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DIRECTV Packages

It blows away the competition with its ability to record 16 shows at once, store 2, hours of content, pay your bill, auto-skip commercials on prime-time recordings, set advanced parental controls on different TVs, and learn about the messaging in shows before your kids watch them. You can even use it to help find your remote. Another J. It also boasts an equally wide range of package options. Plans start at 20 channels and reach up to though full availability of those packages is rare. You can pair any of its internet and TV packages available to your address , which allows you to go big or small in different areas as your usage dictates.

Jump to the next tier U-Family or U to unlock over channels. All plans include three months of free HBO and Cinemax. For those looking to bundle, its internet service has the same availability. If you want a slimmed-down package of the types of channels you regularly watch, Fios has you covered. If the people in your home have vastly different TV preferences, Fios has traditional TV plans, too, and we found the standard plans to be a much better deal.

Showtime, Starz , and Epix are included in the Ultimate HD plan, or you can add all three premium channels to a cheaper plan.

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Verizon has a few different options for sports packages, too. You can purchase individual season passes, or the Sports Pass that features extreme sports, outdoor sports, football, soccer, college sports, and more. Verizon offers three different DVR services to choose from, depending on how much TV you want to record.

They can hold 50, , or hours of HD content, can connect to one, five, or 12 TVs, and can simultaneously record two, six, or 12 shows. If you want to add internet and phone, you can build your own bundle as well. The Triple Play bundle includes a Mbps connection, a home phone, and the Preferred HD TV plan for less than a similarly priced Comcast bundle that offers the same number of channels but only Mbps.

But if you live on the East coast, its packages are well worth a look. The Custom TV plan presents the choice of a channel package based on type of viewer and genre of channels — a unique option no other provider offers.

DirecTV Now Review in DVR, Channels and Packages Analysis

Its biggest plan, Digital Premier, includes all sport and premium channels. With hours of SD and 60 hours of HD content storage, you can record up to six shows at once. You can search its entire catalog via voice on the remote. Comcast has a reputation for having pretty bad customer service, particularly with conflicting communication and sneaky fees.

That said, Comcast is making improvements , and its scores have raised slightly in recent years. For some context, the average U. While some providers may offer contract-free service, they often lack introductory discounts. Charter Spectrum, on the other hand is completely contract-free and still comes with enticing promo-pricing.

Your experience with Charter Spectrum will vary depending on your region. It generally fell behind the pack in nationwide ratings, with a 58 from the ACSI. With J. Depending on your region, you may want to consider another provider. Then, weigh the perks of your finalists. What do you value most — painless customer service, cheap monthly rates, premium channels? We all want to see a low monthly bill.

Ensuring that the price you pay is the attractive pricing you signed up for means keeping an eye peeled for additional fees. One-time fees, like for installation and equipment, are common. However, other unusual fees, like broadcast or HD, might surprise you, and can keep surprising you month after month. Check with a sales rep or consult the fine print before signing your contract. Luckily, most companies are willing to cut you another deal once the introductory period is up — you just have to call and ask.

Because they have fewer customers, they typically have higher customer service ratings and overall better quality. Many internet service providers are rolling out their own streaming services. Sling TV also operates more like the traditional TV provider — you pay for a set of channels.

Satellite TV tends to have clearer HD picture, but a fiber-optic connection is typically more reliable. A satellite dish is susceptible to everything from heavy rain to fly balls, while fiber-optic is safely below ground. The biggest difference between the two is availability. Since satellite technology exists in space, all 50 states can turn a dish to the sky, whereas fiber-optic technology has to be built out in each neighborhood it services. For a deeper dive into plans and pricing, check out our other reviews:. Last updated on August 6, All products and services mentioned on Reviews.

If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. Learn more. Best Sports Package. DISH Network. When I called,I was informed that I lost my discounts at the end of last contract. When I mentioned that they could listen to the recording of the offer I was referring to,they declined.

I cancelled. They have not called back. I just turned in my equipment. Great article Jesse. We have been direct tv customers for years and signed up for service at our State fair thru a contractor. We were able to get service for our primary residence as well as a 2nd home we own a few hours away on just one account. We aren't in contract anymore and pay month to month with our bill being more than double of what we could pay as a new customer. Wondering if we were to cancel and sign up as a new customer would we lose the service at our second home without signing up for 2 accounts?

If so would there be anything preventing us from bringing a receiver from our main home to our second home and getting service that way? We have been a direct tv customer for almost 2 years now. In the last two months we have not had any regular tv local channels due to northwest and direct tv being in negotiations. Before we started with direct tv we had spectrum and this same problem happened during the superbowl just hours before the game.

We decided to make the switch even with the channels only being gone for a few days, less than a week.. Any advice on how i can get some discount on our bill? Or maybe some extras nfl ticket? Greatly appreciated the advice you have relayed for everyone else in their qustions. We have been with Direct TV since I asked for a credit for the missing channel, NO deal.

We also were having major trouble with receiving half the channels in our package, changed the LBN, no improvement. Did the nine step check as directed by ATT, No change. The system all of a sudden worked Perfectly after two weeks of problems. We talked to a satellite company about a service contract when the problems began and changing to another company.

DIRECTV Win: I Saved $700+ w/ ONE 5-Minute Phone Call (AGAIN!)

ATT still did not offer any relief on the bill or answers about reception problems with the system and the sudden correction. The satellite company indicated that they are still using the original satellite but they plan to change to a new satellite in He felt the satellite was the problem for the missing channels. He stated that the change to a new satellite will require all new equipment installation to all older customers and they will be a fee charged from what he indicated.

The owner has 40 years in the satellite business and he had no preference on what service to buy. I told ATT we are going to cancel, buy an antenna and go to streaming. Their customer service Sucks too!

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If I get replacement equipment from the protection plan including a DVR do I maintain my grandfather status with respect to the receiver fees? I have been a customer since Does anyone know if you remain exempt from these fees if you get new equipment under the protection plan? Just spent over an hour with retention.

I had cancelled back in April due to high bill and their not wanted to lower it. Same issues others had. Got a good deal to "come back".

I double and triple checked pricing with agent in October. I got email confirmation of pricing. That is the only time they've billed me correctly. Finally today I was told they cannot correct bill. They cannot give me back a credit for movie package I had cancelled. So my bill increased even though I was told when I signed up it would not. Classic bait and switch. If I had an option They are playing hardball now. Seems like you have to actually cancel I did before they come back they did with an offer a few days later that previously could have been negotiated over the phone.

Had a taste of Youtube TV and thought it was a really good product though. Thank you so much for the article! We have been customers with them for 20 years and our plan has been "grandfathered" and not offered anymore. However, our bill kept going up and up.

So, finally I decided to go for the disconnect. After mentioning this I was redirected to the top negotiators. Our bill was cut in half and included all equipment. What an incredible savings! I also believe that if you communicate with them in a civil and calm way they are happy to help you out. Thank you again for helping us by writing this article. Called and said I was canceling. Offered absolutely nothing other than the suggestion to switch to a lower package.

Good information. It's nice to hear this from a professional who has worked with the company, rather than a self-proclaimed know-it-all. Thanks for sharing. We have been a customer for 24yrs. Our I said I would be calling dish and he said ok. Let me know whenever you want to cancel you next billing cycle is on 17th.

I cancelled my service on Saturday after 16 years of being with them. I did this so i can get a better deal with the win back team.

Will DIRECTV NOW Survive 2019?

I have not recieved a win back phone call from direct tv. I'm getting worried, what's the average waiting time too get that call? Thank you. Yes I have a 2 year contract now which I haven't had for 5 years. And NFL ticket max remainder of the year 7 games free. Was prepared to say goodbye. Maybe that's the key. Made the call Best I could do was 30 bucks a month off. Previous 3 years has been 60 off one with free NFL ticket.

Told them bye.


Will post if they come crawling back with some goodies. Discounts 60 dollars a month just expired. Made the call. Offered 30 off per month. Back and forth 30 minutes. Will report back if final offer comes thru.

Articles on DIRECTV

I had been a customer for 6 years. Yesterday my contract expired and with that my bill would double. Any advise? How can i upgrade the reciever while not on a protection plan with out paying an arm and a leg.. I recently signed up with direct tv a month ago. I signed up at the farmers market with a representative. Is there anyway i can still get it for being a new customer? The guy that installed our jeni didn't tell us anything as to regards on how to use the remote.

We just want to get the best out of what we got. Hi Rhonda. Technically, you aren't doing anything wrong. The only thing to take note of is whether you are under contract. If you are under contract on your name and let your service lapse or become past due, DirecTV could limit services until that balance is paid. As for letting your service expire and just resigning back up for DirecTV, there isn't anything they can do to stop you as long as you meet their credit requirements and pay your bill on time. I actually wrote an article on just that resubscribing every two years in order for people to save more money by getting the new subscriber discounts.

Jesse, I've got a possibly unusual question. We've had DTV for 8 years or longer and the only thing they want to offer is receiver upgrades. My husband had the idea to sign up under his name. Service is still active under my name. If I let mine disconnect before install will there be any issues with DTV?? Has anyone had issues with the TV constantly freezing? I have been with DirecTV for years now.

About a year ago I upgraded to the new Genie 2 system. Since then my service has been terrible. I have had guys come out multiple times and now they are sending yet another new tower. Hopefully it works, if not, what can I do? The TV probably freezes at least once or more every 15 minutes.

Sometimes for a couple seconds, sometimes for a minute or two. A lot of the time, it will also then search for signal and restart.

Remember, These Deals are Only for New Customers

I also have issues where the sounds comes in muffled. I have to change the channel and go back and it's fine, but it's really annoying. Has anyone else had any of these issues? If so, how did you resolve them? Thanks so much for the advice Jesse! A retention rep told me once that I would be better off letting all credits expire and then calling back.

I also asked about Sunday Ticket have had it at half price every year except last season I did not have it and they gave me Sunday Ticket Max for free for the season too. It really seems hit or miss but this time it took me less than 10 minutes to get my best offer yet. Thanks for this information, Jesse.

I just called and cancelled my service. I have been with them since I have the extra package, showtime and NFL ticket. I declined and they processed my cancellation. Didn't make another offer or transfer for me. If I hear from a win back rep I will update. Sold, for another 12 months With a Perhaps when the promotion is over, they'll offer me another one. Time will tell. Thanks again. It is possible to get stacked discounts, especially if you have the Sunday ticket or are thinking about getting it. There are many customers that call in each month to ask about current discounts.

If you have the time, try calling at least once a month. Something usually pops up eventually. Firstly, I agree. If talking on the phone is getting you nowhere, try using the chat option on the Directv website. Those guys and gals are very helpful and usually more competent than telephone reps.

If I ever have inquiries about Directv, the first place I go is to their website. There will usually be a chat option that pops up once you go to their site. If you let me know where you are, I could see if i can find out what the trouble is with the delayed service. The only disadvantage I can think of is equipment replacement. For installation, local guys are usually fine. Basically, if they are certified to install Directv equipment and can activate it for you, you will be safe. Unfortunately, win back reps can only call you with those offers.

You can still probably find one of the Visa card offers. I actually got one in the mail the other day. You can always try to call the main line and tell them that you received the offer and they may have a department to transfer you to which will probably be winback. Hi, Joe. Your question is a bit hard to answer. Directv Now is simply behind schedule as far as providing convenient apps for gaming consoles, which is how many people choose to stream media. If you have had a good experience with streaming Directv Now, I would lean towards the streaming service. Another thing to mention is that Directv Now features different promos for new subscribers each month.

I have been able to get three free roku devices by using different cards and email addresses. Once you run out of payment options you will be stuck with paying the regular amount, but I look forward to seeing Directv Now offer discounts for customers to try to compete with companies like Netflix and Amazon. Check out their different plans. You may find that there is an even better option for you and be able to use another cheap streaming service as well. I was a customer a few years ago. I am going to go back, is there any way at all to get with a 'win back' rep? I thought this would the perfect place to ask a couple questions.

Like many of you, I called to cancel and spoked to someone in retentions. They offered me a total So, my question is this. What would you suggest? I've been desperately trying to schedule an install appointment to add additional receivers to my account. In the past I would call order the equipment and schedule the appoint. Now it's order the equipment and then "somebody will call you with in 72 hours to make an appointment" I receive notifications on my account to schedule an appointment and get the response that nothing is available, same with the automated phone system and same when talking to a rep.

It's ridiculous because how is nothing available???? I use to be able to schedule out 2 months in advance if I so wanted. It's so frustrating. As I'm typing this I'm on hold to speak to a supervisor. Is there any secret to actually be able to schedule an appointment to have a tech come to your house something that use to be so simple and something I took for granted as part of customer service. Rep said because of the changes. Do you think I can still get another discount on top of that? I was hoping for at least a reduced price on the Sunday ticket.

Theoretically, it would be after the receivers are returned. If I remember correctly, Directv will send you postmarked boxes to ship back the receivers within 2 weeks of cancellation. It takes another week for the receivers to get back to them and be processed. So, you are still looking at nearly a month without service.

If you have any kind of streaming services like Netflix, this is a great money-saving method to do every two years. The new customer promotions are heavily discounted and even come with additional programming like NFL Sunday ticket and premium channels for a few months. For now, this is the best money saving technique for directv service. It takes a little extra time and effort making sure you are at home for the installation and going without service for a few weeks but if you have high speed internet and can use a streaming service for the few weeks you are without service, this is the way to go.

As far as your directv installer friend goes, that is great. You have someone you can contact for specific installation dates. It would just be installing new receivers and activation. Let me know what you decide to do. I would love to be able to add a neutral review to the article for this process so others can see that it is legitimate if you choose to do so. Thanks for doing all this research! So if I cancel, I'm deleted from their system immediately?

They won't be able to see that I was ever a customer? That's strange. But good. I assume that's after I send back all my receivers. So theoretically it couldn't be "next day", right? My friend is a contracted installer and he set me up originally. He said that I would go through him again and he would get my receivers, do the install, etc.

Good or bad? After speaking to "New Customer sign up agents", I confirmed that once you cancel your services you can resubscribe the next day. I gathered this information via research. New customer sign-ups are a different department than technical support, which is what I did when I worked at DirecTV. It makes sense that there is no waiting period because once service is terminated and everything has been paid for, your account isn't kept on record. A new subscription can be done for the same location with the same information.

The biggest downside of resubscribing is that you "essentially" become a new customer. You won't have loyalty discounts or anything that you've had in the past until you stay with DirecTV for another years. New customers get free premium channels for at least 3 months but sometimes for a year, depending on which promotion is being offered at the time of sign up. New customers only have to pay about half of what long-time customers pay for the first year. Don't apologize! I am so thankful I'm able to correspond with someone who tells the truth!

Greatly appreciated! Speaking of which, what is the timeline of canceling service then restarting as a new customer? It's got to be at least 30 days, right? I'll try to address the rest of your questions in this reply. You can request to specifically have the HS17 receiver installed. This shouldn't be a problem. Install techs can order specific receivers to install at any location. That would ultimately be a preference decision by you to determine which is more important to you, dealing with a slow receiver and paying more than you are willing to pay for service.

And lastly, I would "assume" that the mini genies are compatible with the HS17, but I could be wrong. I have inspected an HS17 installation in person before. I apologize if these answers aren't what you wanted to hear, but I can guarantee you that these are very similar answers that you would receive if you spoke to a CSR over the phone.

If I've missed anything, feel free to let me know. I'm always willing to answer any question that I can to help you. Thanks for reading and thanks for your questions. Inquiries help others with similar problems. So, feel free to ask anything anytime. Well, my answers are definitely not going to be what you want to hear. The receivers with DVR capability are always slower after a period of time. The receivers with HD as well tend to become slow over time. It's not necessarily the number of recordings you have on the receiver that makes it perform slowly.

These receivers are somewhat like computers. If you were to leave your computer on for a long time without restarting it, it would begin to lag. I'll not claim to be a technical genius and say that I understand all of the workings of these receivers, but I did get the impression that most, if not all, DirecTV receivers are not equipped with sufficient cooling systems. It is my belief that the receivers becoming too hot it what causes them to lag in most cases.

I will tell you exactly what we were told to tell the customer when they called in with this concern. Reformat your receiver. This was almost always a hot-button issue. People didn't want to lose their recordings and this would definitely erase all of your recordings. On the other hand, it would make the receiver much faster every time.

The only other suggestions that I know of that have been proven to increase loading speed is receiver resets and making sure there is plenty room around the receiver for it to take in air in order to cool the receiver. HS17 receivers have received a lot of complaints.

That's ordinary for a new receiver though. The Genie was despised after it was first released. When new receivers meet quality specifications they are rolled out, bugs and all. In fact, the Genie has just recently resolved most of the bugs that plagued it. I would say, expect the HS17 to frustrate you at first, but patches are sent out via satellite to fix any technical issues over time.

I also wanted to know if you have any opinion on the HS I don't have any 4k tv's but like I said my HR34 is a piece of crap. I will go through my playlist, pause a program, go to the guide, whatever, and almost every function takes 45 seconds for it to register at times! It's utterly ridiculous. What are the odds of them giving me that receiver for free? I don't want all the clients that come with it, I only need the one and would keep my other existing boxes as-is.

No, I really don't remember the reason for the credit. And I didn't know by accepting the free premium channel had any bearing on my bill possibly being lowered. I almost always call every month and see what they have to offer. I always thought they are giving me the best promotion available at the time. How long would I have to wait to re-subscribe if I cancel?

And do you know if they would require all my boxes back? I've been a customer for more than two years and hence my equipment isn't the newest so I don't know if they'd want them back or not. My installer buddy said they may or may not want them. In other words, did they say it was a loyal customer credit or a promotion? As for what the representative said, promotions for each customer rotate on a quarterly basis. A lot has been changing recently with promotions available because DirecTV is pushing their streaming service. I expect that to change within a year, but for now, I don't strongly recommend trading physical service for the streaming service.

It is important to advise that you not accept a free month of Showtime if you are interested in lowering your bill. CSRs are reluctant to give out several promotions. If you expect to keep DirecTV for an extended period of time another 2 years at least , you can always check out the promotions for new customers. If you cancel service and resubscribe, you become a new customer and are eligible for new customer promotions.

Things to consider before doing this is your credit standing and schedule. It's a little time-consuming but you can save a lot of money by doing it every two years, especially if you are having to pay the regular price each month. Oh, Indy. You've made me laugh. You and I share the same mindset. I do not think there is a way to bypass this notification, but I have been wrong once before.

I have several edits I have been meaning to add to this article but have not been able to find the time to add them. I did a quick search for your receiver model but didn't turn up any useful information about the inquiry you requested. I don't have the HR34, so I could be missing something. This is a safe site to visit scanned by an up to date virus protection service.

You can either download the PDF file or browse through it online. There may be something in there that can help you, such as some way to turn off notifications. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you. Watch out for snakes! I am a long-time customer. I called them up as I do every month and ask what promotions they have, etc. I called yesterday and asked if I could get the same promotion to get my bill back down but she said she went through all the promotions for existing customers and all she could give me was 30 days free Showtime. She said to call back Sept. I really want my bill to be lower; I can live without free or discounted channels.

Please tell me there's a way to disable this! Oh, and I have the dreaded HR34 receiver. If that option is available to you, I would definitely recommend it. All calls are recorded by Directv customer service and can be used against you. So, why not flip the tables if you have the opportunity. Hi, Bob. In response to your question, yes Directv can require you to perform another credit check upon a moving your installation. This is one of those things that are in the fine print of the contract you signed when the technician installed your equipment. Why Directv requires a secondary credit check after you've been a customer is beyond my understanding.

Can directv force a customer to authorize a credit check just to move or make them pay the cancellation fee for refusing? When trying to negotiate with the CSR over the phone, do you think it would help my case if I record the conversation just in case DirecTV doesn't deliver on any of the offers promised over the phone? I just got directv about 4 months ago. I initially got the Select package. I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade to the entertainment package without paying through the nose.

I have been a DirecTv consumer for over 10 years. I have heard of this happening on more than one occasion. While there may be a promotion that allows a customer to upgrade to the Genie without committing to another two-year contract, the installer may not be aware of that promotion. Unfortunately, the customer usually signs the contract before contacting DirecTV first or having the installer contact DirecTV. I'm sure there is or has been a promotion to upgrade to the Genie for free without entering into another two-year contract but DirecTV probably isn't too upset that some customers go ahead and enter into a new contract.

If you are one of these unfortunate customers, I would strongly urge that you contact DirecTV to submit a claim. You may be able to back out of the contract if there is a noted promotion in your account notes. Unfortunately, no. Once your bill has become past due and your service has been terminated, DirecTV will not restore your service until the full payment has been made on the past due bill. I would suggest speaking to someone in the billing department. There may be a loophole they can use to extend your payment which could result in late payment charges.

After directv shuts off your service can it be turned back on without payment I was trying to set up arrangements when it was cut off anyone I can talk to. My bill went up After reading all of this I called and was only offered I set my cancel date for 5 days from now to see if the recovery team will call. Hi Tim. It's true that the empathy levels have taken a turn for the worse over the past few years.

They weren't many CSRs like myself even when I was working there. The fact that we were expected to show empathy but not really offer anything to help our customers out was one of the biggest reasons I quit. Fortunately, I took a lot of information and loopholes with me. You will enter into a 2-year contract, but you'll only be paying what you were currently paying for the previous years, plus you will get a huge discounted price for the first year.

You actually save a lot of money by doing this every two years versus staying a loyal customer for several years. I understand if you are still sore at DirecTV and don't wish to take advantage of this offer. Many subscribers have chosen to cut their cable and find different means of television entertainment. Those certainly sound like some generous offers from DTV.

I'm sure they are available, but let me tell you my experience. Keep in mind that I'd paid full retail the previous couple of years, and had not used a single retention dollar in over 5 years. So, I called the normal service line, and politely asked if I would be able to get any deals or discounts on Sunday Ticket. Politely refused, called back, got the same offer. Such a deal. That, on top of the annoying rain fade and abysmal performance of my HR24s, was the final straw.

Called back the next day, asked to cancel, and was promptly forwarded to retention. They thanked me for being an 18 year customer, and asked why I wanted to cancel. She apologized for me feeling that way, and then asked me which day I would like the cancellation to be effective. Not a single attempt to retain or negotiate. I think maybe 1 - 1.

Again, no thanks. The NFL Sunday Ticket may be offered at a discounted price as long as it remains controversial with player antics. If you have been a long-time customer, you can probably call DirecTV and see what packages remain available to you. Hi John, and thank you for your comments. The mini-receivers are essentially another tuner. In other words, they do sorta piggyback off of the main receiver but you are still able to watch whatever you want. The mini-receiver is still a good idea for a guest house if you don't mind having someone view your recordings.

I am assuming you are talking about the "Genie", which can support up to six mini genies. If you only saw this option available online and were wanting to add another main receiver, you should be able to do so via phone with DirecTV. The Genie receiver is being proactively pushed but other receivers can still be added to accounts. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Do the mini receivers piggy back the main receiver? Or can the mini receiver run without the main receiver.

Reason being that we have a guest house that we would like to get another main receiver. Thanks in advance!! Hi Marc. It sounds like they are just passing you around until you get tired and forget about the complaint. Customer service and tech support are basically the same things, so they are not dealing with your problem correctly.

I know that for a fact. What DirecTV will have to do is open a claim against the install company, but DirecTV is responsible for the reparations even if they try to avoid them. This is a difficult problem for a low tier CSR to handle. The best suggestion I have for you is to speak with their supervisor, as this is not an uncommon happening. The CSR should have immediately transferred you to their supervisor since they don't have the power to reimburse you anything anyway. As far as what kind of compensation you can get, that is somewhat up to you.

Most likely, a supervisor will try to offer you some free premium programming, although you could luck out and get a bill credit. Either way, a supervisor will have more options as far as giving you compensation for your time without internet service. If a claim has been opened, ask the supervisor the details of the claim and if you should contact the service company that installed your DirecTV setup. Situations like yours are hard to deal with because they are, not only, he said she said allegations but also done via different channels.