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Role and Training of a Clinical Psychologist

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Clinical Psychology Job Description | What You'll Do

To assess a patient, a clinical psychologist seeks information from the patient himself, his spouse, or relatives. Patience is also an important skill during the interview since some patients may be slow in speech or may need to be persuaded for a long time before giving the information. The diagnosis follows the assessment and involves analyzing the information the psychologist collected from the patient during the assessment, and applying relevant diagnostic techniques to determine the exact condition the patient suffers from.

Licensing & Certification Information

Choosing a course Getting into university Student loans and finance. Being a clinical psychologist is not always easy. Eisenherg found himself at the turn of the century, with the reality of integration. Eisenberg L. Be that as it may, a huge number of psychologists are opposed to the prescription privilege for psychologists, advocating that psychology needs to remain as separate as possible from psychiatry, and psychologists, as health providers, have evidence-based methods of interventions just as effective as psychotropic medications. I am a holder of a Bachelor of Science honours in Psychology degree from Midlands State University Zimbabwe and wish to study as a clinical psychologist. A psychiatrist has medical training and will consider medications and other biological approaches in their treatment approach.

Treatment recommendation typically comes after the diagnosis and involves choosing a suitable treatment plan based on the results of the diagnosis. The psychologist may decide to implement the treatment plan himself or refer the patient to another doctor, who is more specialized in dealing with the condition in question. Since clinical psychology does not involve administering medications to patients, the psychologist can only administer treatments, such as family therapy, behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, which involve counseling the patients, in order to make their condition better.

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A clinical psychologist often finds work in medical centers, clinics, hospitals, multinational corporations, academic institutes and similar areas. The general job duties for clinical psychologists may include, treating psychological disorders, conducting drug trials, developing programs to treat and prevent social disorders, and diagnosing patients. As a clinical psychologist, you may have to consult with doctors and other psychologists with respect to a case, trial, research or patient.

As you gain experience after working on many cases, a clinical psychologist may teach relevant courses in universities or provide consultation services to large multinationals.

What Does a Clinical Psychologist Do?

To call yourself a general psychologist you must first possess an undergraduate degree from a reputed program. However with just an undergraduate degree in psychology , you may only land entry level jobs such as a lab assistant, teachers assistant, research assistant or a general assistant to a senior psychologist.

None the less, it is a start. In each case, you need to be ready to put in the hours to study and the sacrifices that come with it. In the initial academic years, the education for nearly all psychologists is the same.

Clinical Psychologist: Julia T. Woodward, PhD

Clinical psychology is actually a field that you can specialize in during a regular psychology degree. It also requires spending hundreds of hours in clinics and assisting senior psychologists to get adequate experience. Practicing as a general psychologist is great for those who wish to get a thorough feel of the industry and build a solid foundation for the coming years.

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It also serves as a stepping stone for a specialization in the future. Those that wish to stay involved in research can also stick to the career of a general psychologist.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of working with patients, collaborating with medical professionals, and being in direct charge of the mental health and development of an individual, then you may find the role of a clinical psychologist quite rewarding. Accredited Degree Programs.

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

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