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Albert selling 1hr 2x exp coupon for 100m By the time you're done, you'll have 3 new equips; cape, glove, and eye accessory.

Best MapleStory Training Spots 1-250 Guide (GMS v.183 – MapleStory Beyond/Override)

Go through all the quests. Defeat the boss. Get your rewards. Scroll whatever you got. Grind here until you're level You'll basically be sailing back and forth between islands a half-dozen times. Remember to hold down space when you have to fish, pick up boxes, or scroll through dialogue. This will shave lots of time off the clock. You'll net a new medal, a face accessory, a belt, and 2,, Again, Scroll and Starforce them to the max. Accept the quests and move to the top left. In every map around this area, always accept the billboard quests and kill all of the required mobs.

Don't forget to pick up the drops for the main quest! Head right and rinse and repeat. Keep working until you're around lv The map to the immediate right of the town is a hotspot for players because of its decent layout and spawnrate, so get ready to be KS'd. When you're able, accept all the quests as you continue to venture deeper into the wild. The Drake hunt quests can be remotely completed for free "Q". Keep killing and questing and you'll hit lv70 fast. You can warp to Orbis and screw around there for a while..

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Are they not available at all in the cash shop? If not how do you get them in reboot?. I am wondering if there are some quest or methods i have missed to get exp coupon.

You can enter Romeo and Juliet PQ now, though. There is a specific room where everyone goes to grind for extreme EXP until the time runs out. Otherwise, get to Lv85 first. Warp to Nihal Desert. The rewards are lame though. This is more than enough to fund any of your characters to end-game before they have to drain lots of mesos on top-tier gear. You can do MPE twice a day for free. MP is a theme world where you can enter a portal to take you to a level-ranged zone suitable to your level.

As in a Lv. You should be strong enough to start doing Normal Zakum daily 2x which can give you a good exp boost and a lot of Lv items you can give to your toons. Waste of time.

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The area around here is good for grinding too. If you're strong as hell.. However, the temple itsself is a tedius jump challenge. Worth it for the Totem that can give u a lot of extra damage in the long run. This PQ is easy as hell if you're strong enough to solo it. You'll need excellent mobbing skills though. You'll get a good amount of EXP at lower levels, but only 0. You'll collect glove pieces which can form to create Dimension Gloves which sell for 5,, raw and are some of the better gloves to have.

This is an alright place to train. You'll want to do this anyways so you can reach the SF areas. If you're OP it'll be quick as f--k. The Star Force maps will require at least When the burning xp bonus dies off, move to another map nearby. AVOID the archers and mages. Grind on these beasts for a while but beware their high damage. Be very careful! Experiencing crashes with 'Unknown Error'?

Make sure you are on the latest MapleLegends version.

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The current latest version is found by clicking here. Guest Message Latest version. Jul 30, 1. First of all, this post is so random that I am not sure where to put it.

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First, hear my story. You can skip it if you're boring and not fun. I guess it's my fault for not reading but still, Damn you Manji! I am lvl 19, without money and can't afford to go back to victoria. That is until a friendly archer walked to me and offered me a whole 50k to help me out of this dire situation after hearing my unfortunate story.

Without even asking for a fame in return.

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I did anyway I have a terrible name memory, but after looking up in the ranking, I'm pretty sure his name was Pine I might be wrong though Anyway, thank you again. With that new bag of money I got, I could finally afford my ride home. But once I got to Orbis, I got a terrible thought: "I should try to get the haircut I want that is only obtainable with exp coupon" What a great idea! This is the one I wanted: Princess warrior But that one would have been ok as well: Short twintails Once at the orbis hair salon, I was confident that I could get it with my 30k nx that I earned before I actually starting to play.

But 14 tries later and all my cash gone, I ran out of coupons.

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I had no other choices but to leave with the last haircut I got Saya , Jul 30, Bookmark. Saya , Jul 30, We currently have leech, affordable for veterans but not very much do for someone coming here for the first time. If those veterans can now leech at 6.

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Monday — Beauty Day. Thread: [] Simplified Leveling Guide. Mushroom Shrine Tales gives a cape with incredible base stats- and the cape can be dropped and the quest accepted over and over again to re-roll flames on them. Jer: Thanks for the notice! Just do all the stuff in your area for now. Please take a moment and Register today!

I feel there are other meso sinks that are far more considerable than this idea. Will be interesting to follow the discussion. Zerato , Sep 18, Fatlip , DeJia and Chrizz like this. I was wondering why this idea wasn't already in place lol. It's already at 3.

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Edit: might make the mule disease even worse, but I think most people would have made them anyway 2x or no 2x. Kur0Kishi , Sep 18, Yes, but faster exp is a luxury for funded ppl, but doesnt give them an inherent advantage over a noob who just takes twice as long to level up.

How get exp coupons and lvl faster [Reboot]

When I was a noob, i didnt care that, say for eg, mr sparky, lvled his sair to super quick, i cared that he had awesome equips. I felt the division between my pitiful st on my trash unwashed hero and his parkus95 with juicy skis rather than him powerleveling. This suggestion doesn't sound like a very healthy addition to the server in the long run, because it would push a lot of players to the end game in an accelerated rate.

Would make the already quite dead low level zone even worse than before.

MapleStory V Limitless Training Guide

MoriForest , Sep 18, PerfectSin , Sep 18, Jooon likes this. The end game is forum. You guys are taking this game way too seriously lol. Don , Sep 18, Mrkaren , Jack :3 , GodlyBread and 1 other person like this. As I have mentioned in many other threads, anything that accelerates the aging of the server is not something I'd recommend at this stage for the sake of server's durability.