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“My Coupon is Real!” 4 Security Features That Prove It

They mailed out tons of coupons to get a free bottle of Excedrin and here are the security features of those coupons. At-A-Glance: This looks like a printable coupon that you could have printed at home. Scratch with coin to reveal Coupons Inc.

Is it true that the commissary no longer accepts Smart Source internet printable coupons?

Look below the expiration date for a unique dot scan bar code that contains a unique Veri-Fi code. Every valid coupon issued by Coupons, Inc. Evner that code at the Coupons, Inc. Remember that these security features are found on coupons issued by Coupons,Inc.

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I have never had a problem.. Money Makers More Money Makers. Pharmacode barcodes can use multiple colors as an added check for packaging accuracy. Next comes a five digit in the photo above manufacturer number. Also, many coupons have another watermark below that one. By using The Balance Everyday, you accept our. Batch processing for bulk QR code creation.

Free product coupons are available from different brands and retailers for a very limited time. When I find them I share them by posting on my blog Freebies4Mom. I too got the free Excedrin coupons in the mail. Safeway in Seattle would not accept them. The cashier was clueless. Both managers on site said that it looked like a printed coupon and said they do not accept printed coupons for free items.

I mentioned that there should be an authentication in the back. I should have saved the envelope it was mailed in for proof.

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There were others in the line so I just took the coupons back, not wanting to hold the line up. I guess I will try to use them at a different store next time. I think maybe Kroger not taking printed free coupons is a chain wide thing. They do that in Monroe, MI too. I only shop at Meijer and have never had an issue with my coupons. I flat out refuse to go to WAGS because the stories make me so mad and with my temper I know better than to put myself in that situation. I probably just jinxed myself with that one!

COUPON Frequently Asked Questions (Includes Q&A for latest changes to coupon policy)

My Kroger store informed me they will not take any free coupons printed from the Internet. Is that hard for stores to teach their employees on what is fake and what is real?

Have I got a story! Even if they are legitimate, they will not take them. Some have understandably been refused such as a printed free item from my home computer. Our Food Lion and Farm Fresh here are okay with coupons, I just have to be extra careful with the purchase and have the coupons in order. The worst is Walmart and Target. I hardly shop at those stores anymore.

But I have saved so much with the coupons and freebies from this sight.

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The cashier had asked for the manager and then the manager refused to take it. I told her it was from their own program and it even suggested that you use it at Rite-Aid on the back. It was a foil one, not even paper. I was embarrassed but mostly mad! I made my husband go back the next day when of course they took the coupon. I told her they should familiarize themselves with the coupons their company was sending out!

Thanks for posting this, it can be confusing and embarrassing. My Wal-Mart has to get a manager involved every time free is on a coupon. Even if they are not printed. But for the purposes of Walmart, and the items that they sell, you should really only see the offer and also check the URL to make sure it is from that coupon brand. Many retailers are getting fakes and it burns them from getting reimbursed. Managers are deciding on their own to not take internet printables.

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As a consumer, if it is a large chain store each individual store may decide to do this for their store only. This is where you have to know your rights. If you have any questions call Walmart corporate and ask them to clarify for you. Today Only!

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Great time to stock up on new name brand clothing for you and your family. From Fitness clothing to fun in the … [Read More Thank you soooo much for this info. I work at a Wal-Mart in the accounting office and cashiers are always asking me how to spot a fake. This post will be a great learning tool for all of us at the store.

We do take internet coupons and are located in nothern Illinois. Thank you for all you do! I was trying to use the B1G1 Special K coupon but the cashier told me no. I live in suburban Chicago. It takes some prodding at times, and I actually hate shopping at Walmart because of it, but I still do shop there. If they are over they usually call a manager over to approve it.

They never accept most of my coupons. When I printed the free avacado coupon last week I knew it was fake. Publix, on the other hand, is my favorite coupon spot. I spend a lot of time doing coupons, as we all do, so I want all my purchases to match my coupons. Too bad there are no Publix in Texas, but in Florida we have no Riteaid boo hoo. I shop at two Walmart stores in Lawrenceville and Snellville, GA and they both accept printable black and white coupons.

I have never had a problem.. Do you know why this happens? Your email address will not be published. More Printable Coupons. More Money Makers.


It was a good looking fake, but hasn't that coupon been going around now It tells them to not accept without the dot-scan barcode below the. As an additional safety feature, printable coupons are encoded with a unique dot scan barcode and number. It's easy to spot a copied coupon.