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Dealers are always looking for new stock, so by taking your current car with when you buy your new one, you could get a much better deal. If you need to find out more about how to part exchange your car and what to do next, take a look at our expert Car Selling Tips.

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Also, there is no pressure to sell to any of the car buying websites in the comparison table. Every dent, dint, scuff or mark will alter your part exchange price. A company taking the car in part-exchange can settle the finance by paying the balloon payment to the finance company, and then pay the difference to you, which can be ued for a finance deposit or in part-payment for another car. Phone Email. Protecting your home and family with the right insurance policies. When comparing part-exchange valuations with different online car buying services, ensure that you are using confirmed prices, based on the condition of your car: the amount that you are paid can sometimes be much lower than the initial online quote.

We have collated the views of experts in the automotive industry to provide you with helpful tips and advice to make sure you know what to do when selling or part exchanging your car. Whether you need to know where you can part exchange or how to prepare a car for sale, we have everything in one place.

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Home sell part-exchange. Commonly, a dealer will listen to your first high valuation and may appear shocked, confused or be quick to openly dismiss it. This is natural — after all, you are both there to get the same result: to get the best price you can. These helpful resources provide dealers with recommended buying and reselling prices on nearly every car model, regardless of age, specification, mileage and condition.

Many sellers will naturally focus on the price they are being offered for their old car.

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Some unscrupulous dealers will often offer sellers high prices for their old cars, against another car with an inflated price tag to convince the seller they are getting a good deal. Runouts are models of cars that are about to be refreshed — and are, consequently, not as easy to sell for dealers. Runout models are cheap due to the fact that cars at the end of their shelf-life tend to depreciate in value much more quickly, as many buyers will wait for the new model to appear — and, as a result, the manufacturers will cut back the prices of their previous models. If you do decide to go ahead with the part exchange of your car, you need to remember to bring the following with you:.

The most important thing to remember throughout the car-buying process, is that you are in charge. Until you have signed on the dotted line, received the money and handed over the keys, you are in control. If the dealer is rude, bullish or obviously spinning you a line, just leave. One of the best strategies in any successful PX negotiation is to keep your options open.

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Starting out without a contingency plan will ultimately weaken your position — and make it more likely that you make a decision that you later come to regret. If you have the time — and assuming the car is worth a reasonable amount — it is recommended that you start the process by travelling around a few dealerships making clear your intention to walk away after speaking to them.

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This will put you in a strong position. Though it might seem like a bit of a pain, actually doing the legwork and going around showrooms and dealerships, remains the best option in finding a dealer that wants your car and is prepared to give you a good price. However, at the end of the day, it really comes down to how much value the seller puts on their car — and how much value they put on their time. Part exchange not for you? You can consider all your other options in the following guides:. Home guides How to part exchange your car: the definitive guide Thinking about part exchange?

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