. There are simply no words for the abuse of this horse.

I am so sick and tired of the apologists defending an industry that is rotten to the core. If anyone steps up for her, I will donate since the racing industry is nowhere to be found.

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Thank you Mary. I will donate also. That poor mare needs help and we know that help will not come from the exploiters.

Thank you, Billy. Billy thanks for the update. Use for to create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker. Save your resume. You consent to receiving marketing messages from Indeed and may opt from receiving such messages by following the unsubscribe link in our messages, or as detailed in our terms. Upload your resume - Let employers find you. Belterra Park Cincinnati. Must be able to obtain and maintain valid gaming license. Participate in liquor glassware removal, ensuring compliance with all Ohio Gaming Commission….

Boyd Gaming Corporation reviews. The truly unique entertainment complex, Belterra Park Gaming , features an expansive facility on acres just minutes east of downtown Cincinnati. Fine Dining Server. Deliver internal and external guest service the Boyd Gaming Way. The Ladies and Gents of Belterra Park will represent and highlight the Boyd Gaming brand by offering a continuous entertainment experience for Belterra Park…. Penn National Gaming now brags 49, gaming machines, 1, table games and nearly 9, hotel rooms, and employ more than 30, team members in 40 facilities across 18 states.

Wilmott says the company is poised for continues growth with a portfolio of premiere gaming facilities.

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Belterra Casino has maintained very respectable revenues for a riverboat casino located between two major metropolitan areas - Cincinnati and Louisville - with other, closer gaming options. The company gave an update to stockholders last week, with plenty of insight on Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun. Health departments in other states report severe respiratory illnesses in adolescents who vape. An underground surprise is going to tack a few days onto the reconstruction of Parkside Avenue in Greendale.

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