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Dell Latitude E7450 (i5)

click here In addition, there is a generous travel span, which is just slightly shorter than the current ThinkPads — basically it is a matter of taste which one you prefer.


Another positive aspect is the very restrained noise development; the keyboard is very quiet even during fast typing. Below the keyboard is the touchpad with increased dimensions of Fingers have no problem to glide above the smooth surface, which can be automatically deactivated when you use the keyboard to avoid accidental inputs.

We do not want to talk about the pros and cons compared to a touchpad, but the small joystick does a great job as an optional mouse replacement. Precision and response are just as flawless as the three smooth buttons; the middle one can be used for scrolling. Even though it is the year , the standard display for the Latitude 14 is still an antiquated WXGA panel with a meager resolution of x pixels. We definitely think you would save money on the wrong end with this panel.

This is not only a visual improvement, but the productivity also benefits from the additional screen. The optional and more expensive premium displays usually also have a better picture quality, more powerful background illuminations and higher resolutions. The somewhat uneven brightness distribution of our review sample is subjectively not an issue and we could not see any annoying screen bleeding. The rich black value 0. This means the user gets a very rich and vivid picture, so the Latitude can also be used for multimedia purposes.

You get quite an accurate display ex-works. At the same time it adjusts the color temperature, which is a little too cool in the factory settings. A lower contrast and color accuracy are only an issue when you exceed this value, from an angle above in particular. Compared to cheap TN panels, you do not have to adjust the opening angle of the display with each head movement. It is a fast upper-mainstream dual-core processor with a TDP of 15 Watts.

This medium version is referred to as "GT2" configuration and has 24 Execution Units that are clocked with - MHz. As a result, the memory controller only works in the slower single-channel mode , which can affect the 3D performance significantly. But it also makes it easier to upgrade the memory since there is a second empty slot. We have already mentioned that Broadwell does not have much higher clocks than comparable Haswell models, at least when we look at the Turbo Boost.

The Broadwell chip runs with 2. Dell does not restrict the clocks artificially on battery power, so you can use the full performance of the processor on the road. Still, large sequential write transfers are quite rare in practice. However, many of the tests heavily depend on the SSD performance, so the E is affected by the low write performance of the Samsung drive — which is why we want to evaluate the actual performance impression.

There will not be any problems in the foreseeable future if you do not edit 4K videos on a regular basis or use very demanding applications. Generation Broadwell Broadwell Broadwell Haswell. Manufacturing process 14 Nanometers 14 Nanometers 14 Nanometers 22 Nanometers. However, this should be a software issue since according to Intel, Broadwell should be able to handle this codec smoothly. The result is quite clear: Much more than x pixels and low details are not possible in current games; some very demanding games on the other hand, are not running smoothly even with these settings.

If the fan should start to spin, it is usually in the lowest rpm setting, which is hardly noticeable at around 30 dB A.

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Thanks to the SSD in our review unit, access noises from the hard drive are not a problem. This noise is not a problem, even over long periods, but the subjective impression would benefit from a less high-pitched noise characteristic. This means there are no limitations when you want to use the E on your lap, especially since the large grid structure at the bottom ensures an unrestricted supply of fresh air.

The CPU clock quickly dropped to 1. It seems that Intel just like AMD still prefers the graphics unit over the processor with a combined load, instead of letting both components run with medium clocks. Dell's Latitude-series is traditionally equipped with good speakers. You will not find popular manufacturer names or promotional logos. The balanced and rich sound includes clear high tones as well as surprisingly powerful bass that even surpasses some multimedia notebooks.

The impressive maximum volume is also noteworthy, so even medium-sized rooms can be filled with sound. Since Haswell has reduced the idle consumption in modern ULV CPUs to such a low level, any further improvements hardly change the consumption of the complete system anymore.

Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series (E7450)

Short load peaks can result at 40 Watts or more, but this is not a problem for the power adaptor with a nominal output of 65 Watts. While you can get optional extensions up to 96 Wh for the ThinkPad, Dell only offers a smaller 3-cell version with a meager capacity of 30 Wh. It is not easy to answer the question whether Broadwell manages longer battery runtimes than Haswell when you compare differently equipped devices from several manufacturers. However, we can see noticeable efficiency improvements in more practical scenarios.

This usually required much larger batteries. You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time — it makes sense to improve a proven product in small but steady steps. Many optimizations are only noticeable when you compare both devices side by side. The chassis is now slightly slimmer than before, and has a slightly larger battery despite the identical weight.

The noise development under load was further reduced at the same time and both the processor as well as the graphics performance have been improved thanks to the new Broadwell chips. But this also shows that Haswell notebooks are anything but outdated in Still, you should expect similar prices for the upcoming ThinkPad Ts or EliteBook G2 — both should be available soon — because of the weak exchange rate for the Euro right now.

Dell improved the already excellent predecessor with small changes. The new model can convince with an increased performance as well as longer battery runtimes in particular. We do not think there is much to improve — the not really bright display as well as the mediocre webcam are amongst the most important points of criticism. Furthermore the high, even though not unreasonable price, which might scare off potential buyers.

Lenovo ThinkPad Ts. HP EliteBook G1. Toshiba Tecra Z Best Displays , for University Students. Broadwell Business Laptop Ultrabook Windows. Overview Latitude 14 E configurations excerpt :. Massive metal hinges. Front: No ports. Right side: Headset port, USB 3. Great WLAN performance. Comprehensive maintainability. Input Devices. Touchpad and Trackpoint. AdobeRGB coverage.

ColorChecker pre-calibration. Saturation Sweeps pre-calibration. Grayscale pre-calibration. ColorChecker calibrated. Saturation Sweeps calibrated. Grayscale calibrated. Viewing angles Dell Latitude 14 E Maximum Turbo Boost 2. Steady clocks with single-core Cinebench R Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. Storage Devices.

Dell Latitude E7450 vs Latitude E7440

AS SSD benchmark. HD Tune. Transfer Rate Minimum: Transfer Rate Maximum: Transfer Rate Average: Access Time: 0. Burst Rate: CPU Usage: 3. CrystalDiskMark 3.

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With a carbon-fiber and magnesium-alloy body, the Dell Latitude E is a sturdy and light business Ultrabook that does most things well. The Latitude 14 Series Ultrabook features a spacious inch optional touchscreen, a carbon fiber design and professional security features.

Sequential Read: AS SSD. Sequential Write: Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Copy ISO: Copy Program: Copy Game: Score Read: Points. Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. System Performance. PCMark 7 Score. Smooth H. Gaming Performance. It seem that full battery is good for 8 h. Very Satisfied. It is my 2nd time I make an order at Square PC with no problem. Product will be delivered outside your home for all shipping areas. Recycling of your old item s is not included with delivery. Assembly of the delivered product is not included. Must be unassembled and still in the original packaging.

All returned products must include original packaging.

Dell Latitude 14 7000 Series (E7450)

Return shipping costs will be paid by the seller for all cases where the product is defective, damaged or incorrect. For other cases e. Please contact the seller directly from your Order details page , and provide the following information:. Add to Cart.

Dell Latitude E7450 Full Specifications

Number of Cores. Popular :. If the fan should start to spin, it is usually in the lowest rpm setting, which is hardly noticeable at around 30 dB A. Dell improved the already excellent predecessor with small changes. Metro: Last Light

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