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Google Floodlight Counter. The Floodlight Counter tag allows you to count the number of times someone visits your site after clicking on an advertisement for it. Improve Digital. Examines The website performance, usage trends, content and product placement, audience circulation, visitor loyalty, search engine performance and visitor behavior.

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Lotame Crowd Control. Data driven marketing advertising program provides social media sites with advance targeting. Efficient Frontier. Unified performance marketing platform that optimizes across both search and display. Now owned by Adobe and includes Everest Tech. DoubleClick Floodlight. Floodlight is feature of DoubleClick ads that allows advertisers to capture and report on the actions of users who visit their website after viewing or clicking on one of the advertiser's ads. Google Analytics. Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers.

Leverages the power of purchase-based audience targeting to drive measurable online and offline sales. Distributed data management platform helps share data the website creates with other platforms such as advertisers and audience analytics. Quantcast Measurement. Provides Quantcast with tracking information about your site which anyone can access and view demographic information.

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Facebook Domain Insights. This website contains tracking information that allows admins to see Facebook Insights out of Facebook to this domain. New Relic. New Relic is a dashboard used to keep an eye on application health and availability while monitoring real user experience. Marketing automation tools with the necessary data to help brands keep their customers engaged. Everest Technologies. Google Conversion Trac This free tool in AdWords can show you what happens after customers click your ad for example, whether they purchased your product, called from a mobile phone or downloaded your app.

Krux Digital. Google Universal Analy The analytics. It is similar to the previous Google tracking code, ga. Cross Pixel Media. Cross Pixel is the leading provider of high performance audience data. Fraudlogix provides fraud solutions for the Supply Side and DSPs of the programmatic advertising industry. Dynamic Yield. Facebook Signal. Journalists use Signal to surface relevant trends, photos, videos and posts from Facebook and Instagram for use in their storytelling and reporting.

DataXu's marketing software enables marketers to leverage data and analytics to improve acquisition strategies. Yahoo Web Analytics. Web Analytics is an enterprise site analytics tool that provides real-time insight into visitor behavior on your website. Enables advertisers, manufacturers and retailers to more precisely target their online message based on what consumers own. Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is Facebooks conversion tracking system for ads on Facebook to websites.

Facebook Conversion Tr Conversion tracking functionality from Facebook, allows a user to track advertisement clicks. IgnitionOne's Digital Marketing Suite includes the most essential technologies you need to improve online revenue within a single interface. Formally SearchIgnite. Visual IQ. Google Analytics with Google Analytics collects the information it normally does, as well as the DoubleClick cookie when that cookie is present in relation to display advertising tracking. Google Analytics Classic.

Classic Google Analytics - sites that are using non-universal analytics code. Yahoo Dot. Fives advertisers a simple way to measure and improve customer engagement across campaigns. Global Site Tag. Google Analytics Enhan Lets you see separate information for multiple links on a page that all have the same destination.

Google AdWords Conversion. Google Conversion Linker. Detects the ad click information in your conversion page URLs and stores this information to associate an ad click with a conversion. Google Optimize Test different variations of a website and then tailor it to deliver a personalized experience that works best for each customer and for your business. Rack Cache. Show Less. Show All. Mobile App Data. MixRank is the most comprehensive database of mobile apps, developers, SDKs, technologies, services, and integrations. Learn more.

Powered by:. Rating Total reviews. Our focus is on using the built-in camera on mobile phones to scan and decode barcodes on the device, without communicating with a server. Appboy is the global leader in Mobile Marketing Automation. The company is empowering marketers to increase mobile engagement through intelligent, data driven decisions.

Its suite of services empower brands to solve app abandonment and manage the customer life cycle beyond the download. Focus on building relationships. Business intelligence for mobile apps. Build Realtime Apps. A powerful API to store and sync data in realtime. Okio is a new library that complements java.

Square OkHttp3. Provides a library of matcher objects also known as constraints or predicates allowing 'match' rules to be defined declaratively, to be used in other frameworks. Typical scenarios include testing frameworks, mocking libraries and UI validation rules. Google Cast. Google Cast is a technology that enables multi-screen experiences and lets a user send and control content like video from a small computing device like a phone, tablet, or laptop to a large display device like a television. Google Drive for Android is a file storage service hosted by Google.

Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders. Google Play AppState. A software library that allows for retrieving application state information. Once a user signs in with Google, you can create more engaging experiences and drive usage of your app. Data sourced from MixRank, the most comprehensive database of mobile apps, developers, SDKs, technologies, services, and integrations.

Learn More. Ad Intelligence. Latest Advertisers. Ad Exchange. Show More. Network Data. Country Breakdown. Desktop Display. Audience Demographics. No College. Online Marketing Manager. Great at targeting and inventory is accessible in programmatic ad exchanges. Brad's Deals advertising reaches 9. They are headquartered at N. According to their Ads.

Net, Advertising. Access the Thalamus Performance Trading Desk. Click here or email sales thalamus. Monetize your Inventory with Top Ad Exchanges. Click here to get access to the world's leading programmatic advertising exchanges. Fareportal Media Group. Nibletz Media. A Mitten Full of Savings. SitePoint Media Group. Money Smart Family. Koupon Karen. Deals In The Mitten. Addicted To Saving. Living Smart Girl. Life User Manual Muahaaa. Just Trying To Save Money. The Best Gardening. Brad's Deals Categories. Recent Brad's Deals Tweets. How to Find Deals on eBay.

How to Improve Your Credit Score. Best Credit Cards for Airline Miles in How to Save Money on Diapers and Formula. Here's Where to Celebrate. Show more. Tillamook County Creamery Association. GroupM is the leading global media investment management company fo National Vision, Inc. National Vision is one of the fastest-growing optical retailers in Trimark Usa.

TriMark is the country's largest provider of equipment, supplies an NaturalMotion Ltd is a leading games and technology company based i United Stations pty Ltd. Orkin Pest Control. Since , Orkin has been pioneering innovative pest control solut At Sage, we energise the success of businesses and communities arou As digital becomes the dominant economy around the world, media inc Every style tells a story, what's yours?

Media Brokers International. Media Brokers International is a national, award-winning leader in It never hurts to ask,just make sure to have some proof of identification for whatever you are claiming. Everybody knows the initial cost of getting there is the least of your vacation worries.

Take Public Transportation: If you're going to a major city with adequate public transportation, try and get around this way. It's always your cheapest option and many cities have ways to save even more. For example, in Chicago you can buy a 1, 3, or 7 day unlimited pass for the train and bus for one price that more than pays for itself in a couple of rides.

Check out the city's transportation website before or when you arrive. Save on Rental Cars: Renting a car doesn't have to be expensive, but do keep in mind that gas and parking can add up and there is often an age minimum. If you can, try and avoid renting the car from the airport, as they tend to have higher fees. Same goes with grabbing a car when you arrive versus reserving beforehand. If you book ahead of time, you save money and are often able to find an applicable coupon! Save on Dining: A great trip often includes delicious meals out, but there a lots of ways to make eating on your trip less of a financial burden.

If you know where you're headed for vacation, why not start looking ahead at Groupon or Living Social deals for that city? If you don't want to buy anything ahead, check out Scoutmob online or through their app,which shows great dining deals you don't have to purchase ahead of time. Same goes with Foursquare. Some restaurants offer discounts or specials just for checking in! Ask Your Hotel: Always check with your hotel to see if they offer discounts on any local restaurants or excursions. They likely have relationships with tons of vendors, so you never know what they might have to offer.

The most important thing of all? Vacationing and vacation planning should be fun. It is summer after all.

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This list isn't in any particular order — except for this one. The analytics. Instead, focus on a single program. DataXu's marketing software enables marketers to leverage data and analytics to improve acquisition strategies. Same for any drink, and possibly for food if you can order it at the bar.

If all this article did was stress you out, maybe this is the year to skip the trip. In honor of this epic holiday, some of our favorite donut spots are offering sweet deals so you can indulge in celebration! It is for real. And we are dying to try it. Tomato, tomahto. No purchase necessary. Tim Hortons has 20 unique varieties of donuts, two of the most popular flavors being the Apple Fritter and the Dutchie.

You can also check out local bakeries in your neighborhood to see if they are offering any Donut Day specials. As we find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of summer and at the height of vacation season, searching for great deals on any travel accommodations will only become tougher as the dog days of summer rapidly approach. Often one of the more frustrating aspects of travel planning, rental cars and the means by which you secure them can dig deep into your wallet if you're not careful.

Utilizing these 10 easy tips and tricks will go a long way towards putting money back in your pocket that most travelers unwittingly surrender when renting a car. Also, in the interest of securing more business most loyalty programs will offer to carry over your status from any other program. Before you set out in search of your rental car, look for the best coupons and deals.

Sites like CarRentals. Which leads to our next point But by using CarRentals. Although going offsite may prove to be a slight inconvenience, mapping out your route via complimentary bus service, public transportation, or even a quick taxi ride before you begin your trip will go a long way on saving you time and money. Check with frequent flier programs and credit card companies for partner benefits. On top of that, you can also earn miles just for renting a car.

That means you can garner up to extra frequent flier miles over the course of four day rental. Before you go signing off on any insurance that the rental car company may be offering, make sure to check with your existing policy, AAA, and even your credit card companies to see if they already provide additional rental car coverage. The system will often discount your rate, especially if you can extend your reservation into Fridays or Saturdays to utilize weekend rates.

On top of that, some rental companies will give you a prorated refund for an early return.

The Classics

Be careful, though, as some rental companies, like Hertz and National, charge early return fees. Make sure you ask the rental car company for clarity or check the terms and conditions of any rental agreement before confirming any rental. Inspect your car for any dings and damage before pulling off the lot. I like to snap a couple pictures on my phone of the front, back, and sides of the vehicle, leaving little doubt as to the condition the car was in before I stepped foot in it.

Always check for fees tied to GPS, electronic toll collection systems, and car seats. Ask yourself: How much I really want or need to get out of my rental? How many miles do you anticipate putting into it? Do you need any extra room for kids? Do you really need the sports car or premium SUV?

Pick the car that suits your needs. Pick a compact. Grab a roomier van or SUV. For example, several years ago, I took my wife on a once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand and Australia. We flew first class to Australia, stayed in an upgraded luxury hotel suite overlooking the Sydney Opera House. We used points and miles collected on the ground to pay for the whole thing.

Everyone wants to know how I did it, and I talk about it at length in Do More, Spend Less, but the deal that enabled that trip is long gone. On the other hand, loyalty programs and reward bonuses are still alive and well if you know where to look for them, and there are still plenty of ways to earn miles while going about your daily life on the ground. Here are a few tips on how the pro travel hackers and I collect air miles quickly and painlessly with the same money we would be spending anyway. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to sign up for a bunch of different air miles programs and try to earn miles on all of them at once.

It will take forever to accumulate anything that you can actually use. Instead, focus on a single program. If Southwest has a route that you fly constantly, enroll in the Southwest Rapid Rewards program. You can also put common household expenses on credit cards. Here are a few examples of what you might be able to collect in a year:. Many families have multiple phones on their plans, higher electric bills, long gas-guzzling commutes or high grocery budgets. Your mileage will vary literally! Also, did you know you can pay your income taxes with a credit card?

There are processing fees attached to doing so, but even TurboTax suggests putting your tax bill on a rewards card. Credit card companies often will offer miles as an incentive to sign up. British Airways does a promotion every so often that gives new members 50, Avios. Once you have the card, go buy yourself some lunch - a single purchase unlocks a reward of 20, Starpoints. Although Starwood is technically a hotel rewards program, you can easily transfer these points to most major airlines at a 1. There are two main advantages to this tactic. Second, discounted gift cards are available that offer additional savings.

You can also just load up a bunch of gas or grocery gift cards. Some survey websites will give survey participants air miles as a thank you. You can also earn AAdvantage miles for enrolling with opinion site E-Rewards. A lot of public radio and TV stations rely on donations from viewers and listeners, and offer donor incentives during fundraising drives to help sweeten the deal.

Get even more miles by putting the donation on your rewards card. The best part is that the donation is a tax write off. You can earn bonus miles for dining and shopping at select locations when you register your credit cards at RewardsNetwork. They also have non-airline programs for Best Buy, Hilton and several others. My favorite is the AAdvantage Dining program, which offers bonus miles for eating at select restaurants, including some delivery and takeout.

The biggest bonus available is an extra 15, when you buy 50, or more. The processing fee on mileage purchases can be steep, so be sure to read the fine print. Book a weekend getaway to anywhere with the cheapest airfare you can find. You may be collecting miles for a trip to Paris, but if you spot an ultra low fare to Vegas on your preferred airline, why not take a long weekend? Find the cheapest ticket to anywhere and go. You can apply the miles you earn from your Vegas weekend to your Paris vacation.

As a fiscally-uneducated 18 year-old freshman with no credit history, simply possessing an item that could seemingly make or break my financial future was absolutely daunting and something that was, initially, a burden. So, in anticipation of my impending departure for university in the fall, I sat down with my dad and asked for his advice on how to best use my new credit card.

Thanks to a credit card plan without a spending minimum I was able to put his advice to use; I would make a point of going out and making a small purchase, be it a pack of gum or a slice of pizza, then paying it off almost immediately. I slowly but steadily built up good credit and confidence in my ability to wisely regulate my spending. The first place for any student to start is by signing up for a credit card that meets your needs and complements your anticipated expenditures. Well, we loaded up on 5-Hour Energy and sugar-free Red Bull, holed ourselves up in the library, and pulled a few all-nighters in order to find the five best credit cards available to students.

Six years after the launch of the original iPhone in , smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous in our lives. From toddlers to social media obsessed teens, be-suited businessmen and women to tech-savvy seniors, no matter where you turn it seems that everyone has their hands wrapped around a smartphone. With so many smartphones, carriers, plans, and means by which you can buy or upgrade your smartphone currently available, how can even the smartest, most frugally-minded shopper be expected to pick and choose from the multitude of options at their disposal without fear of being taken to the bank?

Be careful to verify the payment method each service utilizes; some use gift cards, store credit, PayPal transfers, or even cash. Wonder where those phones you sold back or traded in went? Those phones have their data wiped, their components checked and cleaned, then turned around and sold back to consumers as refurbished models. In most cases, refurbished models are nearly impossible to distinguish from their brand-new counterparts and are often sold for hundreds of dollars less than any fresh out of the box models.

But are these plans worth it in the long run? In doing so, Brad got the phone he wanted, the service he needed, and saved about half of the money he otherwise would have spent had he taken the default path to purchasing a smartphone and pairing it with a standard two-year contract. This exact money saving model is something Europeans consider the standard for mobile phone service, as wireless contracts are virtually non-existent in Europe. The best time to buy any smartphone is during the holiday shopping season, specifically Black Friday.

An artful and delicate combination of charm, wit, subtle guile, cunning, and candor, the ability to expertly wheel-and-deal is often thought to be an innate attribute reserved for closers with no need for the Glengarry leads. While there certainly is truth to the notion that the art of negotiation is congenital, the advent of eCommerce and the online shopping market has helped to level the playing field.

Now, more than ever, consumers are empowered by the nearly endless amount of tools and resources they have at their disposal. Conversely, that same bartender is far less likely to dish out a free drink to a first-time patron with whom they have no prior relationship or experience. What can you, the consumer, do to bolster and utilize such leverage? You forgot to finish your checkout with us! According to the Baymard Institute , an average of This means that retailers are missing out on a ton of potential sales and are now making more of an effort to entice you into following through on a purchase.

Brands are listening to their customers. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by simply expressing an opinion, asking questions, detailing a positive or poor experience, or even giving a brand a goofy shout-out via Twitter or Facebook. Tip: When communicating with any brand on Twitter, be sure to place a period. Example tweet:. Keep up the awesome work! Unhappy with the quality of the food you ordered at a restaurant? Have an excellent experience with a customer service rep? Let them, and anyone else who might be looking for information about a business, know.

If you come across any other retailers that utilize shopping cart abandonment programs — or any other marketing methods used to retain customers — let us know in the comments section below. We always love to hear about and learn from your experiences! At Brad's Deals, we love freebies and doughnuts though, we don't all agree on the spelling of the sweet treat--I like doughnuts better, but I think I'm in the minority. Have you ever done what this company's name describes i.

Get dunkin'! Want some glazed goodness? Krispy Kreme has you covered. No strings attached, no purchase necessary--just a free donut!

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This is more of a possible freebie. Fun fact: National Donut Day was created by the Salvation Army in , in recognition of the "donut dollies" who served the sweet treat to soldiers during World War I. Don't forget to check with your favorite local donut shops on Twitter and Facebook for local donut appreciation events near you! In honor of the sugar-filled holiday, we decided to compose a finger-licking ode to donuts.

Here are some of our favorites. Classics are classics for a reason. Carmella's Creme proves that donuts don't have to be really expensive to be good. Most cost under a dollar and are made in an old Taco Bell. Though, sometimes your mind can help you deal with shelling out several bucks for a donut, like one of our designers. Regardless of price, all of these donuts are great! See the bottom of this post to see how you can get one of these glazed donuts for free!

To achieve that combination, a thickened version of the waffle batter is used. Then, it is deep fried, dipped in glaze, iced, and topped with goodies like sprinkles and pistachios. Who needs buns when you have donuts? A member of our team remembers a cheeseburger with 2 Krispy Kreme donuts as buns and topped with a piece of chocolate-covered bacon being served at the Wisconsin State Fair a few years ago.

Bacon and donuts are both awesome, so when you combine them, you get pretty much the best thing ever. In the traditional circular with a hole in the middle shape, Endgrain's bacon butterscotch in Chicago is also a winner. Bacon is used for "sprinkles" on top of the donut. Even though we're a Chicago-based company, a good chunk of our team loves Voodoo Doughnut and described it as "amaze" and definitely worth the wait.

Even a non-donut person loved it! Our email specialist recommends picking up a coffin of donuts. Filled with doughnuts. It's the one thing everyone on this earth needs to do at least once in their life," he wrote. It uses a special recipe that is different--but similar--to croissant dough, and then is fried in grapeseed oil. A Brad's Dealer guarantees that eating one of these will change your life, just like it did for him. This article originally appeared at BradsDeals. Copyright Raise your hand if you remember being a kid, misbehaving at restaurant - it probably involved clanging silverware or stacking sugar packets - and hearing this from your parents: "Knock it off or we're never coming back here!

Am I the only one raising my hand? Oh, in that case, give me a minute while I call my parents and apologize. Either way, it's a fact that parents have a much better time taking their kids out to eat when the meal is free. Below is our comprehensive, updated list on where and how to score a free meal for your kids. NOTE: Participation may depend on the location, so your mileage may vary. Be sure to check with your local restaurant ahead of time. Participating locations only; day of week varies by location.

One free kids' meal per paying adult. One free kids' meal for each paying adult. Up to two kids get a free meal for each paying adult. Limited to kids 10 and under; two kids eat free for each paying adult. One kids' meal per paying adult. Up to two kids get a free meal for every paying adult. Famous Dave's : Kids 12 and under eat free all day on Tuesdays. One free kids' meal for each adult combo meal purchased. Two free kids' meals per paying adult.

One free kids' meal for each paying adult; drinks not included. There are also some specials throughout the year. One free kids meal per paying adult. Two free kids' meals with the purchase of an adult meal. Two free kids' meals for each paying adult with drink purchase. One kids' meal per paying adult, drinks not included. One free kids meal per paying adult; offer limited to cheese pizza only.

Planet Sub : Kids eat free all day on Sundays. Two free kids' meals for each adult meal purchased. Dine-in only. Offer valid for up to two kids meals per adult entree. Offer valid for kids 11 and under; up to two kids' buffets per adult buffet. Offer valid after 2 p. Offer also valid at some HomeTown Buffet locations. Offer valid for kids 12 and under. Do you know of any restaurants that should be on this list? Add them in the comments below!

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Yes, that's a real organization. What hot dogs may lack in nutritional value is made up for with cultural significance. In the power rankings of Americana, hot dogs rank somewhere between baseball and apple pie. The founding fathers may not have intended it, but encased meats have carved out a small yet important niche in American history never mind that they originated in Germany. In celebration of National Hot Dog Day July 23, here are several places offering free hot dogs to customers:.

The All-American comes served with ketchup, yellow mustard, chopped onions, and relish. If you reside in one of the 13 southeastern states with a Kangaroo Express location, you can get a cent hot dog between 6 a. They're also giving free hot dogs to members of the military, so bring a military ID if you have one. Last year, QuikTrip released a link to a printable coupon for a free hot dog on its website. The Chicago-style dog, a Midwestern staple, is packed with so many ingredients that it's often difficult to see the sausage itself. Typically, a Chicago dog comes loaded with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, bright green sweet relish, a dill pickle spear, two tomato wedges, pickled sport peppers, and celery salt.

Oh, it's also worth noting that requesting ketchup on a Chicago dog is a bit of a no-no. Some vendors don't even carry ketchup; others will roll their eyes and scoff at your request. Ah, that classic Chicago charm. Despite popular belief, the Coney dog doesn't have anything to do with amusement park in New York - it's actually named for an earlys restaurant chain in Michigan. A Coney dog comes topped with an all-meat beanless chili, chopped white onions, and yellow mustard.

There are several local takes on the Coney dog, including Flint and Jackson-style both cities are in Michigan. In these varieties, the base ingredients remain the same, but the seasonings and spices of the chili differ. There's also Cincinnati-style, which features Cincinnati chili, grated cheddar cheese, mustard, and just a bit of chopped onion. Hot dogs topped with a sweet, mayo-based cole slaw are popular is the southern U. Some variations of this include chili slaw dogs and BBQ flavored slaw dogs. Sonorans are a southwestern take on the hot dog. They come wrapped in bacon now you're interested, eh?

Sonorans are popular in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. A Dodger Dog is all-pork and skinless, and the usual variety of condiments are available with it relish, onions, ketchup, mustard, etc. It gets bonus points for being a footlong dog. Hot dogs, in their basic form, are the antithesis of gourmet, but that hasn't stopped plenty of restaurateurs around the country from concocting different types of gourmet dogs. Here are some notables. Hot Doug's has become a legendary hot dog spot in Chicago, and its fame hasn't come via traditional Chicago-style dogs. Instead, owner and head chef Doug Sohn has crafted a menu full of items that includes brandy-infused duck sausage, beef and lamb gyros sausage with tzatziki, olives, and feta cheese, and even foie gras sausage.

To say that Doug's pushes the hot dog's boundaries of gourmet and eccentricity is an understatement. Doug's is also know for french fries cooked in duck fat. Unfortunately, Hot Doug's is closing its doors in October If you want to enjoy a fancy hot dog before it's too late, be prepared to wait in a block-long line outside the restaurant. The legendary DBGB dog is made in-restaurant and is served on a bed of sauteed onions and topped with special "" relish, frisee, and radish. Ben's has been a rite of passage for D. The half-smokes is a half beef, half pork sausage that has a sweet taste when served plain.

The best way to have one of Ben's half-smokes is chili dog-style, which means topping it with chopped onions, yellow mustard, and a healthy scoop of Ben's famous chili. The chili has a distinct bitter flavor, and though it isn't great as a standalone, it balances perfectly with the sweet flavor of the sausage. Its blend of flavor gives it a gourmet pedigree that most chili dogs can't match. Off season travel can mean saving money on airfare, hotels, and even dining and entertainment. Even better, rewards seats to these destinations are a lot easier to book for off-peak travel.

And with fewer people around, it means shorter lines, less crowds, and easier access to your destination. January is also a slow time for Mexico travel. April South America has a milder weather, less crowds, and better yet, cheaper rates. May Ports have calmed down from cruises, and Alaska has reduced rates on hotels and plane tickets. June Miami is great in June since snow birds and spring breakers are gone. High temperature in June and July keep travel a little lower than winter and spring months to New Orleans.

July, along with early August, is also a good time to check out Phoenix and cities in Texas if you can handle the heat. September Besides January and February, September is also a good month for Orlando since the kids are headed back to school. September means hurricane season so rates are usually cheaper for the Caribbean. October Just like in April, South America has the best rates in October with summer crowds dying down. Greece, along with other areas of the Mediterranean, still have pleasant weather Athens average temperature in October is 73 degrees , but hotel rooms are much cheaper than in summer.

In Scandinavia, business travel decreases throughout summer so hotels offer lower priced rooms. Spring I loved traveling throughout the North East coast of the U. Summer brings a lot of travelers as does Fall since seeing the leaves change is a popular destination. The same is true for Canada. Winter While weather may be a little unexpected and chilly,Europe is significantly cheaper during winter November through March.

Staying in the U. Fall Fall means hurricane season so any place susceptible usually means cheaper air fare and room rates. Also don't forget to check those fares against the airlines themselves. Book with a rewards credit card, especially if you have a branded card for the airline you're booking with, like American Airlines and AAdvantage, to get extra miles and a free checked bag. And of course, check Brad's Deals for limited-time travel deals including hotels, airfare and vacation packages. Be prepared for what the climate is and any potential weather that could occur. Check the weather report before packing.

In many places, warmer weather may equal higher prices. But also consider that summer in many cities often means free festivals, concerts, and other free entertainment. As a well-seasoned sale-sniffer, you probably already know the basics: Certain things, like plane tickets and restaurant meals, are cheaper when you buy them on specific days. There is no way we can ever properly thank members of the US Military for all that they have done.

They are certainly not paid enough for their work and their great sacrifice. Iraq and Afghanistan have been particularly tough and stressful for members of the military, their families and loved ones. Please help spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, and Email to those you know in the military about this resource.

If you have additional suggestions please comment below and they'll be added on an ongoing basis. Members there are offered vouchers to many retail stores, such as JC Penney. Two important caveats. First, some stores offer discounts only at the owner's discretion and other discounts vary by state. Second, many stores that give a military discount don't advertise it. It is always worth asking a store whether they have one or not and to have your military ID on you. Now that I've been at this frugal travel thing awhile with several European cities under my belt, I have a set of rules, tips and tricks that I use to save money while I'm exploring a new city.

Should you decide on a similar approach, do your wallet a favor and make a bee line for the airport's official taxi stand. That sounds simple enough, right?

Brad's Deals

The best case scenario for these guys is that you'll pay far more than is customary for your ride. Either way, they're a bad idea. The Paris Metro is incredibly efficient and goes everywhere. No matter where in Paris you are, you're never more than yards from a Metro station. While Paris is particularly excellent at public transit, just about every major city has it, and it's always cheaper than a cab. Opt for unlimited multi-day passes so you can hop on and off as much as you like. You're in Paris! Or Barcelona, Rome, Prague, or Vienna So walk to dinner. Soak it up, because you may never be here in this magical place ever again.

Tipping is a practice in which we Americans are unusual. Anything more than that is really just throwing money away on an obscure American custom that no one else in the world actually follows. And if you're in France, you should be legally barred from boarding a flight home until you've had a crepe from a street vendor. Mmm, Nutella crepes Most notably, in Barcelona, Las Ramblas del Raval is lined with with them, and it's also true for many major European cities thanks to the influx of immigrants from Eastern Mediterranean countries in recent years.

Trust me on this. This one was actually new to me in Paris, a great tip passed on to us by a wonderful tour guide. Coffee at the bar often costs half as much than the same coffee at a table. Same for any drink, and possibly for food if you can order it at the bar. This is now a permanent rule on my list. In Europe, dinner is an event unto itself. There's no rush, so take your time and savor it. The French in particular take their food very seriously.

It deserves your full attention. But why am I including it on a list of money saving travel tips? Hotels generally provide very little in the way of actual local flavor. Besides being a more authentic experience, living like a local is more economical. Renting an apartment gets you away from the hotel strip and into the neighborhoods where the locals actually live.

Call me crazy, but that's a good deal more authentically French than the hotel's continental breakfast ever will be. It can be an absolute pain, and if you've ever had to deal with hotel wifi, you understand the agony it can induce. I always look for an Airbnb apartment with wifi. When I show up, the owner gives me the password to their network and it's a done deal, totally hassle free, and it's all mine.

But it's a small concession. And then there's the fact that your hotel room probably doesn't have its own kitchen. Not only does that get expensive fast, it also deprives you of one of my very favorite European experiences: grocery shopping! Truly, grocery shopping in a foreign country is an adventure. I love it. They were red currants! I am now obsessed with currants.

Why do we not have these in every grocery store in America?? Many tour operators offer a free walking tour, with the explicit caveat that the tourists are expected to tip their guide whatever they feel the tour is worth. It also comes with a sales pitch for other tours which you do actually have to pay for. This should be a no brainer. Hundreds of travelers before you have come and gone and compiled their lists. Plunder them for ideas. They may not always be mainstream, but when they cost you nothing it's hard to argue.

By the way, it's pretty much a given that admission to churches like Notre Dame in Paris and St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City will be free, though they always appreciate a donation once you're inside, usually suggested for the privilege of lighting a candle. You're in one of the most beautiful churches in the world. Who needs postcards when photos that you took yourself are so much more meaningful? Take your time and take gorgeous photos of everything.

When you get home, have high quality prints made and hang them on your walls as art, or paste them in a scrapbook, or make a calendar with them. In my home, I have an "Adventure Wall" which is entirely devoted to small black and white photos I've taken in my travels, hung mosaic-style in old picture frames I've found in thrift stores. Then there are the fun photos, of course. Photos of your kids squishing the Eiffel Tower between their fingers. Resting a finger atop the pyramids at the Louvre.

Imitating the dramatic pose of a statue.