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I selected the E I used snapshot build 2. I have a few comments on the UI which I'll put in a different topic if I can't find them already commented upon and if they apply to a more recent snapshot. The Optus prepaid service include a data allowance and SMS allowance.

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Is there some pfSense software to send and receive SMS? In particular, the Optus service requires activation through a web page which results in transmission of a SMS containing the service number which is required for recharge and a SMS containing 'balance' to returns in SMS the remaining data and SMS allowance. I'm interested in this also. Ermal and Chris, do you have any ideas or suggestions about the GUI and backend design for this feature, or where the GUI would even fit in to the menu scheme?

Ermal is right, it shouldn't be too hard to do. That serial port utility I was going on about a few months ago would be a handy tool for this situation too. Cheap is fine e. That phone also has MHz Band 28 support - mentioned above.

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Maybe I'm missing something here. Never had a prob with it on my iphone. Just thought as I use a lot of data and no cable where I live, this would be a good option to have as a switch on switch off alternative. In theory you can, but they will detect and block your sim every now and then. Good luck though.

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Just need to activate new sims a lot. Hope this pricing is permanent. Planning to sign up to a plan for extra mobile data when I need it seems like it needs to be used with the car adapter.. I need it on the go. Terrible service, decidedly average pricing comparatively … why are people voting for this again?


In our most recent tabulations, the country was among the top 10 in average LTE speed and in the top 20 in 4G availability not an easy feat to pull off considering Australia's vast territory. I used to have an iiNet SIM in my iPad, but it would not allow setting up the hotspot, and iiNet claimed they could not change that. Can I hold onto it until my current plan expires? We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. To do that, I had to activate the modem SIM first and use the data within 7 days.

Because for some people it is useful to have access to small bytes of additional data such as when your included phone data runs out. With long expiry it's possible to keep it in reserve until needed. In that case the deal makes sense and is a cheap option for data with a long expiry. Rock-solid Optus 4G signals where I live and work. And starting next year Australian telcos are starting to shut down the 2G net.

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I see a lot of people here and on whirlpool, still spouting shit about dual sim phones. Yes but can you run both SIMs on 4G at the same time? The specs say dual 4G sims, I didn't purchase it for this at all, but I have researched this phone extensively. This seems like a great deal with the long expiry date. I currently only have mb on my phone plan, but if i browse a lot i end up using about 1gb.

Thats a 70 saving for me.

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Does anyone know how long can you go without recharging your Sim and still keep your phone number with Optus? For anyone looking at getting this, in my opinion it is essential that you use it a device that is capable of the full range of optus LTE frequencies. This is the key to happiness on Optus. In particular you want Band 28 LTE compatibility. This is because this frequency gives the best range and indoor coverage. In addition by tapping the full range of frequencies you will be able to access frequencies that are less congested which will give you better performance.

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Some ozbargainers may be tempted to use an older 3g or 4g device. I think Optus still only uses a max of Cat 4 speeds in most places outside of the Capital Cities.

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Has dropped out a few times but only for a minute or two. Hellstra still has better connection than Opstus, I use iPad to test amaysim which is ops! This is a great and very welcome deal in Regional WA where I am. Optus has recently turned on 4G where I live and Telstra only has 3G coverage. This deal from Optus is a game changer. How do I use this in my dual sim phone? I have heard you can some how use a prepaid mobile broadband sim card in a phone. Buy for 2 years is a bit silly imho, in a year or so we will all be getting a lot more gigs with standard plans probably by a factor of at least 4x.

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Ready to ditch the NBN and find an alternative? Joe Hanlon. See all articles. May 22, Overview After a decade of digging up the streets and laying cables across Australia, the NBN project is nearly complete. Also consider:. How we choose the best plans As it is with a fixed-line internet plan, the equation to finding a great Home Wireless Broadband deal is pretty straight forward. Pros and Cons of Home Wireless Broadband.

Online Special. Buy a modem and get up to 30% off.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband. Online Special. Buy a modem and get up to 30% off. Discount offer ends 22/09/ Limit 1 per customer. Best Optus Prepaid Mobile. Check out Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband recharge rates for great value included data. Learn more.

Pros Ditch the NBN! No annoying technician visits and delays Plug and play modem setup Take the internet when you travel. Which carriers sell Home Wireless Broadband? What sort of modem do you need for Home Wireless Broadband?